• Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • The Sidemen take on THE CHASE in this #SidemenSunday. Enjoy!
    Sidemen Clothing:
    ● Miniminter:
    ● Zerkaa:
    ● Behzinga:
    ● Vikkstar123:
    ● TBJZL:
    ● Wroetoshaw:
    ● KSI:
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  • Sidemen
    Sidemen  28 days ago +18052

    Some of the questions got messed up but it wouldn’t be a Sidemen video if things didn’t go wrong would it🤷‍♂️ happy Sidemen Sunday!

    • Ben Leak
      Ben Leak 3 days ago

      Sidemen of coarse

    • Aimee Redford
      Aimee Redford 3 days ago

      Send vik on the chase 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

    • Mega Dstx
      Mega Dstx 4 days ago

      Toby thought he had a lot of siblings...i have nine of them 6 brothers and 3 sisters,sorry toby .-.

  • Ameer Dahbour
    Ameer Dahbour 5 hours ago

    4:07 viks face made me choke on my food

    HUSAMEDDIN ZLITNI 6 hours ago


  • Axterics
    Axterics 7 hours ago

    bruh he just says that he has the same answer there is no proof that he did indeed answer the question correctly

  • Brolinis
    Brolinis 7 hours ago

    Is tobi dyslexic or something? So frustrating

  • Scout Kumar
    Scout Kumar 7 hours ago

    7:39 what does harry mean


  • Kyle Naidoo
    Kyle Naidoo 8 hours ago

    16:12 , is the diameter of earth not 12000km???

  • Lennon Davis
    Lennon Davis 9 hours ago

    i did some research and none of the answers were right on the diameter as the earths diameter is 12,742 km but ethan would be right as he was the closest

  • Damian Trzos
    Damian Trzos 11 hours ago

    canada’s motto:
    beavers and bitches

  • Shane king
    Shane king 11 hours ago

    7:40 was so funny

  • jon lvender
    jon lvender 12 hours ago

    Something’s wrong. I checked with babatunde and he said that all of the answers are water

  • ISHY
    ISHY 12 hours ago

    I'm confused Tobi would tell Josh he's correct so can't vik just agree?

    YENIX 14 hours ago

    the contestants are suppose to be given the chance to push back the chaser when the chaser gets one wrong

  • Zerack
    Zerack 15 hours ago

    *piccolo is now a sayian*

  • TheAmmo05
    TheAmmo05 15 hours ago

    KSI is stupid

  • RedGuiced
    RedGuiced 16 hours ago +1

    After they say the correct answer vikk says it because he heard it... cheating kinda

  • Mellow Kat
    Mellow Kat 16 hours ago

    Anybody know the outro song?

  • Danny_Devito
    Danny_Devito 18 hours ago

    I just realized I just watched a 57 minute video and it’s now 3 am

  • boss japaylay
    boss japaylay 18 hours ago

    Ethan Got the diameter of the earth correct

  • Lightning Strike
    Lightning Strike 18 hours ago

    The diameter of Earth is 12756 km

  • Aaron Kuusela
    Aaron Kuusela 20 hours ago

    The diameter of the earth is nearly 13000 km

  • De Boi
    De Boi 21 hour ago

    Pause on 14:28 and meme away

    I LIKE TACO S 22 hours ago

    I respect vik more

  • georgii whitmore

    Has vikk got the jacket on that zerkaa got from his ASOS video on?

  • jo jo
    jo jo Day ago

    Wasn’t expecting JJ to say that in the beginning ahahahha

  • józsi gameplay2004

    Im from Hungaria

  • lilboidedoid 18 3

    Love Harry 😂😂😂

  • Nightcore34
    Nightcore34 Day ago

    Like yo, why didn't Tobi give the questions to the others when Vik got it wrong so they could (potentially) push-back.


    Vikk only has to say what toby said for the right answer

  • Yeet Yeetyeet
    Yeet Yeetyeet Day ago

    Just think they would be won if they had JJ

  • Asgard Ninja
    Asgard Ninja Day ago

    KSI failed miserably

  • Asgard Ninja
    Asgard Ninja Day ago


  • Asgard Ninja
    Asgard Ninja Day ago

    39:41 Anyone else find it hilarious how Tobi only did that with the black member of the team?

  • Bill Odoi
    Bill Odoi Day ago

    Baby cows drink their mother's milk so Ethan was correct

  • Asgard Ninja
    Asgard Ninja Day ago

    How is Vik so smart?

