I really did not want to do this video, but now that I have lived in Japan for almost 1 year, I feel I can now have a solid opinion based on my experiences. PLEASE WATCH WITH AN OPEN MIND. I am not picking sides or saying which country is better. Every country has its pros and cons and these are just my list of pros and cons based on my real life experiences living in South Korea for 2 years and Japan for 1 year. This video has been consistently requested since I moved to Japan which is why I am now sharing it before I move out of Japan.
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Автор SnowClover ( назад)
Oddly enough my Chinese friend felt like he suffered from a tonne of racism when he went to Korea, I felt like I didn't really suffer from any (at least that I could understand)

Автор Badriah Ay ( назад)
True , i live in the biggest city in my county, and its just stressful, i can feel people stressed vibes that make me more stressful, too.

Автор Leopold ( назад)
Bii forgot to compare the toilet trashbin and plumbing.

Автор LifeMusic ( назад)
Japan became westernized after ww2 in 1950s. It became a great ally to the US after ww2. So a lot more foreigners were there.

Автор Seda Aygun ( назад)
I think every foreigner experiences their stay differently :) I also lived in Seoul for 3 years, but nobody ever farted, spit or behaved impolitely towards me in the subway for example. The yellow dust also didnt do me any harm at all~ I am just saying because everyone should go into their stay bing totally open to what can happen. If you'd ask me what i disliked the most, its how everyone pulls into one ideal fashion/character/appearance... fake aegyo and girlgroup-choreographies that are almost all identical, are totally my petpief in korea 😂 But some people love it...

Автор Liza. V ( назад)
You're going to love Melbourne....the cafe society is strong here & the coffee is legit the best :)

Автор Aya Infinite ( назад)
Omg! I'm in Korea now. This is my 2nd (non-consecutive) year. I can't stand the hygiene issue here. That's something I just can't get used to. The spitting and coughing just grosses me out. Also, I think Japan is much cleaner than Korea. In Korea, people tend to make trash piles in the street then it gets everywhere. Also, there are often advertising flyers everywhere- on top of the trash and spit everywhere. And everyone sharing one sample in cosmetic stores: just eww... I didn't see any of that when I was in Japan. As a black girl, I personally haven't experienced out-right racism (Lucky me!), I know people who have. My friend and her boyfriend absolutely hate Korea because of racist employers trying to take advantage of them.

Автор amy - ( назад)
I've visited both Korea and Japan (Seoul and Osaka) and I agree with most of these. Although, I prefer Japanese food which was amazing everywhere we ate whereas I had a couple of very average dines in Korea. Korean street food trumps Japan hands down though.
I find Korea is more suited to young high-energy people and Japan a more reserved yet enthusiastic type.

Автор M Jin ( назад)
North east asian countries especially korea and japan are very close-minded when it comes to anything foreign. My dad studied in Japan and I am Korean. The only difference between two is Japan will never accept you as a family. No matter how well you speak the language, how well you understand their culture, how long you lived in the country, as long as you have different skin color, eye color, you roots are not japanese, it is very hard to join the local community.(mentally heart to heart) They will always be nice to you but you're just never a member of their family. However, in korea, it is slightly different. Korean people are more emotional and don't hide feelings. Of course, everyone is different but some tend to be mean in public, the likelihood is higher than in japan. but, once you become very close friends with them, they will do anything to protect you, shelter you, care for you. just like family it's called Jeong(情:정). We are more aggressive and defensive. Our history was always surrounded by big countries, so self-defense is engraved in DNA... If you come to concerts or music festivals in Korea, you will know exactly what I mean. They sing along as a crowd, we do anything we can to show love to the band or singers. Unlike in Japan, you will hardly hear anyone scream, dancing or even singing along. It's up to you, where you choose to visit, but i just wanted to address some differences. preference to nicer company who will mostly speak only good about you, or preference to a family member who are sometimes mean and naggy just like how moms and brothers do.

