The Fray - How to Save a Life

Listen to The Fray's new single "Heartbeat" here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40W6Dm3K_Bk. Music video by The Fray performing How To Save A Life. (C) 2005 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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Автор ZéZé Camarinha ( назад)
The only time i cry for my grandmother is when i listen to that song , i think it helps me to run up to my life. 1 year later i am there listing that song at least monthly.
Guys cry helps a lot believe me!

Автор Filip Orvik ( назад)
13 reasons why made me look up this song. That season has ruined me.

Автор mxggie_ _ ( назад)
Where are all these meaningful songs in 2017?

Автор Rüdiger ( назад)
My Pringles are empty :(

Автор Jankeepeer ( назад)
OMG Stegiii😪

Автор Luke Carey ( назад)
Holy 💩 that is one powerful video! This song has just gained another level!

Автор steven van der Velde ( назад)
if any of you guys here in the comments are down feel free to respond to me here or kik me at Frozen_soul31 to talk about it. no one should feel down.

Автор Ethan Young ( назад)
I'm too perfect!!! Lol

Emotional stability
Friends & family

I'm kidding god amen

Автор LennoxGaming ( назад)
back when songs were good and appropriate.. some reason this makes me so emotional.. yes i am 1 but i understand most adult things.. maybe it's because m dad left me or maybe because i am in my maturing period where I mature..

Автор PAM JONES ( назад)

Автор PAM JONES ( назад)
THE FRAY I have always liked this song. How to save a LIFE....

Автор Christian The Critic ( назад)
This did not teach me how to save a life. disliked.

Автор Nakool Maletira ( назад)
he wasn't about to die, was he newbie? he could've waited a month for a new kidney.

Автор Roma .-. ( назад)
this makes me think of my cats.. today I had to put them in a shelter at 10 months of age.. all I can think about is the look coconut and jade lynn gave me from the other side of the cage.. I hope their new owners can take better care of them financially than I could've.. I just wish I could've kept them longer... I hope to leave my home, I can't live under a roof that doesn't allow animals. I knew about it in the first place but it was love at first sight with those 6 week calico kitty's.. walking into​ home feels so unwelcoming without my fur babies :'(

Автор FutureRN ( назад)
Shonda rimes has pretty much ruined this song and chasing cars for us all

Автор Kylie Veldman ( назад)
I love this song.... I did a dance to this years ago.... such a good song

Автор Marco Bohman ( назад)
22 April 2003 Daddy you plast away, left mom with two kids me and My sister My mom had no job, its so deep to write and talk about My Mom dont want to talk about him, My dad and My mom was using heroin drugs while i was 2-3 years Old my mom and My dad started fighting 21 April 2003 my mom said choose your kids or The drugs next day 22 april he didnt wake up he died bcuz an overdose and in 17 now he died when i was 4 and in taking The same way as he did i got add adhd i use drugs to forget things i have to stop, miss you daddy see you soon ;(❤️

Автор Pootis name ( назад)
A train of nostlgla hit me bad

Автор tv screen ( назад)
I can relate to this song when my dad died

Автор Nick Rakocy ( назад)
This song always gives me chills.

Автор The nice fifa player ( назад)
memes anyone

Автор Jaye Fagan ( назад)
My friend just died yesterday and I actually cried watching this

Автор David Amerfield ( назад)
13,046 people don't know how to save a life

Автор Sammy Unknown ( назад)
I was listening to this on loop for hours and i mean hours.. I love this song so much and nothing will ever replace it

Автор Daniel Malacara ( назад)
Saw them last year at the summerfest in Milwaukee. So great!!

Автор Steven H Wang ( назад)
They should've used this in 13 Reasons Why.

Автор Giulia sabry mates manu e eco my life ( назад)
i love song from Italy

Автор MagicalDoremiFR ( назад)
It would be a perfect soundtrack for 13 Reasons Why...

Автор Astroh AssassiN ( назад)
13 reasons why didnt bring me here..... Scrubs did... Dr. Cox losing those 3 patients....:(

Автор Sunayana Pai ( назад)

Автор leslie cuevas ( назад)
@ 13reasonswhy

Автор Norville Rogers ( назад)
first time I heard this was a couple years ago my sister came home from college and played it on the piano... brings back so many good memories

Автор Precious The Cat ( назад)
When ever you get blamed for something you did not do

Автор Jellosis Solosis ( назад)
This is the music that played when I dropped trophies hard af in clash royale 😭

Автор kjlindgren ( назад)
2017, Still miss Derek Shepherd

Автор Charlie Hindle ( назад)
everyone also loves this song.

