NEW Pirate Update Leaked? - December Brawl Stars Update Info & Speculation!

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • NEW Pirate Update Leaked? - December Brawl Stars Update Info & Speculation!
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    Brawl Stars Description:
    Time to Brawl out! Round up your friends and get ready for an epic multiplayer slugfest! Unlock a variety of rowdy game modes and dozens of rough and tumble characters with punishing SUPER abilities. Shoot 'em up, blow 'em up, punch 'em out and win the fight!
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Comments • 480

  • MishaL AL shammrie
    MishaL AL shammrie Month ago

    When the update

  • LUCA Angry Birds Epic

    Pirats have read us

  • Loot Llama
    Loot Llama Month ago

    I got a star power for Tara on my 2 account carl AND 3 frank

  • Eero Eero
    Eero Eero Month ago

    I feel like this game needs a dragon brawler

  • LCTA:-D In Gaming
    LCTA:-D In Gaming Month ago

    I played with u before hi

  • LightningBlueDragon

    Pls I want it to be trophy road

  • lefabolousekillijoy Gorman

    Nice meme :v

    Nah nice vid

  • ??
    ?? Month ago

    On red cofette it says "Made you look"

  • Adam Mcallister
    Adam Mcallister Month ago

    I got pam😄

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia Month ago

    It might be a ship wreck like clash royale

  • Duff Man
    Duff Man Month ago

    New game mode capture the flag?

  • J0kiJ0le 12
    J0kiJ0le 12 Month ago

    What if they ad a new gamemode and you are frezing the whole time but on the map are campfires that help you stay worm and not frezed

  • J0kiJ0le 12
    J0kiJ0le 12 Month ago

    What if they ad a new gamemode and you are frezing the whole time but on the map are campfires that help you stay worm and not frezed

  • MîSteR_ GøLūB
    MîSteR_ GøLūB Month ago +1

    Brawl Talk Tomorrow? 😕

  • Qingrui Hao
    Qingrui Hao Month ago

    how do you have multiple accounts ? do you use multiple devices?

  • qRafa3
    qRafa3 Month ago

    Rey i'm f2p and i got crow and mortis star power from mega box!

  • sven from minecraft

    Daryl remodel

  • Guacamole Lettuce
    Guacamole Lettuce Month ago

    Pirate Update:
    Expetition: New Brawler
    Reality: Penny and Darryl Skins

  • 丂G ๖ۣۜSwXt ༻

    I GOT IT
    New trophy road rewards or to sthing like to 20k trophys

  • 丂G ๖ۣۜSwXt ༻

    Every brawler 3. Starpower

  • Groundskeeper Willie

    My friend got sandy at 1k from the box

  • owo
    owo Month ago

    they should add a payload mode like in overwatch!

  • The Ideal One
    The Ideal One Month ago

    I finally got berserker from the free gift

  • Milan Schekkerman
    Milan Schekkerman Month ago

    Rey acting like he doesnt know whats coming in the upcoming update

    NYET FUI BONG Month ago +1

    A new brawler that can swim over water

  • Pudding_Cadet
    Pudding_Cadet Month ago +1

    My Expectations:
    *-New Gamemode*
    Probably a kraken mode, I'd love to see a 3v3 with a kraken modifier.
    *-New Enviroment*
    Probably a ship enviroment. Not much to say here.
    *-New Brawler*
    Possibly a new pirate brawler, I think they might be related to Penny, maybe her Father, to give contrast to Jessie and Pam. (Maybe a Kraken? Octupus?)
    *-New Skins*
    I'm expecting new Pirate themed skins for some brawlers, maybe a new skin for Tick and Pam?
    Probably Pam and Darryl. Maybe not Darryl, but still Pam. I can also see a Tick rework coming.

  • Zachary Crystal
    Zachary Crystal Month ago

    My friend got Leon from the mega box but that day I had to much homework and missed it

  • Amanvir Singh
    Amanvir Singh Month ago

    All I think is that barley will get a new skin which throws milkshake

  • Zachary Crystal
    Zachary Crystal Month ago

    Maybe there will be a blind/ vision related brawler. Or when you open presents for Christmas 🎄 you don’t know what it is

  • Zachary Crystal
    Zachary Crystal Month ago

    Pirate ship mode which is ticketed. You fight against pirates.

  • Zachary Crystal
    Zachary Crystal Month ago

    Pirate ship dynamic map. For example the ship would rock or the mast would block the view or a parrot would come flying around

  • Anthony Aquino
    Anthony Aquino Month ago +1

    I can't wait for the new update who else is ready?


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  • Lil Lockness
    Lil Lockness Month ago

    Are you still doing the rank 35 trophy push on Mortis?