Автор Billy P ( назад)
I prefer Japanese food :) but you are right on about respect. In Korea they don't respect pedestrians!!!! Ajimas literally push you out of the way in the subway without saying a word. Everybody honks on the road. Such a stressful environment. I still like it there and wanna go back. Both countries are similar but I still prefer Japan. IMO as well :)

Автор Stephanierockstar309 ( назад)
i really enjoyed this video :D

Автор hadouken_1289 av ( назад)
korea cleaner than japan??? c'mon japan doesnt even have public trash cans you won't find any in the streets one has to take wrappings and garbage with you to your house an throw it there and separate the garbage too because if you throw it all mixed up you will get in trouble

Автор drink milk ( назад)
Unlike S&M video, your video was very respectful and informative. I think it showed difference in personality and class. And as a Korean person there are many points you made that we definitely need to improve. Thank you for the video and good luck in Australia.

Автор asd fgh ( назад)
rule 1 as a youtube, don't compare korea and japan. its impossible to win no matter how careful you are.

Автор sritantra ( назад)
Vocal frog is a total turnoff. I can hardly stand 5 mins. You've contracted a three-times-a-sentence case. You need to unlearn that.

Автор Jessica Golden ( назад)
How did you move your belongings from Canada to S. Korea and then S. Korea to Japan?

Автор Stephanie Ramos ( назад)
Your video content was exactly as your title suggested!
Thanks for that!

Frankly I'm a little biased toward Korea since I also lived there for 2 years and it was the best time of my life; and I was really put off when Simon&Martina made their video about KoreavsJapan.
So your video was really simple and honest, it was really refreshing.

Anyway, best of luck to you and always thanks for sharing your life to youtube ^^

Автор Jelly Beans ( назад)

Автор capris127 ( назад)
lived in both countries and cannot agree more, good video

Автор Stuey G ( назад)
I think the atmosphere settling on you is a bit of everywhere. Just moved from big town area in Texas out to a small town in Georgia and it's MUCH different. Small town is nice.

Автор ♥PinkKitty ( назад)
These comments are crazy :(

Автор ganjangman1 ( назад)
I share many of your points...but do not forget. Asian are not treated in the same way in Japan as the WHITES are.

Автор ganjangman1 ( назад)
More historical sites in Japan?.....of course, NOBODY DESTROYED their historical sites, ok? woman from CANADUH~~

Автор ganjangman1 ( назад)
"I really did not want to do this video, but..." and  You did it anyway.........WHY?........Someone forced you?.....I'm sick and tired of this kind of backstabbing....you did it because you know you can get HIT by doing it.....

Автор Jenjenukrazy ( назад)
Such a great video. Thanks so much for giving your honest opinion. I'm a British Indian girl, living in Shenzhen China and I agree with a lot of the things you've mentioned. Such as the racism issues, lack of personal space, the coughing/spitting etc, the pollution too. But yes there are some really awesome pros of living here too. Thanks again for sharing this 😚

Автор Lodoll L ( назад)
Japan has great products but no english 😏 on the label

Автор ricky gunz ( назад)

Автор M Spencer ( назад)
most of the pros of korea are just fashion bs..

Автор W CC ( назад)
one clear thing is that both countries are much better to live than China

Автор Sunn Y ( назад)
Bii, I totally get how you feel about the whole stressed out vibe about the city you're in. I live in the San Francisco bay area and there's definitely a stressed out vibe around here. It's pretty bleak tbh lol.. hopefully when you move, your next city isn't like that!! 🙏🏻👍🏻
I've worked with some Koreans from Korea and I think there is some like confucian age-hierarchy, like the older someone is the more they're allowed to 💩 on you.. some were straight hostile when we first met but over time their guards were let down and we became somewhat friends. Anyways thanks for this comparison video! I wish that Japan made their entertainment more accessible to the western world like Korea does!

Автор Lattebean_ ( назад)
I definetly agree with racism thing... I have been to Japan only once and South-Korea for 5 times but I can still tell the difference between them about acting towards foreigners. I know that as a white northern european girl I don't have it even half as bad as dark skinned people but I still have experienced racism in Korea. Now, I love Korea as a country, I like it's culture and it's people but sometimes I hate the way some koreans act towards foreigners. And what I also noticed is that if you're average size or a big girl you will be getting more rude behaviour towards you than a person who's skinny. But this again, is the fault of korean ridiculous beauty standards....

Автор Zelda 194 ( назад)
since I dont like k-pop I dont see it as a pro :') i respect your opinions tho

Автор cougar k ( назад)
Is this kind of video popular in Japan?lol.
I learned why Japan is declining.