Автор goofygroova16 ( назад)
This goes out to all you claiming to have depression and/or are suicidal. You truly don't know how good you have it and this is coming from experience in my bout with Tourettic OCD which has made my life a living hell like no other for the past 2 years. But my battle with depression/anxiety extends far back to when I was a young adolescent which impacted me on the social level tremendously. So to put it plainly, the average person doesn't know suffering like I do. I don't want to compare myself or diminish the suffering of others but I just want those of you with depression to heed this message: You needn't dwell on how things could be better but cherish what you already have because things can always be worse. Please don't take this the wrong way, just some words of encouragement 😉

Автор Wow Ami ( назад)
I was only .. 10

Автор Priam's Playlist ( назад)
"after all this time?"

Автор LetsDomun Road to 1k ( назад)

Автор Iona McMurray ( назад)
still my favourite song.

Автор Terry ( назад)
Hey everyone! Wish all of you have a beautiful day! I just want to tell you something..Everyone of us has a lot of fucking problems. And that's life! Because without problems there wouldn't be life.! Life gives us 1 happy moment and 4 sad moments. But those who fight with themselves are the real winners! Everyone is a hero! Just smile and LIVE! BECAUSE THAT'S THE MOTHER FUCKING LIFE! LAUGH AND BE HAPPY! DON'T SUICIDE! IT'S JUST A BAD DAY NOT A BAD LIFE! Ps sorry for my English.. Take care guys :)

Автор Eminem3DG Tyler ( назад)
Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker

Автор Liz Smith ( назад)
my son, I'm scared...

Автор Han Yolo ( назад)
When I was young I don't know why this song reminded me of Christian haydensen

Автор matthew dibernardo ( назад)
I saw on the song you found me and wanted to share and go into more depth, but someone pointed out that they thought the two songs were connected. Basically the person said that this song is about a friend feeling guilty over a friend taking their own life, and this person trying to justify why they didn't help and make themselves feel even though they can't. You found in this theory is the friend who took their own life asking the other why they didn't try to help, shown in the lyrics "Where were you When everything was falling apart? All my days Were spent by the telephone That never rang And all I needed was a call That never came To the corner of First and Amistad" showing that the person who took their life just needed help and the lyrics "Lost and insecure You found me, you found me Lyin' on the floor Surrounded, surrounded Why'd you have to wait? Where were you? Where were you?Just a little late You found me, you found me" the first part where he says he was found surrounded could mean by blood, just too late to save their life. Then the final Bridge "Early morning The city breaks I've been callin' For years and years and years and years And you never left me no messages You never send me no letters You got some kind of nerve Taking all I want" This could be saying they had called out for years and the person they called out never was there to help or didn't care until it was too late. Then in the outro they say "why'd you have to wait? To find me, to fine me" just leaving the simple question of why the other person took so long to realize what was going on.

Again I found this explained by someone else and went into a little more depth and really liked this take on the two songs. Beauty of music is that interpreted in many ways.

Автор Mackenzy Neely ( назад)
In my community we have had over 10 teen suicides in the span of less than two school years. And though it has not effected me personally, many people around me were strongly affected.

Автор Cooliopancake 80525 ( назад)
I love this song so much! The video is so encouraging!! WHats with the burger at 3:38?

Автор Kaiser Lerma ( назад)
Can someone please explain to me what its about???

Автор dragon ( назад)
am I the only one who wants to punch the the littleblonde kid

Автор Adithi Rao ( назад)
When I heard this song when it first released, I was only 15 and it comforted me. Today at the age of 27, it's helping me understand the confusion I'm going through and the chaos of the years that have gone by. Same song, different meaning at different points in life. Nonetheless, it's motive has been​ to heal.

Автор Redhusky Gaming ( назад)
Well everyone is telling there story let me tell my story lmao. So i miss my homeland (iraq) since i live in belgium and i really want to go back but i am not allowed of my parents.
that was my story lmao

Автор Ahmet Ali Demir ( назад)
Does anyone know the name of the girl at 0:33?

Автор Charles Zevisionneur ( назад)
4:3 ?!!!!! WTF I didn't remember that song was that old!!! :O

Автор Fluffy Banana ( назад)
That moment when you know everyone listening to this doesn't realise it's a list of what NOT to do

Автор Winplays o3o ( назад)
I just love this song

Автор Meru ( назад)
how to save the france ...... you can't rip french people 23 april 2017 it's you'r end JLM will fck you RIP RIP RIP

Автор Mae_Mae ( назад)
That woman looks like my old friends mom who died in a car crash.

Автор b_b Bunnies ( назад)
I have never not cried listening to this song it brings back memories I tried to forget but this song means everything to me.

