14 UNIQUE Upcoming Games You'll Want to Play in 2017 & Beyond | PS4 Xbox One PC

  • Опубликовано: 26 фев 2017
  • Here are the 14 MOST UNIQUE Upcoming Games coming in 2017 & 2017 on Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC! New games you've NEVER heard before on this list. Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments!
    0:00 Heathen
    3:15 Ruiner
    4:09 PAMELA
    6:18 Twin Soul
    8:41 Get Even
    10:11 The Surge
    12:13 Scum
    14:06 Genesis Alpha One
    15:48 Dark and Light

    16:40 Vestige of The Past
    18:30 Scorn
    20:07 Little Nightmares
    21:05 Greedfall
    22:28 Prey for The Gods

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Комментарии • 301

  • DangerousDan
    DangerousDan 8 месяцев назад

    Hi guys, I'll be doing a spooky 👻 6 hour stream of this on Friday the 13th 🦇 at 5pm gmt 🇬🇧 all in HD 1080p 60fps
    I invite you all to come watch me 😱 scream like a girl.
    👻 Don't forget to hit the subscribe button so you know exactly when my stream starts. 👻

  • Neusxanity
    Neusxanity Год назад +1

    Scum is the one I want I am going call a Worldstar fights type of game

  • VhYhV
    VhYhV Год назад +1

    Pamela & Genesis for me plz :)

  • Arcane Turbulence
    Arcane Turbulence Год назад

    1- Brainless shooter.
    2- Mindless shooter.
    3- Mindless 3rd person shooter.
    4- Stupid horror game.
    5- Stupid horror shooter.
    6- Stupid combat crafting game.
    7- "Scum" looks like it might be fun for about 10 minutes. Actually is kind of unique.
    8- Another shooter.
    9- Dark and light- Finally! something that looks good! 15:48 may actually be unique.
    10- Just another point and click adventure.
    11- Another stupid horror game
    12- Horror platformer. Meh..
    13- Greedfall- a game that nobody knows anything about. only as trailer has been shown.. rest is speculation.

  • Clive Mercer
    Clive Mercer Год назад

    The first game looks interesting

  • Wootzi GamerStyle
    Wootzi GamerStyle Год назад

    heathen? th. not feeling it... sorry :( I'll wait for its arrival and ill think about it

  • spro0gs
    spro0gs Год назад

    Dark light looks like a good fit in for scale bound. Since scale bound was cancelled, i was happy to see that you can now ride dragons.

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission Год назад

    can you shut up about little nightmares?

  • DuckieMcduck
    DuckieMcduck Год назад

    Only Scorn and Little Nightmares are looking like they will make any sort of impact.
    Scorn only getting by due to the completely unsightly art design, of course.

  • Screpitum Ralk
    Screpitum Ralk Год назад +1

    Serious Sam 4

  • ShipMaster_Default
    ShipMaster_Default Год назад

    7:20 "the fuck is this the polar express"

  • Dan Z
    Dan Z Год назад

    Little Nightmares = The darker side of LBP

  • lilo231
    lilo231 Год назад


  • 𝑒𝑝𝘩𝑒𝑚𝑒𝑟𝑎𝑙

    0:55 that scared me so much!

  • Da Frontyardigans
    Da Frontyardigans Год назад

    All of these games look boring af

  • DIFUNTO666
    DIFUNTO666 Год назад

    pray for the gods kinda look like shadow of colossus

  • PandyTehPanda
    PandyTehPanda Год назад

    We all know we want halo 6

  • ArtfulGaming 955
    ArtfulGaming 955 Год назад

    I would totally buy heathen and Pamela and get even

  • Frog Bear 3
    Frog Bear 3 Год назад

    I may be tripping balls but twin soul, the kitchen in the trailer. Is that the cockroach simulator kitchen

  • 05 Council
    05 Council Год назад

    I'm very excited for Heathen, The Surge, Scum, Genesis Alpha One, Vestige of The Past, Scorn, and Greedfall

  • ItzLambChopz
    ItzLambChopz Год назад

    1. Half life 3 comfirmed

  • Top Crazy
    Top Crazy Год назад

    fuck storn is so discousting

  • Hiroasu Akika - 尋飛 秋鳥
    Hiroasu Akika - 尋飛 秋鳥 Год назад

    ...Dark and Light looks cool as f*ck.

