5 of the World's Most Dangerous Chemicals

  • Опубликовано: 13 дек 2014
  • They explode when you touch them. Even a millionth of a gram can kill you. They can even disable you with their horrifying smell. SciShow introduces you to give of the most dangerous chemicals in the world.
    Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • Joel Ayoub
    Joel Ayoub 15 часов назад

    Lol, a chemical so smelly it'll cause a city to evacuate.

  • Task Reflex
    Task Reflex 15 часов назад

    Why is Hank so funny?

  • Task Reflex
    Task Reflex 15 часов назад

    Yo the BLEEP 😂

  • Shalini Biswas
    Shalini Biswas 22 часа назад

    This video is my favourite XD "And my favourite.....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!" XD

  • ohnhai
    ohnhai День назад

    Still my favourite Sci-Show vid :) It's 'Hecka' good !

  • plane15man
    plane15man 2 дня назад

    This is just a short list of chemicals used in vaccines. Do we really want to continue putting them into our bodies?

  • SKB Artistry
    SKB Artistry 2 дня назад

    Azidoazide Azide.. try say that one 5 times fast..
    Btw, I love this episode. It leaves me crying from laughter every single time 😂😂

  • willythemailboy2
    willythemailboy2 3 дня назад

    Thioacetone is not actually a thiol. There's no sulfur-hydrogen bond. It's a thioketone.

  • The MineCraft Unicorn unicorns go
    The MineCraft Unicorn unicorns go 4 дня назад


  • Vuongvankha Nguyen
    Vuongvankha Nguyen 4 дня назад

    Mom : the concrete is on 🔥
    Me : who care. I am watching sci show .

  • Aaron Daniel Donaldson
    Aaron Daniel Donaldson 4 дня назад

    Yay! Let's mix them all together!

  • Ramogi Ochola
    Ramogi Ochola 5 дней назад

    7:54 😮🙄😫🤐😓🤐

  • Ramogi Ochola
    Ramogi Ochola 5 дней назад

    5:02 dat face doe 😂 it has to be exactly 5:02

  • Caleb Chin
    Caleb Chin 9 дней назад

    can chlorine triflouride light water though?
    "the concrete was on fire!' lol

  • Zach Chris
    Zach Chris 9 дней назад

    Literally my favortie scishow episode

  • Oozy
    Oozy 10 дней назад +1

    Things that make c2n14 explode:
    It existing

  • Eric Roul
    Eric Roul 10 дней назад +1

    Thioacetone is not a thiol. It's a thione(thioketone)

  • Nobody
    Nobody 11 дней назад

    Why is the stinky Thioacetone so dangerous?
    And what about Cyanide?

  • The Lost Eagle
    The Lost Eagle 12 дней назад +1

    See how all the chemists are german?

  • Eric Buckner
    Eric Buckner 13 дней назад

    Awesome show! Brand new fan here now. Sounds like what I've known all along: the Germans are creators for a lot of our problems.

  • Rude Asparagus
    Rude Asparagus 14 дней назад

    very late for this comment, but! what about "Very Fast Death Factor", or Botulinum H??

  • Sam M.
    Sam M. 15 дней назад

    Why do I relate to AA?

  • Morgan Gobin
    Morgan Gobin 15 дней назад

    This video almost makes me regret majoring in chemistry.

  • Shadsy The Hedgehog
    Shadsy The Hedgehog 16 дней назад +1

    What is it with Germans and highly dangerous chemicals?!

  • TomatoToots
    TomatoToots 16 дней назад

    This is my favorite episode “I think someone said something mean about it and it was like *BLEEEEEEP*”

  • Zachary Rivera
    Zachary Rivera 16 дней назад +1

    I couldn't stop laughing with the sentence " the concrete was on fire!" It hurt so much because I was sick yesterday and the night before I was throwing up all night

  • MicrowaveGamer
    MicrowaveGamer 17 дней назад +1

    I am actually ok with the smell of skunk. My local natural history museum has a bunch of different scents in vials for kids to sample, and skunk is one. I have good memories associated with the smell, so I kind of like it.

  • stoneyhigh05
    stoneyhigh05 17 дней назад

    you're funny

  • somethingforeveryone
    somethingforeveryone 19 дней назад

    So the first chemical can burn wool?

