Survive A Lion Attack - EPIC HOW TO

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Learn everything you need to know about how to survive a lion attack!

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Starring Joe Bereta - http://twitter.com/joebereta
Episode Animated by Andy Mogren - http://youtube.com/user/AndyMogren
Written by Matthew Brian Cohen
Produced by Joe Bereta and Michael Rainey - https://twitter.com/raineymichaelv
Executive Producer - Andy Signore - http://twitter.com/andysignore

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Автор Abbas Iqbal ( назад)
Yes Casper sloikkkk

Автор Chaos ( назад)
When you are being attacked spend 8 minutes to watch this video then there you YOU you survived

Автор Ur_BoiSam ( назад)
how to get youtube subs

Автор marco Cervantes ( назад)
I took your advice against a real lion, I am on life support now. Thanks for nothing

Автор mark kerr ( назад)

Автор MG ( назад)
how to survive a tiger attack

Автор Oh You Know ( назад)
How to survive Libtards.

Автор Irix Mirix ( назад)
EPIC HOW TO-survive ass whoopen from you parents

Автор Dylan Welch ( назад)
How to survive a shark attack or homeless plz

Автор The Punisher ( назад)
This Guy is going to be the only surviver at the end of the world

Автор Nick Dragon ( назад)
I understand now never mind

Автор Nick Dragon ( назад)
Wait if he said don't run away but a lion growls he doesn't want a fight so do we run or not

Автор B-KatM Egy ( назад)
EPic How To do Telekinesis

Автор nelson voss ( назад)
Epic How To: Be Michael Weston from Burn Notice

Автор Fanis The Gaming Program ( назад)
How to survive these lion animations! Conclusion: You can't!

Автор Cameron clark ( назад)
your videos make me laugh lol love your videos tho

Автор Isaam Begg ( назад)
how to tame an elephant/keep a pet elephant anyone?

Автор Nasra Mohamed ( назад)
how to be funny

Автор Isabela Costine ( назад)
How to survive a long fall (like off a building or cliff or something)

Автор Guja Natroshvili ( назад)
who is animator?

Автор Mr Demolitionbros ( назад)
Do a Epic how to survive a wolf attack

Автор Rochelle Tsosie ( назад)
how to break in to a house

Автор M.A. 2.0 ( назад)
5:14 the face of pure terror

Автор Beastmodemam52 Mathew ( назад)
My name Is really Toto!!

Автор JDub ThaMenace PCB ( назад)
They designed these graphics on a PS1...

Автор Κώστας Μεταξάς ( назад)
how to survive moving sand

Автор Gowli Plays ( назад)
How to survive the hunger games!

Автор Clarissa Marr ( назад)
How to stop global warming?

Автор Iron Dizaster ( назад)
how can you stay calm in a situation where you are in front of a deadly animal that can brutally kill you?

Автор SSpider Kid ( назад)

Автор Rashad Lewis ( назад)

Автор Uimod Exapwie ( назад)
how to survive a school shooting !

Автор Michael Biker ( назад)
how to become rich

Автор Jinx ( назад)
How to survive home invasion?

Автор Joshua Deocampo ( назад)
How to survive when your parents leave you?

Автор Ryan Khan TV- Skits & more ( назад)
how to survive being homeless

or how to run away from home

Автор Barros Pedro ( назад)
how to survive a kys comment

Автор Mr. Piggy ( назад)
I am 35 I am sharing personal information this really helped for some jobs I learned how to be a ninja hacker and a blacksmith

Автор 7ony Gaming ( назад)
Just carry ur gun

Автор Tal Tamir ( назад)
i don't think you will have the time to start fiddling with your phone

Автор Lord Guaxinim ( назад)
How to remove tan.

Автор Declan Harper ( назад)
WOW!, heres another great youtuber that I love, please never stop making "epic how to"

Автор HOT IRON ( назад)
so i can split lions head appart

Автор HOT IRON ( назад)
i always take my axe with me

Автор wbap hellcat ( назад)
step one shoot it in the head. conclusion you're not dead

Автор Louis Crowley ( назад)
This info would be useful if u are Bruce lee

Автор Fun, Friendly Topics ( назад)
Hello Epic How To was wondering if you could do an episode on hypnosis?

Автор Vayona Narekuli ( назад)
My cat does many of these things and when I turn my back to him he attacks me... sooooo is my cat just a tiny lion that lives in my house?

