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  • Lara Violet
    Lara Violet 2 days ago

    Why do if feel so dizzy?

  • Sean Robbie
    Sean Robbie 5 days ago


  • Spiren Veran
    Spiren Veran 17 days ago +2

    I wish I could ice skate like her

  • Trey Artemov
    Trey Artemov 24 days ago

    The arena was dead silent between 7:37 - 8:16 with all eyes on her. That’s Awesome and so cool, gave me shills. I wish I can do this someday.

  • Ranel Gallardo
    Ranel Gallardo Month ago +4

    Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are worse than Joe Buck

  • julia
    julia 2 months ago

    big shit compared to harding and ito

  • Socialiism
    Socialiism 2 months ago +1

    That 3f 7 mins in was amazing

    Not missing the 3a tho

  • Harvey Chadbourne
    Harvey Chadbourne 2 months ago +1

    Midori ito did it first

  • Lyn May
    Lyn May 2 months ago

    I love Nagasu, she will look exaclty like I am now

  • Melina Khiabani
    Melina Khiabani 2 months ago

    I love how Ice skating is so structured and beauty of the performers and they get into it, she was just absolutely amazing.

  • Dosmth
    Dosmth 2 months ago

    Dat 3A was amazing

  • Lemon Drops
    Lemon Drops 2 months ago +3

    Not trying to judge but I would like it if she smiled!

    • Lemon Drops
      Lemon Drops 2 months ago +1

      Carrie T I think at least smiling when presenting yourself to the judges before your program should always be done

    • Carrie T
      Carrie T 2 months ago

      @Lemon Drops Interpretation is something the skaters are judged on in the components marks. Smiling to music that is tragic would gain a penalty on the interpretation component.

    • Lemon Drops
      Lemon Drops 2 months ago +1

      gwirith14 nah but I just think a show should be put on and look happy doing what she loves, not a bland expression

    • gwirith14
      gwirith14 2 months ago

      Smiling during Miss Saigon program? XD Do you know what Miss Saigon is about?

    • Art Hoe
      Art Hoe 2 months ago +3

      She's an athlete. She doesn't need to smile, or do anything but perform with her body and abilities.

  • Damian Lee
    Damian Lee 3 months ago +2

    I'm pretty sure this is the first time a lady has landed 8 clean triples in a free skate. Also Mirai's TES was WAY too low. I see nothing has changed with the newer system. Same corruption, just hidden from view.

    • izzy bz
      izzy bz Month ago

      @Damian Lee tf??? she is a lady

    • Damian Lee
      Damian Lee Month ago

      @izzy bz Like I said... First lady, not first girl...

    • izzy bz
      izzy bz 2 months ago +4

      no Rika Kihira was the first lady to land 8 fully rotated triple jumps which also included a triple axel during 2016 JGP in Slovenia.. she was 14 at the time.. still a junior

  • Max Max
    Max Max 3 months ago +1

    I can’t tell the difference between the jumps

  • Piznoc Tsauo
    Piznoc Tsauo 3 months ago +25

    Come on, Triple Axel... let's get SICKENING!

  • ali baba
    ali baba 3 months ago

    The music sucks!

  • SilverHands10
    SilverHands10 3 months ago +7

    This free skate deserved 142-145.

    • Оралхан Оралхан
      Оралхан Оралхан 3 days ago

      Nagasu puberty skaters 135
      Nagasu 17-19 145

    • Tim Lin
      Tim Lin Month ago

      SilverHands10 She had several URs that weren’t called and an unclear edge on her lutz, but she deserved higher GOEs on her spins, so I think her score (137.53) is correct.

  • Bea Smith
    Bea Smith 3 months ago +1

    Mirai is the nxt Michelle Kwan...

  • Jiggy Pop
    Jiggy Pop 3 months ago +5

    watching this live had my heart in my stomach.. i think everyone felt chills when she hit this

  • εugεniα
    εugεniα 3 months ago

    I wish Yuna was there..

  • kim chanel
    kim chanel 3 months ago +40

    Even team canada cheers on her 3A. 04:38 You will not know. How much I have rewound. It is the first since mao asada's sochi LP. What a glorious moment!