  • Dragon X
    Dragon X Month ago

    I am f2p,and already have crow and spike,but no mythic...

  • Alejandra Monge
    Alejandra Monge Month ago

    No not really all I get is damn coins and upgrades in free mega brawl boxes?😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • ProNIN 13
    ProNIN 13 Month ago

    Do Crow VS Bull video.

  • Amal -_-
    Amal -_- Month ago

    wait.. isn pirate have parrot/bird alongside them...crow remodel??

  • DeminstryPlayz Roblox

    I think brawl stars will add more trophy roads reward in this December update. Well I not sure whether it is true or not.

  • Alex Padilla
    Alex Padilla Month ago

    I got gene

  • Vidya
    Vidya Month ago

    you can see spike peeping in from the window near piper

    WHAT THE PLAP Month ago

    Poco x EMZ confirmed

  • Derek Wu
    Derek Wu Month ago

    My Friend got sandy

  • Pro 6000
    Pro 6000 Month ago

    Need update

    New Brock skins
    New barley skins
    New crow skins
    Leon nerfed
    Pam nerfed
    Sandy nerfed
    Rosa nerfed
    speed buffed 696969%
    Removed all events
    Now if you team you get 10 extra trophies
    No new skins or voice for
    Darryl or Pam or Rosa or bib
    Oh wait bibi is removed from the game
    Carve ball is 28383% larger
    You can no longer play with friends only randoms

    Crow nerfed
    Daynamike buffed
    Tick buffed
    Barley buffed
    More walls in all gamemode s
    Take down boss always runs away from you when. You die
    Removed the chances of getting legendaries from normal and big boxes
    New update to lone star and Bounty now if you try to go for the star in the middle it runs away from you
    80 gems now cost 696969.69$

    All the PowerPoint skins are gone now yay

    Life Leach back for a day and then remove again

    Now you spawn behind the goal in braw ball and robo rumble is now 10 points per 1 ticket at Max
    Jessie and Nita buffs for big game

    Solo sd map size -50%
    For the throwers to rule
    5th star powers added
    And you cannot get star powers in boxes you need to buy them in coins or gems
    You need 2000 gems for one star power

    And 50000 for a star power
    (Side note some RUcliprs could buy that so let's add a few more 0s)
    Actually you need 50000000 coins
    To get a star power
    Best update ever

    Oh wait where are not done yet

    All skins are worth 399272 gems now

    And that's it
    Ryan: NO NOT YET

    It's the winter of the undead
    No shut up it's not Halloween

    We have zombie mortis we have undead elf Frank
    And most importantly
    Wee have. Pipes
    AKA Piper with a mortis head
    Congratulations your not the weirdest skin now night witch

    And that's about it the best update ever

  • Andrew Shentu
    Andrew Shentu Month ago +1

    RIP my left ear

  • Jack Gonzalez
    Jack Gonzalez Month ago

    star power: rollin reload

  • David Gima
    David Gima Month ago

    the eyepatch looks like something for trophy road

  • Turri Mendoza
    Turri Mendoza Month ago

    I got 26 gems on mega box 😃

  • Snabel 28
    Snabel 28 Month ago

    maybe it is "Merry Xmas" where X is "X marks the spot???" Just a thought

  • Master DG YT
    Master DG YT Month ago +1

    Yesterday, i opened mega box and got coins and stuff, then i opened free box from daily deals and got gene

  • Tongaz _
    Tongaz _ Month ago

    the cake has a one which could mean a one year anniversary for something? just an idea for other people if they want to explore further into this for something

  • mohamed Hanif
    mohamed Hanif Month ago

    That pirate logo is niceeee

  • Raylene Young
    Raylene Young Month ago

    I got Pam from the brawlidays gift "megabox"

    PIRATE X Month ago

    I would love this

  • PinkThunder 244
    PinkThunder 244 Month ago +2

    When I opened the Mega Box, I freaked out because I just got my 1st legendary, Sandy!!🥳🤩🤯 and I’m barely at 4000 something trophies!

  • Billy Bob John
    Billy Bob John Month ago +1

    I didn’t get a new brawler from the mega box but I did get 13 gems which is good :)

  • Billy Bob John
    Billy Bob John Month ago +1

    How the pirates stole Christmas, and all the pirate environment beakers gets a Christmas skin?

  • Sol Lorio
    Sol Lorio Month ago

    They should make a capture the flag game mode

  • nickz1lla
    nickz1lla Month ago

    I actually got sandy this morning it was my last brawler to unlock lol

  • nickz1lla
    nickz1lla Month ago

    Pirate ship brawl ball map