Автор ami isok ( назад)
I think stressful atmosphere you are talking about depends on who you are and what you do in the city. It's more about your feeling towards Tokyo

Автор ami isok ( назад)
korean foods are more flavourful because of more use of MSG

Автор PhoenixGPthird ( назад)
You should go back to Korea which belongs to the third world as soon as possible. Obviously Korea is the right country for you .:-D

Автор Four Hemispheres ( назад)
Dude, if you're looking for beaches in Australia, Melbourne's not the best spot. Great cultutre, art and food though.

Автор CritiqueCat ( назад)
Japs are the most brainwashed, delusional and ignorant people that have walked this earth. Just look at the comments.

Автор mae roby ( назад)
that and again, the US and Japan are allies so much less racist attitude toward whites. I think they assume at first that they are americans/US

Автор chopper1 lsqt ( назад)
I am Japanese but I don't want to say Japan is better because every country has good aspect and bad aspect. If you go to Korea, you might be like Korea. or If you come to Japan, you might be like Japan. How about to travel both country and decide after that??

Автор Narnendil ( назад)
In my personal experience, Seoul's streets are much less clean than the streets in Japanese cities. In corners and alleys there are piles of garbage and sometimes they have sewer water out in the open. I love both Korea and Japan in many aspects, but personally, I'd never call Korea clean.

Автор HimaJen ( назад)
My bf lives in South Korea and wants me to move there. I live in Southern Japan and I don't know how I could ever leave... the food, the scenery, the food, the convenience stores, the FOOD.

Автор Gabbolushion ( назад)
I almost didn't understand what you said when you said anime lol. Pronunciation was odd af 😂

Автор Nicole Shen ( назад)
i looooove the food from both countries!!!

Автор QjToysAndStuff ( назад)
Ive been to both Japan (4 times) and Korea (once)! I agree with you, the make up and shopping in Korea is amazing...!!!! And the food is cheaper and better selections, especially the countless cafes they have! But wow, the people there just makes me not want to go back. I'm not sure if its because I'm a foreigner (im from singapore), but they are SO rude. They push and speak rudely, and like when im in the stores, they stare at me and follow me around, making Super uncomfortable. However in Japan, the people are so nice, even when you don't speak Japanese, they'll still help you as much as they can which I seriously appreciate! In Korea, its like if you cant speak Korean then... they assume Im from China and treat me like shit LOL. Japan is still my favorite country and I don't think ill go back to Korea! Japan, yes always and forever :)

Автор donald trumpet ( назад)
I have passed a new law which makes it illegal for Americans to live outside of USA so pack your bags and come back home For every American who comes home I will deport 5 Mexicans and a chinky

Автор Eri. D ( назад)
Hi Bii. Nice to meet you. I always check your blog. I like your video.
I've been in Vancouver 6months. I'm from Osaka. Your video makes me happy! Thank you Bii(´∀`*)

Автор Jordyn Evans ( назад)
When I visited China, everyone was just so rude and there was no personal space so I get what you mean. It's overwhelming and irritating and in my eyes it's rude. Won't go back to China again

Автор Patrick Fowler ( назад)
I totally agree. I love Japanese entertainment culture, but as a young man who wants adventure and maybe be a sort of "cultural diplomat" to represent my country, going to China or Taiwan really interests me. I have been to Osaka and Tokyo and everyone was super nice though, especially Osaka

Автор Kanai even Tokyo ( назад)
How come there is so much dislikes. Wuuhht? Good video btw!

Автор daioshou008 ( назад)
Most Japanese are gently. Visit Japan !  (*^^)v

Автор InfiniteB ( назад)
Take a shot everytime she says "Cant be helped" ;D

Автор tth 9900 ( назад)
I found a ton of nice café's in the Kansai area. Especially Osaka and Kobe. Usually in a small street you would easily miss but I loved strolling through the streets and found really good ones because of that. The owners were usually cute old couples. Not too big, nice atmosphere, pretty decent coffee and you would always get a small snack that came with it. I don't know about Tokyo but I'm pretty sure they must have some gems hidden somewhere, too! Me as a coffee addict finding these saved my life while living in Japan. lol But you made me curious about Korean café's now.

