Top 10 Shocking Viral Videos You Didn't Know Were FAKE

  • Published on Nov 26, 2016
  • Top 10 Shocking Viral Videos You Didn't Know Were FAKE
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    It’s hard to know exactly how to make a video go viral, but if you’ve ever seen Man Fights Off Great White Shark, Gold Eagle Snatches Kid or Worst Twerk Fail Ever - Girl Catches Fire, you know they’re all shocking - and faked - viral videos! WatchMojo counts down ten viral videos that fooled everyone. Viral videos debunked!
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    00:47 #10. Ultimate Batting Practice
    01:41 #9. Bear Attack
    02:29 #8. Man Fights Off Great White Shark
    03:25 #7. Ape with AK47
    04:24 #6. Greatest Freak Out Ever
    05:39 #5. $250,000 Car Gets Windshield Smashed by Kid
    06:30 #4. Walk on Water
    07:36 #3, #2 & #1 ???
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  •  7 months ago +833

    Hm... Maybe we should do more videos about viral stuff... How about Viral Tweets? What are your favorite Viral Tweets? Vote on MyMojo!

    • Cha Gaming
      Cha Gaming 10 hours ago

      Can u please make it just fun mojo

    • alex vazquez
      alex vazquez 16 hours ago

      Lamb one is real

    • Abomb Alexander 1
      Abomb Alexander 1 3 days ago

      The shark one still gets me scared
      Because its scary to go against a shark

    • cjlondonio 08
      cjlondonio 08 4 days ago

      50 stars, 50 stars, 50th reply!

    • Soviet Onion 72
      Soviet Onion 72 Month ago No I dont agree with this list Mega whoosh should've been number 1 and not an honorable mention.

  • Emil Samajauskas
    Emil Samajauskas 2 hours ago

    Daisy Brown too

  • Emil Samajauskas
    Emil Samajauskas 2 hours ago

    Daisy Brown too

  • Zedeye
    Zedeye 4 hours ago

    I've seen the thumbnail but never watched it oof

  • Kid_awesome
    Kid_awesome 5 hours ago

    A Mclaren is about 600 thousand to 1.2 million


  • //BeastSaber09// Cd and more!

    What about morgz

  • Zerdo Feger
    Zerdo Feger 6 hours ago


  • Unknown Gaming
    Unknown Gaming 8 hours ago

    5:38 is real you can watch it on other thug life compilation or other videos...

  • Arkfan 21 21
    Arkfan 21 21 8 hours ago

    Jimmy Kimmel just came in like IM HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER with no feeling lol

  • Toots With a T
    Toots With a T 9 hours ago

    3:28 my dad showed me that and I laugh so hard

  • Blake Benzi
    Blake Benzi 10 hours ago +1


  • Jesus Magas
    Jesus Magas 10 hours ago

    Give proof if the videos are fake Mymojo your just saying its fake

  • dat boi
    dat boi 12 hours ago

    Fortnite = Cancer

  • Matthews School Of Calisthenics

    Lmao who gets mad and shoves a remote up there ass

  • Robowawa
    Robowawa 20 hours ago

    They don’t say HOW it’s fake

  • Sascha Britton-Beylet
    Sascha Britton-Beylet 20 hours ago +1

    btw the shark one was real and like this if ur watching this in 2019

  • Lil Beast
    Lil Beast 20 hours ago

    6:12 not amclaren that's a Lamborghini aventador.

  • Andrés
    Andrés 21 hour ago

    It actually would’ve been cool if it happened for the last one

  • Julia :P
    Julia :P 22 hours ago +1

    The boys in my class threw a kickball in the river. Our gym teacher was PISSED XD

  • Mockleson Boi
    Mockleson Boi 22 hours ago

    We ALL knew the bear attack was fake

  • Teri Ernst
    Teri Ernst 22 hours ago

    The one at 5:30 is real.. I dunno where but I saw anoth POV of the kid hitting the windshield

