What Donald Trump Doesn't Know About The James Comey Memo | The Last Word | MSNBC

  • Published on May 17, 2017
  • Lawrence O'Donnell explains the thing everyone working in government knows - but Donald Trump doesn't. That's the real story of the James Comey memo about his conversation with President Trump.
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    What Donald Trump Doesn't Know About The James Comey Memo | The Last Word | MSNBC

Comments • 671

  • Aly  Julmiste
    Aly Julmiste 10 months ago

    Trump really thinks he is the smartest and he knows everything. Good luck trump.The FBI has more truthful facts about you. And they are irrefutable.

  • Marc1142 8
    Marc1142 8 Year ago +1

    Wait for it.

  • Anon ymous
    Anon ymous Year ago

    Release the apprentice tapes, NBC you got to show us those tapes. Or just leak it.

  • Linda Bays
    Linda Bays Year ago

    When is Larry going to apologize to President Trump for saying the President lied about being wiretapped by Obama? Larry O'Donnell kept insisting that President Trump way lying and now that evidence proves it was Larry himself who lied by calling our president a liar and saying he needed to apologize to Obama. MSNBC and Larry need to Apologise to our president!

  • Joe Kuster
    Joe Kuster Year ago

    spin it son

  • Timothy Duffy
    Timothy Duffy Year ago

    So he would go memcons every-time but when he had conversations within the Obama administration. And by the way Business does this all the time. I do not know what this guy is talking about. He must be making it up as he goes to put Trump in a bad light.

  • dishman1966
    dishman1966 Year ago

    It's called being a dirty rat who just two weeks ago said there was no obstruction under oath. He is stinky rat liar. Normal people don't do "Mem Con".

  • Mr Charles
    Mr Charles Year ago

    memcon= cover your butt. I call them buttcon. You lie to yourself about Obstruction of Justice and infer nefarious motives that do not exist.

  • BIGWORLD0074
    BIGWORLD0074 Year ago

    Trump is now known as The Obstructer perfect title for documentaries or movies 😂

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago

    Show me the memos!

  • Rizz
    Rizz Year ago

    Impeach the Orange Sicko Fat Monkey!

  • South Texas Mayhem
    South Texas Mayhem Year ago +1

    Produce the memo. Until then, we are talking about nothing. Right now, your primary witness to said "impeachment" has testified under oath that none of the above took place.

  • Lina Nguyen
    Lina Nguyen Year ago

    Trump look like basket 🏀 player and playing soccer ⚽️ haha 😂 he's in truoble

  • J PB
    J PB Year ago +1

    Liberals are just plain idiots living in a fantasy world.

  • Greg Crouch
    Greg Crouch Year ago +1

    fake news

  • Kathy Williams
    Kathy Williams Year ago +1

    If Comey thought Trump was interferring in the investigation and did not report it then he broke the law.Trump said I" hope" not "stop" the investigation. i'm sick of unnamed sources and the facts out of thin air of the lying main stream media. If they bring down Trump and give America back to the liberal, God help us all.It will be just a short time until the world bank, the Rothchilds and the Rockafellas and the rich people the libs say they detest will have their new world order and individual freedom will be dead. It will be Hail, Ceasar the world leader. I know, I know, I'm crazy, Well I hope so, but I'm scared to death that I am not.

  • Ashlie Rundquist
    Ashlie Rundquist Year ago

    Dear Lawrence, I have discontinued watching MSNBC except for your show. if you leave, PLEASE start your own show!

  • Jeri Clark
    Jeri Clark Year ago

    If Comey felt pressure to end the case, then why did he testify after this conversation that in his experience no President ever tried to force him to end an investigation? I'm pretty sure now that he's gone the investigation will continue, Comey is not the only one in the FBI working on this investigation. Comey had to go for many reasons, I know that Hillary Clinton would have fired him the minute she was put into office had she won the election and she would have had every right to do so. Let's be real here.

  • Helena Nickerson
    Helena Nickerson Year ago

    Let's see his memcons on Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama.

  • Invoke the 25th Amendment.

    This is Trump's karma for all the world to see. I'm sooo happy for all the people he has crushed ( using his wealth) over his lifetime.

  • Ann Sarris
    Ann Sarris Year ago

    LMAO! Where is the memo, has anyone seen it? These talking heads haven't.

