Ozzy Man's The Lives of Animals - Volume 1

Ozzy Man's The Lives of Animals. Click 'show more' to see a list of vids used.


Moose Fight:

Kangaroo Night Fight:

Puppy Pug Wants To Go On Motorcycle

Tapir Struggling to Mate

Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions

Penguin Fail Best Bloopers
Jaguar Eating Alligator


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Автор Phan then Frerad Emo trinity ( назад)
if you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, you can find out first hand what it's like to be me

Автор Mike Jhons Sus ( назад)

Автор BigPapaJar ( назад)
why does it look so weird man why is it look like it's flexing shit

Автор Betternet ( назад)
god damn that tapir has a big cock

Автор Bha'al the Lord of Murder ( назад)
every comment is about the tapir cock, but I like the Russell hang time joke the best

Автор the enduro channel ( назад)
hahaha ozzy man knows the bloody hound gang 😂😂 thats awesome

Автор Pervy Underpants Guy ( назад)
Almost all of the comments is about the tapir's dick jesus christ

Автор Archy Kun ( назад)
Music in the background?

Автор CosmosGaming ( назад)
Tapirs must be my spirit animal.

Автор X Playthrough ( назад)
Somehow this is so fumny

Автор sahil satti ( назад)

Автор Manoo wechakron ( назад)

Автор Mirel Villalba ( назад)

Автор Guðni Jóel Hermannsson 3DA Dalumskolen ( назад)
i just had the most akward fap ever

Автор Ken Griffins ( назад)
There was a kangaroo fight down my street yesterday usually happens all the time

Автор FRAMOB ( назад)
brilliant 👍👍👍

Автор Dan Ellyatt ( назад)
tapirs and. the same as last time ⌚ to be the best price on a regular bus.

Автор mantacore4 ( назад)
Went to comment section to look for "Tapir's Dick" comments. Was not disappointed.

Автор babita verma ( назад)

Автор Emivaldo Muniz Da Silva ( назад)
ótimo gostei

Автор domina pascal ( назад)

Автор Will Tyler ( назад)
"this dog riding a dolphin has his shit figured out" 😂😂😂

Автор g.e. g.e. ( назад)
The language! Why the f word? It's not necessary.

Автор YoureAPillock ( назад)
Imagine being that Tapir? Having to walk around constant with ye cock wrapping around your ankles. Fuck that mate.

Автор pug the pug!! ( назад)
that tapirs cock is a fucking multipurpose beast!!! it can like.. wrap around somebody and completely immobalise them like a snake does and still have more than enough remaining cock to put it in the rectum whilst having it immobalised!!!

Автор s6xafterse7en ( назад)
Perfect song choice! Great video as always OZZY! You are fucking great!

Автор Durval Xavier ( назад)
j ç

Автор Dotto Sekoture ( назад)
wimbo Wa kando bongoman

Автор Sakthi Vel ( назад)

Автор rosangela grendel ( назад)
mulheres peladas

Автор Alan RANBY ( назад)

Автор Dilipkumar Nishad ( назад)
दिलीप कुमार निषाद

Автор Ebenezer Lumanog ( назад)

Автор TheButtersNetwork ( назад)
Meanwhile in Canada...

Автор Goibon udenlove ( назад)
I feel so small after seeing that tapir  ;  (

Автор Jaya Sri ( назад)
3 Jm te ff,S Sa di

Автор sevan grigoryan ( назад)
A man could only dream of having a dick that big 0_0

Автор Shubham Dhoni ( назад)

Автор Sylvia Lankai ( назад)
it seems is only men who can identify hole even if they are blind

Автор Francisco Molina ( назад)

Автор Avadhesh Yadav ( назад)
Nepal video nd

Автор Ani Sharma ( назад)

Автор Narsinhbhai Chauhan ( назад)

Автор Dharmendra Tomer ( назад)
xxx video

Автор Asyraf Nazri ( назад)
so size does not matter

Автор Husain Narsingarhwala ( назад)
All the people are so fuckin jealous of Tapir's Big Dick

Автор CornerCutGaming ( назад)
That Tapir left me with a confused boner

Автор Felix Ngullie ( назад)
lol 80% of the comments are bout the tapir's dick

Автор Echszerox. /Valence\ ( назад)



Автор Jorge mora ( назад)
that tapir hitting his cock with his heels lol

Автор Super Goose Woolums ( назад)
dude you crack me up Ozzie man laughing my bloody ass off you wanker from fredonia AZ USA

Автор mitch boom ( назад)

Автор Daz Bomb ( назад)
erooooooo ya wee dick nose

Автор Bernard Belanger ( назад)

Автор Temporal Tom ( назад)
I winced a bit when the bell end was slapping the gravel.