  • lapounddogs lapounddogs
    lapounddogs lapounddogs 3 months ago +2

    She should have gotten gold

    • Wong Christina
      Wong Christina 3 months ago +2

      lapounddogs lapounddogs so sad this was team event 😢

  • Dustin Gabe
    Dustin Gabe 4 months ago +3

    It is great she jumped so well but there is literally no facial expression at all. No wonder her PCS are so slow, even lower than a boring unstylish skater like Bradie Tennell.

  • crazyasianman07
    crazyasianman07 4 months ago +2

    Terry Gannon still looks great after 20 years of watching Figure Skating. He didn’t age a bit!

    • 3Axel1996
      3Axel1996 4 months ago

      25 years + to be exact at this time

  • WOWitsANT
    WOWitsANT 4 months ago +8

    I remember watching this live thinking she was going to miss the triple axel because of the way she tripped a few seconds before setting up for it. Very impressive that she stayed focused and nailed the best one I’ve ever seen her do.

  • 나는다깡
    나는다깡 4 months ago +1


  • Asterism
    Asterism 4 months ago +1

    연아가 낫다

  • Mici Barkström
    Mici Barkström 4 months ago +3

    Effortless. She is such a role model!

  • Tress Braga
    Tress Braga 4 months ago +1

    you need to have Japanese blood to land a triple axel at the Olympics if you're female (i.e., born with a vagina)

  • Jero
    Jero 4 months ago +1

    Mirai Nagasu got down! "WOW" She's Beautiful and a very powerful Ice Skater!

  • Biaka Chhakchhuak
    Biaka Chhakchhuak 4 months ago +1

    She lands the triple axel..that's offence

    • Sally Greenfield
      Sally Greenfield 4 months ago +3

      She skated a clean performance with the hardest jump being done by a senior lady in figure skating at the time and proved those wrong who said she didn't deserve it four years ago. All while being broadcast live internationally to literally millions of people. At an old(er) age that was pretty much unthinkable just ten years ago. That's a lot more than most people could ever do.

  • Dezzo Majezzo
    Dezzo Majezzo 4 months ago +2

    Definitely more of a technical skater, not so much artistic 💓

    • Tiann N. Chong
      Tiann N. Chong 3 months ago +1

      @JackAShepherd strange isn't it? her development as a skater got so rocky since Vancouver... she looked like she was really going somewhere.

    • JackAShepherd
      JackAShepherd 4 months ago

      She used to be... Watch her Vancouver programs! She was only 16 but she was incredibly artistic

  • らはなまさは
    らはなまさは 4 months ago


  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 4 months ago

    Thank you Sklar!

  • Sharon Cook
    Sharon Cook 4 months ago +19

    Good skate and congrats on the triple axle. But where was her choreography?

  • m c
    m c 4 months ago +17

    so messy though..there is no connection with music wots ever..pity

    • cynthia
      cynthia 2 months ago

      @J D i see

    • J D
      J D 2 months ago +1

      @cynthia that just means that at the time the judges were reviewing to see if it was fully rotated. if it was underrotated it would have a red block

    • cynthia
      cynthia 2 months ago +2

      @Nath _ theNat huh but why were those blocks in the top left corner yellow then what did she do wrong

    • Nath _ theNat
      Nath _ theNat 2 months ago +1

      cynthia no she actually received no under rotations here which is usually a common problem for her

    • cynthia
      cynthia 2 months ago +2

      @Nath _ theNat she underrotated in a lot of jumps

  • JP
    JP 4 months ago +4

    Thank you!!! Finally!!! THIS was my favorite moment from the entire 2018 Olympics! A minute before she went on the ice I said a furious prayer 🙏🏼 asking God to please calm Mirah’s nerves and grant her the mental strength to have the performance of her life that I knew she was capable of. Seeing her hit that triple axel so cleanly was such euphoria and I felt like such a proud protective older brother even tho I’ve never met her! lol 😂 I fell in love with her ever since I saw her captivating Pirates of the Caribbean skate from the 2010 Olympics 💙⛸🇺🇸

  • fuji shu
    fuji shu 4 months ago +18

    Midori Ito→Mao Asada→Mirai Nagasu→???