Автор Bill Hetherington ( назад)
great in-depth discussion

Автор RYO KOJIMA ( назад)
K-pop is shit compared to Japanese Anime! A fair comment from Shanghai China.

Автор Hohkyong Chin ( назад)
What?Korea is cleaner than Japan?! I am Chinese I have been to Japan and Korea many times, I think Korea is dirty compared to Japan. Japan is incredible clean,I mean incredible yes incredible! But in Seoul some areas look like a third world country, sorry Korea╮(╯_╰)╭.

Автор brokenStuff29 ( назад)
항상 korea vs japan 이런 비디오 보면 웃기는게ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 특정 직업도 없고 패션 블로그나 음식블로그 같이 소비재중심으로 질낮은 컨텐츠만 만들면서 그 사회에 깊숙히 관여되지 못하고 사회 서비스만 주구장창 소비하고 다니는 입장의 외국인들이 일본을 찬양함. 그리고 처음부터 끝까지 완벽히 주관적인 기준으로 한국을 무슨 미개인 수준으로 편향적으로 까내림.
각국 외국인들이 만드는 컨텐츠의 질도 참 한심할정도로 차이가 나는게, 한국은 문화차이를 실험하거나 분석,설명하는 올리버쌤 같은 유튜버가 인기가 많은 반면 일본은 그냥 단순히 일본 문화를 소비하는 일차원적인 컨텐츠가 인기가 많음. 대표적인 예가 simon&martina랑 taylor r, rachal&jun 이런애들. 참나ㅋ

Автор Jens Roth ( назад)
This video should be called Seoul vs Tokyo, or at least I guess that's where she is(?)

Автор koji M ( назад)
There is no racial discrimination in Japan. I hate Asians who crime lies and fraud.

Автор Mike K ( назад)
How good is you're Korean? Did you try to learn Korean? I'm American and if some foreigner came to the US and expected me to know their language and not learn English, I wouldn't want to interact or look favorably on him or her. I find it amusing when westerners go and live Korea or Japan, not bother to become fluent in the local language, and start complaining they get discriminated or are victim of racism. I learned Korean and never had any racism or discrimination because I was not Korean. In fact, Koreans treated me very well, better than my own country men.

Автор The Judges ( назад)
"Japan difinitely does have racism towards people that look different" is it the "Japan's" con? I think every country have racism. I experenced it in London and Paris. So, according to your logic, UK and France difinitely does have racism towards people that look asian right?

Автор kaisermuto ( назад)
You have to study Korean history but not Koreans insist. Korea had been slave dependency of China for 1000 years long. Japan released Korea from China in 1894 by the victory of sino-japanese war in 1894. Japan supported Korea to be independency,and
and Korea could be independency in 1895. But soon Russian empire advanced to the Korean peninsula to get colony. Japan worried for security of the sea of Japan. Japan tried to stop Russian intruding. Finally russo-japanese war occured in 1903. Japan destroyed all Russian fleet at the sea of Japan. Japan won in 1905. So Korea sidled up
to Japan to offer what Korea wished to join Japan for the modernization as well as Japan.
Japan rejected Korea's offer for huge budget. But Ito-Hirofumi,first pri-minister of Japan who was opponent of annexation was assassinated in Harbing of Manchulia in 1909.So the annexation of Korea began to move forward.  Japan accepted Korea's offer as
the Japanese annexation of Korea in 1910. During 5 years Japan had kept to reject to annex Korea. It means this incident was not by force. But Koreans insist Japan ocupied
Korea by force. This is the point,Japan had never fought against Korea. While Japan fought toChina and Russia only. But from the time Japan's suffering began.
First problem was education for what Korean literacy was only 4% in 1910. 4% means Yanbang peer's literacy. Not casual people. Hangul sign had been forgotten among people. Because Yanbang peers looked down upon Hangul rather than Kanji.
Japan issued hangul textbook for children.And built 5500 schools. So hangul was spread
over the peninsula.Japan also built 3500km railway. At the same time Japan built electric
station and water dam. More over all inflastructures of Korea were Japan made until 1945. Japan also had brought up many talented important Koreans. For example, 2nd president of South Korea Park-Chonhee was lieutenant colonel of Japan army.
When Korea could be independency in 1945, Korean government could move smoothly.
This meaning indicates what Korea had enough number of able people. If Japan had not
given education to Koreans, it must be chaos at the time of Japan left.
But now Koreans return to Japan evil for good .