Автор TEYEMEMATON ( назад)
That pug had a red rocket (dog boner)

Автор skmasum mahidul ( назад)

Автор Mike Lawrence ( назад)
who the frick gives this funny sht a thumbs down? probably muslims lol

Автор Craig Matthews ( назад)
it killed a fucking ALLIGATOR !

Автор castle 500 ( назад)
*reported for nudity*

Автор N S ( назад)
who sings the song at the end

Автор Dakota Blackstone ( назад)
Dodgy cunts!

Автор مواقف مفترسة Animals ( назад)

Автор Daniel James ( назад)
I think I'm going gay for that tapir

Автор Shazia Muhammad Rafque ( назад)

Автор Kaluram Virt ( назад)
show heartless sexy vedio

Автор Fuchia Crawford ( назад)
Hello all my name is Miriam I'm posting this hopefully to gain some donations. Please read my post on gofundme. com and pass the word around. Here is the link  https://www.gofundme.com/american-teen-beauty-reality-show

Автор Juma Katabalwa ( назад)
so funny

Автор Juma Katabalwa ( назад)
so funny

Автор Nanhe ji ( назад)
happy republic day

Автор Syed Shahnawaz Imam ( назад)
I love the outro

Автор piumal silva ( назад)
v. bgdguyhfofvog

Автор Lindy The Furry ( назад)
0:22 ._.

Автор Andrew Howarth ( назад)
What animal is that at 1:27?

Автор Jafrid Pellokila ( назад)

Автор Brutusz Brutusz ( назад)
xxl cu animale

Автор societys enemy ( назад)
1:06 what he says about the pugs just killed me ahahahahahha

Автор Ramdas Pawar ( назад)
sex. man

Автор darthpayback ( назад)
I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Subscribed!

Автор Melissasolorzano Melissa ( назад)
it's really funny

Автор B P Baghmar ( назад)
Thanks for photos

Автор Galileo Natal ( назад)
is the dick supposed to be touching the floor?😂

Автор Modes Promesse ( назад)

Автор Juana de Dios LLano Romero ( назад)
me imagino q, la inseminación lo hace por fuera esa cosa tan grande difícil q, pueda entrar.

Автор Abdullah Sönmez ( назад)

Автор Abdullah Sönmez ( назад)
Akıllı bir

Автор Murali Kumar p ( назад)

Автор Εβικέντο Τοσκαλάρι ( назад)

Автор Romeista Rodriguez ( назад)
De quien es esa canción de fondo?

Автор SOGNAMETAL1984 ( назад)

Автор Cory Henry ( назад)
ozzy man your the best we love your videos

Автор Dinin Do' Urden ( назад)
I've seen quite a few of ur posts go through Facebook watched quite a few here on YouTube well now I'm a subscriber love ur commentaries great for laughs that's what I need through my trying times. keep up the great work mate (btw I'm a yankee as u call em) well I think anyway lol love it from this American.

Автор Jam Smash ( назад)
at 1:26 his cock is swinging behind his legs

Автор galzar1212 galzar1212 ( назад)

Автор gundam fan ( назад)
it's painful wailtching that tapia walk lol I mean tuck it in ta socks mate

Автор Olicia Gill-hardy ( назад)
dang that one animal crotch doe👀👀👀👀

Автор Alexander Armageddon ( назад)
Anyone else feel cock-shamed? I know it's a tapir and all but...I feel seriously outmatched

Автор kevo Anselmo ( назад)
dude i just wanna know how much pot you smoke to comment like this.. cuz if you do it sober,, your either mentally deranged or a bag of pure genius.... im just curious brooo,,, either way ffuuuucckkinn loveee yaaa :):):):):):)

Автор Chela Verma ( назад)
animal gral

Автор Playing With Sand ( назад)
Fxxking lmao... OMG... tummy so pain... ahhh~ XD

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