  • awesomedude335 _
    awesomedude335 _ 23 hours ago


  • Ffff Ffff
    Ffff Ffff 23 hours ago

    Like all your videos

  • Cancerous Clorox

    *bear with me, the 9th one is fake

  • Philip Noyes
    Philip Noyes Day ago

    The ultimate batting practice one
    It’s supposed to be fake there not trying trick u 🤦‍♂️

  • Hi I can do stuff

    Did anyone here her say that the guy OUTRAN the bear with a BIKE

    INFINITE 18 Day ago

    5:12 that's a rare footage of remote control being harassed

  • grab 43SOME
    grab 43SOME Day ago

    5:11 is the best. click that blue numbers for best viewing

  • Mr .Creepypasta
    Mr .Creepypasta Day ago

    5:11 insert pornhub ooening here

  • sonic lover 9000
    sonic lover 9000 2 days ago

    The walk on water thing made the film theory do a theory on it

  • Noah S
    Noah S 2 days ago

    Make a sequel: Girl hears ghost but is really her fart

  • The Gargoyle
    The Gargoyle 2 days ago

    Lambo real too

  • The Gargoyle
    The Gargoyle 2 days ago

    The monkey is real dumbass

  • toy games
    toy games 2 days ago

    Who would of thought.

  • L&J Movies
    L&J Movies 2 days ago

    What if they secretly WERE real

  • Raul Ardean
    Raul Ardean 2 days ago

    no pun intended 1:51 Barely?get it?

  • Cancer Gaming
    Cancer Gaming 2 days ago

    Jamille Fake Video

  • magdam10
    magdam10 2 days ago

    3:51 is a movie

  • Lukep2k3
    Lukep2k3 2 days ago

    No I refuse to believe that Kobe can’t jump over that car!

  • Rylen&kiki Blake
    Rylen&kiki Blake 3 days ago

    I unlike to this video and unsubscribe this is not OK some of these are real you’re just trying to get views you’re stupid

  • lolvideos gg
    lolvideos gg 3 days ago

    9:34 fake bc if it was real her legs were already in rubber

  • vince 5051
    vince 5051 3 days ago

    A video that is photoshopped

  • Saf Stone
    Saf Stone 3 days ago

    Top 10 shocking anime scene

  • Cozing
    Cozing 3 days ago

    Are you telling me that any video that has been vertically recorded is fake?

  • Natsuki - 夏希
    Natsuki - 夏希 3 days ago

    Theres another video for number 5 shows the whole thing, even showing the boy hitting the windshield

  • gr 8
    gr 8 3 days ago

    1 is actually my biggest fear

  • gr 8
    gr 8 3 days ago

    my dad fought a shark to free some kind of turtle once

  • 20-Second Animations

    Yr fake

  • d3 Lemonsqueezie4u
    d3 Lemonsqueezie4u 4 days ago

    They had nothing else to do huh

  • Drake Seiser
    Drake Seiser 4 days ago

    Only jesus can walk on water

  • DUDEMAN230 230
    DUDEMAN230 230 4 days ago

    1:51 BARELY

  • Michale Vetye
    Michale Vetye 4 days ago

    Poor remote every like is a saved remote

  • arsene aesthetic
    arsene aesthetic 4 days ago

    Ive never seen any of these but the last one which i already knew was an animation

  • Cooper Pugh
    Cooper Pugh 4 days ago

    Welcome to the video where a kid commits anal with a TV remote.

  • NxMercy
    NxMercy 4 days ago

    1:50 considering bearly (barely)

  • Tubbs DoesStuff
    Tubbs DoesStuff 4 days ago

    when you realise MatPat put a fake video i his intro

    *sadness noises*

  • Best_Bot
    Best_Bot 4 days ago

    Casually walks in with an extinguisher 9:25

  • Exotic Gaming
    Exotic Gaming 4 days ago

    Screw this you ruin everything @watchmojo

  • Itsa Gaming
    Itsa Gaming 4 days ago

    I got another one : Top 10 Shocking Viral Videos You Didn't Know Were FAKE
    hmmmm its very viral, but idk, it LOOKS very real

