The "Beauty And The Beast" Cast Finds Out Which Disney Princess They Are

“Well, I hope I get Belle..."


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Автор Fєιfєι Z ( назад)
What test did they take? I wanna take it...

Автор Alyssa Stack ( назад)
Luke Evans is fucking precious.

Автор Peter Moore ( назад)
Wait! Legion is the beast? That's awesome! I need to see this movie soon, was gonna see it anyways but still, need to see it sooner

Автор Metropolisha ( назад)
The ending was...

Автор sford557 ( назад)
'I think Dumbo could be a princess.'
Awww! <3

Автор Tiff Wey ( назад)
Luke at the end 😂😂😂❤

Автор beauty by bailee ( назад)
Luke Evans😍😍

Автор thewaysofmylife ( назад)
Why is it only a 50/50 choice

Автор Annber Christene Verginom ( назад)
Why Emma is not there?

Автор Annber Christene Verginom ( назад)
Haha, I love the part when Luke said let it go let in go.

Автор I'm Golden Trash ( назад)
Josh Gad is dad

Автор Leah Sorell ( назад)
I'm a redhead thx gaston

Автор Ricardo Torres Corona ( назад)
Damn Jon Kortajarena was so lucky to have Luke Evans as boyfriend

Автор LeaF ( назад)
Rose covered apple icon.... Gj buzzfeed

Автор Abigail C. Terrell ( назад)
Omg Luke at the end had me rolling

Автор Ida Therese So Seng Yu ( назад)
luke evans should've played the beast in tue live action movie 🙁

Автор Brooke Kramer ( назад)
is Josh gaud gay ? that's what my mom told me lol

Автор marie 2112 ( назад)
"no, pet of course I want a cheetah." I died XD

Автор Leah Marie ( назад)
Dumbo could be a princess

Автор BoopleSnoot ( назад)
The beast loves redheads. Woop woop thank you genetics

Автор Gabriella Baccari ( назад)
When you hear the beast say he loves red heads and u actually are a red head😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

Автор Ulyana Mcqway ( назад)
Oh, Luke is so funny🙈

Автор geekista ( назад)
luke killed me at the end 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор HatBoyNaldo ( назад)
"Who do I think I'm gonna get? Dumbo.

... Not a princess? I think Dumbo could be a princess."


Автор Monet Larson ( назад)
The ending was awesome 😂

Автор madeleine weston ( назад)
Dan though 😂😂

Автор Puppyhugs123 :D ( назад)
Whaf was the quiz i need a link

Автор Melanie Wylie ( назад)
I want a cheetah! 🐯

Автор Guillermo Monreal ( назад)
is it me. Or does Dan Stevens looks like PewDiPie?

Автор Nasima Akhtar ( назад)
before the guy said cheetah i said cheetah and now I'm like WTF

Автор Eve Sav ( назад)
Audra McDonald oh my God

Автор MarieCPA ( назад)
"She's a red head, I love redheads" - Dan Stevens

It's either because his wife is a redhead or because he likes Ron Weasley... lol

Автор ELENA DI RUVO ( назад)
What a pity they didn't make Emma do the test, i wished to see what character she would be
By the way, Luke is just fantastic: "i want a cheetah"😂

Автор korra58 ( назад)
Who wouldnt want to be Elsa???? She's a godess! :)
And by the way Gad means bastard in my language.

Автор Jasmin Le ( назад)
luke evans is literally a child

Автор Trini Roma ( назад)
where the quiz at?

Автор João Pedro Vale ( назад)
This is Kelly from San Junipero😍

Автор Sham Bourjas ( назад)
where is emma watson??!!!! she's the main cast!!!!

Автор Katz Kool ( назад)
1:27 "I want a cheetah" Luke Evans is my favorite human.

Автор Iris X ( назад)
Luke 😊😋😋

Автор Beatrice Higuit ( назад)
That outro tho 😂😂😂

Автор Jazz Glamorous ( назад)
Him: "shes a redhead, i love redheads"
Me: "im a redhead😍"

Автор Lara Larame ( назад)
Luke Evans sounds like he's trying to convince himself getting Elsa is ok.

Автор Daksha Pugalia ( назад)
do you know who else loves redheads? HERMOINE GRANGER

Автор Slushdog 101 ( назад)

Автор AWDTH1111 ( назад)
Dan Stevens: "I got ARIEL! Is that good??" killed me lol

Автор lemonlovestea ( назад)
Where can I take the quiz?

Автор Isabel Rivas ( назад)
beast is fine af

Автор Glittersmypup AJ ( назад)
Luke Evans Slays XD

Автор Baddest Chick ( назад)
"I'll let my body speak for itself on this one" Josh is so funny😭😭

Автор Zette Llanes ( назад)
Ending be like
Luke Evans: "Let it go Let it go"

Автор Arctic Sabrina ( назад)
why have i never done this quiz????? i've been wasting my time all wrong

Автор phan trash ( назад)
I take these types of tests all the time and always get the same answer: Ariel😂

Автор TBA ( назад)
Gugu's so beautiful and seems awesome.

