Trying to Get Into Fitness & Health

  • Опубликовано: 18 фев 2018
  • swole n' healthy
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  • Life's Wild Adventures
    Life's Wild Adventures 7 месяцев назад +24829

    How to be healthy and exercise-MY WAY!
    1. Climb at least 5 trees a day
    2. Eat plants
    3. Sleep 18 hours a day
    Wait that’s for koalas let me find mine
    K found it only difference is I do 4 trees a day
    I commented this awhile ago Jaiden pinned it and I edited to say thanks but it un-pinned when I did ;-;
    THANKS JAIDEN for pin..... XD

    • HereIsYT
      HereIsYT Месяц назад


    • Claire Is A Unicorn
      Claire Is A Unicorn Месяц назад


    • TheStupidYarnYoshi
      TheStupidYarnYoshi Месяц назад

      Me: Reading and than i said that it was easy...But than i saw that you have to do it everyday and keep it up for an eternity...I failed already the first day!

    • Flimsy Te
      Flimsy Te 2 месяца назад


    • bowler light
      bowler light 2 месяца назад


  • Irsyad Zaidan Bilqisty
    Irsyad Zaidan Bilqisty 2 часа назад

    How to get buff instantly
    drugs or get overdosed by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure for a whole year

    choose wisely

  • Beau Yang
    Beau Yang 5 часов назад

    Lol blaziken life

  • Oobiedoobs
    Oobiedoobs 6 часов назад

    My last New Year's resolution was to never write another resolution. I don't remember what year it was, but to date, I've never broken it =P

  • LittleMiss Lovli
    LittleMiss Lovli 8 часов назад


  • Goats 'N Fire
    Goats 'N Fire 8 часов назад +1

    jaiden new year is my favorite holiday

  • Animehott _lit
    Animehott _lit 8 часов назад

    2:18..NOM NOM NAM

  • The 4 Queens
    The 4 Queens 9 часов назад

    Oh, I missed a week. OoOoOhHhHh, I’m hopeless. **weeps** NOM NOM NOM NOM

  • BananaMan
    BananaMan 9 часов назад

    1:33 me at everything in life

  • Anime Geek
    Anime Geek 10 часов назад

    **Eating Chicken Nuggets while watching this**
    ...(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

  • Đâřķ Ļøŕđ
    Đâřķ Ļøŕđ 10 часов назад

    Wait Jaiden is dead?
    Well let's share the wise words Inside Edition would say

  • Forensic Dragon
    Forensic Dragon 11 часов назад

    1:09 So if you *don't* lose the weight, you get a free pizza?

  • Lago_25
    Lago_25 11 часов назад

    omh 2:54 80s flashback

  • Lago_25
    Lago_25 11 часов назад

    omg 2:17 NOMNOMNOMNOM

  • Grace Back
    Grace Back 12 часов назад

    I think the vid is funny :]

  • J Macisland
    J Macisland 12 часов назад

    Im still doing my new year resolution ... which was nothing... cuz i dont care enough to make one

  • Echou
    Echou 14 часов назад +1

    Oh I’m hopeless, HMMMM.... *munch munch munch*

  • Aoife Dijkstra
    Aoife Dijkstra 14 часов назад

    I got over eating fatty foods when I developped IBS... I miss pizza..

  • caboodel of nonsense
    caboodel of nonsense 17 часов назад

    Anyone actually like broccoli?

  • OtakuUnitedStudio
    OtakuUnitedStudio 18 часов назад

    My wife and I love Fitness Blender. Although occasionally we're both shouting "Shut up Dan!" Or "Stuff it, Kelly!" By the end.

  • Maximus
    Maximus 20 часов назад

    Happy jaiden new year

  • LoafOfCream
    LoafOfCream 20 часов назад

    Ya end up p u l l i n g a J a m e s

  • Alien Paladin
    Alien Paladin 20 часов назад

    3 videos, post's a music video on how to starve yourself to death, GREAT FIRST IMPRESSIONS for some I'm not new I'm 13 i'm not 1 day old!

