“Killing Gaza” with Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen

  • Опубликовано: 19 май 2018
  • Max Blumenthal, Director and Writer of “Killing Gaza,” and Dan Cohen, Cinematographer and Editor of “Killing Gaza,” discuss their documentary “Killing Gaza” that details the Israeli War crimes committed against the people in Gaza.
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Комментарии • 757

  • Jacques GD
    Jacques GD 16 часов назад

    Jerusalem is at war and the Gaza people won't recognize their state and are committed to destroying Isreal. They don't want peace or negotiations but frankly at this point Isreal has no other strategic option than to continue defendings itself. The best defense is a strong offense. I reccomend Gaza negotiates for Peace and then focuses on developing Gaza.

  • New Hampshire
    New Hampshire День назад

    HELLO RUclip? You should NOT be using Wikipedia for explaining sources. Wikipedia is NOT a credible source, neither is ADL or SPLC.

  • New Hampshire
    New Hampshire День назад

    Israeli snipers killed American marines in Iraq!

  • Max Mad
    Max Mad 3 дня назад

    Open the border with Egypt and the Gaza Arbas return to their land.... The arabs Sady that they are one nation...The Arab nation

  • marvin cox
    marvin cox 5 дней назад

    This is how they try to hide the constant murdering done be the Muslims it's sad but we can see what there tactics are a kid dosnt think to go with a knife to attack a military force then they are killed for a camera .It's not just at this front it's everywhere you don't convert there is a front

  • marvin cox
    marvin cox 5 дней назад

    Meanwhile you let them closer they move rockets closer and never stop throwing rocks

  • Peter Kopteros
    Peter Kopteros 7 дней назад

    Meet the Israeli Jewish SUPER Nazis that love to kill Palestinians

  • Peter Kopteros
    Peter Kopteros 7 дней назад

    Because the Israeli jews once again have proven over and over again that they cannot live in peace with anyone else WE the people of the world now have to invade Israel and take it away from the Jew, the Jew has proven how racist they are and the amount of hatred they have towards others by killing Palestinians daily and laughing out loud to the world bragging and celebrating every single time they kill Palestinian. I sure hope that the Palestinian people start kidnapping those filthy Jews 1 by 1 then torturing them before they kill them for revenge just like the Jews have been doing to Palestinian people since 1948, COME on leaders of other countries step up and start saving human beings immediately because by not helping those poor Palestinians you are ignoring makes you just as guilty yourself, come on you’d better help because god himself is going to decide if you make it through the pearly gates or you get sent straight to Hell as every Jew is facing now

  • Steve Mohammed
    Steve Mohammed 7 дней назад

    Israel , the US and their complicits would pay a high price for the killing and murder of the Palestinians. The world is watching you and death is inevitable for what you do.

  • nighitazhar
    nighitazhar 8 дней назад

    I will not give the EVIL ZIONIST ISRAELI THE SATISFACTION BUT WHAT OUR HEARTS ARE GOING THROUGH the ALLAH knows!!! the INNOCENT PALESTINIANS are being martyred by the vile INHUMANE ISRAELIS by the hundreds & thousands over the decades but know one thing is for certain Allah swt will grant THEM justice but you won't escape from HELL!!!!!

  • Ehsan Khaibar
    Ehsan Khaibar 8 дней назад

    Thanks for your great show sir, thanks for caring and sharing

  • Ehsan Khaibar
    Ehsan Khaibar 8 дней назад

    Great guys, true people, very real journalism. Here is where journalism will not die whatever MSM does ...
    Salute to you heros!

  • nighitazhar
    nighitazhar 8 дней назад

    Intelligent gentleman the work you have done and are doing is commendable, brilliant, extremely intelligent, truthful, a true account of the horrendous situation which the people of Palestine are going through, bravo! bravo! bravo! But WHY has it continued for over 71years and WHY was it allowed to happen in the first place? were not the Jewish people the one's to understand unjust horrific crimes more than most???? Didn't they just go through the holocaust???????? But that's if they were the real Jewish people or just some Zionist pretending to be????