  • Ann Sarris
    Ann Sarris Year ago

    LOL! They don't know about the memo either, because they haven't seen one. Fake spreading lies based on something someone said that hasn't see a memo either. Trump ripping mattress tags again.

  • Boston Kpm
    Boston Kpm Year ago

    He gets impeached, And, he goes back to his business and life. That's a great deal for him. ....#imhoo, I think he will not care if he is impeached. It will be a welcomed relief. He has done everything imaginable & unimaginable to get impeached, and yet.......#ijs

  • emiliano gaspard
    emiliano gaspard Year ago

    I am not fooled by Donald Trump's phony persona. He spends his entire adulthood suing other people in courts across the country, so he's very familiar with judicial system of being an accusing or defendant. His sister is a federal judge in NYC; call her & seek advise.

  • project 2501
    project 2501 Year ago

    be right back boys I'm going to buy pop corn for next week

  • Douglas Lin
    Douglas Lin Year ago

    If you have WORKED In Washington...Trump has never WORKED before..He just dugged his own grave.

  • Michelle Lilo
    Michelle Lilo Year ago

    Well, that's what nearly half of the voters wanted, someone not from the politics. here's what you got. One who knows nothing in the politics.

  • Calisa Hardy
    Calisa Hardy Year ago

    Memcon- Heck, I do it and I only work at the state level. But I believe in 'CYA'.

  • Uriel Riley
    Uriel Riley Year ago

    Wow 😢💯💔😝 that's the exact same thing... Damning that's just a part of it too.

  • Bryan McCormick
    Bryan McCormick Year ago

    Don't be spineless; Renew O'Donnell's contract

  • Trumpenstein
    Trumpenstein Year ago

    Trump's all about MEMCON. He has no memory and is a total conman.

  • Josh
    Josh Year ago

    Teachers: you should write memcons, too. Especially with discipline problems.

  • Bruce Stanbery
    Bruce Stanbery Year ago

    Lawrence, Why can't NBC news manage to ask Pence the simple question, "How can you justify your denials of knowledge of Flynn's FBI investigation, as head of the Trump transition, with so many official notifications?" How does he continue to escape accountability? WHERE IS THE QUESTION ??? It should be the first question asked him in the next interview.

  • pamalojo
    pamalojo Year ago +1

    I used to work for a large accounting firm, and after client meetings or phone calls where tax advice was given and strategies discussed, a detailed memo would be prepared and circulated to the tax advisory team where it would be rubber-stamped by a tax partner upon approval and kept on file. In addition, a follow-up letter with the same details would be sent to the client - again after approval by a tax partner not involved in the case. So my point is that "memcons" are standard practice in large organizations as I know this happens in other accounting firms and law firms too. Trump may have been a successful businessman, but a lot of his success was not earned honestly. I think if he had at least a business degree, he would know know all about "memcons." Perhaps he learned how to conduct himself and his businesses at Trump University!

  • TheRecon1a
    TheRecon1a Year ago

    The republicans have no one to blame but themselves. They could have stopped all of this during the Republican Campaign. And pushed more for Chris Christie. Also the Media and all the Media is to blame. Because they helped out Trump during the Republican Campaigns by showing Trump more than the other candidates. Believe me I am not a Republican nor a Democrat but I have lived through Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, GW & Obama. And we have a major issue here folks that actually is worse than Watergate.

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith Year ago

    4 Words for you.. Have You Seen It?.. By the way.. I hear the Senate Judiciary Committee is requesting James Comey's memos.. but not just the memo pertaining to the Trump request to drop the Flynn case, but "all" of Comey's memos.. Like on Obama.. Hillary.. Lynch.. Rosenstein.. Boente.. Yates.. Can You Say.. Pandora's Box.

  • CoLD MeTaL
    CoLD MeTaL Year ago

    We elected him BECAUSE he wasn't part of the corrupt government establishment. Good luck on the impeachment, because then we get Mike Pence, lol.

  • TheArozconpollo
    TheArozconpollo Year ago

    Trump doesn't take memo's during the course of business. If he did so, he'd have a paper trail of all the corrupt and morally degenerate people he's done business with for decades. People like Felix Sater and Dutch shell companies that use the US (e.g. Bayrock) for laundering money via Trump RE projects. He's not stupid!
    Trump is running on plausible deniability. There is no information trail to show he knows these people are criminal. But I'm guessing he knows stink when he smells it. That's why he's calling all the thugs of the world: Duterte, Erdogan as 'Good guys', they're a bit better than the low-lives he deals with in business.