  • EST Addison
    EST Addison 20 дней назад

    Soooooo... why haven’t we invented the ‘Thioacetone Bomb’ yet?

    Wouldn’t that be more effective than a nuclear fireball? 🔥

  • Markjohn9696 1996
    Markjohn9696 1996 21 день назад

    its final destination chemicals

  • Definitely Not Ben
    Definitely Not Ben 21 день назад

    Chlorine Trifloride. It sets fire to things that normally cannot burn such as brick, glass, asbestos and the dreams of children.

  • Michael Fett
    Michael Fett 21 день назад

    Still my favorite scishow

  • Tim Berghoff
    Tim Berghoff 21 день назад

    According to Simon Whistler, Chlorine Trifluoride also sets fire to the dreams of children.

  • Stu Wilkes
    Stu Wilkes 22 дня назад

    The thioacetone doesn’t have an -SH pair . The Sulfur has a double bond with the central carbon.
    The ‘acetone’ tells you it is like a ketone, and they have C=O bonds, so considering sulfur is also group 6, you can see why I thought you might be incorrect about it.

  • michael schultz
    michael schultz 24 дня назад

    isn't botolinumtoxine-h more toxic than dimethylecadmium?

  • Bipolar Gemini
    Bipolar Gemini 25 дней назад

    Marshall Islander's Lives Matter. (Eniwetok & Bikini) Need an irradiation clean up & climate change solution.

  • Gamer Kip
    Gamer Kip 25 дней назад

    When i went down in the comments i thought there was going to be a whole lot of anti vaxxers demanding be added vaccinecs to this list butt i Found none

  • Packless1
    Packless1 27 дней назад

    7:00 KABLAMO!!!

  • Smart Name
    Smart Name 27 дней назад

    Wtf does a fluorine fire look like

  • Mecha Leo
    Mecha Leo 28 дней назад

    So dimethylcadmium will make you go to hell before you die. I should have listened to Captain Lou.

  • Jackurgan
    Jackurgan 28 дней назад

    Freiburg (or Fribourg in French) is a bilingual city located between Lausanne and Bern in Switzerland, not Germany.

    • Jackurgan
      Jackurgan 27 дней назад

      John Mack The picture shown in the video is of Freiburg in Uechtland, a swiss city. I know it because I am Swiss and live there! There is also german city called Freiburg in Brisgau, but it is not the one shown in the video.

    • John Mack
      John Mack 27 дней назад

      Jackurgan No its German ,always was.

  • Randy Randomson
    Randy Randomson 28 дней назад +1

    I had to refresh SEVEN times just to get the video to *not* play an ad

  • John Francis Doe
    John Francis Doe Месяц назад

    After some looking around it seems that AA was created before Klapötke studied it in 2010. A 2012 series of experiments by another German team seems to indicate it was previously mistaken for Isocyanogen Tetraazide, another twitchy form of C2N14, which quickly coils up to become AA before it can be properly investigated. Their article was published in 2013 (before this video) and claims to include the first measurements of actual Isocyanogen Tetraazide. DOI: 10.1002/anie.201209170

  • Zack M
    Zack M Месяц назад

    One of my favorite scishow videos. “The concrete was on fire”

  • MrSupasonics
    MrSupasonics Месяц назад

    Why Germans love dangerous chemicals

  • achmedlolol
    achmedlolol Месяц назад

    I'm pretty sure my gf snorts azidoazide

  • pro gamer
    pro gamer Месяц назад

    Never trust a Edited comment

  • ikill GHOSTundDEMONSinMYsleep
    ikill GHOSTundDEMONSinMYsleep Месяц назад +1

    Germans were made for chemicals

  • Brooks House Gaming
    Brooks House Gaming Месяц назад

    Is that a vanguard t-shirt?

  • Partth Arora
    Partth Arora Месяц назад

    3:31 look at his face. Feel like punching him

  • SubvenioArguo
    SubvenioArguo Месяц назад

    Azidoazide will explode by moving it, touching it, exposing it to bright light. Thank heavens they didn't feed it after midnight!