  • Alex Young
    Alex Young 10 дней назад

    * “‘Yashu’ (derogatory for ‘Jesus’) is in Hell being boiled in hot excrement.” (Gittin 57a)
    [’Yashu’ is an acronym for the Jewish curse, ‘May his (Jesus) name be wiped out forevermore.’]
    * Yashu (Jesus) was sexually immoral and worshipped a brick.” (Sanhedrin 107b)
    * “Yashu (Jesus) was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness and refused to repent.” (Sotah 47a)
    * “Miriam the hairdresser had sex with many men.” (Shabbath 104b, Hebrew Edition only)
    * “She who was the descendant of princes and governors (the virgin Mary) played the harlot with carpenters.” (Sanhedrin 106a)
    * “Christians who reject the Talmud will go to hell and be punished there for all generations.” (Rosh Hashanah 17a)

  • Amitai Medan
    Amitai Medan 10 дней назад

    To my palestinian brothers in gaza. Go and fight for your rights. Build your country if you dare. Stop crying over your spild milk. Grow food, build houses, build factories, build hospitals. Do not waste donated money over means of war, you can't win the fight this way. Deal with reality and dream the future. Fighting caused you to be kicked out of Jordan, then from Lebanon. Your fighting is a disease that you take wherever you go. Your only cure is the dream of peace.

    SEAN CURRAN 11 дней назад

    biased fake news shame on you,Israel gods chosen people

  • paul sabong
    paul sabong 11 дней назад

    The roman's drove Jews before in palistine, and all of your narration applies. Now palistinians say they owned the land. They took the land from them for so many years, now they are back. And this is the result, you have to narrate the background . So your audience can understand what's really going on in there.

  • Shane Horner
    Shane Horner 11 дней назад

    They were given the land for peace but Hamas wants Israel gone and will not be peacefull so they should take Gaza back and boot out Hamas. People in Gaza would be better off if Israel looked after them. All this crap in the video is so one sided and lies.

  • sellbullion
    sellbullion 12 дней назад

    lots of balance way to go with the echo chamber

  • Jeremy Chase
    Jeremy Chase 13 дней назад

    The vast majority of Jews are awful, greedy bastards. Can we start telling the truth?

  • paul productions
    paul productions 13 дней назад

    Let's ambush the ambulance and kill the staff?

  • T G
    T G 13 дней назад

    Meanwhile Polonium Putin is gassing the little Arab children like he's gonna win a Nobel in Chemistry.

  • Mr fas
    Mr fas 13 дней назад

    Israeli regime is brutal against the Palestinian Christians, the rabbis degrade them in Jerusalem, they are evil and hate the Palestinian Christians full support with Palestinian Muslims since it highlights the fact that Jews see all non Jews as inhuamne

  • dazzdeadmeadow
    dazzdeadmeadow 14 дней назад

    How ironic, I seem to recall another group in history referring to Jews as 'sub human'.....the oppressed becomes the oppressor. How to shit over your own ancestors torment..

  • Don Jesus
    Don Jesus 14 дней назад

    Dan, Max, Chris and everyone involved thank you for this! You are all principled, heroic people who are not afraid to stand on the side of justice regardless of how difficult it may be.
    Thank you for all your good work! Believe it or not, I don't really like to watch movies but I really want to see your documentary (and am also afraid to do so simultaneously as I know it'll be the most heart-wrenching film I'll likely ever see). Please, please, please stay safe! As you know the IDF/Zionists are the biggest cowards and will target and attack people with impunity. May God reward you and all the people who do great work like this and keep you and all your loved ones safe.
    It won't be long until you guys will film a movie about the long-awaited victory of Palestine + friends!

  • Shami Seidenfeld
    Shami Seidenfeld 14 дней назад

    If Israel wanted to get rid of every Palestinian they could do it in a minute. I can literally discredit every statement they make.