  • Barry Goodson
    Barry Goodson Year ago

    To all the haters watching this MSDNC video. This man is a low life at best. The corrupt MSM will get theirs in the end .Trump will serve his Term and some of these idiots will get to serve time.

  • Valelacerte
    Valelacerte Year ago

    Comey's DOJ testimonial, 3 May 2017:
    _"I’m talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal. It’s not happened in my experience."_
    So, Comey is either lying now about the memo, or during his testimonial; neither will be good for him.

  • Gerhard Rinkens
    Gerhard Rinkens Year ago

    oh great.... impeach the bloke... that big-mouthed, arrogand Bully..... we are not surprized if it came to that.

  • supernumery
    supernumery Year ago


  • Hapax Palindrome
    Hapax Palindrome Year ago

    In Trump world favors call for payment. Trump figured Comey threw the election his way for devious reasons -- cuz those are the only reasoning Trump is capable of. So instead of firing Comey on day one which would have actually likely allowed him to do the investigation some serious damage if not outright derailment. Dems would have been chanting Drain the Swamp together with the Deplorables. Instead Trump was the moth to Comey's bonfire. Trump strung Comey along and because he misjudged Comey's character, he ditched Sessions et al to have a little tête à tête with the cop he misjudged as crooked. The loyalty business was, in a way,asking Comey to demand his blood money. Comey has a pretty magnificent place waiting in the history books as the main who pulled the plug on two presidential hopefuls. We owe him for keeping Clinton out, which purportedly cost him his job, and he is outing Trump. Bring on Mueller! Comey needs a rest before his 2020 bid for the Whitehouse!

  • Alice 2
    Alice 2 Year ago

    Memcon, How do you know that Trump doesn't know about that, business men do the same thing . Did Trump tell you he only found out about it. I marvel how everyone knows what Trump thinks?. Read what Comey said to the Senate intelligence on the 3rd May 2017. Read what acting FBI McCabe said to the Senate on 11th May. Did they both lie????????? Love how the American MSM report all the facts......NOT.

  • dale murray
    dale murray Year ago

    It's the combination of being ignorant AND a narcissistic "Know it all" who can't let anyone appear to know more than he does, about anything, which means there is no possibility of teaching him anything.

  • Taz Devil
    Taz Devil Year ago

    You people are really stupid.. Amazing how dumb you can be to still pay attention to this old fart and his lies. Trump 2020!

  • Hulda V.
    Hulda V. Year ago

    Read the memo again, it´s not as bad, it´s not bad enough. And if this is incriminating for Trump then is incriminating
    for James Comey for holding it to him self and that is a crime.

  • Rob Linnell
    Rob Linnell Year ago +1



    So called news anchor are you hearing birds that's the sound no one is listening to your mental moron

  • border lands
    border lands Year ago

    yea it's funny how Trump always brags about not using a computer or emails, he uses personal couriers, which I have nothing against. But he says all this and now: he may be taken down by...A MEMO. a good old fashioned, old school muthafuckin' memo. hahah. he was sitting there thinking about wires and cameras and hidden microphones but nah, he's gonna be taken down by a damned memo. hahaha

  • Kicky
    Kicky Year ago

    A reporter should investigate how he got his college degree.

  • Pegasus
    Pegasus Year ago

    Kitty Kitty Kitty...what a fat stupid Kittty...he gets led,here and there and worries about his hair..what a sad little boy is he...D.Trump...auto biography.

  • Rick Rick
    Rick Rick Year ago +1

    Fake News !!!!!!!! So I guess Comey Lied to congress then .... Nice try MSNBC . You clowns are a joke

  • pat saultz
    pat saultz Year ago


  • pat saultz
    pat saultz Year ago


  • pat saultz
    pat saultz Year ago

    well Comey has the memo(MAYBE) but what did he say at the testimony on may 3rd ? " no collusion " unless he changed his mind

  • Maxitz
    Maxitz Year ago

    I can't wait when he's impeached and I can tell republicans:
    I told you so!

  • Zorlin One
    Zorlin One Year ago

    Renew his contract. He and Rachel the only programs worth watching!!!!!!!! N

  • Dorrett P
    Dorrett P Year ago

    ...well don't they brief the president and his men/women about sll these things like memcon.

  • alpha wolf
    alpha wolf Year ago

    There's a reason comey was FBI director. He's not stupid. Unlike trump.

