Sekera drops off puck for McDavid to rifle home for goal

Andrej Sekera fed Connor McDavid, who broke the 0-0 stalemate with a rifle of a shot. The goal was McDavid's 80th point of the season, putting him back on top of the Art Ross race.

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Автор mrebus ( назад)
well sekra to mcdavid

Автор Triple HHH ( назад)
Im late for top comment... Darn im always on time but not today

Автор CantYandleTheHeat ( назад)
Sekera is underrated

Автор Post2Post ( назад)
Wow what a shot

Автор davfernape ( назад)
So Habs and sens, who are battling for 1st in Atlantic, have identical records, had an outdoor game announced between them, have had recent playoff match ups and rivalries, played last night and will play tonight. A game with serious playoff impact, that twice in the game had leads erased in the matter of mere minutes, that went to ot with both goalies putting on a show, juggernauts from each team like potential Norris winning Eric Karlson playing as hard as they could, that had to be decided in a shootout, the same score of all three matchups this season of 4-3. This game had no uploads, no talk about the back to back or how crucial this is to the playoff bracket. Nothing. But luckily sportsnet uploaded random 360 highlights!

Автор Vic Prestige ( назад)
What a shot

Автор Scrote Rot ( назад)
Tkachuk > Puljujarvi

Автор Scrote Rot ( назад)
Embarrassing that a team needs so many 1st overall picks in order to be relevant. When Mcdavid gets injured this team will seep down like the shallow roster they really are

Автор Mr500248 ( назад)
would've been 10x funnier if the guy pointing at his jersey was wearing yakupov jersey

Автор Aidan Campbell ( назад)
Still so many dislikes whenever they post a Connor highlight lol

Автор SneekyJ ( назад)
Even thought Marchand finishes tied for 1st,he won't get voters cause he's a dirty player,it's between Crosby/McDavid or Kane/McDavid

Автор Norwood Kubisiak ( назад)
Gretzky who??

Автор tamer saab ( назад)
Best celebration of the season ..... He pulls his hand back waits then fist pumps kids ment to be a superstar

Автор Nyq ( назад)
100% most difficult player in the league to defend, hand too silky, feet too quick, 3 steps ahead at all times, and filthy release

Автор The21abc ( назад)
Here come the salty flames fangirls

Автор Deutschland Dangler #29 ( назад)
The 5 dislikes from the leafs fans

Автор mushroomroom007 ( назад)
This kid is inhuman

Автор Cranges McBasketball ( назад)
Oilers goal song is cringe, CHANGE IT. That goal song sucks ass

Автор Tbiblaine23 ( назад)
Dear Edmonton, I hope you make it to the WCF, because if by some miracle the Preds make it, we're destined for a Stanley cup finals appearance

Автор I PureSKillz ( назад)

Автор William Sohn ( назад)

Автор DK 4Life ( назад)
Welfare team.

Автор JLPr ( назад)
Good job Connor, F Marchand.

Автор TheIcecreamMan18 ( назад)
Thanks Oilers!

Автор Barbara Punkelman ( назад)
The celey lacking emotion until the last moment seems to be in this year. Great snipe, 80 points... beaut'.

Автор Scramblieggs ( назад)
lol at the guy pointing at his Lucic jersey for no reason.

Автор The Squeaky Roaster ( назад)
Wait people told me that he didn't have a shot?

Автор SneekyJ ( назад)
Lets Go Oilers! Nice Shot Connor👌🏻!

Автор Oilers of Edmonton ( назад)
I'm not even exaggerating when I say this but, if Connor would shoot like those on all of his rushes and only score on half of them; he would have more goals that Crosby and Marchand right now.

Автор Basi ( назад)
lets goooo #tanknation

Автор Connor McMatthews ( назад)
Connor with the glitch goal

Автор YouTube Sucks ( назад)
His goal scoring will only get better as time goes on

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