  • Shami Seidenfeld
    Shami Seidenfeld 14 дней назад

    FAKE NEWS!!!!

  • Ben Bucy
    Ben Bucy 15 дней назад

    the jewnited states is killing these innocent people .committing atrocities against woman and children .the jewnited states is guilty of genocide .we are giving billions of $ and the latest killing weapons to israhell to abet them in their utter slaughter of these palistinian people. the U S A. is israel by another name . our president is related by his daughters marriage to Kushner jewboy .to Netanyahu. madman psychopath who controls our congress WTF ?

  • Ronald Shiffman
    Ronald Shiffman 15 дней назад

    The subhumans in this video graze on dung. Let's think about the Gazans. For the past ten years or more, they have been digging tunnels into Israel. 1) That's illegal. 2) That's ultra stupid. 3) That's how Gaza's make their own lives hell. 4) This video is complete garbage. Enjoy!

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man 16 дней назад

    Well done.

  • lilianka777
    lilianka777 16 дней назад

    Thank you....Much needed truth...shared widely...)

  • Rob Moffit
    Rob Moffit 16 дней назад

    We are all SiCK of the Israeli Zionist Mafia running and subverting the United States!

  • Herbmedicine Herbalist
    Herbmedicine Herbalist 16 дней назад +1

    I'm fighting against my tears. This is so inhuman,

  • Douglas SkyRocket
    Douglas SkyRocket 16 дней назад

    Feyk nooz !

  • David Daniels
    David Daniels 17 дней назад

    Shame on the UN, shame on all Muslim nations, except Iran who have turned their back on Palestinians. Shame on EU members, India and Pakistan too. All these nations kissing US's ass. There is no hope for humanity...

  • Greg Kelmis
    Greg Kelmis 17 дней назад

    Libtard lying scum.

  • Roy D
    Roy D 17 дней назад

    Gaza does not have any military but they can provide a good fight with IDF. What a logic? Hamas is a terrorist organization and everyone knows it but they just don't want to acknowledge because it hurts their politics !

  • Gary Witherspoon
    Gary Witherspoon 17 дней назад

    Boycott Divest and Sanction Israel. Shut down the American Israeli Political Action Committee in America as a terrorist organization influencing and interfering in US elections. Call for an end to the Israeli State. Its has been clear since 1967 the decision to create this apartheid dictatorship with US support can no longer be tenable without blood in the streets of America. America is not an apartheid religious dictatorship. Boycott Divest and Sanction Israel. Take their nuclear weapons away from them.

  • djolivierastro
    djolivierastro 17 дней назад

    zionists and their supporters are simply Satan's foot soldiers

  • tranceman22
    tranceman22 17 дней назад

    Completely biased....

  • Arshan Mostafavi
    Arshan Mostafavi 18 дней назад

    One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

  • So You Think.
    So You Think. 18 дней назад

    The blue print for the world is Indian fascism and it's coming to a country near u.

  • Beth Ambriz
    Beth Ambriz 18 дней назад

    How, or where DO WE GET THIS DOCUMENTARY??

  • Ibrahim Aballah
    Ibrahim Aballah 18 дней назад

    If you want want to see the devil just look at Netanyahu

  • Democrats Only
    Democrats Only 18 дней назад

    The film sounds great. I m going to rent it now.

  • TK-420
    TK-420 18 дней назад +1

    Do you watch the real news or video from Hamas they have mortars 😂 only light weapons

  • Billal Assad
    Billal Assad 18 дней назад

    Well done gentleman, you are the voice of the voiceless!!! Together we need to stop this Zionist evil machine

  • mandy Hoyle
    mandy Hoyle 19 дней назад

    This is so biased tbh RT for your channel anyway Allways anti Israel poor me I use my kids as wepons literally bringing them to a war zone it's ridiculous Israel has the right to defend themselves and I hope they do they warn you don't come to the fence or I'll shoot you but you bring your kids they shoot you then you act like your the victims isnanity I've no sympathy Allways someone elses fault both sides are just as bad as each other

  • advance512
    advance512 19 дней назад

    Pretty pathetic, the amount of blatant lies and disinformation told in this interview, just in the first 5 minutes. Couldn't last all of it, it is just insulting.
    Well, it is on RT, after all.

