Flume & Eprom - Spring

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • Flume & Eprom - Spring
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    I made a mixtape with some of my favorite artists.
    It’s 38 minutes of music, with a visualizer created by Jonathan Zawada.
    We hope you enjoy :)
    Full mixtape visualizer here: flu.me/HiThisIsFlume/RUclip
    Mixed by Eric J Dubowsky
    Mastered by Matt Colton
    Shot by: Matsu
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Comments • 713

    SPOOKYDUKE Day ago


  • J. Eduardo
    J. Eduardo 4 days ago

    Ya mío chingona

  • maglerdon
    maglerdon 5 days ago

    Flume and EPROM make for an insane duo. I think the melodic side of Flume is a great complement to EPROM’s technical/glitchy sound. Flume has his own powers in the realm of glitch too so that just makes things even more crazy

  • Gerardo 5408
    Gerardo 5408 7 days ago +1

    I'm remember of Skrillex in the 2010 💕

  • DreamBigImagine _
    DreamBigImagine _ 10 days ago

    DUDE THIS SONG IS HARD AFFF!!‼️ I don’t know what Glitch Hop Trap Magic he’s doing but this is some WAY WAYYY DIFFERENT SHIT, ABSOLUTELY FIREEEEE‼️‼️‼️

  • mixbar show
    mixbar show 12 days ago


  • Chivvy82
    Chivvy82 13 days ago

    Tiesto brought me here

  • music Klaye_N
    music Klaye_N 14 days ago

    플룸형 2달만 기다려 내가 갈게 ♥

  • Caz
    Caz 17 days ago

    I can definitely hear two individual artists collabing on this one. Like flume style is distinct and so does eprom and its amazing how these two artists make their craft. Its beautiful.

  • Jairo Tapia
    Jairo Tapia 20 days ago

    That beat drops harder than my mom's chancla

  • Salvatore Fanara
    Salvatore Fanara 22 days ago

    Back in the 80s, the founder/pioneer of true Glitch was a german guy called Markus Popp, brainchild of band called Oval. He was a fount of inspiration, but lacked what most people would refer to as "music" (no offence to the guy) in his msuic. He released many crude soundscapes which I dont think were understood, yet he is the precursor to what we would refer to as Flumes music today. Popp was way ahead of his time by at least roughly 20 years! Back then the world wasnt ready for this genre.I would strongly suggest not just checking his stuff out, but also, his collab with a Japanese female vocalist. As a duo they went by the name of So. They made one great album that I really think got Glitch out there to music lovers as before then I am not sure he was recognized/fully understood. Flume and Eprom really bring the Glitch genre (Popp's true intentions) into it's full manifestation of what is to be for such an avantgarde style of music. I believe Popp's dream is actualized in a track like this. Makes 2019 a special year for me

  • Fcu__vn
    Fcu__vn 23 days ago

    No se dan idea de lo flashero que es escuchar este tema estando re loco (efectos de la marihuana). Es lo mejorrrr🤤🤤

  • skeleton guy
    skeleton guy 24 days ago

    😲... This is my face, listening to it the first time

  • Meme Lord Rafael
    Meme Lord Rafael 25 days ago +1

    Fr thought my headphones were broken

  • fredricful
    fredricful 25 days ago


  • Steven
    Steven 26 days ago

    bouncing ball

  • Noel Jordan
    Noel Jordan 26 days ago

    dope sxtuff!

  • SnailGuy
    SnailGuy Month ago +2

    I can't believe that Eprom is collaborating with Flume, old fan of Eprom since my chillhood ❤

    • vibhu sharma
      vibhu sharma 24 days ago +2

      I fucking adore eprom, one of the best sound design in the scene.

  • Agustin Ozuna
    Agustin Ozuna Month ago

    dou re buenardo el flume como siempre

  • Skideedle Skidoodle


  • Unipetro Pvt Ltd
    Unipetro Pvt Ltd Month ago

    Can't get enough

  • *Slian Sleeky*
    *Slian Sleeky* Month ago

    i always knew eprom and flume would make some psychic music

  • fly till dead
    fly till dead Month ago


  • J-Man88UK
    J-Man88UK Month ago

    What the hell type of music even is this, it's insane!