  • Naima Yusuf
    Naima Yusuf 20 часов назад

    showing a video of some weird person eating sprinkles looking at you james

  • K9girl118
    K9girl118 20 часов назад +1

    I don’t make resolutions either but o think I might wanna make one next year to actually try to achieve my goals and also I’ve watched you for idk how long maybe a year so I’m not a original fan but to be honest I’ve recommended you to some people cause your my favorite youtuber along with Theodd1sout aka James which to be honest I would also pour sprinkles on me if I ever have the chance to

  • Twin dragon Of fury
    Twin dragon Of fury 21 час назад

    i tried fitnes blender it ended up me watching it on the couch eating nachos

  • Neal Van Der Merwe
    Neal Van Der Merwe 23 часа назад

    4:59 - 5:07 tho 😂

  • Angus COONAN
    Angus COONAN День назад

    Me do soccer and tennis

  • pip lol
    pip lol День назад

    looking at you Britny

  • Dave Games
    Dave Games День назад

    Ohh I missed a week
    Ohhhh I’m hopeless

  • Michaela W
    Michaela W День назад

    7:18 @theodd1sout

  • Mark41
    Mark41 День назад

    1:36 i get that spongebob refrence

  • Dark_Playz 580
    Dark_Playz 580 День назад


  • Zoey Dunn
    Zoey Dunn День назад

    3:00 hey one of them looks like james the oddonesouts

  • Amazing M
    Amazing M День назад

    Is 4am in the morning and today I have school, but I can't stop watching your videos. I don't think I'll get sleep today but oh well

  • bon bon/ink!sans & rocket rhenium
    bon bon/ink!sans & rocket rhenium День назад

    I have to run a mile on friday......;v;

  • True Golden Frieza
    True Golden Frieza День назад

    3:58 Jaiden: *Starts crying*
    Me:Jaiden plz dont cry, because if u start to cry then i’ll start to cry and then All My Friends WILL LEARN THAT I *CAN* CRY!!!

    5:45 Me:.....dangit jaiden..

  • Cameron the Dracofox
    Cameron the Dracofox День назад

    Man jaiden I wish we could see your Pokémon days... from a fellow Pokémon lover to another I would’ve loved to battle you

  • KittyKlaw14
    KittyKlaw14 День назад

    When she started screaming my volume was up super high and uh
    I'm half deaf now

  • Croythestmap Razgriz
    Croythestmap Razgriz День назад

    Watching this with a McDonald's cheeseburger in my mouth. I regret nothing!

  • Ailsa CAMPBELL
    Ailsa CAMPBELL День назад

    I also had a bit of an eating problem last year and I want to help the world. I also see my self in you. Wise and fun and smart

  • Keola Rosario
    Keola Rosario День назад

    Jaiden: It’s all like.
    Spongbob:ALL RIGHT GIVE ME THE MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Watermelon The Exotic
    Mr Watermelon The Exotic День назад

    *STUP BEING FAT!!!!!*

  • Pokémon 957
    Pokémon 957 День назад

    2:56 stop that music 😫

  • Allie Iwaniuk
    Allie Iwaniuk День назад +1

    Who ate chips the hole time
    Just me okay

  • Cody Chappell
    Cody Chappell День назад

    Yeah, don't eat sugar ALL the time, but your body actually requires sugar to live......

  • 66 6
    66 6 День назад

    u only live one time so ima eat all the food i can :D

  • MysticalMiss 123
    MysticalMiss 123 День назад

    Oh I missed a week oh in hopeless namnamnamnam lmao

  • Brittany Cruz
    Brittany Cruz День назад

    Surprisingly I got called out...hehe yeah...I eat too much pizza🍕

  • chantelle rodriguez
    chantelle rodriguez День назад

    My New Years resolution is to start baking treats more I usually let my mom do it because I absolutely hate reading instructions it’s like a paragraph of mumble jumble words but I’ll try to start baking treats if I feel like

  • IncrediblyIzzy
    IncrediblyIzzy День назад

    I’ve been following my resolutions of drinking less soda, eating less junk food, and being more active. It actually feels really good!

  • ardish
    ardish День назад

    i'm one of those 8%..

  • a rondom girl
    a rondom girl День назад +1

    Lose your money..........

  • Alexander Pascas
    Alexander Pascas День назад


  • Muhammad Burhan
    Muhammad Burhan День назад +1

    1:31 Mr Body, I don't feel so good

  • Random-animations
    Random-animations День назад

    Give me money

  • Nr Ai
    Nr Ai День назад

    Idk the friendly neighborhood nigerian prince seems legit

  • Zoey Rose
    Zoey Rose День назад

    In the end card I could still hear the hip hop music

  • Niels Beeris
    Niels Beeris День назад

    Losing weight is 20% work out and 80% eating

  • Jessica Souder
    Jessica Souder 2 дня назад

    I will take the leftover pizza!

  • stiven gomez
    stiven gomez 2 дня назад

    and if i am afraid to vegetables and fruits... i cant be healthy?