Автор Mike K ( назад)
This video should be titled "Seoul vs Tokyo", not Korea vs Japan.

Автор Mike K ( назад)
Japanese are "nicer" compared to Koreans. Koreans are more direct and won't BS you, and so it can be seen as being rude by westerners. Japanese hide their feelings and act nice even if they hate you, so it can be seen as two-faced. So if you're thin skinned, Korea is not a good choice.

Автор Mike K ( назад)
Sushi is Japanese, not Korean, so...it's like going to china and saying why is it hard to find kimchee in China.

Автор Mike K ( назад)
Japan hides racism better than Korea. Believe me, it's there just more hidden.

Автор Mike K ( назад)
Well shit, you convinced me. I'm gonna have a sex change operation and go to Korea to go shopping for makeup.

Автор Caleb F ( назад)
I miss Dongducheon and Seoul. Good video.

Автор lunamypet ( назад)
I'm kinda glad you had the courage to talk about this. I've seen other people kinda "downplay" it and we all know. I haven't been to Japan yet. I'm about to go but I am expecting people fearing me because I don't have a typical asian face.

Автор D2IY ( назад)
Thanks for sharing! I know some topics are difficult for you >< you're awesome!

Автор Anthea O'Connell ( назад)
You'll love Melbourne! Everyone complains that it's boring but I think places like Seoul and Tokyo are great for a holiday, but Melbourne is the place to live! Hope your move goes well :)

Автор Seong Jun Lee ( назад)
Great video. It's always sad to see hostile comments for videos like this, when their intention is to promote positive, cultural awareness for all our neighbors around the globe. To people who are fixated on negativity and skepticism towards certain nations or cultures, please travel abroad (but please, for more than just a week and not at your friend's house) and try to really see the culture and its people. There are flip sides to everything - be it negative or positive - and we should strive to understand firsthand what that flip side looks like for everything we think we know. I'm a Korean immigrant living in "the" culture melting pot, NYC, for the past 15 years and an avid world traveler, but unfortunately I haven't yet been to Japan. Sure, I watch tons of animes and Japanese movies, but how could I possibly know anything about the people through a screen? How could you be so sure about your neighbor's cultural value by what your country chooses to show you? Heck, even the different news media in one country narrate the same incident in completely different light (i.e. CNN vs. Fox on Trump in the US). For all the joys and benefits of YouTube, we should try to listen first and refrain from shouting.

Автор Tainá Castro ( назад)
I can completely relate to a lot of pros and cons of korea, althought I only lived there for four months. Yes, racism exists in Asian countries towards other races and cultures. Yes, the public system is amazing and I'm so sad I can't get around in my home town as I did in Korea. And, so long. Since I experienced some of thoese things things, I think it would be interesting to hear some stories from your time in Korea, but I totally understand why you don't feel comfortable with it :)

Автор MsCrimson02 ( назад)
I'm glad that you talked about the racism in both countries because I was wondering as I am African American. Great vlog!!

Автор MsCrimson02 ( назад)
Great vlog!

Автор KASUMI I ( назад)
Its really interesting for me these differences between Japan and Korea from other countries views!
I'm Japanese and I do like Korea as well!
I hope you've had a good time in both countries and enjoy rest of your stay in Japan!!

Автор トンスラー ( назад)
???????? 何いってるのかわかんねえよ日本語ではなせ ババーw

Автор Side Ofit ( назад)
your makeup is so cuteee

Автор Loudeu Cartesian ( назад)
Japan is better than Korea in all aspects. Deal with it!

Автор annetxuinfor ( назад)
I lived in Korea for 1 year and I never experienced any racism for being a foreigner. Indeed, I think Koreans tend to be a lot nicer and welcoming than Japanese if a foreigner tries to learn the local language. But unfortunately, most of the foreigners coming from English-speaking countries are too lazy to learn even the basics of the language. I am not from an English-speaking country and I know that I would face a lot more discrimination in America/UK/etc. for not beiing able to speak English than in Korea for not speaking Korean.

Автор jassie wazzie ( назад)
Looking so 90's today !! Love it ❤️

Автор 쟁이꿀꿀 ( назад)
You have nice voice!