  • DJ flying taco
    DJ flying taco Month ago

    Everyone saying flume but eprom did the crazy glitch stuff so under appreciated

  • Supa Savvy
    Supa Savvy Month ago

    Anyone else find theirselves playing this song every day or is it just me?

  • beto capi
    beto capi Month ago

    En serio que me hizo llorar 😭😭😭😭 es magnífica 🖤

  • BaQ Beatz
    BaQ Beatz Month ago

    co tu się dzieje, linie poszarpane jak ja po wypłacie

  • Devon Stevenson
    Devon Stevenson Month ago

    1:11 nostalgia

  • Gurr
    Gurr Month ago

    simultaneously unsettling (fucking with what my brain is expecting to come), stimulating, and entrancing

  • Lucky Cool
    Lucky Cool Month ago

    Is different music

  • Rivenz The Hunter
    Rivenz The Hunter Month ago

    SOPHIE vibes

  • sutto yt
    sutto yt Month ago

    These uneven beats and unorthodox style is so grasping it grabs u and forces u to listen

  • Livia Brito
    Livia Brito Month ago

    Omg, I would never imagine a sound like that, really amazing and unrealistic.
    Flume, this is epic!

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    I feel like flume is reaching into my brain via audio and giving it a tickle.

  • jonkaedro prado
    jonkaedro prado Month ago

    Esta rola y unos ácidos uuuuuuhh

  • Joshua blizzard
    Joshua blizzard Month ago

    Calling it how I see it!
    Rest In Peace Lil Peep!!!! ☮️❤️❌

  • Ferdinand Nicodemus

    This song gave me many ideas. Flume? Yeah the genius (:

  • 8D ElectroTrap
    8D ElectroTrap Month ago +1

    *Hi Friends, The music is already available in 8D* :))

  • dean
    dean Month ago +1

    1:10 i can't explain how beautiful that seems to me

  • zJzxmezX ROBLOX
    zJzxmezX ROBLOX Month ago +1

    Guys we cracked the code; Flume is a new genre. 😏

  • Noah Epps
    Noah Epps 2 months ago +1


  • Dhale Evans
    Dhale Evans 2 months ago

    i thought my speakers were broken for a sec.

  • Paul Apac
    Paul Apac 2 months ago

    Flume pushing the limits once again

  • Music is life
    Music is life 2 months ago

    It's like dk game jajajaja

  • B S
    B S 2 months ago

    I was so high when I listened to this

  • Kafusticii •
    Kafusticii • 2 months ago

    Не чего не понял,но очень интересно

  • al padchico
    al padchico 2 months ago

    Tu me manques. As

  • Worst Producer
    Worst Producer 2 months ago

    This is what makes a true artists, he can make radio hits in his own style and then shame producers with tracks like this, not like Zedd or Afrojack who abandoned their style just to make generic ass radio songs

  • Jason Song
    Jason Song 2 months ago

    Getter is also good

  • Tony Skaronea
    Tony Skaronea 2 months ago

    Eprom, summer camp.. ty Flume

  • huskar1u3
    huskar1u3 2 months ago

    I'm cuming.

  • Jakub Kołodziejczyk
    Jakub Kołodziejczyk 2 months ago

    Why you don't name this,, genre'' like a,, mixed japanese traditional tracks" or something like that

  • Zak
    Zak 2 months ago

    Why are all flumes sounds so refined compared to other artists’?!?

  • Simon Öggl
    Simon Öggl 2 months ago

    Don't forget EEPPPRROOMM!

  • Differ Boy
    Differ Boy 2 months ago


  • Matěj Železný
    Matěj Železný 2 months ago

    Best producer out there

  • Njr 9372
    Njr 9372 2 months ago +2

    Flume isn’t that good.

    Oh fuck... I just remembered why flume is that good- no, better than good.

  • Satō Matsuzaka
    Satō Matsuzaka 2 months ago

    My phone is having hard time loading this song, any solution?

