• Published on Aug 9, 2019
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    I'm SICK of largely the same game very year while EA makes $800 Million A YEAR on its MUT MODES. Where does that money go?! Last year it didn't go into the game, this year its clearly not going into the game. EA is giving even less for More! And adding previously removed features passing them off as "NEW"! While enhancing MUT Microtransactions AGAIN!
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Comments • 11 877

  • Jomar velez
    Jomar velez Hour ago

    Love your puerto rico shirt joe!

  • Kevin Eontrainer
    Kevin Eontrainer 4 hours ago

    At least now you can adjust the amount of Oofs

  • Dielan Island
    Dielan Island 2 days ago

    FIFA 14 is the only EA Sports game I've ever bought.

  • Nakon Warrior
    Nakon Warrior 2 days ago

    "System can't load all 32-"

    Legitimately that's a lie... People pay MILLIONS a year and you can't afford this "Better" system...

    Stopped buying EA game's a lonnnng time ago fuck this shit

  • Suddenbooch 6040
    Suddenbooch 6040 3 days ago

    4 faces lol

  • ContinentalYo
    ContinentalYo 3 days ago

    99% of madden 20 critics are kansas city fans that are mad bc patrick mahomes their QB has the madden curse

  • John McElroy
    John McElroy 4 days ago +1


  • The Dude 1997
    The Dude 1997 4 days ago

    4:12 guy casually washes dishes while joe freaks out 😂

  • Kenson Barthelemy
    Kenson Barthelemy 5 days ago

    U guys are on point I gave up buying madden after madden 18 fuck that game bro copy an paste every year nothing new i remember madden back then when marshal Faulk ray lewis was on the cover that are way better yea this game is like 25 buxks worth

  • PGH Maverick
    PGH Maverick 5 days ago

    I'll just keep sticking with Madden '04

  • Liam Boyle
    Liam Boyle 5 days ago

    Don’t play ultimate team...card collecting, loot boxes micro transactions. I play franchise and I love the nfl and eagles more than anything other then family. It’s a very fun game. I have great experiences vs cpu...not genius AI...but fun....same deal with 2k fifa and nhl...I played franchise modes, avoid them selling me I don’t even want my own team...I want the eagles Sixers flyers’s about simulated sports. These are all great games...

  • Bloodceles
    Bloodceles 5 days ago

    Lets be honest. EA knows what they are doing and its why they are doing it. They are milking madden for everything it has and the best way to do it is limit it every year. We always bitched and whined about EA taking out part of games and reselling them later. They've been doing it with madden for a long ass time now. They sell a little at a time every year and even go as far as remove and readding items to "mix things up". It's obvious if they made the game perfect to 2k5's version or better that they would truly be reselling the same game yearly and just changing the roster which they already did not just once, but twice with fifi.(which they got a lot of shit for) So they keep reselling the same game with slight new changes over the years and that's the best way to make money because idiots keep buying this shit. Madden will never get to the degree of "real nfl" even with all the new features with madden 50 or whatever because ea will keep "removing" stuff for *excuse* and readding them as "new features" down the road to keep making that buck. espn 2k5 had the passion it needed to make a great nfl game and madden will never get there because there is no passion in EA just greed. It's why every game(i mean every, not just madden) of EAs feels so watered down and feels so bland is because there is no passion. It's not a company that enjoys videogames they just do it for the business.

  • Gaming Goof
    Gaming Goof 6 days ago

    At least in Fallout face wise, namely 4 you can make your characters fucking gorgeous, ugly as sin or average Joes. There's presets sure but is EA really so lazy they only add preset faces and nothing more? I mean wouldn't it be easier for them to just make you do your own face? I mean they wouldn't need to do any of the work so why not?

  • Nothing for Granted
    Nothing for Granted 6 days ago

    I bought Madden 13 for a dollar lol. You could see EA already taking shit away back then. It doesn't even have a soundtrack! One generic football song for everything! Fuck Madden.

  • DustMan2704
    DustMan2704 7 days ago +1

    6 White Faces, 4 Hispanic Faces, 46 Black Faces and 800+ Million Dollars Revenue.

    So what does that tell you about the target Ethnical group and their Intellect...

    • The Abstract
      The Abstract 3 days ago

      DustMan2704 it tells us your mother takes black peen on the regular

  • ShallowPsych0
    ShallowPsych0 7 days ago

    It's "surprise mechanics".

  • Fraggle Fkn Rock
    Fraggle Fkn Rock 8 days ago

    It's kinda screwed up they don't give more Latino and white faces when you choose black you get more options. That would also be a point to make which is shitty.

  • Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober 9 days ago +1

    Dude the graphics on all of these games are fucking atrocious too. All of them looked like they were made in like 2007

    BLUE 0MEGA V 9 days ago

    Must be pretty boring working at EA Tiburon with such small changes every year.

  • Brandon from Kentucky
    Brandon from Kentucky 10 days ago +1

    I'm proud to say I will no longer ever purchase a Madden game. I'm done.

  • TheBen1tez
    TheBen1tez 10 days ago

    Damn you guys have it worse than fifa players lol

    • TheBen1tez
      TheBen1tez 10 days ago

      Well our game doesn’t even work lol unless you play volta or fut. Career mode is broke. As hell

  • Dj Pompey
    Dj Pompey 11 days ago

    The sports games should start going to every 2 years release and in between update the roster have a season 1 and 2 just pay 10 bucks for season 2 rosters so they still make some money also give then more time to put more in the game or all honesty NFL just needs to open there shit back up to other game developers cuz how EA has complete control like that is kinda of a monopoly

  • Miguel Sandels
    Miguel Sandels 11 days ago

    U do realize Joe there is someone in the background cleanin his rifle, right?

  • Potter5416
    Potter5416 11 days ago

    It just crashed on me and deleted my entire franchise file hours of work developing my team to be near invincible and it crashes and deleted the whole file.... gone just like that . I’m losing what interest in madden 20 and just go back to madden 19 that DOSNT CRASH!!!

  • Techno-mage
    Techno-mage 11 days ago

    If you are playing the game at all, then you're an idiot who doesn't learn and you deserve all the grief you get.

  • Sethermieseter
    Sethermieseter 11 days ago +1

    If you had people dumb enough to give you $800M for the same thing every year why would you change it? They deserve to lose their $ if they buy that garbage. EA is treating them the way they deserve. Like sheep.

  • harb inger
    harb inger 12 days ago +1

    so far 1.2k down voters are corporate thrall's who are acting like a crack addict's, get your friends together and find a hacked version with community updates.

    • harb inger
      harb inger 12 days ago

      another question does your old unlocks turn over to the new one so you dont need to "re unlock" them?

    • harb inger
      harb inger 12 days ago

      and 32 teams??? we have 50 states so there should be 50+ teams

  • Aaron Potts
    Aaron Potts 12 days ago

    Nobody will stop buying these games and it’s a shame

  • ElZamo92
    ElZamo92 12 days ago

    It’s the same with every single annualised sports game.

  • wiggles877
    wiggles877 12 days ago

    What we need is a law that all game companies must offer a full refund, if requested, as long as less than 20% of the game was played.

  • JJ C
    JJ C 13 days ago

    The gameplay absolutely feels different. That’s one thing that does change every year. If you play enough, you can feel how different the gameplay is from year to year.

  • JJ C
    JJ C 13 days ago

    Ok I have 20 and the character creator I’ve used is completely different from what he’s showing in this video.
    Ah he got to the franchise character

  • Whirty
    Whirty 13 days ago

    I haven't bought a Madden game in 4 years now and I do miss playing but it's just not worth it because nothing actually changes.

  • Doubleheaded Eagle
    Doubleheaded Eagle 13 days ago +6

    I’m giving up on RUclip when guys like Joe aren’t allowed to make content like this anymore.

  • Qasim Haji
    Qasim Haji 13 days ago

    Finally stopped buying madden
    Was consistent since 2013
    Sick of them removing features then adding it back later but then other useful stuff again. Superstar mode was there in 08, or at least something similar

  • Leevolver
    Leevolver 14 days ago

    Anything you can do to stop the sale of one more copy of this shit game being sold is 100% supported by me. I am a dumbfuck and thought 20 would be amazing. Don't be a dumbfuck like me. Never again will I spend a cent with this worthless franchise. BTW, these guys only touched on the worthless as shit gameplay. It is simply terrible. Give them a like if their video saved you enough money to purchase a tank of gas or two. Guarantee you'll have more fun with that.