  • Tami F
    Tami F Year ago +1

    ILL NEVER VOTE DEMOCRAT AGAIN. I voted for Obamas first term (wish now I hadn't) and I voted for Trump. Never again will I vote for the crazy Dems. They are seriously hurting our country!

  • jaybee7414
    jaybee7414 Year ago

    BEFORE Christmas I want an impeachment and Lawrence O'donnell to remain on MSNBC.

  • Warrendoe
    Warrendoe Year ago

    I even did this as a teacher when I learned my Principle seemed " out to get me".

  • Santosh Kiran
    Santosh Kiran Year ago

    He may not know about MEMCON but he surely has the common knowledge how to run a Multi Million Dollar Business.

  • Sue Mead
    Sue Mead Year ago

    Nice walk down memory lane. I was ten years old when Watergate went down and we discussed it at school. When Nixon gave his sixteen minute resignation speech, it was played over our intercom system. We were all transfixed as we sat at attention and listened. No teacher demanded it of us. In those days, children were aware of politics. It was a good thing. Now a lot of adults don't understand or care about the reality and day-to-day political machinations of their nations. I grew up in New Zealand and we were very aware of the impact the actions of the USA had on our world. It's time to start talking to our children about politics and work together to learn if you, as an adult, don't know about it. We give these people so much power and we all know what comes with absolute power.

  • Darin Gregory
    Darin Gregory Year ago

    I can't believe this guy talks with a straight face. Putin and the Russians are everywhere. Can't keep toilet paper stocked in there stores but the Russians are everywhere. Obama mocked mit romnie in the 2012 election over Russia but all these fake news jerkoffs can't get enough.

  • Icedkocha
    Icedkocha Year ago

    How would anyone be able to comment on the accuracy of the memo if the only two present in the Oval Office were Trump and Comey?
    Unless Trump was recording Comey, the only thing we have to go on is their word, and if there are recordings and Trump 1) doesn't turn them over or 2) erases the Comey convo, that would be a Nixon-level impeachment offense.

  • Jon Jacoby
    Jon Jacoby Year ago

    hey guys why aren't you talking about comeys howdy Doody fettish. It's the rage in the Russian propaganda circles. and they are firing up pizzagate again! whee! the stupid have inherited the earth.

  • Doctor Hill
    Doctor Hill Year ago

    Thumbs up if you're not a victim!

  • Kayla B
    Kayla B Year ago

    i am so glad kennedy somehow ropes into this. so much winning.

  • india rose
    india rose Year ago

    someone needs to hold Sarah Sanders accountable. She said "many in the FBI were unhappy with James Comey". Call her on it. Make her prove it! I think she is LYING! She has No integrity.....just like all the Trump administration......including every REPUBLICAN WHO STILL SUPPORTS TRUMP.

  • Nunya Bizniz
    Nunya Bizniz Year ago +1

    A memorandum means nothing lol!

    • S C G
      S C G Year ago

      We'll see, won't we? :)

  • Bruce Mincks
    Bruce Mincks Year ago

    The material aspect of such a conversation, however, invokes its form in some context. The efficient cause more is proximate in logic, meanwhile, which doesn't relate impeachment to resignation, if both material and proximate causes make evidence. One would compose such notes in a Police Report. Comey is compromised, as the media would have it, by his prerogative to favor either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton in this context, unlike catching Richard Nixon at ordering a burglary.

  • Piglet
    Piglet Year ago

    Slimy Ryan /Paul Ryan - to avoid leaks admits in a voice recording, that Putin is paying Trump. www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/house-majority-leader-to-colleagues-in-2016-i-think-putin-pays-trump/2017/05/17/515f6f8a-3aff-11e7-8854-21f359183e8c_story.html?utm_term=.19d863361ff1

  • tm502010
    tm502010 Year ago

    Yet another thing Trump is TOTALLY CLUELESS ABOUT!

  • Donald J Trump sucks putin's dick!

    Russia has hacked Republicans also but did not release that information like the hacked Democrats information because that is being used to blackmail the Republicans now to not speak out against trump and Russia.

  • Adam C
    Adam C Year ago

    Trump does not have to be smart. All he has to do is say that BLM, Mexicans and jews are trying to target him, and then republicans will say forget it about it. Nothing will happen and trump will continue on tomorrow.

  • bakelite
    bakelite Year ago

    I want Lawrence O'Donnell to stay!

