A$AP Rocky Goes Shopping With Complex At Maxfield

We drop bills with Pretty Flacko at Maxfield, one of L.A.'s best designer boutiques. He schools us on some of his favorite fashion designers and why his style's so jiggy.

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A$AP Rocky Goes Shopping With Complex At Maxfield from Complex.

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Автор Halvor Bakke ( назад)
More ni**as need to take lsd like flacko so they can get on his level intellectually

Автор Frank Townsend ( назад)
What an excellent style!

Автор Jeremiah Bradley ( назад)
Westbrook the cleanest athlete hands down

Автор alaysia pickett ( назад)

Автор milliondolla motivation214 ( назад)
y is this nigga shopping in the womens section😂

Автор Scout 9301 ( назад)
2 shirts for fucking 1090.00 are you fucking kidding me! What the hell is that kinda shit dude I go to Walmart and get those exact same shirts for fucking 15 dollars

Автор ww wifi ( назад)
Goddamn asap nigga just shut your lips you stupid ass mouthbreather

Автор Josh Hacker ( назад)
I saw Rick Owens and immediately thought of "excuse me"

Автор Humpty Dumpty ( назад)
I watched this like 6 times already always come back idk y

Автор Zack's Got kicks ( назад)
Boy got the same laugh as osn

Автор Shasta Pineberry ( назад)
ASAP was talking about dates and was like "it depends on the type of ch- female, you know? I mean if she's the type of chick" he held it back and then said fuck it in his head

Автор Rosa Hernandez ( назад)
make asap rocky sneaker shopping

Автор Reedeer ( назад)
do more of these please

Автор Z LA ( назад)
Rocky doesn't carry his own shopping bags??

Автор Benjamin Penney ( назад)
😍😍😍😍😍😍 gawd damn

Автор Hrebi From Mortalin ( назад)
ID on his bomber jacket?

Автор OG William ( назад)
Rocky's teeth is whiter than a school shooter

Автор sonic34314 ( назад)
Rocky real for still thrifting. Found a designer jacket that goes for 500$ for 20$ my first time and it's been my fav piece since

Автор Terrence Shingoose ( назад)
Lmao what kinda laugh was that?

Автор Flaws ( назад)
Damn I fuck with his style more than any artist really, one day I'll be copping tee's that cost $300 too ;)

Автор cartoonix ( назад)
No I don't feel you

Автор MissBoring ( назад)
his hair looks so moisturized and shiny

Автор Karin Ruiz ( назад)
My fucking husband

Автор Karin Ruiz ( назад)
My fucking husband

Автор bailey04ful ( назад)
this nigga had the store worker walk his sweeter and tee to his car like he a armor truck driver for brinks.

Автор BVSED JESUS ( назад)
''if she some hoodrat chick i'd dress like this'' nigga u wearin a Dries van Noten bomber jacket which sells for 2k tf is u talkin about lmfao

Автор Phosphate ( назад)
The tee doesn't worth more than 15$

Автор Y Belizeraro ( назад)
What no fuck you

Автор jklmnop ( назад)
90.00 tax???? mf heeelll no

Автор Serge jr ( назад)

Автор Bandito ( назад)
Rocky the type of guy to be fashionably late to his own party

Автор Brae Boujee ( назад)
He's definitely good lookingz

Автор Kaio ( назад)
It's honestly your perrogative as to what you value. tbh this is logical if you consider garments as investments and when cared for the quality of a well crafted object can last for ages. Would you rather have a well made t-shirt age beautifully over time or a similar style poorly made and sourced by cheap labour in a distant country only to end up in a landfill. The thing I like about this guy is that while he is impressed by designers he isn't one for spectacle. He enjoys the essence of presentation and prefers to dress for himself. When he stunts on you it is an act of consideration.

Автор Chris J ( назад)
this host annoys the fuck out of me

Автор TheLondonSneakerHead ( назад)
i damn near had a fit when i saw the price of the tee...

Автор che10461 ( назад)

Автор sincere dior ( назад)
they need to shop wit carti

Автор Island Roena ( назад)
This man is fine I am dying he should marry me

Автор andy Jiang ( назад)
my boy flacko really sexy

Автор Oh that's Isaac ( назад)
Nigga spent 1000$ on two items...i don't even like spending 4$ for the four for four at wendy's lmaooooo

Автор The Hooper ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with Travis Scott plz!

my most expensive clothing piece is a $600 bape shark hoodie, for t shirts a $350 off white tee But holy shit i would never pay more than 40 for a plain white t shirt but flacko copped a $300 dollar one

Автор Maxine ( назад)
he hella pretty tho

Автор Khalil Moulayess ( назад)
The reason why the white tee is expensive is because it's balenciaga and that's designer

Автор Caleb Alfaro ( назад)
I was like Damm Rocky. just some short and a white tee. this is going to be the cheapest episode haha. then I saw the price of those 2 individually...

