5 of the World's Most Dangerous Chemicals

They explode when you touch them. Even a millionth of a gram can kill you. They can even disable you with their horrifying smell. SciShow introduces you to give of the most dangerous chemicals in the world.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Автор Breezy Remy ( назад)
to much smart words, it's hurting my brain

Автор Amir Karbelkar ( назад)
Some crazy shit is definitely gonna make this in their garage

Автор Beanz Gaming ( назад)
4:50... best moment in sci show history

Автор Kacper Pawlikowski ( назад)
Reason why women get mad: 4:49

Автор Matthew BPbuds ( назад)
"The concrete..."


Автор Zach Johnson ( назад)
Someone tell Germany to stop making dangerous chemicals they have most on this list.

Автор PetrosRZ ( назад)
Isn't Freiburg in Switzerland?

Автор Demonhog Plays ( назад)
Hans get ze flammenwerfer N

Автор Freedumb ( назад)
The Most toxic chemical, weak. The most toxic thing in the world is a russian csgo player.

Автор Roby Ramos ( назад)
You say a fluorine fire burns. How about Wildfire?

Автор Selmostick Silverstone ( назад)
i am from Freiburg ^^

Автор Juan Rosario ( назад)
What the SHIT germany

Автор Guido Tanzini ( назад)
so sad azido azide azide still isn't as reactive as paper mario, just imagining paper mario crashing causes paper mario to crash.

Автор Xboxplayer68 ( назад)
"It'll take you down with cancer just to spite you" my favorite part of the video

Автор Redwan Arosh ( назад)
I wonder what would happen if you mixed all of them...

Автор DeadlyVenomKing ( назад)
nothing worse than the stench of your bad breath

Автор Robert Weekes ( назад)
Thio-acetone sounds like an effective and hilarious crime fighting substance!

Автор tijames ( назад)
Damn Science, you scary!

Автор Fitzgerald ( назад)
This is my favorite video...it's *hysterical* and I...I just love it so much. It makes me laugh so hard. <3

Автор Derpy Squid ( назад)
4,054,666th subscriber c:

Автор VEETS5Productions ( назад)
This channel is for n3rds

Автор stormeagle81x ( назад)
how about dimethylmercury?

Автор Nich Citarella ( назад)
This made me lol so hard it hurt

Автор Wanda Chaney ( назад)
Oh, to be a German scientist! Yikes!

Автор Armygamr117 ( назад)
4:30 to 5:00 minutes was my favorite

Автор majdo007 ( назад)
Thioacetone is a thioketone not a thiol.

Автор John Fraser ( назад)
Make a teflon fume hood?

Автор Rikio Rikio ( назад)
Where's Kablammo??

Автор blowyabrainsoutcauseofsatan MusicToMyEars666 ( назад)
tap water tastes different now to what it did 10 years ago... hmm..

Автор Daniel Howard ( назад)
the AA chemical seems really crazy. imagine having a container of this in your house, you'd be screaming in astonishment that your house was still in one piece.

Автор Geometry Dash Sniper /// GDSniperYT ( назад)

Автор Anonymous Freak ( назад)
So... Thioacetone is what's in the Bog of Eternal Stench?

Автор David Baker ( назад)
What a great educator

Автор Ex Nihilo ( назад)
I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some thioacetone to play with. Oh the deviant things that could be done with something like that! I wonder if it's one of those obscure drugs that haven't been made illegal to yet...

Автор Ronald Vaughan ( назад)

Автор beau denny ( назад)
"Nitrogen just wants to be left alone."

Автор undertaker666dead ( назад)
The most toxic chemical in the world and should be avoided at all cost is... Vegetables

Автор undertaker666dead ( назад)
5 of the World's Most Dangerous Chemicals.
Number 1: Chuck Norris

Автор H(CHB11Cl11) ( назад)
I do not approve.

Автор afrain000 ( назад)
"To clean it's equipment within an inch of its life" XD.....

Автор Leyton Vergeire ( назад)
This is the best episode of SciShow yet. Love it!

Автор Nightmare Dreemurr ( назад)
"One eye witnesses describe the event simply as:
The concrete... was on fire."


Автор MyImmaculateQueen ( назад)
Your video is weak. Does us all a favour and talk about something relevant.
Here are 2 poisons we should all avoid
1. MERCURY - it's a neurotoxic poison contained in many vaccines.
2. FLUORDIE - it's in our water supply and causes more cancer than any other chemical. Dr Dean Burke PHD and 34 years at the National Cancer Institute.

Автор Pink Tigress ( назад)
Jeez, WHUT is it with germans and making deadly stuff?!?!?!?!?!?!

Автор I have been captured and claimed by stingy ( назад)
*t h e c o n c r e t e w a s o n f I r e*

Автор Fabian Suckfüll ( назад)
Came here looking for chlorine trifluoride. Was not dissappointed.

Автор Dwan Pol ( назад)
This is my favorite Scishow.

Автор Spacewarp Photography ( назад)
Do not taunt Happy Azidoazide Azide Ball.

Автор Salty ( назад)
Alien blood

Автор bbutc ( назад)
Thumbs up if you survived this video.

