Solving THE HARDEST Lock Puzzle in HISTORY!! - LEVEL 10

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
  • Today I will attempt to solve the most difficult lock puzzle ever created. Known as the T11 Popplock by Rainer Popp! This Lock Puzzle is hand made, milled from raw metal in to a 5 lb Massive lock which requires 13 steps to open! There are traps and each move must be precise!
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    Lock Blog:
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    Chris Ramsay
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  • Chris Ramsay
    Chris Ramsay  5 months ago +5548

    For those asking about the small key. I fast forwarded the ending, now realizing that i shouldnt have. It just fell out! Ill show you in the next video! Thanks for watching!

    • David Mircevski
      David Mircevski 4 days ago

      Every time when you do something you get scared 😂

    • Owee Go
      Owee Go 6 days ago

      What video did you show it?

    • MrOrca30
      MrOrca30 Month ago

      Should’ve listened to the hint instead of contemplating! It literally told you to make the leap of faith!

    • Breg
      Breg Month ago

      NuttyVlogs Wafiy I did, and it doesnt show it falling out. Its a jump cut (aka he edited the video so it jumps ahead in time), and suddenly the piece is there. He probably cheated. Its why he never mentioned this again. And didnt do a follow up explaining it.

    • Sally Nguyen
      Sally Nguyen 2 months ago

      i cant find ittttt

  • Ali Star
    Ali Star 3 hours ago

    How did he get the key part back from the trap?

  • NGaged
    NGaged 20 hours ago

    You should put that on your front door lock. Robbers beware!

  • Isabelle Edmond
    Isabelle Edmond 3 days ago

    I’m impressed to be honest 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • thomas van dijk
    thomas van dijk 4 days ago

    20:05 finaly you find it after 44 minutes

  • David Mircevski
    David Mircevski 4 days ago

    Every time you do something you get scared 😂

  • Patrick Patterson
    Patrick Patterson 5 days ago

    I see comments mentioning there should be more to it than that and if that is how to solve it for all the work it’s a little disappointing. I wish it opened up or something

  • Jcg Guz
    Jcg Guz 5 days ago

    You made it seam like it was gunna be so hard to get your key back then you never really showed how you did... upsetting

  • Andrew Doepping
    Andrew Doepping 5 days ago +1

    I don't even think the timer is necessary, with cuts and everything. I wouldn't even put one, I don't think most people care about how fast you solve them.

  • Noiv’ert
    Noiv’ert 5 days ago +2

    I don’t have the patience to do this

  • WRSLBallistic
    WRSLBallistic 5 days ago

    What if you just learned how to do it over a course of a month install it on ur door then you don’t have to worry about intruders

  • linus viman
    linus viman 5 days ago

    how did you do to get the piece of the key out of the lock?

  • Michael Sosa
    Michael Sosa 6 days ago

    this dude is the best actor on youtube

    • Michael Sosa
      Michael Sosa 6 days ago

      IDK HOW I DID THAT!!!!!!!!!!..... but watch me put it back together first try

  • Fabricated Phoenix
    Fabricated Phoenix 6 days ago

    It’s absurd how much that thing costs, but with all the work that was put into it, I can see why it’s so pricy. Really a work of art

  • Stronger Aguiar
    Stronger Aguiar 6 days ago

    Brutally hard lol

  • Yata24
    Yata24 6 days ago

    so was there even a trap to this?

  • Anime Aunty
    Anime Aunty 6 days ago +5

    The unlock was very anticlimactic.

  • Soph’s Vids
    Soph’s Vids 6 days ago

    1:42 anyone else recognise the stumble

  • The Guy
    The Guy 6 days ago

    Jumpscare 21:12

  • Mxnuuel
    Mxnuuel 7 days ago +2

    "this requires precise movements and perfect timing"
    Chris: 14:02

    NY_NYEXER 7 days ago

    Lvl 133345985321108897764532

  • kz pineda
    kz pineda 7 days ago +1

    Hey Jimmy
    What I think I forgot to solve this puzzle and it lock the barn

  • otaku bastian
    otaku bastian 8 days ago

    On the bottom whas the small hole

  • Victor
    Victor 8 days ago

    Imagine someone using this on their bike or locker

  • Emma’s Life
    Emma’s Life 8 days ago

    Him: You doubted me but I knew it!

    Me: I never doubted you 🤣

  • Cruz Korman Sward
    Cruz Korman Sward 8 days ago

    Who needs a normal combination lock for a locker when you can use something like this?