    • Harvey Chadbourne
      Harvey Chadbourne 18 days ago

      Japanese woman rule

    • N mika
      N mika 4 months ago +2

      Tress Braga yea, they are all japanese descent. even many other females who landed on 3a ( besides olympic) are japanese!

    • Wong Christina
      Wong Christina 4 months ago +1

      She was talking about the lady who finished 3a in Olympic

    • Jonathan Polls
      Jonathan Polls 4 months ago

      Alysa Liu

    • Tress Braga
      Tress Braga 4 months ago +9

      Rika Kihira........... you need to have Japanese blood to land a triple axel at the Olympics if you're female (i.e., born with a vagina).

  • Kpop Kingdom
    Kpop Kingdom 4 months ago +2

    Finally can watch it. I’ve never been able to find the full routine.

  • Skedadlee
    Skedadlee 4 months ago +4

    Miss Saigon was the perfect choice for her. Good lord.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • shirley leah
    shirley leah 4 months ago +2

    Such a beautiful looking girl - but she lacks elegance on the ice.

  • Adolph Jr. Bravo
    Adolph Jr. Bravo 4 months ago +2

    That was beautiful Mirai!

  • Sarah Connor
    Sarah Connor 4 months ago +6

    One of the greatest moments in the history of US Figure skating.

  • VETERE 05
    VETERE 05 4 months ago +6

    She is amazing! I am so happy that she is on our American team. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  • Sky DancingAMVs
    Sky DancingAMVs 4 months ago +2


    • 3Axel1996
      3Axel1996 4 months ago +19

      @Sky DancingAMVs Yes, but the point was the female skaters who landed it at the Olympics and nowhere else. First American to do so, and only the 3rd female skater to do so ever.

    • Sky DancingAMVs
      Sky DancingAMVs 4 months ago

      @3Axel1996 she completed it in 91... may not have been olympics, but that is still competition..

    • 3Axel1996
      3Axel1996 4 months ago +15

      They're talking about the Olympics, not at a regular "international or national" competition. Tonya fell on her 2 attempts of the 3A at Albertville in 92.

  • chevez dionzon
    chevez dionzon 4 months ago


  • K L
    K L 4 months ago +3

    can anyone tell me which skater it is that stood and cheered for Mirai at the 9:39 mark? I think it's a Canadian skater but I'm not sure?

    • A K
      A K 2 months ago

      Adam Rippon !

    • manonairs
      manonairs 4 months ago +2

      K L it was Meagan Duhamel, a Canadian pair skater.

  • K L
    K L 4 months ago

    Thank you so much for posting this! I've been looking for it for so long!

  • Ingrid Castillo
    Ingrid Castillo 4 months ago +1

    Me gusto mas qe carolina la italiana claro que yo no entiendo mucho

  • Mar Kooms
    Mar Kooms 4 months ago +6

    thank you for uploading this! i hate that it's so hard to find it to watch. Mirai is from my rink so that makes me even more emotional watching this moment in history.

  • nantinee9
    nantinee9 4 months ago

    Thank you so much for uploading this. Wonderful performance! It's Mirai Nagasu at her best (and making history along the way)!

  • mozartandi
    mozartandi 4 months ago +73

    I remember crying when I watched this live on TV. This was a wonderful magical moment. I’ve been rooting for mirai since the 2010 olympics!! It’s just a shame she couldn’t reproduce this magic in the individual event

  • Meredith Ericksen
    Meredith Ericksen 4 months ago +44

    Watching this ten times in a row before it gets taken down!

  • Antonio Thunder hunter
    Antonio Thunder hunter 4 months ago +46

    Kolyada has much better skating skills than Adam, as well as being a more well rounded and difficult program. That’s why he has the higher component mark. He also has more difficult transitions where as Adam does mostly cross overs. Didn’t matter in the end though

    • lawomann
      lawomann 2 months ago +1

      @Carrie T Am I supposed to be impressed or intimidated? Actually, I don't believe you.