  • Jules Michael
    Jules Michael Year ago

    But Comey was terminated immediately so he couldn't return to his office and safeguard his memos?

  • Christian Depino
    Christian Depino Year ago +1

    Fake news garbage

  • brah ket
    brah ket Year ago +1

    The bottom line is Trump didn't do anything illegal....we are shocked simply because we have a potus with the ballz to use the privilege afforded him by the Constitution and by congressional precedents......

  • Alonso Moya
    Alonso Moya Year ago

    Lightly anxious oversee excited wave how pink retire collector changing.

  • Joe Hackney
    Joe Hackney Year ago

    Isn't it time we threw all Russian and Turkish bums-spy's- out of the U.S.?

  • To tell The truth

    Comey is just as crooked as Killery ! I don't believe one word out of his mouth or on his paper

  • warrior1975ify
    warrior1975ify Year ago

    Trump believes he is doing a great job

  • A Darice
    A Darice Year ago +1

    I am so tired of the build up, it is too stressful. I wake up everyday to a new declaration but none of them are what I want to hear!!!! Just impeach already or stop giving us hope.

  • Ankh.em.fentu W
    Ankh.em.fentu W Year ago +1

    Trump is not all that dumb!
    He went to the same universities and colleges that you have and took the
    same mandatory classes to graduate.
    What we have here is an effort from the extreme alt-right to
    realign and convert the US Constitution into a Russian led political system
    that is actually Fascism, or a Dictatorship controlled and ran by All-White
    Male Cadres who have no tolerance or love for anyone who is not them!
    All of the extreme alt-right leaders (Bannon, Spencer, Duke,
    etc.) are all very sympathetic towards and would clearly tell you that 'We are
    friends with Russia". This should be obvious, go back and study
    Hitler another one of their Heroes, and figure out why they were willing to go
    along with all of the lies and obvious deceit about them being the superior

  • Andy M
    Andy M Year ago

    Just One Opinion: Someone who writes a memo is ANTICIPATING using it. It's WORTHLESS. YOU are the ignorant one.

  • Emma Klinsmann
    Emma Klinsmann Year ago

    impeachment courtesy of comey-gate

  • juanita camacho
    juanita camacho Year ago

    Sally Yates spoke up because principals and law was being broken. Comey wrote a memo. How is THAT defending the Constitution?
    James Comey failed his oath to uphold the Constitution. If he knew of the crime of obstruction of justice and using the power of the presidency to strong arm government agencies to do tRump’s dictatorship-like wants, including request to imprison journalist, why didn’t Comey perform his duty of arrest. A memo of impropriety to a few people is not what men of law do.

  • desi derata
    desi derata Year ago

    Assumption after assumption after assumption.... isn't it a beauty?

  • Dan Ames
    Dan Ames Year ago

    Dump uses FAKE and Alternative memos.

  • desi derata
    desi derata Year ago

    This is like the so-called hacking of Podesta's email, no one has seen the email but it gave birth to Russian and Trump collusion and now even without the actual proof that there exists a Comey's memo, every loose lip talks about obstruction of justice.

  • desi derata
    desi derata Year ago

    What kind of title is this? How do you suppose to assume that Donald Trump or Pres. Trump knows about James Comey's memo. No one has seen it and everything Joe Blow is talking about it.

  • cariansea
    cariansea Year ago

    The way Democrat and their main stream behaviour will cost the remaining sits of the Democrat.
    The Bible said that God made king , so despite Hilary/Democrat help by the mainstream media and their anchors and Hollywood. Hilary lost badly. So, what the democrat and their allied are doing, they are fighting against God's will.
    Just look in 1967 where the combine Arabs were defeated by tiny Israel in just 6 days war.

  • fooflateka
    fooflateka Year ago

    You moron. DT has been taping ppl since when you were a little kid. Fool.

  • manu Ortsac
    manu Ortsac Year ago

    talks talks talks.. but not real.proves showed to public !!! where is that memo and all Russian proves what media talks everyday ?? where are the proves ?? ?? Nothing !!!

  • manu Ortsac
    manu Ortsac Year ago

    just like Hitlery didn't know about private server it's a Crime!!! C'Mon people... wtf.. all in USA government are corrupted now u see that..

  • Angela bel
    Angela bel Year ago

    trump is doing all this crazy things because he wants out but the republican won't give him that because they want power .

  • T M
    T M Year ago +1

    Why believe James Comey when he covered up for Hillary?