    ALIF IQKMAL 9 days ago

    You have a damp brain . Stupid men

  • 5HLMX
    5HLMX 10 days ago

    Um what exactly happened

  • Siddharth Sarwate
    Siddharth Sarwate 11 days ago

    Cicada 3301

  • Jalt Grey
    Jalt Grey 11 days ago

    I’m going to sleep early.. oh wait, hello sunshine ☀️!

  • harsha harish
    harsha harish 11 days ago

    The puzzle solved or not I don't understand that

  • Michael Wolfe
    Michael Wolfe 12 days ago

    You got past the jigglly click

  • Naruto Guy
    Naruto Guy 12 days ago

    How much money is dis ting

  • Tamin Fey
    Tamin Fey 14 days ago

    Hmm disappoint

  • W. Kramer
    W. Kramer 14 days ago

    13:14 .....Whaaahahahahahattt. Now thát was funny!

  • Danielle Kelsch
    Danielle Kelsch 15 days ago

    Does anyone know this mans zodiac!? He’s way too patient and calm!!!!!!

  • jushua paulino
    jushua paulino 15 days ago

    I know something will happen everytime the background music will stop.
    Share ko lang😂

  • jushua paulino
    jushua paulino 15 days ago

    I know something will happen everytime the background music will stop.
    Share ko lang😂

  • I'mAlive
    I'mAlive 15 days ago

    Took equally as long to solve the clear jigsaw puzzle w/ 5 corners ... so who's smarter? The inventor of the jigsaw or the engineer/machinist behind this?

  • Anya crawford
    Anya crawford 15 days ago

    Summary: “I solved it but idk how”

  • Alexandru Melintioi
    Alexandru Melintioi 16 days ago

    It's good for keeping your stuff safe!

  • Hard Core M_O_H
    Hard Core M_O_H 16 days ago

    i did not see how you got the end of the key back 19.20 you put it in its still in there at 22.09 22.10 it apears sout of now where some thing fishy with this edit ill remove my like till its explaned

  • Hard Core M_O_H
    Hard Core M_O_H 16 days ago

    pull the key apart 3.31 4 july 2019

  • vertti tikkanen
    vertti tikkanen 18 days ago

    I know a guy who is making a elemental lock puzzle ps pls sub code name pizza 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  • Md Nazmul Hossain
    Md Nazmul Hossain 18 days ago

    Is this a safe lock for all time ?

  • Saucey Steph
    Saucey Steph 19 days ago

    “I’m shocked, You saw my face rn” *sees only hands

  • YaBoiSalty
    YaBoiSalty 19 days ago

    are we all just gonna sit here and avoid the fact of how many alarms he has for the middle of the night? 6:56

  • Maddox Martin
    Maddox Martin 20 days ago +1

    "I wonder if there's a magnet?" - Chris Ramsay

  • Imkong Imchen
    Imkong Imchen 22 days ago

    Can someome tell me how the key that was stocked in came out!

  • emcee quinzel
    emcee quinzel 22 days ago

    plot twist(6mins later): you have fall into a trap already 😅

  • Fail Nation
    Fail Nation 23 days ago

    Anybody else want to know how he got the key out in the end? It just appears out of nowhere when he puts it back together 💁‍♂️

  • Aries Tottle
    Aries Tottle 23 days ago

    You know you got a good guy if he solves puzzle. The patience dang...😁

  • Adam Taurus
    Adam Taurus 23 days ago +1

    The greatest lock is my mom's bank account.

  • carl hernandez
    carl hernandez 23 days ago

    puzzles .Try to open apple computers without breaking them and without looking on how to do it ...

  • Kurt Cocaine
    Kurt Cocaine 23 days ago

    "We have a thing, there is a thing here.... and we have it"
    - Chris Ramsay 2019

  • rashaun stewart
    rashaun stewart 24 days ago

    18:14 don’t do it 😭

  • Colton Compton
    Colton Compton 25 days ago +1

    I think every time you fail a puzzle you should make a video of you only getting an hour to solve it.

  • Abraham Contreras
    Abraham Contreras 25 days ago

    The ending was very disappointing tbh

  • Mr Anything
    Mr Anything 25 days ago

    Hi phone turned off

  • Zack Rudd
    Zack Rudd 25 days ago

    Crazy had chills it felt like I was watching a scary movie

  • Gizemli Kiz
    Gizemli Kiz 25 days ago

    Interviewer: So how many puzzles have you solved til today?

