DTM Top 10 Pit Stop Fails

  • Published on Jun 29, 2013
  • Watch Mika Häkkinen, Mathias Lauda, Timo Scheider, Patrick Huisman and many more with a selection of pit top fails since DTM 2000.
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Comments • 477

  • john thor
    john thor 10 hours ago

    I blame the person who does the lift and drop.

  • Адьес Амигос

    Что за хрень? Почему они колеса подкатывают, почему они наготове, на весу их не держат? Это же драгоценные секунды

  • steven otsusoki
    steven otsusoki Day ago

    team phoenix :
    *fuel burn exists

  • si paps
    si paps 2 days ago

    Omg small fail it's big deal to crush

  • 女装ゲーマーいづみ

    グッド ジョブ! ー═┻┳︻▄ξ(✿ ❛‿❛)ξ▄︻┻┳═一

  • Gan Samana
    Gan Samana 7 days ago

    sry,but lol

  • mike skagen
    mike skagen 8 days ago

    Do those cars have belly Jack's built into the underside of them

  • mike skagen
    mike skagen 8 days ago

    That's why you listen to your pit crew

  • AviaShxrp
    AviaShxrp 11 days ago


    • Me Robo
      Me Robo 8 days ago

      He was driving in DTM after his F1 time. Same with many others like for example Timo Glock, to name another driver seen in this video.

  • Roberto Hess
    Roberto Hess 13 days ago

    O apressado come cru

  • David S
    David S 15 days ago

    Most of those were down to two people; the release man and the loose nut behind the wheel.

  • Steso
    Steso 15 days ago

    some of those drivers are really stupid ;D rofl

  • tankerboysabot
    tankerboysabot 15 days ago +1

    Damn, these guys need some NASCAR pit crewman to come work for them. Lol

  • robert nice
    robert nice 17 days ago

    ASS graphic lol

  • Dylan Hale
    Dylan Hale 22 days ago +1

    Almost all of these fall on the air jack guy dropping the jacks too soon

  • Firas Francis
    Firas Francis 24 days ago

    Those drivers are really an idiots ..
    They need to give themselves another few seconds for their safety ..

  • Ferrari Boy
    Ferrari Boy 25 days ago +5

    1:55 extra turbo lol

  • ななLD-
    ななLD- 28 days ago

    3:22 ものに当たんなよ。

  • A. Nungaray Z.
    A. Nungaray Z. Month ago

    Creo que la mayoría de los accidentes tiene la culpa el piloto, por no estar atento y no atender las señales de los demás.

  • Радик Радик

    ну что тут о механиках сказать еще? - "ДИБИЛЫ"

  • The Azar
    The Azar Month ago

    so most of them is bcz patientless brainless drivers fault

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown Month ago

    These pit crews must have come from Nascar.😇

  • Phcore Music
    Phcore Music Month ago

    completely amateur like whole series

  • Леха Рыжов

    2015 Moscow Racing . охуенно!!

  • Gabe Lee
    Gabe Lee Month ago

    Europeans are very stupid .get another job babe.

  • Bradley Wijnbergen
    Bradley Wijnbergen Month ago +2

    1:42 somem extra fuel for pushing OK!
    but maybe the tankthing was't good in the tank

  • Devo Thee Great
    Devo Thee Great Month ago

    So Is it the crew being too slow or the driver leaving too soon? Or something else

  • Scott Joseph Whiley

    Well Timo Glock should have waited for his mechanics to fit the rear tyre on before he goes otherwise he would end up wriggling the car and let the wheel fall off his car

  • RR
    RR Month ago

    1:09 how to lose ur job

  • Scott Joseph Whiley

    Well Patrick huisman should have waited for the mechanic to finish the tyre change before he goes not go while it’s still attached to the wheel

  • Scott Joseph Whiley

    That’s timos fault in this 2003 clip because he should have wait for the mechanic to put the wheel on tight then he can drive away if it’s not tight enough then this would happen

  • Auzzie Brax
    Auzzie Brax 2 months ago +2

    Maybe they don’t drop the car if it’s not done. Dropping the car is the signal for the driver to run

  • Sayan C
    Sayan C 2 months ago

    Mfs rly out here wearing ASS

  • Richard Simpson
    Richard Simpson 2 months ago

    1:36 Why does he have a Muffler sticking out of his Back Window?

    • Zach
      Zach 2 months ago

      Its not a muffler. Its a fuel can.

  • Kurtulus36
    Kurtulus36 2 months ago

    Audi very bad car

  • M S
    M S 2 months ago

    Bunch of Wankers..!!!,

  • American Beast
    American Beast 2 months ago

    7:12 ass?

  • Dustin vipond
    Dustin vipond 2 months ago

    Wow they work tirelessly

  • Steve Inczedi
    Steve Inczedi 2 months ago

    Typical Audi drivers.....🤣

  • Androtv Pristavka
    Androtv Pristavka 2 months ago +1

    Stop gas!!! Now electroĺ!!

  • Pixel
    Pixel 2 months ago

    The 2nd situation... he really didn't see him on his right side? The mechanic was also knocking to the car!

  • Haste Gedacht
    Haste Gedacht 2 months ago

    German Racing in the 1800 hundreds oh wait

  • zebdo 62
    zebdo 62 2 months ago

    my snap ---> maskime62 ajouté je veut du monde

  • SOTA
    SOTA 2 months ago

    Чем дальше, тем больше деградирует население!

  • Nikita Konstantinopolsky

    Вот это цирк

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle 2 months ago

    All the drivers are to blame for not waiting for the parts to be properly fitted.

  • Ferndalien
    Ferndalien 2 months ago +7

    "You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel" - variation on a Kenny Rogers song

  • boyart2010
    boyart2010 2 months ago

    Fail driver

  • Andi F
    Andi F 2 months ago

    Seharusnya bersabar 5 detik drpd gk bs mlnjutkan balapan

  • Anything OnTube
    Anything OnTube 2 months ago

    please subscribe my channel Its a great help for me, Thank you so much !!!

  • pararop
    pararop 2 months ago

    ha ha ha very funny. mechanics so stuped))

  • Alixan Zhaksylyk
    Alixan Zhaksylyk 3 months ago


  • TaleBox
    TaleBox 3 months ago +1

    0:59 What did the man thinking, forgot to fasten the wheel

  • ant.
    ant. 3 months ago

    wow ne fanno di papere i tedeschi al pit STOP.

  • The unsuccessful gaming channel

    Anyone played Fire and Forget and got surprised to hear the music here??

  • NABAL Loucas - FFSA
    NABAL Loucas - FFSA 3 months ago

    My best team is Chevrolet

  • MrOrtloff
    MrOrtloff 3 months ago


  • Marli Josefa
    Marli Josefa 3 months ago


  • Martin Pokmat
    Martin Pokmat 3 months ago

    8 ist best :))))

  • Jackson Ouellette
    Jackson Ouellette 3 months ago

    7:12 look at there shirt