  • Ivar And Amy
    Ivar And Amy Месяц назад

    The first chemical reminds me of Nova 6

  • The Weewoo Wombat
    The Weewoo Wombat Месяц назад

    Just make everything from graphene, reinforced with a layer of Teflon then that acid won’t do to much

  • The Weewoo Wombat
    The Weewoo Wombat Месяц назад

    How quickly does that superacid do its thing

  • The Weewoo Wombat
    The Weewoo Wombat Месяц назад

    Isn’t botulinum the most toxic toxin?

  • The Weewoo Wombat
    The Weewoo Wombat Месяц назад

    Azidoazide azide

    That’s fun to say

  • wolfstarchaser
    wolfstarchaser Месяц назад

    @4:22 "...beyond our capabilities of measurement..."
    That phrase should horrify anyone.
    We can accurately measure the distances between stars.
    We can accurately measure the distance between the nucleus of an atom and its orbitiing electrons.
    We can accurately measure the time between two wingbeats of a hummingbird.
    But we can't tell when this thing we made is going to go "kaboom" and take anything and everything in close proximity into glorious nonexistence with it.

  • fantasticmio
    fantasticmio Месяц назад

    As someone without olfactory bulbs, that super stinky one sounds quite intriguing!

  • Ender Rheanz
    Ender Rheanz Месяц назад

    I come back here from time to time just to laugh myself off

  • Mark Melvin
    Mark Melvin Месяц назад

    Watched this vid several times, the info is delivered with perfection, I laugh every time. Well done guys👍👌🤘💪

  • John
    John Месяц назад

    I knowed this was John green brother

  • MST
    MST Месяц назад

    "And it just PPPPPPP!!"

  • Robert Junior
    Robert Junior Месяц назад

    This is amazing.

  • Aman Ahtserhs
    Aman Ahtserhs Месяц назад

    ........ And my favourite..... Absolutely Nothing!!

  • shawnjchappie
    shawnjchappie Месяц назад

    I named a fire mage Azidoazide after I saw this video the first time. I keep hoping some gloriously nerdy creature will catch it.

  • tom jackson
    tom jackson Месяц назад

    Slow down and stop jerking around.

  • Europa Saturn
    Europa Saturn Месяц назад

    No. 1: Water

  • OlympusHeavyCavalry
    OlympusHeavyCavalry Месяц назад

    Possible plagiarism is going on here?????
    Melissa and TodayIFoundOut.com
    Jul 7, 2015, 10:30am ⋅ Filed to: chemistry

  • Danny Reid
    Danny Reid Месяц назад

    Love all your videos but I found this one highly entertaining. Thank you.

  • Cheeky Kent
    Cheeky Kent Месяц назад +1

    You're too animated. Calm down, stop moving about so much. Otherwise good video.

  • Brad Munro
    Brad Munro Месяц назад

    My favorite video on youtube. i watched it over 10 times and i still love it XD

  • Jalkk DF
    Jalkk DF Месяц назад

    +1 sub

  • aussie oi oi oi
    aussie oi oi oi Месяц назад

    It will burn through your bones. The way he says it. I get chills like when i hear samuel jackson say snakes on this mother f ing plane or kiss the sun and taste the motha fkin rainbow. Impact.

  • Adrian's Chemistry Laboratory
    Adrian's Chemistry Laboratory Месяц назад

    Excellent information - please see my channel to see some azides go bang !

  • Aysh B
    Aysh B Месяц назад

    It's amazing how expressive and enthusiastic he was about this. It's good to watch people passionate about something.

  • AxA12
    AxA12 Месяц назад

    How does it smell disagreeable?

  • Oliver Matthews
    Oliver Matthews Месяц назад

    So, how do you make these substances? Asking for a friend.

  • Uranus InBanana
    Uranus InBanana Месяц назад

    I love how just excited in this episode"

  • Max Waterman
    Max Waterman Месяц назад

    I would have been interested in the degree of explosion some of these explosives are - ie how much bigger they get when they explode. You just seem to cover how quickly they explode and how sensitive they are.

  • Turtlemanxd 4
    Turtlemanxd 4 Месяц назад


  • heinzie5
    heinzie5 Месяц назад

    I can really feel his excitement about insanely dangerous chemicals which will explode for literally no reason

  • UnhingedBear
    UnhingedBear Месяц назад

    I was hoping for a mention of Dioxygen difluoride, FOOF.
    Though these where fun to learn about.