Автор Hivin Wettasinghe ( назад)
how to start a band

Автор William Hill ( назад)
I wonder if anyone has tested this

Автор Fup ( назад)
1:02 i can deadlift that

Автор Ericsupreme ( назад)
ok, so i stopped the lion from eating me. Now how do i attack him and try to eait the lion

Автор Kaylee Neufeld ( назад)
But I wuv kitties. :(

Автор EimaX LTU ( назад)
Hey i think you should do epic how to survive snake attack

Автор nosegoesfrogvlog ( назад)
the instructings were to misleading my cat died at leased i have a dog

Автор Hope Arpa ( назад)
How to survive a house break in
How to survive being held at gunpoint

Автор Aden Cox ( назад)
How to survive a lion attack... Bring your America dentist friend with you to Africa.

Автор mordern modes ( назад)
green screen level 100000000000%

Автор Jacob Watson ( назад)
3:05 those hind legs!!!

Автор Sayah Moore ( назад)
so fuckin scary i mean older video game looks are scarier than the new ones

Автор thegamingchance ( назад)
how to survive war

Автор Kakashi Sensei ( назад)
Please do how to survive tsunami and or a home invasion

Автор Kushagra S. ( назад)
glitchy animation

Автор Nawal Ansari ( назад)
So, did this work for anyone? 🤔

Автор Nathan Scott ( назад)
How to survive home invasion?

Автор Lee Hyungmin ( назад)
The lion looks very demented

Автор JN gaming & kos ( назад)
How to survirve trump.

Автор When you a baby bird being fed ( назад)
6:29 its lit fam

Автор happy bear22 ( назад)
How to survive the purge

Автор RobotSammyTheSupreme!The true evil lord! Sammy ( назад)
How to survive Weegee!

Автор RapidTv Gaming ( назад)
The neck crack sound went right through me

Автор Selleri Pelaa ( назад)
carry a pommel and end them rigthly

Автор Selleri Pelaa ( назад)
those animations... eww

Автор Radar Man ( назад)
Can you shoot it with a shotgun? ahahaha of course you can

Автор harvard blvd ( назад)
How to survive being homeless
and the 3D animation is awesome.

Автор jb bautista ( назад)
clap your hand,scream loud go sideways dont run dont panic wow are ou tryin to kill us?

Автор Ich Du ( назад)
How to survive a school shooting

Автор Lexi Soliz ( назад)
the character is dumb thicc 💀

Автор Dominick Scavuzzo ( назад)
Can't you just blow it up like with a bazzoca

Автор Denoredo ( назад)

Автор bryce Flips//vlogs//and more! ( назад)
I watched this while I was face to face with a lion

Автор bryce Flips//vlogs//and more! ( назад)
That cgi 😂😂😂

Автор 7thprecursor ( назад)
thats the weirdest lion porn ive seen all week

Автор Nolan Miller //stop motion ( назад)

Автор doge the faster master master ( назад)
how to survive shark attack

Автор RoRo ( назад)
Who else is watching this while being eaten by a lion?

Автор Reptilian Footsolider ( назад)
This 3d lion model is scarier than the real thing...

Автор bad ghost ( назад)
how to fight/survive a shark attack like if u agree

Автор Nspg Rage ( назад)
How to get good grades in school!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Cleo is my cat ( назад)
My brother is gonna get a MOUNTAIN LION! So that's why I'm mostly here.

Автор mr.dragon playz ( назад)
the animation tho

Автор Josh Burns ( назад)
What is with these new animations am I rite

Автор Joshua Corman ( назад)
how to fight a deformed lion

Автор Drakness Haha ( назад)
Dude clapping my hands and screaming just makes me look like an idiot imagine your on a trip to a safari and you see a man clapping and screaming lol but ty for the tips subbing also the thing with where it does one growl and runs towards you I'd be pissing my pants

Автор Ilene Jackson ( назад)
I tried this and I died

Автор 18JacobH ( назад)
How to survive a intruder in school

Автор Alex Garcia ( назад)
How to survive a home invasion

Автор innocent sadi ( назад)
Feel like I want to fight one now

Автор the solo player ( назад)
how to suvive quicksand

Автор Sunrise Property Management ( назад)
Can you make a video about how to make a body armer

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