Seth Abramson on CNN (3.21.18)

  • Published on Mar 21, 2018
  • Attorney and University of New Hampshire professor Seth Abramson speaking about the possible firing of Special Counsel Bob Mueller and lawsuits against Donald Trump by Stormy Daniels, Karen MacDougal, and Summer Zervos on CNN International with John Vause, Ron Brownstein, Caroline Heldman, and Charles Moran on March 21, 2018.

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  • James McDonald
    James McDonald 9 months ago

    I've taken the effort to read this author's junk. This pos of an author has lied.

  • 1StarProductions
    1StarProductions Year ago

    Seth Abramson is constantly frothing at the mouth hoping that some huge evidence bomb will drop that implicates Trump colluding, but it never happens. Poor Seth is in a bad dream.

  • Rob Moir
    Rob Moir Year ago

    No this is for Jill Abramson you too were wrong as he'll about Hillary Clinton I already knew she would not be president she was not going to make it

  • Rudy Giuliani Freestyle Videos

    seth is the coolest please post more videos ! i honestly think if you set up a webcam once a week and recorded for 20 minutes and just upload to youtube, your message would be amplified in a big way. i just searched for you on youtube and was stunned at how little presence you have here (compared to twitter where you are a beast) do it!!!

  • foxy brown
    foxy brown Year ago

    See vids: 1) "MUST SEE! Everything You Know About American History Is WRONG." 2) "Judicial Watch Presents: 'Exposing the Deep State'." 3) "Levin Show 4/6/18 - Mark Levin Show April 6,2018 Full Podcast." 4) "Congressman Reveals Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein COVERED UP Hillary Uranium One Investigation!" 5) "Why I Left the Left."

  • MrDRJC.
    MrDRJC. Year ago

    seth is a blah blah blah full stop. he can only smell his own ass...

  • Karen Spratt
    Karen Spratt Year ago

    Why the he'll didn't you give Seth Abramsons much more time ,Jesus ppl

  • Karen Spratt
    Karen Spratt Year ago

    This guy pro Trump like all others drags Hillary Clinton in to the mogul trump

  • Karen Spratt
    Karen Spratt Year ago

    While I'm thinking clearly, regarding polls on who likes Trump, an who does not ,no one has ever ask me or anyone I know.

  • Marcos Betances
    Marcos Betances Year ago

    Weeaaoow. Bro you shouldn't be allowed outside in public without permission let alone be a lawyer. You freaks are the only ones in the world who need psychiatric treatment.

  • joemooskie 444
    joemooskie 444 Year ago

    SETH and CNN are LYING GARBAGE . These idiots are fighting to stay out of jail . TRUMP will clean house and all these criminal idiots are going to JAIL .

  • Jana Gary
    Jana Gary Year ago +1

    Oh, dear, Mr Abramson, Tracey Beanz just lambasted you via you tube on an article you wrote about Trump recently. Seems like she had many articles that directly opposed everything you said

  • Bebe4 Usa
    Bebe4 Usa Year ago +2


  • blanktester
    blanktester Year ago +1

    CNN really needs to get their shit together. What's the point of bringing a partisan panel on instead of just talking to people who are aware of what's going on? I follow news to hear from journalists, not strategists. More Seth, less of these other losers.

  • Nancy Sanders
    Nancy Sanders Year ago +1

    Most of Republican Congressmen have been bought off by Russian" businessmen"& RNC's Emails Need to be Made Public,Now! DNC's Emails made public,EMAILS of RNC Need to be Made Public,NOW!!

  • Karen Spratt
    Karen Spratt Year ago +2

    We are living in a constitutional crisiscould we underscore and report on why the afraid of Trump

  • Karen Spratt
    Karen Spratt Year ago +1

    There is a system in place called impeachment I would like to see republicans do the right thing NOW.Trump is not viewed as Ameicas President we know Putin is an oligarch he needs no congrats.So cover what we don't know answers to why the Gop will not budge .

  • jasonhall10
    jasonhall10 Year ago +1

    Great work here and on Twitter Seth. Thought you were the best spoken of the four guests, readily citing evidence with each response. Keep it up!

    • Marcos Betances
      Marcos Betances Year ago

      jasonhall10 What evidence? We have so much talk about Russia and Trump to write books but 0 evidence.

  • Therese Martin
    Therese Martin Year ago +1

    I am a devoted follower of your Twitter account and my go to on all things Trump Russia! Thank you for all you do!

    FRANKIE P Year ago +5

    I also follow Seth on twitter. He seem very cool and on top of issues. 👍🏾

  • James Read
    James Read Year ago +8

    I've been following for you some time on Twitter; you've been helping me make sense of all this madness. Thanks and keep up the good fight.