  • Wicked Kitten
    Wicked Kitten Месяц назад

    Germany 👌🏼😂
    We are obviously crazy. Please be nice to us 😜
    Btw the way this episode is written is by the way the best possible. Scientific research and knowledge combined with the truth of the good old irony 😂👌🏼

  • torrential_sunshine
    torrential_sunshine Месяц назад

    It’s so much fun watching Hank get excited about the content of these episodes. He’s the best kind of educator

  • First Name
    First Name Месяц назад +1

    What's wrong with geary

  • Ron White
    Ron White Месяц назад

    A A seems impossible that it was ever created.

  • H L
    H L Месяц назад

    Bla bla bla bla. Boring video

  • Nathan DaMaren
    Nathan DaMaren Месяц назад

    Had me actually laughing out loud.

  • Ethan Delaney
    Ethan Delaney Месяц назад

    When the azidoazide azide went off in the shockproof container, I don't think the scientists took into account the building's natural frequency, Wich is how much it vibrates from existing

  • 0Clewi0
    0Clewi0 Месяц назад

    I would have been so fitting to have elevator music during the list about AA

  • demonsoldierchem
    demonsoldierchem Месяц назад

    The most funnest episode. LMAO

  • Alexis Harper
    Alexis Harper Месяц назад +1

    *Thioacetone:* For when Glacial Acetic Acid didn’t make you puke enough.

    • Quintinohthree
      Quintinohthree Месяц назад +1

      Alexis Harper Glacial acetic acid? Damn, you haven't seen nothing yet.
      I've had one unfortunate encounter with a most hideous smell. I'm not easily startled by a smell, I'll take amines bt the dozen and thiols if I must, but this one was different. It was the half-annual lab cleaning day and I had inherited a round bottom flask carefully sealed by its original owner who had probably forgotton all about it. The only indication I had of what I was to experience was a small drawing on the side in permanent marker. It showed a benzene ring with methyls in the 2- and 6-positions and at the first position it showed an awkward characteristic group: "NC". Knowing of the legends foretold about this class of compound, of its unimaginable stench and indiscribable smell, our olfactory system having seemingly evolved specific receptors that serve no purpose but to make an entire class of purely synthetic compounds with no known representation in nature entirely unbarable to human noses, I was understandably cautious, hesitant even to open up the flask. I had cleaned out my fumehood entirely except for that one flask so it had to happen. I collected all my courage, carefully undid the parafilm wrapping around the stop and then slowly twisted the stop and took it off to release the most aweful stench I have ever smelled. I immediately put the fumehood window down to increase the airflow and get rid of the stench but it managed to diffuse against the flow of air in large enough quantities that it remained unbarable. I decided to return the stop to the flask and wait for the stench to subside. When it had, I returned with a washbottle of acetone which I used to spray into the flask quickly before stoppering again. After all I had endeavoured to clean this flask and clean it I would. Once dissolved, the stench lost some of its potency, and once introduced to the waste container, it was at least further masked, but the same stench unmistakenly remained for several days. Looking back now, it likely reacted with acetone, acids and thhe occasional amine in the waste in Pazzerini and Ugi reactions, neutralizing the smell. Still, I will never do anything with isocyanides anymore.

  • Galaxy Parade
    Galaxy Parade Месяц назад +7

    "The concrete was on fire" ok, why do I think that is so funny?

  • Javier Antequera
    Javier Antequera Месяц назад

    the most toxic substance gram by gram I​ thought was botulinum toxin

  • John
    John Месяц назад

    Dimethyl Mercury is another one of those "if you get this on you, go is gonna die" substances.

  • K C
    K C Месяц назад

    AA has apparently tourrette's

  • TheCoolKid
    TheCoolKid Месяц назад

    😂 😂 "the concrete was on fire" 😂 😂

  • Aniket Biswas
    Aniket Biswas Месяц назад

    The stinky one could be a WMD

  • joeyservo
    joeyservo Месяц назад

    This is the only scishow video I watch repeatedly, love it.