  • Morgie The gamer

    Ethan is retarded

  • Ak_Knight
    Ak_Knight Day ago

    JJ is the dumbest yet the most successful out of all of them 😂

  • S1. ci_
    S1. ci_ Day ago +1

    Ok I'm Polish but when I heard Harry say Waraszawa in English I died😂❤️

  • Jamie Sargent
    Jamie Sargent Day ago

    diameter of the earth was right, it’s over 12,000km

  • Ettienne Jooste
    Ettienne Jooste Day ago +6

    28:18 I I knew it was Rupees because when Vick released a diss track against deji he said dejis mum is twerking for his rupees😂

  • AlexLe27
    AlexLe27 Day ago

    Cows drink milk as well...

  • Evie Tansley
    Evie Tansley Day ago

    Only reason I knew Rupee is because in Viks song it says “I got your mom twerking for my rupees”.

  • Asgard Ninja
    Asgard Ninja Day ago

    For once Vik is in a place of power

  • joshua dutczak
    joshua dutczak Day ago +1

    Viks pretty smart. However, Piccolo is not a Saiyan. lmao 😁💯

  • Asgard Ninja
    Asgard Ninja Day ago

    KSI is screwed big time

  • ZlaZaroZ Lazaro
    ZlaZaroZ Lazaro Day ago

    I don’t think jj didn’t know the answer too the look of his face and then when Toby says the right answer he says it 😂 53:43

  • Wasaq Kastumi
    Wasaq Kastumi Day ago

    How do they know if vikk was lying or not

  • Kiya Solomon
    Kiya Solomon Day ago +1

    I’m just gonna 0:45 Dw

  • BTG Savage
    BTG Savage Day ago

    These questions be for 10 year olds

  • Marshall Ney
    Marshall Ney Day ago +1

    48:33 Vikk looking like an eagle about to descend on his prey.

  • Amy J
    Amy J Day ago

    Drove me crazy when Vik was so close to catching them and Tobi was being slow asking. Still caught them though so it's all good.

  • Mitchell Jenkins

    It’s the welsh daffodil 🌼

  • MR.Chiken
    MR.Chiken Day ago +2

    I like the confidence in the recent vids Vik
    Keep it up

  • Jean-Simon Meilleur

    French question was wrong , none of the answers were accurate

  • Ayyy
    Ayyy Day ago

    7:40 😂

  • Bobmcbobinsmithson

    The first channel to hit 100M was RUclip Music

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Day ago


  • Alex Valdez
    Alex Valdez Day ago +1

    Bro they need white boards cause vik definitely cheated lmao

  • DarkAssassinPlays
    DarkAssassinPlays Day ago +1

    I hate how Vik is cheating, he probably doesn’t know the answer and he copies the contestant’s answers sometimes

  • Alandwyer YT
    Alandwyer YT 2 days ago

    Vik just copies them when were right

  • ed shearer
    ed shearer 2 days ago

    ‘What’s the biggest Island?’ ‘Greenland’ ‘Correct’ what about Australia?????

  • Alex Gaming
    Alex Gaming 2 days ago +2

    We need sidemen tipping point and sidemen pointless

  • TITAN Basherz
    TITAN Basherz 2 days ago

    Vik just kept saying “yep i knew that one” and I was like yeah right

  • WreaKY Blob
    WreaKY Blob 2 days ago

    Everyone acts cool:
    Vikk: waves

  • Roly Boss
    Roly Boss 2 days ago +1

    Ethan’s so thick

  • Mathias Nørregaard Adelborg

    that hit hard "No one wants to be Ethan"

  • Martin hill
    Martin hill 2 days ago +5

    Harry's reaction 😂😂😂😂 19:27

  • johnthe shadowboy
    johnthe shadowboy 2 days ago

    What's that outro song anyone tell me please

  • Just D
    Just D 2 days ago +1

    he gave ethan the easiest questions and he still failed

  • Joshua Scott
    Joshua Scott 2 days ago +18

    Jj: tells everyone to go for highest amount of money
    Also jj: goes for negative 45 thousand

  • Andrej Nikolov
    Andrej Nikolov 2 days ago +25

    What do cows drink?
    Me: Don't say it. Don't say it! Don--
    Ethan: Milk
    Me: Goddammit...

  • Just Zakster
    Just Zakster 2 days ago


  • KristersHD
    KristersHD 2 days ago +1

    7:38 best moment

  • ayoung yt
    ayoung yt 2 days ago

    The question about 100 million subs is wrong it was actually RUclip music

  • Khalil Sharara
    Khalil Sharara 2 days ago

    Vikk is a straight up liar