Автор paul geldreich ( назад)
I can see from the quality of the writing in these comments that you are very intelligent young people.
Here's something you may find interesting: Nuclear reactors tend to blow up because the fuel rods cans are coated in Zirconium, which when heated to a certain point starts catalytically producing Hydrogen in large amounts from the reactor's cooling water... Do you see the connection and why it's so important you do?

Автор Moustache Suave ( назад)
I want this guy to be my science teacher

Автор Mike Kwarciany ( назад)
"the concrete - was on fire!" haha

Автор Nathan Jacobs ( назад)
acute and chronic effects...will kill you now AND later hahaha

Автор ffyhmlr ( назад)
you remember me to the log in mass effect! Love it! omg love it!!

Автор KittyVolcano ( назад)
Azidoazide Azide is a nice name. You can't admire it though, it'll just explode.

That's just a heap of Fluoroantimonic Acid
YouTube even says it's spelled wrong, thats how unpopular it is.

Автор Grammar Not I Has ( назад)
thioacetone + timed release mechanisms= surefire way to demoralize isis. unfortunately this is chemical warfare so it's banned, but i can't help but giggle at the thought of stinkbombing terrorists into submission

Автор Nightmare Dreemurr ( назад)
AA can explode without being touched?


Автор Riley Cabanero ( назад)
Is it just me or is it like he's Bill Nye 2.0?

Автор AlecS st. ( назад)
I am proud of germany right now

Автор ChristianLP 03 ( назад)
why always we germans experiment with dangerous as f*ck chemicals? 😂

Автор Xx Blaineworld xX ( назад)

Автор Tomkar 01 ( назад)
How to I get some of this stuff?

Автор wholeNwon ( назад)
That was great fun!

Автор Vio ( назад)
"C2N14" :D

Автор iosef 333 ( назад)
Wait... If nitric acid nitrates and chloric acid chlorates, is there a HNF3? Or even HNF4? lol Lets "fluorate" (?) erythritol! :v

Автор Colinsz 8 ( назад)
U sad hydrofulic acid

Автор TurnaboutHalifax ( назад)
This is the most fun a Chemistry video has every been

I want to meet the people who chose to call a smell *disagreeable*

Автор Taran Kuntz ( назад)
Sci show is definitely one of my favorite youtube channels. I love learning from you guys! keep up the great work

Автор LooshBuddy ( назад)
Learning organic chemistry for my biochem major made this episode even more amusing than when I watched it years ago

Автор Stephen Dahlem ( назад)
compare thimerisol with dimethyl cadmium

Автор Stephen Dahlem ( назад)
perchlorates, dried out

Автор Camaika Amelung ( назад)
I totally LOVE the way this video is done <3

Автор geometydash R3kt ( назад)


Автор Ochreification ( назад)

Автор Wanla Wanla ( назад)
i think he said Like FUCK YOU

Автор Jane Murphy ( назад)
Put Thioacetone in water guns, then proceed to have the move fucked up "water" fight to have ever been done.

Автор ServantToTruth ( назад)
It's pretty hard to imagine smelling a drop of something from a half of mile away. I guess that's why it made the list lol

Автор Daniel ( назад)
I guess my ex-girlfriend was an Azidoazide Azide

Автор Intellectual Cat ( назад)
I died watching 4:38-451 lol

Автор Def Leppard Rocks ( назад)
It will kill you now AND later.

Автор Mr Wellington Von Duke III ( назад)
personify more molecules. make it like a daytime soap opera.

Автор Russell Flowers ( назад)
Germany keeps popping up. Just saying.

Автор Lemon Lord ( назад)
Look at this guy, look at this guy he's amazing-ly funny. No homo

Автор Mork 666 ( назад)
awsome video,you just won a subscriber

Автор Nalisan .S ( назад)
I really a BIO-Blasting bomb just having the below ingredients :
Azido-Azide Azide - 5000 l
Di-Methy Cadium - 4000 l
Fluro-Monic Acid - 3000 l

"//Caution : Don't ever imagine to see them,because dreaming will trigger it to burst// "

Автор Rex Plays ( назад)
if you type in "The concrete was on fire" into the search you get this video as the second result

Автор Seth Gibbens ( назад)
anyone know what he does for a job

Автор David Baker ( назад)
Brilliant! I've lost count of how many times I've watched this!

Автор 雨琛涂 ( назад)
China recently invented pure pentazenium anion cyclo-N5ˉ , it's almost 50 times more powerful than c2n14 (per gram).

Автор Enz0ne ( назад)
there is one toxin that instantly kills any human upon touch

Автор Bob Jones ( назад)

Автор anon moose ( назад)
Chemical warfare involves using the toxic properties of chemical substances as weapons.

Автор duncan ecclestone ( назад)
"''The concrete wsa on Fire." -hank green

Автор Emma Wellness and Self Actualization ( назад)
You make science so fun! I was laughing so hard! Makes it so much easier to remember

Автор Терентий Малышев ( назад)
Thioacetone = Thiojoe

Автор eado hayut ( назад)
"The concrete... was on fire!"
xD dead

Автор NerdBubbleGum ( назад)
I wonder what would happen if you mixed all of these......

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