  • guitarguy45
    guitarguy45 15 days ago

    It's even more insulting when you look closely at the page on EA's store for the game where it shows what you get with each edition and it says 50,000 coins to "get An edge on Your UlTiMaTE TEAm ExPeRiENce!!" And it has a giant X through each fucking edition!!! Like don't even fucking advertise that if it's not even included in ANY OF YOUR "LIMITED EDITION" versions of your shitty ass game!!! That's just a straight up insult to gamers, this whole franchise is a heartwrenching insult and also to the face of gamers who want great games from EA again because they USED to be a great company. That's literally EA saying get 50,000 coins but please pay for it on top of your up front $80-$90 purchase of our game.......give me more money! Fuck you EA. Fuck you and your lack of dignity and for straight up abandoning the quality company you used to be like 10 years ago or more. I'm so heartbroken and I am not even remotely excited for star wars fallen jedi. It is a single player game but I have no doubt they'll jam microtransactions in it. Gamers, including myself have you on thin fucking ice. Do better like we deep down know you can. There's such a thing as making an incredible fucking game AND making a shit ton of money. How about that? Uncharted and practically every Sony game EVER is your template for future games. Study up

  • CoolumGamer2005
    CoolumGamer2005 15 days ago +1

    i have a switch so i haven't experienced this type of madden but i can tell you from the mobile version they removed season and franchise mode and made the whole mobile game all about mut for madden mobile 19 which shows all they care about is the money and not the enjoyment of players

  • Sean McClelland
    Sean McClelland 15 days ago

    honestly the pro bowl started to suck ass when they moved it to Orlando, i mean y not keep it in Hawaii????

  • Sean McClelland
    Sean McClelland 15 days ago +1

    i want my NCAA Football back FUCK THIS MADDEN SAME ASS GAME BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sean McClelland
    Sean McClelland 15 days ago

    last GOOD madden I played and bought was 2008, then I went to NCAA Football, but since their is no NCAA football anymore I don't buy EA sports games

  • Sean McClelland
    Sean McClelland 15 days ago

    madden 19 sells 103 millions copies of MY ASS.

  • lakie92
    lakie92 16 days ago

    4 faces now, and yet in ancient fifa and tiger woods games you could upload a pic of yourself and make a(admittedly shitty half the time) version of yourself

  • razenmagi
    razenmagi 16 days ago

    it's ok if madden fans enjoy being hit like a pinata don't try to convince them otherwise. Join in and milk them too since they are Gullible and Easy money

  • Helljumper
    Helljumper 16 days ago

    Imagine actually paying $80 (CAD) a year for sports games

  • Jazmin Rodriguez
    Jazmin Rodriguez 16 days ago

    The 4 is iconic in this channel.

  • Luke Ingrum
    Luke Ingrum 17 days ago

    Wanna know how shitty madden is madden 17 costs 39 dollar right now, madden 19 costs 39, that how little change ur gettin each year

  • Jaiden Crews-Ellis
    Jaiden Crews-Ellis 18 days ago

    You hate it cause you suck at it lol 😂😂🤮🤮

  • ManBearPig
    ManBearPig 18 days ago +1

    I just want good game play, good presentation and good franchise mode!!!! I COULDN'T CARE LESS about the mut or hut or whatever the fuck it's called! I'm so sick of these lazy asshole's putting out these broken pieces of shit every year!! It's not just madden, it's all sports games! They are all broken in one way or the other and are just lazily done!!! It's so fucking irritating!!

  • Dylan Garcia
    Dylan Garcia 18 days ago +1

    Drew Bree’s putting down cowboys helmet killed me 😂😂😂😂

  • Potter5416
    Potter5416 19 days ago +1

    I own this game and it crashes a lot

  • Spess Mahn
    Spess Mahn 19 days ago

    Lol the nhl games have a face customizer
    Edit:They also have custom teams and uniforms

  • Banagher Links
    Banagher Links 19 days ago +2

    nfl 2k needs to come back

  • joaquin tamayo
    joaquin tamayo 19 days ago

    It the same faces 😂

  • Mernky 356
    Mernky 356 19 days ago

    You can’t be surprised and you honestly can’t be mad anymore it’s expected

  • SCSA
    SCSA 19 days ago

    i'm glad i don't waste money on this pathetic shit like all the other idiots out there supporting EA

  • badhabit
    badhabit 20 days ago

    Only Dumbasses buys Madden Every year.

  • iAlpha Zero
    iAlpha Zero 20 days ago

    I waited a few months and bought this game for 35 on sale online. I actually enjoy this Madden, more than 2k this year. But I do agree, they could add more content or fresh content. I just can’t go a year without playing sports games and that’s where they get us.

  • Liquid Red
    Liquid Red 21 day ago

    EA Tiburon is just the worst. Damn shame they still have the rights to the NFL license. It should’ve been revoked a long time ago. They pay zero attention to detail and the lack of passion for their work is truly disturbing.

  • Ryan Manit
    Ryan Manit 21 day ago +1

    I’m talking to AJSA, not EA.