  • Satō Matsuzaka
    Satō Matsuzaka 2 months ago


    RAJINGOD666 2 months ago

    ахуенно, как всегда

  • Aaron Iemolo
    Aaron Iemolo 2 months ago

    Woah, what a collab

  • Stefan Ciocan
    Stefan Ciocan 2 months ago

    This song = mind sick (apreciated)

  • Stefan Ciocan
    Stefan Ciocan 2 months ago

    Ooooooh this is so goood mmm...😋😊😋

  • Harry Dave
    Harry Dave 2 months ago +2

    If I had a rocket I'll be driving it in space blasting this track on my 40000watts sound system

    • Harry Dave
      Harry Dave Month ago

      @Iñi-man 666 Soulja boy up in this hoe watch me crank it watch me roll
      - William Shakespeare, 1587

    • Iñi-man 666
      Iñi-man 666 Month ago

      @Harry Dave hahahaha I was joking

    • Harry Dave
      Harry Dave Month ago

      @Iñi-man 666 thanks for the info Mr Stephen Hawkins

    • Iñi-man 666
      Iñi-man 666 2 months ago

      Sound doesn't move through the space void tho

  • Gubastek
    Gubastek 2 months ago

    I bet people from the past would love this music.

  • VictR
    VictR 2 months ago


  • Kawhi Or die
    Kawhi Or die 2 months ago

    This song is older than 2 weeks old

  • Nikolai Wiltjer
    Nikolai Wiltjer 2 months ago

    and keep playing in the life after

  • Nikolai Wiltjer
    Nikolai Wiltjer 2 months ago

    please dont stop till im dead

  • Matteo Carella
    Matteo Carella 2 months ago

    Hell yeah mateeeeeee!!!

  • Wobblebot
    Wobblebot 2 months ago

    you just can't compete with flume

    KRIME NATION 2 months ago

    wish i was freak like you man.
    So fucking good different approach to sound.

  • Lalo Lax
    Lalo Lax 2 months ago

    This reminds me to Arca

  • plant based culture
    plant based culture 2 months ago

    one of my faves

  • Dhiksith
    Dhiksith 2 months ago +5

    Just when you think you have heard almost every sound

  • MayanMountainInc
    MayanMountainInc 2 months ago

    It sounds like those strings are about to snap!

  • a Big Weed
    a Big Weed 2 months ago

    Well well, fucking hell, he delivers once again
    It's starting to become a bloody brand
    Keep it up, cheers!

  • Dirk E.
    Dirk E. 2 months ago

    Ear pr0n

  • XRainingGamingX
    XRainingGamingX 2 months ago

    That’s it boys. It’s been a ride. It’s the end of the mixtape…

  • Lucas
    Lucas 2 months ago


  • DarkPe dobear
    DarkPe dobear 2 months ago

    Good to see experimental tracks from big artists

  • purexed
    purexed 2 months ago

    I hear some Revazz influence here.

  • aswin bala
    aswin bala 2 months ago

    മലയാളീസ് come on

  • Abby
    Abby 2 months ago

    OH WOW. this is giving me goosebumps

  • 安井wow
    安井wow 2 months ago

    deadmou5 10.6

  • 安井wow
    安井wow 2 months ago


  • Beatriz Menezes
    Beatriz Menezes 2 months ago


  • Sweet Sweet
    Sweet Sweet 2 months ago

    How did you even make this?

  • 4orty5ive
    4orty5ive 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing vibe

  • Tony Garpz
    Tony Garpz 2 months ago

    Esta nueva experiencia de música es la que he estado buscando por mucho tiempo, es algo muy nuevo para mí y refrescante para mis oídos al descubrir nuevas experiencias sonoras.

  • Kamil Szmyt
    Kamil Szmyt 2 months ago

    Sztigar Bonko, coś Ty sznupiał

  • Manuel fernandes
    Manuel fernandes 2 months ago

    Totally eargasmic

  • Jaylaz
    Jaylaz 2 months ago

    Welcome back, It's been a little while.

  • Juan Ortega
    Juan Ortega 2 months ago

    But are my headphones working or not?

  • Derk Ender
    Derk Ender 2 months ago

    that intro I thought the speed on my youtube was messed up. This is some beautiful glitch futurebass.

  • Lye Zaard
    Lye Zaard 2 months ago

    Its like Flume said "yea future bass is aight, but check this out"!... Think ive listened to this song at least 30 times today....no lie.

  • HackWise
    HackWise 2 months ago


  • DG Brandenburg
    DG Brandenburg 2 months ago


  • Blondez Muzik
    Blondez Muzik 2 months ago

    #flume x #getter !!