Автор John Jerez ( назад)
I want a$ap to make my ass jiggy

Автор Miguel Gutierrez ( назад)
I Fuck with Asap He a Real Gangsta💯💯

Автор Free The Drones ( назад)
Im not gonna lie, Joe La Puma knows he took a L for showing up to Maxfield in that trash outfit.

Автор Ryan Otoole ( назад)

Автор eazyc404 ( назад)
a 305 dollar white t fuck! that's ridiculous. and any white t owner know them shits have a shelf life of about a month tops lol

Автор Nancy Sims ( назад)
Those some bad ass kicks he was wearing

Автор s k ( назад)
i think he's more stylish than Kanye

Автор SurrealDream ( назад)
4:09 LOL Pretty Flacko

Автор Christian ( назад)
takahiro is a genius

Автор krystal ( назад)

Автор Clorox ( назад)
If flacko would ask me for a date id fuckin turn gay for him hes fucking beautiful

Автор Théo Gadoua ( назад)
now we understand why he didnt wanna speak about virgil lol

Автор SirBishop ( назад)
He shouted out sir Michael rocks that's dope

Автор Edwin Ramos ( назад)
Lmao I've watched this two years ago and it's still entertaining to watch wtf

Автор Bobby Tarantino ( назад)
ima come clean

Автор Ruben Magana ( назад)
Those weren't sneakers tho :/

Автор Bastjan Sejberg ( назад)
*Disses Off-white*
*Buys 2 pieces of basic clothing for 1090*

Автор King Kazuma ( назад)
3:36 to 3:40 Russel Westbrook lol my fav nba player

Автор Maria Perez ( назад)
His laugh sounded like opening a soda can in 1:45.😂

Автор Marcus McCloud ( назад)
Guy I know found some $500 jeans at a thrift store for $15. Niggas sleep on the thrift.

Автор æsop ( назад)
he don't fuck with Off White, yay

Автор Bass Booster ( назад)

Автор Bass Booster ( назад)
When X gets out of jail do one with hime

Автор John Xx3 ( назад)
The flyest Nigga to do it

Автор Cbass ( назад)
"Peace complex" ends up walking the same way lol

Автор kenny anderson ( назад)
He spent only 1k?

Автор Esy Morales ( назад)
They needa do sneaker shopping with lil small dick boi

Автор Tuesday ( назад)
3:54 I fw the vision rocky let's link up and build

Автор LuckyBookProduction ( назад)
I bet they hurt a bit because they know they can get it for free

Автор Huilthzie Sotelo ( назад)
He ain't got nothing on wiz

Автор Boo ( назад)
back at it again with the windex laugh

Автор Maria Cervantes ( назад)
do a j.cole goes sneaker shopping

Автор lalala87ful ( назад)
I laughed so hard at @3:47 I have no idea why

Автор Louis Russo ( назад)
what brands did he say his outfit was

Автор Shunny. V ( назад)
after he throw that t shirt in the dryer he gone be mad as fuck

Автор gbln ( назад)
Still THE best

Автор Nate DaGreat ( назад)
1000 on one outfit 😂😕

Автор Graham Arms ( назад)
Do this with Travis Scott.

Автор Madison 98 ( назад)
He doesn't like off white???? Finally a celeb that isn't nutting over fucking overpriced clothes that are designed w street lines

Автор Ben Martin ( назад)
damn anyone else notice this happened in the beginning of February of 2015? That's right after Yams' death. Surprised he even still did it

Автор Axel Romo ( назад)
He sound like a spray bottle when he laugh

Автор Kean Manasor ( назад)
who the fuck is going to buy hobo shorts mybad he did

Автор Luis Pardinas ( назад)
too cozy

Автор T-Milly Nation ( назад)
yo Mikey rocks shout outs

Автор Chris Lopez ( назад)
only dumb ass people like this bitch and his shitty music.

Автор XXX ( назад)
Didnt ASAP Rocky play in DOPE as Dom?💀

Автор Jorge Rodriguez ( назад)
What kind of jacket does he have on? dat bih clean

Автор Uhahanyyyy ( назад)
Cuz he's fashion killa :>

Автор Schniedel Schmutz ( назад)
anyone know the brand and material on that shorts/shirt combo at 1:00? looks a little like some french terry cloth type shit to me, but i cant really tell

Автор Mwamba Mwelwa ( назад)
ayyy Zaddyyy number 2 👅👅👅💦💦

Автор KicksAndReviews ( назад)

Автор Kevin Madueno ( назад)

Автор Tommy Drew ( назад)
I'd turn gay for him no gay shit

Автор krystal ( назад)
found my new daddy

Автор Marcus Estudillo ( назад)
this dude was high as shit

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