  • Ben Glaser
    Ben Glaser Год назад

    I want to see a supernatural fps or stealth game where you have a pacifist option and at the end it's revealed you were crazy and shooting up a bunch of kids or something.

  • Alduin the Anti-Dragonborn
    Alduin the Anti-Dragonborn Год назад

    Ruiner looks like some mobile game. And those who dedicate their gaming to mobile are slaves.
    PC master race>Console peasant>Mobile slave.

  • John z co
    John z co Год назад

    Pamela looks like a futuristic Dead Island

  • Oozaru85
    Oozaru85 Год назад

    Any game that is not a shooter? no? I'll stick to Skyrim then. Tho prey for the gods does look interesting.

  • go figure
    go figure Год назад

    13:50 ??? wtf was that !??????????

  • Liza N Nahar
    Liza N Nahar Год назад

    don't we already have enough of horror, sad/dark environment games with a morbid storyline?!

  • Josh Van Den Broeck
    Josh Van Den Broeck Год назад

    So much for unique games lol

  • Freddy Gonzalez
    Freddy Gonzalez Год назад

    Wait what were the names of these games

  • Blake Flame
    Blake Flame Год назад

    everything here looks hella boring

  • Mister DLC
    Mister DLC Год назад

    I'm waiting for the Ruiner cuz CD Project Red makes great games and I hope it will be good just like Witcher 3.

  • Bigfoot Kris
    Bigfoot Kris Год назад

    Another spin off dead island game? Woo. Not really. Not hyped at all for a futuristic dead island.

  • Marcello DaGoat
    Marcello DaGoat Год назад

    My moms name is Pamela like wtf

  • Neft
    Neft Год назад

    This games look boring as hell😡

  • Kawi
    Kawi Год назад

    Im looking forward for Heathen, Scorn, Agony, and Project Wright. 2017 is looking up for all the disturbing games.

  • randomeuropeanguy
    randomeuropeanguy Год назад

    id say 90% of these games are not unique and most of their stuff has been done before really. there was like 2 games i saw that were actually interesting tbh

  • Red Fox Emperor
    Red Fox Emperor Год назад

    i liked 2017 pewdiepie

  • Ray Hooves
    Ray Hooves Год назад

    Wait, they give these games to Computers first and only? That's pretty sad, I guess these games are not built for Video Game consoles.
    But heathen seems to be kinda inspired by Half life, I can sense a little hint of it which is a Good thing, but I wonder if there's any GOOD free to play games for playstation 4 yet.

  • MJ_GreenPL
    MJ_GreenPL Год назад

    Everyone keeps saying 'Geiger' when talking about Scorn (and I can see that), but look up Beksinski. The machine and walls look Geigeresque but the naked flesh, the jittery movement, the uncomfortably deformed creatures are definitely more closely inspired by Beksinski's work. The creators said they were taking inspirations from both (and other artists), but I do want to spread some love fro old Beksinski in particular. Geiger may have influenced the grey, barred decor, but it's the red exposed muscle that makes Scorn look REALLY uncanny to me.

  • Bominog
    Bominog Год назад

    Heathen looks great.

  • Aiden Great
    Aiden Great Год назад

    All of these look fantastic and I cant wait! (scum looked like shit tho)

  • robot killer 123
    robot killer 123 Год назад


  • GreyOwl LV
    GreyOwl LV Год назад

    I have no clue why many people here like heathen so much.... to me it seems like another shitty fps game. Better check out shadow of war.

  • Angry Potato
    Angry Potato Год назад

    Scum = Drunken Idiot Simulator 2017

  • Divine Schwa
    Divine Schwa Год назад

    Whatever's in the thumbnail I want to play that

  • Bobby boi
    Bobby boi Год назад

    don't get hype

  • Mosixman
    Mosixman Год назад

    Dark and Light looks like some 2013 shit.