    • Carrie T
      Carrie T 2 months ago

      lawomann Are you an official judge for figure skating? I actually am.

    • lawomann
      lawomann 2 months ago +1

      @Carrie T No, the word artistry isn't used in any of the program component categories. However, artistry is intrinsic to the categories of Performance, Composition, and Interpretation of the Music, which are three of the five categories.

    • Carrie T
      Carrie T 2 months ago

      @lawomann There are 5 areas that make up the components mark. The performance aspect is only one of those 5 components. Tara and Johnny are not being responsible in calling the components the "Artistic mark." The word "artistry" is not a criteria at all in any of the components.

    • Dustin Gabe
      Dustin Gabe 4 months ago +1

      @lawomann That is fine but it doesnt mean his skating skills arent better.

  • Jorge Bonilla
    Jorge Bonilla 4 months ago +4

    The second Olympic-worthy chills moment of this games, along with massot and savchenko

  • Ardit 2018
    Ardit 2018 4 months ago +8

    Please upload alina zagitova and evgenia medvedeva 😀 🙏

  • Carlos Santiago
    Carlos Santiago 4 months ago +7

    Amazing 3 Axel 😎

  • ard
    ard 4 months ago +2

    Do you have videos of the other skaters? If so can you upload them? Thanks in advance 🙏

  • gg gg
    gg gg 4 months ago +11

    Please upload alina zagitova's performance please!

    • 3Axel1996
      3Axel1996 4 months ago +3

      Sorry, can't. Australia's Seven Network did a news piece reviewing the figure skating competition at Pyeongchang, so every time a figure skating clip is posted containing any of the skaters' program clips used in their piece, they will file a copyright claim which ends up blocking it in all countries except Australia.

  • tytytytyty
    tytytytyty 5 months ago +18

    This would've been bronze if she did this again in the individual event.

    • Alyssa Russo
      Alyssa Russo 4 months ago +13

      No. Her PCS would've held her back (the program lacks transitions).

    • Malvina R
      Malvina R 4 months ago +6

      Nah. She would need a clean sp with 3A and then a clean FP with 3A and even then nothing is guaranteed. Besides, did she ever skated 2 clean programs back to back internationally?

  • vic serra
    vic serra 5 months ago +6

    Please post the Russians sp and free skate of nbc, great job!!

  • pedropelaez
    pedropelaez 5 months ago +202

    It is great she got her Olympic moment but it is a shame she wasn’t able to produce this type of skating in the individual event.

    • Kitty Roberts
      Kitty Roberts 3 months ago +8

      I think she peaked for the team event as she had more of a chance of a medal.

    • Venuz Modeling
      Venuz Modeling 4 months ago

      Shoko Truth LMFAO

    • Shoko Truth
      Shoko Truth 4 months ago

      @Tobiahs Ellias actually tho

    • Tobiahs Ellias
      Tobiahs Ellias 4 months ago

      @Shoko Truth lmaoooooooaoaoooo

    • Shoko Truth
      Shoko Truth 4 months ago

      She had her period I think

  • Rory Green
    Rory Green 5 months ago +10

    thank you so much for uploading this on youtube. i've had a really rough two days and watching her team event program always makes my heart soar! so having it on youtube with easier access than loading up the entire ladies team event on the olympic channel is so so nice. thank you.

    • K L
      K L 4 months ago +2

      Same!! This may be TMI (but it's youtube, so who cares) but I've been going through a break-up from a 4 year relationship and watching this video was the first time I felt distracted and okay for the first time in days

  • Matt Hough
    Matt Hough 5 months ago +98

    THE best she has ever skated. I was so proud and happy for her! It still gives me chills to see this.

    • JackAShepherd
      JackAShepherd 4 months ago +3

      The best since her decline... She was AMAZING at Vancouver - I still watch those performances

  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith 5 months ago +41

    Please post more from the Olympics

    • JackAShepherd
      JackAShepherd 4 months ago +2

      Shibutanis’ Free Danceee

    • 3Axel1996
      3Axel1996 5 months ago +5

      Trying to, but the copyright claims are making it difficult (ie Nathan Chen's FS is blocked by Seven Network of Australia along with Adam Rippon and Patrick Chan's FS. You can submit a request that they monetize without blocking at

  • fitgraphisva
    fitgraphisva 5 months ago +291

    What I love is that during a slow-motion replay, you can see Canada's Meaghan Duhamel's super reaction to the 3A in the background. EVERYONE was rooting for Mirai.