Автор Ravenclaw Lovegood ( назад)
3:07 😅

Автор Alaina Mae ( назад)
I srsly laughed at the end

Автор Buster Beckham ( назад)
Is it just me or Josh Gad and Panda from We bare bears have the same voice 😐

Автор Alys Lewis ( назад)
I wish that I could have Luke Evans as my gay best friend he is hilarious and I feel like we'd have such a blast hanging out.❤👌🏻

Автор Lps Chiazu ( назад)
"Live in an incredible Mansion, but have to stay home always. Sounds rubbish" ~The Beast 😂

Автор Ellen Leon ( назад)
LOL. Luke Evansssss

Автор kai kat ( назад)
I love you 'Gaston'.

Автор GayHowellMeme ( назад)

Автор Multi Fandoms ( назад)
Luke: no, Pet of course. I want a cheeta!

I just love him😂

Автор 11DiamanteMeisje11 ( назад)
The end was 👌

Автор xxanqelicxx ( назад)
Guess what movie I'm going to see tomorrow guys.

Автор Trini Roma ( назад)
And people think the beast isn't handsome 🙄

Автор Silver Creek 02 Student ( назад)
Luke Evens I want a cheetah as a pet cheetahs are my favorite animal

Автор emma foster ( назад)
dumbo could be a princess

Автор Ashley MEOW ( назад)
Fucking Luke Evans is my new favorite person

Автор Grace Hunziker ( назад)


Автор Emily hancock ( назад)
dan stevens's eyes are incredible

Автор 7 Awesome BFF ( назад)
Cool her last name is McDonald

Автор Kiara Uchiha ( назад)
LOL Gaston got Elsa.

Автор MAD HATTER ( назад)
"I love red heads!"
me: *dyes my hair red😂💕🤓

Автор Valeria Marquina ( назад)
sad how Belle and the clock and stuff want in here 😢

Автор IloveLuhan ( назад)
Thank you for appreciating us red heads Dan <3 it means a lot to us seeing as how we're disliked so much! makes me so happy when a man says he's into redheads, after all I don't know why some people are so shallow and turn others down because they have red hair. I love you Dan <3

Автор Athallah Arsyaf ( назад)

Автор Cassie Winchester ( назад)
"i have to. isnt that the horror of buzzfeed?"😂😂

Автор x_Eli_x Harrison ( назад)
This is probably weird but when Dan Stevens was speaking, I decided to close my eyes and I actually saw the Beast❤ (that's meant to be a good thing btw)

Автор Maegan Whipple ( назад)
"I'll take the apartment and hear my wife complain about it later"😂😂😂Oh Josh

Автор Pamela Cordova ( назад)

Автор Abster fostr ( назад)
Luke Evans is soooooo hot and where was Emma??

Автор Mutation Ent. ( назад)
Dan is so hot 😍😍😍

Автор Nerdy Nerd :3 ( назад)
I think it was Dan Stevens who got Ariel AND MY NAME IS Ariel!! I LOVE HIM!

Автор Sarah Le ( назад)
Did any one else love 1:25

Автор MarMar09271 ( назад)
Bruh Dan Stevens from "The Guest" finneee asss

Автор Nipun Sharma ( назад)
where's Emma?

Автор Janet Hilton ( назад)
Technically Ariel should have gotten promoted to Queen after she Married Eric.
Elsa is a Queen.
Mulan is the Hero of China.
Belle has never been a princess just a girl who met a prince and until they marry she isn't royalty at all.

Автор Faith Neary ( назад)
I love Dan so much

Автор Hannah Le ( назад)
Luke Evans was singing a his voice version of let it go

Автор Fernando Sosa ( назад)
"She's a redhead, I love redheads". Me too man, me too

Автор Shane Superville ( назад)
How de-evolved are you all to think that this shit is entertaining? Fucking losers

Автор ft06jg89 ( назад)
Luke Evans is fucking hot. Like I'm okay being called a creep HOT

Автор Sarah Grinn ( назад)
ok, why all this fuss about Elsa not being a princess? Mulan is a disney princess and has no royal status! In the second (i think) Cinderella movie she is crowned a queen so one could argue that Cinderella, iconic as she is, is not a disney princess either.

Автор em jlynn ( назад)
luke doing the let it go thing at the end made me stop breathing for like a whole minute

Автор Harcrade S ( назад)
that last bit luke evans omg

Автор _julia_ ( назад)
Luke at the end😂

Автор Beth Kodner ( назад)
Where's Emma Watson?!?!

Автор Desiree Paahana ( назад)
no link to the quiz in the description. Fail!

Автор Melissa Mendoza ( назад)
Gaston was AMAZING

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