Автор jijiikomatta ( назад)
I also hate Japanese work life so I stopped working in Japan. No one complains about the horrible environment except younger generation.
Now our government is making labor law that allows company to make their workers work overtime up to 100 hours a month. Slave life...

Автор 許嘉謙 ( назад)
Japan is obviously better than South Korea.
I have been to japan 5 times and South Korea 1 time

Автор Cho Bunny ( назад)
Why is your eye make up always goals? haha
love it.
Sucks you lived here for a year and I never got to meet you. T.T

Автор brokenStuff29 ( назад)
(sorry for my bad english.) About general respects against foreigners, you better aware that koreans tend to ignore people, especially for grown adults, who has no external feature which associated with person's job or social role. I mean even if you wear super fancy or clean, if you dont have external features which show what kind of social communities you involved in(i dont know how to describe it), koreans will kind of ignoring you. but if you are a colleague student or business woman who work in korean company and wear enough to show that, they might still treat you differently as a foreigner, but will not ignore you. actually in that case, they'll act, maybe too overly, very nice to you. because having job means you live hard, and live enthusiastically. live hard and do one's best is very important to koreans. just like that, koreans judge person's worth accroading to their looks, clothes, behavior. and by those, treat people totally differently. that's why koreans care so much about wearing. customer owners might ignoring you because you dont look rich or you are not chinese(because chinese spend huge money in korea so they treat them very good.), might rude to you because you can't speak korean, or because you looks like have no certain job and being in korea only as 'consumer'. i understand how you feel. but koreans do this kind of thing to koreans too. just as same.

Автор ka zu ( назад)
Come again Japan ^^arigatou. looking forward to your blog\^^/

Автор hidarimite migimite ( назад)
interesting video! Thank you!

Автор keita S ( назад)


Автор Tresha ( назад)
I really appreciate your honesty in this video. I have a very similar experience, so I know you are telling the truth. I found your channel through Kim, and I never subscribed, but I have been watching your videos from time to time, as I have a huge love for Japanese culture and Korean makeup and food. This video totally made me subscribe. Thank you for being so brace and sharing your experience. Hopefully people will takes your cons seriously, make a change, and the world will become better for it. Thank you again for for sharing. Your honesty is very appreciated.

Автор のん のん ( назад)

Автор Leopold ( назад)
going by suicide rates, Korea is the highest in the world. teen suicide is high in Japan, but even higher in Korea. elder suicide in Japan is actually normal, but crazy high in Korea due to no pension or retirement plans for past generations and children no longer take care of elders due to a westernize shift in culture.

Автор rusty roof ( назад)
I wanted to see your Japanease life a little more.
Please come again :)

Автор Eulrey Harrison ( назад)
This is literally the 5th ... 5th vlog I've seen were a non-Asian person has mentioned racism in Korea... WOW :o(

Автор 후안 Juanjo around the world ( назад)
i liked your channel I sub
, come to my chanel me too I do videos about Korea I hope you like
regards :)

Автор Sofia Pereira ( назад)
Thank you for sharing your opinion on both countries with us :)

Автор Kitty George ( назад)
1. The reason why you said Japanese cuisine is salty would be that you use soy sauce too much like Brits. Japanese cuisine is stingy to enjoy the difference of each food stuff itself. Also, it is said only the Japanese/French that can sense Umami, the 5th taste. I don't think Korean cuisine has so various tastes but the taste would be easier to sense for Westerners unlike Japanese hided seasoning.
2. The reason why Korean infrastructure seems new would be that Korean civil engineering isn't reliable and so they have to renew in short term.
3. I have climbed up the hill to go to a well-known Italian restaurant in residential area of Seoul. I was totally at a loss because there were only that graffiti-like letter road signs and no one around there could speak English. I found a police station and asked a policeman. He seemed saying, "Another one who could speak English would come back in 5 min." I waited for him but neither could he. Although English is essential for Koreans to study science and develop their country.

Автор Kuro Sukichuu ( назад)
I wish I am as brave as you to travel and stay so far from your friends and family back in Canada. Racism is everywhere and nobody can stop it from happening. Thanks for the video btw, some insides of both countries I wish to visit when the time comes. Hope to see your next adventure soon.

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