    MS. VIOLET 4 days ago

    i can't trust youtube anymore

  • Charles Handley
    Charles Handley 4 days ago

    the sharkis real

  • noblegamer 57
    noblegamer 57 4 days ago

    This is fake

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor 4 days ago

    Um, that shark video looks better than pretty much any shark movie made in the last 10 years

  • Jordan_Cre4tiv3 D3struction_God

    I remember the dude that TRIED to fight a shark

  • Jaden 1017
    Jaden 1017 5 days ago +1

    The one where he was under the blanket was real

  • Golden Films
    Golden Films 5 days ago

    Yee dee dee sharky

  • Bernadette Murphy
    Bernadette Murphy 5 days ago

    Why would the shark be so close to land?

  • Shadow freddy 21
    Shadow freddy 21 5 days ago +1

    That bear looks soooo edited at the start

  • Benjamin Martin
    Benjamin Martin 5 days ago

    6:42 jesus did it

  • Puli White
    Puli White 5 days ago

    A bear can run with 45 km/h

    ROSES 5 days ago

    The bear one u could tell it was fake u can outrun a grizzley

  • Amanda Torrez
    Amanda Torrez 5 days ago

    1:51 was that a pun? 😂

  • Officially Boring YT

    Who didn’t know that shark 🦈 attack was fake

  • Noah Lantsberg
    Noah Lantsberg 5 days ago

    Also sharks are attracted to panic movments

  • Benjamin Guedea
    Benjamin Guedea 6 days ago

    Sharks dont eat people they just mistake us for food

  • HackeRsWolD
    HackeRsWolD 6 days ago

    so why should I believe you?

  • Mr.RottPlays-roblox and more

    Scientists would know #1 would be fake within three seconds

  • Play Jay
    Play Jay 6 days ago

    10:45 when you forget to save your game.

  • Like Bot4
    Like Bot4 6 days ago

    I knew this day would come...

    Its been a long time, with this video sittin’ around my recommends.
    Then I gave up.

  • Thirdie Esplana
    Thirdie Esplana 6 days ago

    #9 or bear attack is so suspicious because the bear is edited

  • Deimos
    Deimos 6 days ago +1

    Who is Bree?

  • Deimos
    Deimos 6 days ago +1


  • Deimos
    Deimos 6 days ago +4

    Number ten was not done by dude perfect, so then it must be fake.

  • FilthyFrankIfHeWasAKid Or I could just say 3

    The ape thing was a promo for planet of the apes

  • Crazypokefan Water starters

    Golden Eagles aren’t strong enough to pick up kids

  • SK5Churro10 69
    SK5Churro10 69 6 days ago

    Do dear David pls

  • Floridian Railfan
    Floridian Railfan 7 days ago

    1:50 bearly

  • Nima Brickshooter
    Nima Brickshooter 7 days ago

    9:24 RIP headphone users

  • Zealium
    Zealium 7 days ago

    The 250,00,00 is real watch the other video.

  • Orio
    Orio 7 days ago

    D BRIAN 7 days ago

    The eagle just yeeted that kid

  • Rizqee ziyad
    Rizqee ziyad 7 days ago

    10 is real his pro not like this stupid girl sound

  • BowlCutGaming
    BowlCutGaming 7 days ago

    The mambo smashed windshield is real there is other people who took the video capturing the smash look it up🤦‍♂️

  • thomas kincannon
    thomas kincannon 7 days ago

    Number 6 reminds me of mcjuggernuggets

  • TheGaming Lizard
    TheGaming Lizard 7 days ago

    10:17 he may of flow into the air but he probably didn’t land in the pool

  • Battle droid officer V-21 Oofboss1235

    4:13 “why have soviets not use this?”

  • Symara Champ
    Symara Champ 8 days ago

    My teacher in grade five showed us the bear chase one he thought it was real

  • Job wrk we Advil an I
    Job wrk we Advil an I 8 days ago +1

    I thought PHOTOShop was for PHOTOS

  • smol bean wee
    smol bean wee 9 days ago

    that one with the kid tried shoving the remote up their ass was funny even if it was fake lol