  • attaug
    attaug Год назад

    While a lot of these games look interesting and worth a look... only I think maybe one or two look "unique" and a few of them don't even show gameplay to show what they would be like. Some seem like basic survival games with some other weird elements thrown in, some look like shooters that probably don't offer much to the genre, some look like they where trying to be disturbing and kinda fell flat with it and some just look a tad silly.
    I'm not saying any of these games will be bad, I'm just saying that, on the whole, they didn't really show much "uniqueness" through their trailers.

    LORD RAPTOR Год назад

    Zombie survivals... fighting games *uniqueness intensifyes...*

  • Leonardo Venturi
    Leonardo Venturi Год назад

    eathen is sooooo cool

  • EspnPwnz 808
    EspnPwnz 808 Год назад

    I want a new crisis

  • Name of a famous thing
    Name of a famous thing Год назад

    it went from horror, horror SciFi, SciFi, Fantasy then Fantasy horror

  • crochetcocoking
    crochetcocoking Год назад

    When saw the fourth trailer i was like: What am I even watching?

  • 7F0X7
    7F0X7 Год назад

    Dark & Light, Prey for the Gods, and possibly Little Nightmare are the only ones that looked good enough for me to care about. None of the games in this video looked original, but those three looked expertly crafted and the scale and scope of the first two I mentioned looked incredible.
    Dark & Light is like that old PS2 dragon rpg brought into the modern age, Prey for the Gods looked like a genuine successor to Shadow of the Colossus, and Little Nightmare looked genuinely creepy and reminded me of nightmares I had as a kid.
    It's next to impossible to be totally original with today's library of games, so everything comes down to scale and execution in my opinion.

  • Gordon Kroman
    Gordon Kroman Год назад

    why is this video tagged as "beyond two souls"

  • Mikhail Matximbarrena
    Mikhail Matximbarrena Год назад

    Time to find a different activity for my enjoyment!
    I'm sick of copycats.

  • saturnino lumacad
    saturnino lumacad Год назад

    The first one remind me of an old computer game when i was young it was about this guy trying to survive in the jungle while shooting his way through countless butt naked men and if you get caught they will fuck your ass

  • Sonik64
    Sonik64 Год назад


  • Robert Man
    Robert Man Год назад


  • ZeRo
    ZeRo Год назад

    Thought pamela intro was .ass effects citadel XD

  • PornHub
    PornHub Год назад

    whats with all these dark and dingy game. Mind you i love horror games like outlast. But the style of some of these new games is just weird and bland. They have interesting consepts but the colour palet is black and slightly darker black no love what so ever. Wildlands looks coloutfull and beutiful but some of these games just look like trash.

  • Domino Godbane
    Domino Godbane Год назад

    I'm tired to playing the same games the same franchise, those new games looks original and interesting that's what I want

  • Domino Godbane
    Domino Godbane Год назад

    I'm tired to playing the same games the same franchise, those new games looks original and interesting that's what I want

  • Kirin
    Kirin Год назад

    Heathen, Pamela, definitely NOT the Surge, as I dislike it's combat style. Genesis alpha one, maybe.
    Dark and light, has my attention. Vestiges of the past looks fuuuunnn. Little nightmares looks adorable. Probably gonna make plushies of that char.
    Greedfall though!
    Porte for the gods had me at the dragon-beast.

  • John Constantine
    John Constantine Год назад

    That first one is almost like Area 51 that was on the original Xbox in PS2

  • That's me!!
    That's me!! Год назад +1

    bitch what the fuck!?you see the only problem with these games is that they're too unique😕

  • Jorge Acosta
    Jorge Acosta Год назад

    I think I'm the only one who's excited for the ruiner, it reminds me of Hotline Miami and that game was my shit

  • gmaster cool
    gmaster cool Год назад

    are the things in the first vid related to the l4d jockey

  • Kylie Punky Pixie Dowers
    Kylie Punky Pixie Dowers Год назад

    Vestige......the dirty kitchen

  • Kylie Punky Pixie Dowers
    Kylie Punky Pixie Dowers Год назад

    WTF Twin souls and thats some looooong train

  • Al Simmons
    Al Simmons Год назад

    Twin Soul freaked me out a bit.
    Freaky meat snake-things.

