Flume & Eprom - Spring

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • Flume & Eprom - Spring
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    I made a mixtape with some of my favorite artists.
    It’s 38 minutes of music, with a visualizer created by Jonathan Zawada.
    We hope you enjoy :)
    Full mixtape visualizer here: flu.me/HiThisIsFlume/RUclip
    Mixed by Eric J Dubowsky
    Mastered by Matt Colton
    Shot by: Matsu
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Comments • 768

  • Diego Nieto
    Diego Nieto 3 days ago

    Imagine 'Flume x Porter Robinson x Illenium x Seven Lions (ft. EDEN)'

    ETHAN FOX 4 days ago

    How the fuck

  • Iggy Lopez
    Iggy Lopez 9 days ago

    I swear I keep finding something new about Flume

  • Zilvinas Muleronka
    Zilvinas Muleronka 24 days ago

    This is very good!

  • ᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋ Month ago

    와 씨발 좆된다

  • Yeti Timbres
    Yeti Timbres Month ago

    This shit is nuts

  • Jonathan is not retarded

    LIT AF.

  • reuuu
    reuuu Month ago

    600,000th view :)

  • Matthew May
    Matthew May Month ago


  • Dario Prats
    Dario Prats Month ago +1

    Crazy song !! 👌

  • All3X
    All3X Month ago

    The ambient outro of this song is so amazing. I need a whole track of it

  • Zeph
    Zeph Month ago

    I would kill to see you do a tutorial Flume!

  • Fish Dawg
    Fish Dawg Month ago

    This helps to detoxify your ears from all the same old radio bs, sick blend! #flume your a beast 🔥🤘🏽🎛️🎶🎹

  • Amar Young
    Amar Young 2 months ago

    Nothing can stop you dude, last night you was so good at KL LIVE 🤴🏻

  • PreezyBeatz777 xx
    PreezyBeatz777 xx 2 months ago +1

    This brought peace to my life 🌟💕

  • Jack Tierney
    Jack Tierney 2 months ago

    heard this live at red rocks. holy fuck

    SIX4SEVEN 2 months ago

    Quite simply put... Insanity.

  • Elusive Gaming
    Elusive Gaming 2 months ago

    Damn dude's using the tightening of guitar strings for the beat that's nice

  • Gera
    Gera 2 months ago

    ¿Y los lyrics?

  • jp gonzales
    jp gonzales 2 months ago


  • Oboe 84
    Oboe 84 2 months ago

    Need a whole album of Eprom and Flume!!! That would be so huge and beautiful at the same time, just like this track! 2 of the best out there for sure!

  • Nkosi Sibanda
    Nkosi Sibanda 2 months ago

    Sooo damn good!

  • Zuri Vía
    Zuri Vía 2 months ago

    1:10 this part makes me wanna cry happy tears or dance

  • Raffaele Cocco
    Raffaele Cocco 2 months ago

    you find those sound in the fucking UNIVERSE

  • 『IEnVY』 OxY
    『IEnVY』 OxY 3 months ago

    My new ringtone

  • D477a DB
    D477a DB 3 months ago

    Made my month discovering Flume ❤️❤️😱🙏

  • Brady Barnes
    Brady Barnes 3 months ago

    The way that his music makes me feel is the way of the most empowering being on THE GOD damn surface of the earth! Fucking tingles running through me like water running down a river, flumes music is rejuvenating like no other on planet earth! Or even other planets for that matter. God damn

  • Er Smj
    Er Smj 3 months ago

    Thanks flume ❤️

  • Jelly Extracts
    Jelly Extracts 3 months ago

    flume is what happens when music takes psychedelics

  • ivan bird
    ivan bird 3 months ago +2

    you can really feel the ebb and flow, like a turning a weighted wheel, or a wave rising then falling

  • Kai Lategan
    Kai Lategan 3 months ago

    Yep. This is deffs flume

  • The Badass
    The Badass 3 months ago

    Insane and so fresh

  • julia gore
    julia gore 3 months ago

    This song feels like I'm flicking the teeth of a fine tooth comb....

  • Brade Bronson
    Brade Bronson 3 months ago

    Did you know that the word Flume is a combination of "flower" and "bloom" hence his videos always have some sort of blooming flower in them.