    Chris Ramsay: Yes

  • klh 2003
    klh 2003 25 days ago

    I feel like that wasn't all

  • SphaxTTL
    SphaxTTL 25 days ago

    I want that key

  • Kickz4 Dayz
    Kickz4 Dayz 26 days ago

    So This Dude Related To Gordon Ramsay ?😳

  • maddog1918
    maddog1918 26 days ago

    Do you ever wonder if the puzzle makers watch your videos on their puzzle, laughs and has the "oh so close" comments

  • Shikinzumi
    Shikinzumi 26 days ago +1

    21:12 wtf man I'm using an earphone

  • Narasimha Gajula
    Narasimha Gajula 27 days ago

    How to get more information

  • Steven Bills
    Steven Bills 27 days ago

    Is it me or does he sort of sound like Mark Ruffalo just little bit ?

  • Destiny Decena
    Destiny Decena 27 days ago

    I'd like the name to the song used at the very end pls ;^;

    HIDE SHADER 27 days ago

    We should use grenade for this type of lock😁

  • Collaborative Clockworks

    Got damn that was suspenseful and exciting. Not something I see too much on RUclip.

  • Suga Genuis jjang jjang man boong boong

    Literally everybody: I heard that there's this new lock puzzle, no one can be it!

    Puzzle MASTER: Hold my coffee

  • Elizabeth Greenwood
    Elizabeth Greenwood 27 days ago

    He had to stic the other stick in the hole at the top!!!!

  • Nguyễn Đình Hoàng Minh A32581

    Imagine if you use this lock to lock the door

  • Stefan Ardeleanu
    Stefan Ardeleanu 28 days ago

    Those screams scare me man...

    Also imagine being a robber and actually trying to solve this lol

  • DigitalWolf
    DigitalWolf 28 days ago

    The hardest puzze is

    Fixing a tangled earphone

  • Splash - PS3D
    Splash - PS3D 28 days ago +1

    When you don't know what to do, just spin that sh*t

  • dheinosaur73
    dheinosaur73 29 days ago

    You should stream these

  • Kev AZ
    Kev AZ 29 days ago

    I was screaming at you to put the piece in there but you wouldn’t listen... I would of finish this puzzle in hours

  • gacha life life
    gacha life life 29 days ago +1

    When I looked at the key then the key hole behind iT I KNEW YOU WERE GONNA PUT IT IN

  • cynthia marchand
    cynthia marchand 29 days ago

    Chris is best

  • Elegantcrawfish9 hype beast

    1500$ lock ....

    Vs 17$ bolt cutters lol

  • O.8 Gamer
    O.8 Gamer 29 days ago


  • Battalon
    Battalon 29 days ago +3

    Did you reveal, where the small key came out? I can not find the following vid to this puzzle 🤔

  • Karyn
    Karyn Month ago

    I can't believe that after 17 minutes in I still haven't heard you mention the pin hole on the top of the lock, I noticed it the first time there was a view of the top... I guess it was a red herring to get you thinking about it and wondering what it does lol.

  • Ryan Nolfi
    Ryan Nolfi Month ago +1

    Anyone thinking about that episode of Hogan’s Hero’s.
    Only epic bruhs can like.

  • I am the best at fortnite

    It's not a leval 10 its actually a leval 15

    • Turtle :D
      Turtle :D 29 days ago

      its not spelled leval its actually spelled level

  • Leo Rodrigues
    Leo Rodrigues Month ago


  • Ultron DM
    Ultron DM Month ago +1

    Imagine if a thief try to open the lock to get alot of diamonds lol.

  • Allan Polakkattil
    Allan Polakkattil Month ago


  • Batty Kellen
    Batty Kellen Month ago +4

    This guy solves puzzles like how I try and fix stuff on my truck.

  • Aaron Strain
    Aaron Strain Month ago

    21:11 gave me a fucking heart attack

    STEVE CHANNEL Month ago

    " Wire Heart puzzle "
    my RUclip Channel
    pls Like and Subscribe

  • LCN_ Gambino
    LCN_ Gambino Month ago +1

    Well, youre an actual ass hole. Im officially addicted to your videos (new guy) and just threw away my whole day watching your videos lmfao also nice tats man you got yourself another sub!

  • Fish Spanker
    Fish Spanker Month ago

    That’s one hell of a bike lock

  • kingchoi nvm
    kingchoi nvm Month ago +1

    What if this is your padlock at home?😅

  • Racine YoUtube
    Racine YoUtube Month ago

    That lock endured an 11 on the purple nurple scale.

  • Stella Muamba Ngufulu

    2h and 10 min cheater... ;)

  • Bryce Stanton
    Bryce Stanton Month ago

    lvl 100 tangled earbuds

  • Lex W.
    Lex W. Month ago

    How did he get the tip of the key back??