Автор Tooopyn ( назад)
I sang this song at my best friends funeral. He died from a car crash in 2010, i was there in the car he was in. He didnt wear a seatbelt so he flew out of the windshield, he was rushed to the hospital and died a week later from severe brain damage. Every time i hear this song i get chills and i think of all the times we were together, at the playground, playing video games or.... being in a car. ;(
R.I.P John.

John, look over your shoulders because soon enough i will catch up to you in the stairway to heaven.

Автор Tooopyn ( назад)
Hi, Having a bad day? Put your hand on your heart. Do you feel that? That's called purpose. Your alive for a reason. Don't give up on yourself yet. Smile more.

Автор Christopher McDonnell ( назад)
I've gotta say, I'm taken back by the level of kindness but disgusted by the level of insensitivity in the comments section below. For crying out loud show some love people and those who have already are to be commended.

Автор john dahlberg ( назад)
saw u guys in tahoe u ran around and because of the altitude you were out of breath lol b4 train, u guys were awesome.

Автор Random Highest Rated Movies ( назад)
13k people went wrong

Автор super smash ( назад)
Wow. This video is fucking garbage

Автор Luis Lopez ( назад)
SONY you went RIGHT with the PS4!

Автор BLACKARACHNID ( назад)
Whenever I hear this song I think of gray's Anatomy for some reason I don't know why.

Автор Gobo Jazza ( назад)
go subscribe

Автор Allison McCall ( назад)
I dedicate this song to Hannah Baker

Автор Killtracity ( назад)
Damn.... this song has a true meaning to it and very strong lyrics

Автор h23416 ( назад)
Greys Anatomy Squad (like if u got memories) :'(

Автор VéroPavLoves ( назад)
This applies so much to 13 reasons why 💕

Автор Josh Dun ( назад)
Listening to this song after watching 13 Reasons Why..

Автор Demon Hunter ( назад)
Thinking about this song always brings me to tears... RIP Maria Kruger... September 1st, 2016...

Автор buckwheatROCKS ( назад)
I lost a friend 35 yrs ago he was a freshman HS..He still comes to mind a lot..You always wonder how things would have been if he never did that..It never gets easy but we have to fight it and think of the burden we put on others and the pain and regret for not being there in their time of need..

Автор jeffrey liao ( назад)
tell me how to save a shoe

Автор xRedRAinDBx ( назад)
I just committed suicide, can I get a like?

Автор kxkxkx Aahlaad ( назад)
Im Gonna kill myself today

Автор lupita ramirez ( назад)
Did ya'll see Jenna Hamilton from Awkward??????

Автор Blake Koser ( назад)
I think of this song when I watch 13 reasons why

Автор Only a Man ( назад)
You saved me so many times,I wish could of repaying the only time you needed it.R.I.P Toni lv Pauliexxx

Автор Andrew Smith ( назад)
Who is watching in April 2017

Автор David Deville ( назад)
i live in a smale town with only around 15% of the people i grew up wiyj, rest died buy there own hands pluss work, n drugs, sad since ive spent most of my life killing myself

Автор Supreme Kermit ( назад)
My pet ant donald just died so this song helps me alot

Автор JAYUMAN PLAYS ( назад)
Harambe's Funeral was lit

Автор twentyone _ phandoms ( назад)
We should never say that someone fakes Depressions or something else because mabye this person needs help more then anybody else and we just didn't notice that

Автор Sabin Sipai ( назад)
still gets me emotional every time i listen to this song

Автор SAMOOT ( назад)
i dont find this song sad actually. just a really chilly song

Автор Fast Mcdoogle ( назад)
I might grab my chicken bagoulie and FUCK IT

Автор lizbeth kippus ( назад)
This song was in my english book and we listened it in class as a task

Автор Psychopathic Unicorn ( назад)
WARNING: The comments will put you through emotional hell!

Автор Julie Yu ( назад)
Stages of Grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance
This song shows them all

Автор Dragana K ( назад)
Sick of crying,
tired of trying,
yes i'm smiling,
but inside i'm dying

Автор CraftedGl0wst0ne ( назад)
does it still count as crying if the tear hasnt left my eye? D;

Автор jhitjjbsdug idfgsjfgkdnlkxdfynkk ( назад)
I feel This song would fit clay and hannah (13 reasons why)

Автор JayDee ( назад)
Scrubs brought me here years ago.

Автор Abigail Berwgijn ( назад)
came here after watching '13 reasons why' 😢

Автор Christine Sally ( назад)

Автор jo russ ( назад)
this song is very emotional for everyone who is going through the same pain and suffering. Listen to this song ,^)

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