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali 3 months ago +1

    This song is a work of art

  • Je Basquiat
    Je Basquiat 3 months ago


  • Kendall
    Kendall 4 months ago

    Love it. This sounds like the kind of song Bluprint would dance to

  • Lye Zaard
    Lye Zaard 4 months ago

    Someone just audibly spooged in my ear.

  • Rachel Robinson
    Rachel Robinson 4 months ago

    Unbelievable tune 🧡🌞

    SPOOKYDUKE 4 months ago


  • J. Eduardo
    J. Eduardo 4 months ago

    Ya mío chingona

  • maglerdon
    maglerdon 4 months ago

    Flume and EPROM make for an insane duo. I think the melodic side of Flume is a great complement to EPROM’s technical/glitchy sound. Flume has his own powers in the realm of glitch too so that just makes things even more crazy

  • Gerardo 5408
    Gerardo 5408 4 months ago +1

    I'm remember of Skrillex in the 2010 💕

  • DreamBigImagine _
    DreamBigImagine _ 4 months ago

    DUDE THIS SONG IS HARD AFFF!!‼️ I don’t know what Glitch Hop Trap Magic he’s doing but this is some WAY WAYYY DIFFERENT SHIT, ABSOLUTELY FIREEEEE‼️‼️‼️

  • den v
    den v 4 months ago


  • Chivvy82
    Chivvy82 4 months ago

    Tiesto brought me here

  • music Klaye_N
    music Klaye_N 4 months ago

    플룸형 2달만 기다려 내가 갈게 ♥

  • Patsasuu
    Patsasuu 4 months ago

    I can definitely hear two individual artists collabing on this one. Like flume style is distinct and so does eprom and its amazing how these two artists make their craft. Its beautiful.

  • LSD_Screamy
    LSD_Screamy 4 months ago

    That beat drops harder than my mom's chancla

  • Salvatore Fanara
    Salvatore Fanara 4 months ago

    Back in the 80s, the founder/pioneer of true Glitch was a german guy called Markus Popp, brainchild of band called Oval. He was a fount of inspiration, but lacked what most people would refer to as "music" (no offence to the guy) in his msuic. He released many crude soundscapes which I dont think were understood, yet he is the precursor to what we would refer to as Flumes music today. Popp was way ahead of his time by at least roughly 20 years! Back then the world wasnt ready for this genre.I would strongly suggest not just checking his stuff out, but also, his collab with a Japanese female vocalist. As a duo they went by the name of So. They made one great album that I really think got Glitch out there to music lovers as before then I am not sure he was recognized/fully understood. Flume and Eprom really bring the Glitch genre (Popp's true intentions) into it's full manifestation of what is to be for such an avantgarde style of music. I believe Popp's dream is actualized in a track like this. Makes 2019 a special year for me

  • Fcu__vn
    Fcu__vn 4 months ago

    No se dan idea de lo flashero que es escuchar este tema estando re loco (efectos de la marihuana). Es lo mejorrrr🤤🤤

  • skeleton guy
    skeleton guy 5 months ago

    😲... This is my face, listening to it the first time

  • Meme Lord Rafael
    Meme Lord Rafael 5 months ago +2

    Fr thought my headphones were broken

  • Steven
    Steven 5 months ago

    bouncing ball

  • Noel Jordan
    Noel Jordan 5 months ago

    dope sxtuff!

  • SnailGuy
    SnailGuy 5 months ago +4

    I can't believe that Eprom is collaborating with Flume, old fan of Eprom since my chillhood ❤

    • vibhu sharma
      vibhu sharma 5 months ago +2

      I fucking adore eprom, one of the best sound design in the scene.

  • Agustin Ozuna
    Agustin Ozuna 5 months ago

    dou re buenardo el flume como siempre

  • Skideedle Skidoodle
    Skideedle Skidoodle 5 months ago


  • Unipetro Pvt Ltd
    Unipetro Pvt Ltd 5 months ago

    Can't get enough

  • Xanny Phantom
    Xanny Phantom 5 months ago

    i always knew eprom and flume would make some psychic music