  • Dean baisden
    Dean baisden 19 дней назад

    irsael is also building a sea wall that will block any imports or exports from Gaza. the Gaza fishing boats are attacked by israel ,anytime they try to fish. Gaza is an open prison. plain and simple. they have no water or food . all this is happening in front of the worlds eyes. israel has so much control on the world that no one will dare stand against them. israel has been committing genocide for 40 years and still no one says a word. the only words anyone hears is anti-Semite and those 2 words stop everything. 75% of the population of israel are jews from Europe. they have no ties to these lands. the government is a terrorist government. the US backs all this and bleeds finance and weapons every year into irsael. the US is also doing this in Yemen now. you have the Rothschild on one side and george soros on the other. moving pieces on the world like a chess game. no on stands against them. what do you do against such reckless evil ?

  • Kathy Elliott
    Kathy Elliott 19 дней назад

    Gaza is a concentration camp. Why dont we use that term? open air prison doesnt do....

  • Boris Fogelson
    Boris Fogelson 20 дней назад

    When you need to lie to support your point of view , you already lost info battle.

  • Stand for Justice
    Stand for Justice 20 дней назад

    If I can like this 10,000 times I would.

  • Damian Houlihan
    Damian Houlihan 20 дней назад

    Hamas ,and abbas are killing them

  • rosmer00
    rosmer00 20 дней назад +1

    Netanyahu is a World Class TERRORIST, most Israelis are PSYCHOPATHS and Israel is an ABOMINATION.

  • Martin Weber
    Martin Weber 20 дней назад

    hahahahhahahahahahha if gaza people don' want to be shoot stay in gaza what about the jews and christians driven out of all the middle east countries

  • Benny Harris
    Benny Harris 20 дней назад

    Oy vey!!11!! Two guests discussing Gaza and Palestine - and they're both Jews!

  • T Jay
    T Jay 20 дней назад

    Israel are filth.

  • Benedict Vanhorn
    Benedict Vanhorn 20 дней назад

    A shame on humanity.

  • TheRosatus
    TheRosatus 21 день назад

    Oh yes, RT-- Putin's spokesmen, preaching about human rights. That's the funniest thing I heard today.

    • delosombres
      delosombres 17 дней назад

      Attacking the messenger instead of the message. Typical pathetic smear attempt. I'm having a good laugh today...

  • Evelyn B
    Evelyn B 21 день назад

    Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen are no doubt going to be banned from travelling into Israel -
    And this new Bill, forbidding photography of Israeli soldiers, will be further reason for condemning them ... under Israeli law.
    A major challenge is going to be: How to get this documentary out to where the general public will see it. Because you can be certain that every effort will be made to prevent this from being seen.
    If only people would stop and ask "WHY doesn't Israel want any visual material shown to the world?"
    Only a state that has something to hide passes laws that allow them to punish ANY filming of their soldiers ...

  • PeaceBeWithYou
    PeaceBeWithYou 21 день назад

    Jews will pay 7 times more for their Sins!

  • Thelma Williams
    Thelma Williams 21 день назад

    This couldn't happen without America's ok, it's more than shameful!!!! It has to stop!

  • infamous DAWG.
    infamous DAWG. 21 день назад

    Please everyone support the boycott on Israel

  • Rikko5500
    Rikko5500 21 день назад

    Gaza hurts Gaza by their own actions! This video is biased period.

  • shurednichso
    shurednichso 21 день назад

    Thats grade A content and journalistic work.
    Why arent bigger progreaaive outlets talking about this?