  • neo bear
    neo bear Год назад

    twin souls: no game, no hype

  • Wouter Dekker
    Wouter Dekker Год назад

    Zombies that are totally not really zombies... How original.
    If you're too lazy / your budget isn't big enough to keep working on it / you're too incompetent to make proper AI, just toss in some "I can't believe it's not Zombies" in there.
    Also, so many of these trailers suck. Shows you jack shit about the game.
    They're all made to have you go "what? What? WHAT?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!"
    Which is actually bad marketing with an internet full of streamers. Won't be buying your obscure title about a tube of meat in an appartment, when I can watch Jesse Cox play first. Then find out it's actually a shitty narrative in another "survival horror exploration" game. And then mock it when the game awards gives it an award purely based on the amount of views it's trailer got on youtube over the span of almost a year.

  • NSTAR7
    NSTAR7 Год назад

    imagine being a talented programmer or artist with no other options but to work on some of these shit games and pretend you are loving it...

  • Hogan Bentle
    Hogan Bentle Год назад

    Greedfall might be okay, but that guy is leisurely walking whilst the lady is running as fast as she can through the forest. She really should have been far away from him by the time the shot pans out and it just bothers me a lot.

  • Grand Phoenix
    Grand Phoenix Год назад

    pray for the gods and greedfall tho

  • Grand Phoenix
    Grand Phoenix Год назад

    the boat in heathens looks like moanas boat from the movie moana

  • vcdaniels
    vcdaniels Год назад

    14 unique flavors of Doom and Dark Souls.

    yaaay. smh

  • Death
    Death Год назад

    that new cooking mama game looks ace

  • medison2033
    medison2033 Год назад

    сразу заметил эту блевотную палитру из farcry 2.

  • z0mg h4x!
    z0mg h4x! Год назад

    i must become game god,i am so addictive to games

  • Vincent Law
    Vincent Law Год назад +2

    So Scum is basically a russian simulator

  • Vincent Law
    Vincent Law Год назад

    8:30 My god..... silent hill feelings.....are you back?

  • SomeGuy
    SomeGuy Год назад +1

    Any girls here?

  • arealbigboss
    arealbigboss Год назад

    "14 Unity games that will never leave Alpha!"

  • Adam Langdon
    Adam Langdon Год назад

    honestly I'm so sick of first person games in the past 10 years... some studios could really benifit from the mechanics but mainly the visuals and game PLAY value of 3rd person game play...

  • Brianeater
    Brianeater Год назад

    prey for the gods looks really awesome

  • kıvanç erakçora
    kıvanç erakçora Год назад

    bllsht games

  • TheSourpatch01
    TheSourpatch01 Год назад

    Hm, I'll be looking more into Scorn and Greedfall.

  • TLgamer
    TLgamer Год назад

    first person view wrecks a lot of games so no I won't ever play any of these upcoming games if they're in first person and on console.

  • Howard Thomas
    Howard Thomas Год назад

    Scorn - apparently inspired by H.G. Grigor whoever that is.

  • Howard Thomas
    Howard Thomas Год назад

    Alpha One - first person combat with the Sims???

  • Howard Thomas
    Howard Thomas Год назад

    The Surge - Souls-like meets Destiny?

  • Howard Thomas
    Howard Thomas Год назад

    Get Even - an interesting look

  • Howard Thomas
    Howard Thomas Год назад

    twin soul; fun fact...made by the same people who did Silent Hill: Alchemilla.

  • Howard Thomas
    Howard Thomas Год назад

    Heathen - reminds me of Sam somewhat if only because of the things at the start of the video...only instead of headless nuts its just demonic monkey lookin things

  • Leviathan
    Leviathan Год назад +4

    Where is Half Life 3?

    • David Janssen
      David Janssen Год назад

      When the next big bang is announced

    • TheRedHatGirl
      TheRedHatGirl Год назад

      Leviathan ... It's not coming out in 2017 or maybe ever