    • ifeelpretty57
      ifeelpretty57 7 days ago +1

      Meagan is the best! She's so supportive of everyone :)

    • Harvey Chadbourne
      Harvey Chadbourne 18 days ago +1

      Canadians r so nice n civil. Can I move their until trump leaves please?

    • JackAShepherd
      JackAShepherd 4 months ago +7

      She is so awesome and such a great sportswoman

    • chorea1999
      chorea1999 5 months ago +26

      fitgraphisva I remember this very same thing while watching it live. I loved Meghan’s sportsmanship!

  • Greyson Unlucky
    Greyson Unlucky 5 months ago +311

    finally omg!!! im getting so sick of the lack of videos from the olympics

    • You already know who I am:
      You already know who I am: 4 months ago

      here, you can check out this site: just search up 2018 olympics and there are almost all of the olympic videos.

    • Figure Skating
      Figure Skating 4 months ago

      @lawomann Right! Back around 2011, they didn't even show the World Championships on tv that weekend. If we remember correctly, they either showed it the following weekend or didn't show it at all. Yeah, it's lame that they do that and may be the cause of the demise of our ladies program and just figure skating fans in general in America. If people don't know the skaters, then why watch the Olympics or there is less interest. Also, skaters like to be on tv and now they aren't shown. In addition, the upcoming skaters have no one to look up to. The USFSA needs to correct these problems. They also need to work on the cheating involved. Russia had 14 out of 24 skaters in the Junior Grand Prix Final, which is over half and 10 out of 24 in the Grand Prix Final. If you combine those results, then they have 24 out of 48 or 1/2 of the skaters at the Grand Prix Finals this past season. 2018-2019. That's more than a coincidence, that's cheating. They know how to manipulate the system again like back in 2002 and previous years. The USFSA just lets these things go and don't know what they are doing overall. They need new leadership.

    • lawomann
      lawomann 4 months ago +1

      @Figure Skating It has to do with licensing. NBC owns the rights to anything broadcasted by them having to do with the Olympics and a bunch of other sports. They're trying to force us to pay for cable tv or other services that carry their programs, like their online NBC Sports Gold. If we're watching on RUclip, they're not getting paid by advertisers. Bottom line is, they're greedy bastards. I'm a figure skating fan, and I had tons of videos, going back YEARS, saved in song lists on YT so I could find them. Recently, dozens and dozens of them were deleted because NBC went on a rampage and shut down a whole bunch of YT channels - like deleted them permanently. There are some brave souls, like the person who uploaded this video, who are still trying to give us access to this material. If there are Olympic, or other, sports videos not on this channel, try the official Olympic Channel on YT.

    • Figure Skating
      Figure Skating 4 months ago +1

      @lawomann Why doesn't NBC posts them then? Instead of just getting rid of them, post them and others won't have to, right? Confused?

    • lawomann
      lawomann 4 months ago

      NBC will have this gone soon, they're really obnoxious about it. Enjoy it while you can. There is an Olympic RUclip channel - there might be something you want to watch there. Thank you @3Axel1996!

  • vistaprime
    vistaprime 5 months ago +5

    great. but I prefer the CBC coverage of this.

    • sailormoonlove
      sailormoonlove 5 months ago

      I haven't seen it but I agree with you.

    • vistaprime
      vistaprime 5 months ago

      @Timothy Horning it's already online at but if you live outside of Canada you will need a vpn.

    • Timothy Horning
      Timothy Horning 5 months ago +1

      Then you should upload it.

  • Music Fantasy
    Music Fantasy 5 months ago

    Fabulous ♥️🙏🥇

  • Joey Lavarias
    Joey Lavarias 5 months ago +5

    COME THROUGH!!!!!!!