  • Joanne Louise
    Joanne Louise 22 дня назад

    How many Palestinians were there or do you mean Syrians, Jordanian even Egyptians who are know called Palestinians since the 1960’s. If these are men with a Jewish background shame on them. Nothing will please these people they want it all. In God’s time and God’s way. Why don’t they have a decent living maybe new leaders would help and ideology as well. Where are all the other Muslim countries ?????

  • Jesse Davis
    Jesse Davis 22 дня назад

    Liars and fools.

  • Truth Better Than Fiction
    Truth Better Than Fiction 22 дня назад

    Get on with it, they should be gone from Palestinian already.

  • TheEEStudent
    TheEEStudent 22 дня назад

    Blumenthal and Cohen know this, of course. But they need to sell tickets.

  • TheEEStudent
    TheEEStudent 22 дня назад

    Right on the beginning, factual errors. For example, the Gaza blockade was proclaimed and enforced by three sides - Israel, Egypt and the PA in 2007 and NOT in 2006, as a response for the Hamas kneecapping the PA officials and throwing them to their deaths from Gaza rooftops. So its not "a siege by big bad Israel over the poor defenseless Palestinians" but rather a 100% legal blockade over a population under a terrorist organization, when the internationally recognized government of said population, is also part of the blockading sides, against the terror organization.

    • TheEEStudent
      TheEEStudent 19 дней назад

      Why don't you just try google before you spread your ignorance? Check it by searching for "the Gaza blockade". You are going to find out that the Gaza blockade start in 2007 and NOT in 2006, as a direct response to the Hamas uprising and that it is enforced by Israel, Egypt AND the PA. I have given only the facts. These will remain the facts - no matter if you call them "bullshit" and try personal slurs. Face it: I have the facts behind me. You don't.

    • T Jay
      T Jay 20 дней назад

      This is complete and utter bullshit. Some RUclip videos will show the animalistic behaviour of the Israeli's. These filth are nothing but barbarians. Abhy Martins documentary is enough to show which side is the savage barbaric Nazis, and which one is being wiped out. These Israeli filth are now becoming more and more hated around the world thanks to the internet. Hasbara trolls like yourself can try and spread BS, but, people are well aware of your rat like tactics. #BDS

  • Edmund Banks
    Edmund Banks 22 дня назад

    Hold it What are they doing to help themselves.? Yea Always Israel fault. How come they can not fix the problem.?

  • Mark Simpson
    Mark Simpson 22 дня назад

    There is two sides to this story ! This is one side and one must understand the culture over there :)
    Plus this channel is anti american

  • Judie G.
    Judie G. 22 дня назад

    Has anyone noticed that the Zionists and the most radical Palestinians are almost indistinguishable in their hatred and violence?

  • Qinby 1
    Qinby 1 22 дня назад

    How can Blumenthal and Cohen (and Hedges) be so calm, I would have "Blown my lid"
    But they do look rightfully pissed.
    Sponsor BDS and support the freedom flottilla freedomflotilla.org/
    That might be another bloodbath.

  • Qinby 1
    Qinby 1 22 дня назад

    Just an interesting reflection, RT gets slandered and have to register as foreign agents in the US, same behavior in the UK by establishment.
    The best investigative journalist in the world like Hedges, Blumenthal, Hersch, Greenwald and thinkers like Chomsky, the list is long.
    The only platform they have is RT and strangely enough also FOX News on occasions...