  • Angus COONAN
    Angus COONAN 2 дня назад

    I do all of them

  • Elect 3cty
    Elect 3cty 2 дня назад

    i just noticed he's left handed

  • Zavier406
    Zavier406 2 дня назад

    Don’t do bitcoin it’s a scam seriously watch Fuzzy and Nuts about bitcoin

  • Queen kittyDragon
    Queen kittyDragon 2 дня назад

    Wite your dead

  • SGamer11
    SGamer11 2 дня назад

    3:39 Dangit Britney

  • ded
    ded 2 дня назад


  • Graham Sharples
    Graham Sharples 2 дня назад

    I know you jaiden✌🏿️✌🏿💕

  • Graham Sharples
    Graham Sharples 2 дня назад

    I'm 6 and l love you're video ❤️dogs are cool🐕🐩

  • Sweet diving Suicune
    Sweet diving Suicune 2 дня назад

    I love your channel Jaiden

  • Cooler
    Cooler 2 дня назад +1

    When I workout it’s Bob Marley and slipknot

  • Chihuahua Lover 56
    Chihuahua Lover 56 2 дня назад

    6:31-6:32 memes hahaha

  • 75jake57 :3
    75jake57 :3 2 дня назад

    I'm gonna..

    Be completely the same

  • VVeirdos For Life
    VVeirdos For Life 2 дня назад

    She will probably not upload the reacting reaction thing because THAT MEANS SHOWING HER FACE


  • Nyvensen Mondelus
    Nyvensen Mondelus 2 дня назад

    I'm eating nothing so I can just watch this vid. I'm sorry jaiden

  • Susan Buzzard
    Susan Buzzard 2 дня назад

    can you stop with the animie type senarios jesus

  • Michael Cleare
    Michael Cleare 2 дня назад

    i play alot of games..... alot of games................ i mean 18 hours a day or more sometimes
    but i get so distracted by the games hunger does not even come into my head so basically i eat junk food alot of it but not enough in a day and i play alot of basketball to the point it looks like i put on gym clothes walked into a lake and walked back out xd..... but i wish i did eat a bit more :v but im not REKT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Tjmcnee
    Tjmcnee 2 дня назад

    The only reason why I have an eating disorder is because there is never enough food in my house!

  • Murderous destroyer The dark murder kid

    How did you animate that eating part

  • M Banana
    M Banana 2 дня назад

    Happy Jaiden New Year!!!!!

  • K1rbyduh Official
    K1rbyduh Official 2 дня назад

    Honey, you’ve gotta big storm comin’
    You could shop at five or six stores, or just one

  • Zyire Nichols
    Zyire Nichols 2 дня назад

    That animation at 5:00 though

  • JungkooksTimberlands
    JungkooksTimberlands 3 дня назад

    1:32 I'm Glad you live alone, But jj feel bad for your neughbors xD

  • FoxOfSky 5
    FoxOfSky 5 3 дня назад

    How I exercise:
    Play just dance 2 hours per day

  • Mikestion
    Mikestion 3 дня назад

    think animations

  • GreyJelly
    GreyJelly 3 дня назад

    if you wanna make exercise fun just play just dance

  • Lucas Emanuel Cardona Gómez
    Lucas Emanuel Cardona Gómez 3 дня назад

    Be carefull britany

  • jillian Cole
    jillian Cole 3 дня назад

    I 100% know I'm gonna have a eating disorder that isn't actually small when I grow up and go to college.

    **Gets prepared**

  • OG Lava
    OG Lava 3 дня назад

    Loose weight? I'm trying to gain weight 😂😂😂😂 im so scrawny

  • Queen Faith
    Queen Faith 3 дня назад

    I appreciate all the SpongeBob references. That was a nice touch.

  • Harrison Bennett
    Harrison Bennett 3 дня назад

    Super great philosophy. You a smart dude

  • Eli Animates
    Eli Animates 3 дня назад

    Me 2:13

  • Ethen isaac-blum
    Ethen isaac-blum 3 дня назад

    the best part is at 2:18

  • Mitzkuni Uchiha
    Mitzkuni Uchiha 3 дня назад

    How I exercise:
    -Do P.E at school
    -climb the stairs from class to class
    And that's it.

    • Yasemity
      Yasemity 3 дня назад

      Fucking same

  • little piece of trash
    little piece of trash 3 дня назад

    how i exercise: sit down and watch Jaiden animations

  • Son Pikato
    Son Pikato 3 дня назад

    How do you run someone over with an exercise bike. Do tell.

  • AargauHasWorldDomination
    AargauHasWorldDomination 3 дня назад

    Please don’t tell me I’m the only one that gets a dirty mind of that drawing where Jaiden says You’re a Mistake and James is behind watching

  • Issa Salem
    Issa Salem 3 дня назад

    How are you
    still need to have a new video

  • Issa Salem
    Issa Salem 3 дня назад


  • sky pets
    sky pets 3 дня назад

    I do karate and for the first 2 weeks my mom made me do it. Now I can't quit I love it to much. Not complaning