Kent State vs. UCLA: Game Highlights

Watch the game highlights from Kent State Golden Flashes vs. UCLA Bruins..

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Автор GrayStarStudios ( назад)
Mr Cruz

Автор rhamishiyab ( назад)
Surprised kent state got that close tho props to them

Автор kwame mills ( назад)
No Lonzo highlights.???? 😕

Автор john dor ( назад)
so CBS hating on BALL?

Автор MrBysiorek ( назад)
Lonzo Ball future number one draft pick ? hahahahah hahahahaha hahahaha

Автор DY123 ( назад)
All ucla needs to improve is their defense. Then, they could be a Championship favorite, if not THE CHAMPS.

Автор Kristan F ( назад)
0:12 name please? badly needed for research purposes

Автор Will Plummer ( назад)
Arizona UCLA final. Cats win.

Автор Joethebro ( назад)
Disslike for Lonzo not being shown.

Автор Jacob Tyler ( назад)

Автор YourTypicalGeek ( назад)
wow not one ball highlight...hmmm

Автор Rocklin Baptista ( назад)
Those 12 dislikes are Kent st fans 😂

Автор marvelous marvin ( назад)
It says ucla highlights and people saying why they not showing lonzo ball scoring. I think some of you people are retarted .

Автор dkim ( назад)
NCAA notorious for awful highlights and cashing out

Автор WSG Man ( назад)
awful highlight video, let the guys you flag post theyre much better.

Автор Pingu Penguin ( назад)
Judging by the thumbnail, Ball and leaf could be beaf if you know what I mean 😏

Автор JumpStar25 ( назад)
Why would you post a video of UCLA basketball without Lonzo scoring? Not a smart move. Don't do it again.

Автор u1st driver ( назад)
UCLA won't get to the final 4 even with the ball brother's

Автор Ck Gore ( назад)
UCLA future national champs

Автор Roffi Grandiosa ( назад)
lonzo wearing adidas harden.. black tip dope!

Автор rudebwoy top shotta ( назад)
y'all need to hire some of the ones whose videos you're flagging

Автор mikecala7 ( назад)
saw a lot of lonzo standing around. Where were his highlights? besides two passes

Автор D Wade ( назад)
NCAA MARCH MADNESS not showing any Lonzo 15 points ..HMmmmmm

Автор Yung'n Muhdy ( назад)
subscribe to my channel

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