  • Qinby 1
    Qinby 1 22 дня назад

    Why are everybody rasist anti semites???
    (yes I am sarcastic)

  • Yuval Alamo
    Yuval Alamo 22 дня назад

    How can you call Israel a country of European imperialists?
    Those Europeans were poor and poor Holocaust survivors who were looking for a place where they would not be slaughtered ... They did not look for estates and recreation.
    They knew there was war here, but it was better than Europe at this time. The second thing today is that most Israeli Jews are not white Europeans, and most of them are brown and black. Check it out. Another thing I want to say is, check the distance between the march and the homes of Israeli residents at certain points, less than 100 meters.
    What will Happens with 12,000 demonstrators crossing the fence at the same time and entering Israel? what they would be drinking Coffee with Jews on the other side or slaughter them as Hamas leaders declared and interviewed in the march and told to remove Jews heart out.
    why anti-Semitic writings did not add this video?
    The Hamas leader was interviewed and said that of the 62 killed, 51 were Hamas operatives. Our snipers hit 11 innocent civilians out of a crowd of thousands. This is precision of professionalism and proves that there was an attempt to Reduce the number of casualties!!
    The snipers were able to kill the whole crowd but fired only 11 civilians in 10 hours. And do not forget that if they crossed the fence with certainty, more people would die so that the soldiers were in a situation that they will look bad anyway!

  • MightyOrbs
    MightyOrbs 23 дня назад

    Fake news! Fake media! RT is false news! The reason why Gaza has problems is because they're terrorists!

  • Mike Gallar
    Mike Gallar 23 дня назад

    It's disgusting how Germany, United Kindom, France, Spain and other European countries support the USA/Israel mass killing of Palestinian people. Bleiben im ewegen Leben Adolf Hitler, Himmler, Eichmann, Goebbels, Rossenberg und other Nazi Martyrs who died fighting the hypocritcal Zionist Jews. From El Paso, TX. Not all the Americans support Israel!!!

  • simon thunder
    simon thunder 23 дня назад


  • Sharon Akrish
    Sharon Akrish 23 дня назад

    a shallow discussion..... the story is so much more complicated. It seems like hamas paid for this interview

  • mcdonagh4
    mcdonagh4 23 дня назад

    Gaza as it is today should be killed, and the leaders of the street gangs now in charge jailed, and the area incorporated into greater Israel. Mr Hedges and his friends should concern themselves with US domestic issues before diving into middle eastern shit-piles. The subtleties of this struggle have clearly escaped them. Atrocities filmed/committed in the US are far worse than what is happening in Israel and yet studiously ignored by the US press?

  • Mntsyracuse Mntsyracuse
    Mntsyracuse Mntsyracuse 23 дня назад +1

    U want to talk about trama? My girl was blowing up by palastinians. U got something to say about that?

  • Mntsyracuse Mntsyracuse
    Mntsyracuse Mntsyracuse 23 дня назад

    Where is the documentary?

  • Mntsyracuse Mntsyracuse
    Mntsyracuse Mntsyracuse 23 дня назад

    You people is so smart. he is talking about Israeli snipers. Why u dont say nothing palastinians using there own kids as human sheilds? By the the way, u people saying shit about snipers, show the video. U have no proof.

  • Mntsyracuse Mntsyracuse
    Mntsyracuse Mntsyracuse 23 дня назад

    I am happy how many people hate jews

  • Alejandro Arditi Volvo
    Alejandro Arditi Volvo 23 дня назад

    They are mentally prisioners.

  • alamoana2000
    alamoana2000 24 дня назад

    Nice Goebbels lyes on Putin TV. No wonder that these two jewish clowns with their fanatical anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli views are not welcomed even to the most far left of American mass media. Total disgrace

  • Arabian Eagle
    Arabian Eagle 24 дня назад

    Death to the Jews Zionists the People of Pigs and Monkeys

  • Trufrnd2JC
    Trufrnd2JC 24 дня назад

    I rusted RT because I thought you displayed more honesty than other media. HOWEVER, when you try to continue this "sugar-coating" of the WAYS MUSLIMS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN FOR 3000 YEARS OF ISLAMIC HISTORY, AND YOU ACTUALLY EXPECT PEOPLE TO CONTINUE TO SUPPORT YOU AFTER YOU ALLOW SUCH WILD LIES TO BE SPREAD ABOUT MUSLIMS AND THEIR EVERYDAY LIVING PRACTICES, WELL, MY FRIEND, YOU HAVE LOST ONE HUGE FAN, IN ME!! It is sickening that muslims living in GAZA, refuse to leave, and when they already know they are over crowded and there is not enough space for MORE KIDS, yet they keep having MORE and MORE kids and bringing more pain UPON THEMSELVES, PURELY OUT OF SHEER HATRED OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE< who they have pledged to murder every single jew from day ONE, 3000 YEARS AGO, and now they purposely attack soldiers who THEY KNEW WOULD SHOOT TO KILL IF THE MUSLIMS TRY TO BREECH THE BORDER FENCES. THESE ANIMALISTIC MUSLIM MEN, ARE SO FOCUSSED ON WIPING EVERY JEW OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH, THAT THEY FORCED ALL OF THEIR OWN WOMEN AND KIDS TO CLIMB UP ON TOP OF THOSE BORDER FENCES, AND HURL FIRE BOMBS DOWN ONTO THE ISRAELI SOLDIERS, FIRST, BEFORE EVEN ONE MUSLIM IDIOT WAS SHOT AND KILLED!! THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD , ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! STOP THESE STUPID LIES!! MUSLIMS DID NOT HAVE TO DIE LAST WEEK. THEY DID NOT EVEN HAVE TO PRETEND THEY ARE CAPABLE OF PEACEFUL PROTESTS, WHEN WE ALL KNOW DAMN GOOD AND WELL, THAT ALL EVERY MUSLIM SINCE THE PEDOPHILE MUHAMAD WAS BORN TO HIS WHORE OF A MOTHER, EVER HAS WANTED OUT POF LIFE, IS TO MAKE EVERY JEWISH PERSON A MEMORY, BY KILLING THEM ALL, AND ANY IMAM WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT HIS FOLLOWERS AND WILL ALWAYS TELL THEM TO MURDER OR MARTYR!! That is the ONLY true legacy that any muslim has to live for, and they accomplish this within the very souls of every man woman and child, by keeping the women under such servitude to their men, that they are scared to even speak cross to their men, for fear of being stoned by them. Men have all the rights in islam. Imams always instruct men to beat their wives and daughters into submission, instead of loving them.. If you compare the BIBLE to their quran, you will clearly see the vast opposite doctrines, and how the Bible calls for peace, ove and understanding , as well as forgiveness. While their quran tells them to MURDER, MARTYR, RAPE, STONE, BURN, BEHEAD, AND HATE ANYONE NON-MUSLIM!!!! IT IS SO CLEAR AS TO WHICH GROUP IS SATANIC AND EVIL, while Christians and Jews, practice what they preach, which is love. You can never allow more than 5% population of muslim within ANY SOCIETY, because if you do allow more than 5% growth, Muslims become embolden, violent, and begin their true motive, which is to create their Islamic caliphate. Worldwide domination of ALL PEOPLE. GO ASK A MUSLIM ABOUT ISLAMIC CA:LIPHATE DOCTRINE, Then when they lie in your faces, tell them to be honest, and that Pamela told you all about "TAKKIYA", the art of muslims lying to everyone who is non-muslim, to make the people believe they want nothing but peace and love, when in reality, they are using an ancient muslim trick, called "TAKKIYA", and they are forgiven by allah himself for any lies they tell, which help create the caliphate and the progression of islam!! FUCK MUHAMAD

  • Tom Andrews
    Tom Andrews 24 дня назад

    What a waste of intelligence .... the three of you are like children complaining .... please contact me TheNewNo.org

  • Julie Gurley
    Julie Gurley 24 дня назад

    This is a chain reaction. The Jews of Europe learned of torture first hand during their savage murder during the last war in Germany and Europe. Not these refugees and their children are living in Israel. They are employing what they know and what they have been taught by the US and by their German torturers. Next those who are tortured in Gaza, Syria, the Kurds, and those we destroyed in Afghanistan and Iraq are going to export their improved knowledge and tactics to redirect their anger at the US and others in Europe. Jews want the Palestinians all murdered, not unlike the Nazi's wanted all the Jews murdered, disappeared, incinerated. This human sickness will not end until we learn to respect one another, respect the environment, and respect life itself.

  • Vlasta Molak
    Vlasta Molak 24 дня назад

    There American Jews are fools who are used as propagandist for Islamic lies...shanda! Oy vey!

  • Vlasta Molak
    Vlasta Molak 24 дня назад

    If HYamas, and Tetzbolla, terrorist MUSLIM ortanizations spend money on building Gaza rather then shooting rockets onto Israeli civilizans,. they could become like Syngapore or Hiong Kong...Thsee Jewish fimlmakters are fools who had been bamboozlled by Muslim propaaganda and do nto know history of Israel or conflicts with Muslims who want to extermiante Jews.ruclip.com/video/vjq7Cha_Rpk/видео.html&t=194s
    Gaza had 2 millions of people because they have the highsest birth rate in the world...as they do not work for a living but are supported by the UN and the West..The UN had been hijacked by 56 corrupt, dysfunctional and overpopulated Muslims occupied countries, various African and Asian tyrants and patsies who depend on Muslim oil so they again are inflaming their endemic antisemitism while pretending to care for invented people "Palestinians". Here is what is happening with UN: ruclip.com/video/vjq7Cha_Rpk/видео.html&t=194s

  • Vlasta Molak
    Vlasta Molak 24 дня назад

    This is men made intentional hell by Muslims and their supporters... This is propaganda maan chinery promotiong Muslim terrorism. They clearly do not know history of Israela nd history of Islam. The name "Palestinian" was hijacked by Egyptan terrorist Yassir Arafat ikn 1964 top get more money and tractioon for his terrorist gang of PLO.
    Egypt refused to take gaza back when they made peace treaty with Israel and had prevented inhabitants of Gaza integrate into Egyopt. The Muslims from Israel are a pawn in Muslim terrorist games where they are prevented to to asimilate into Muslim societies fromm which Jews were ethincally cleansed when ISrael pronouned independence.

  • gatorgityergranny
    gatorgityergranny 24 дня назад

    Israel is the abused child that has grown up to be an abuser.

  • Shimon Lazarov
    Shimon Lazarov 25 дней назад

    Why is nobody talking about Egypt who don’t allow Palestinians to Goni to Egypt? Israel doesn’t control the border with Egypt. Just look at the last 4 minutes of this interviews. The question is asked but never answered.

  • Doris Doris
    Doris Doris 25 дней назад

    It is generally believed the US record of incarceration is the highest in the world and a negation of its alleged democracy. But Israel keeps 2 million citizens, who have been under occupation since 2006, under unofficial arrest, in a population of 2 million people! They can't leave when periodically assaulted en masse like fish in a barrel, can't protest their incarceration and living conditions even though that is their right under international law, their are hospitals bombed and individuals, including children, are picked out by snipers. But nauseatingly hypocritical Israeli spokespeople blame Hamas for a situation that Israel, and only Israel created and maintains. There is severely inadequate water supply causing a severe sanitation crisis, Israeli ban on fishing, Israeli control of food and amenities and no employment: If Israel isn't guilty of war crimes, nobody ever has been.

  • FreeEarCandy
    FreeEarCandy 25 дней назад

    People over there have long memories. History shows time and time again that power wanes. What will the Israeli children do in the face of the wrath coming their way? A VERY STIFF NECKED PEOPLE WHO ALWAY MISUNDERSTAND THE WRITING ON THE WALL. I guess all we can do now is watch them gulp their cup of poison to the last drop. Soon the American economy will suffer a major set back, and what kind of support will Israel expect from America, as the American people, who already have lost their homes to the banks, begin to starve? Be mindful of history Israel. 2008 banking crisis was not an Illusion and bullets are not free. The crash has already started and your time is steadily running out.