Top 10 People Who Were Frozen In Time

  • Published on Dec 27, 2016
  • Top 10 People Who Were Frozen In Time, dying happens to us all but some people die in circumstances that see their bodies so well preserved it is as if they were merely asleep. These peopleare time capsules into days gone by and if preserved will continue to be so for a long time.
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  • Project zorgo Member

    Freezes my dead grand parents me orders healing potion from dark web

  • Keesha Coram
    Keesha Coram 2 days ago

    Stupid type corrected

  • Keesha Coram
    Keesha Coram 2 days ago

    I meant ZA WURDO

  • Naseer Uddin
    Naseer Uddin 2 days ago

    What about kil I'll sung of north korea

  • Ralph Vermolen
    Ralph Vermolen 3 days ago

    I've been to the Catacombe dei Cappuccini and I must say that it is quite the experience. If you happen to be around there, please visit it. You won't regret it.

  • Puppet Time
    Puppet Time 3 days ago

    On my way from Regina to Calgary staying there for a bit then on to banf

  • The Little Devs!
    The Little Devs! 4 days ago

    Ramses you mean Ramses from the prince of Egypt?

  • Shawiez29
    Shawiez29 4 days ago

    The catacombs are open... but the real question... is do you have the money... lol

  • Sleepy Gamer
    Sleepy Gamer 5 days ago

    if the people that are in this list were ghost and saw themselves dead and still looking alive they be like “Why they using my body?”

  • Barrel Link
    Barrel Link 5 days ago

    Leave rosalila alone she needs peace

  • Glitched Gacha
    Glitched Gacha 6 days ago

    which marvel hero was frozen in time?

    Captain America

  • WeeklySushii
    WeeklySushii 6 days ago

    *”lovely sentence to start” .. Yes indeed, yes indeed.*

  • Sarah MaeSings
    Sarah MaeSings 7 days ago

    Ask a mortician has a great video on Lenins corpse!

  • Mzy X Yuan
    Mzy X Yuan 7 days ago

    How did they know the names after 5000 years?

  • Jacob Watson
    Jacob Watson 7 days ago

    What about Captain America

  • Teresa bonita
    Teresa bonita 9 days ago

    Just rehydrate them and warm them up

  • Wildebeest
    Wildebeest 12 days ago

    Is it just me or did number 2 look a bit like Michael Cain

  • Teresa bonita
    Teresa bonita 15 days ago

    Rehydrate number 2

  • Real Random
    Real Random 15 days ago

    *Human Logic: Get A Lung From A Living Person Who Needs It And Give It To Someone Else, Instead Of Getting A Lung From A Dead Person Who’s Is “Still In Tact”.*

  • sam
    sam 17 days ago +1

    what about walt

  • roham ahmadyfard
    roham ahmadyfard 18 days ago +1

    5:44 is she wearing a jojo siwa bow?

  • RageAbyss
    RageAbyss 18 days ago

    I hate how my religion burns people. It's scary.

  • Brian De Bradzinar
    Brian De Bradzinar 21 day ago

    I think no.3 was suppose to be no.1

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 25 days ago

    I believe Aang can save the world

  • sbjkd
    sbjkd 26 days ago

    La Donacella would probably be pronounced as “Donaseya”. C is pronounced as an “S” before E and I, and as “K” in other places. It’s never a “ch” in Spanish, as far as I know. Ll is usually pronounced as “Y”, and sometimes with a bit of an English J. But I have seen double L pronounced as “L” in Mexico a few times.

  • sbjkd
    sbjkd 26 days ago

    Lenin has no fluids. Most of Lenin has been replaced. The Russians spend hundreds of thousand$$$ every year on keeping him looking good (good). He gets re-embalmed and has had skin replaced with artificial “skin”. A mortician named Caitlin has a RUclip channel and she’s done an amazing video about Lenin’s corpse. The real story is much weirder than you can imagine.

  • jakaria Netters
    jakaria Netters 26 days ago

    I can tell that La Doncella is very famous, I've heard about her in many videos I watched and learn new things about her everytime.

  • Osama Ahmed
    Osama Ahmed 27 days ago

    When I was in fourth grade I went to a trip of the muisam of the pharose and I saw Ramses and it was a school trip I saw Nefertiti and kelopadra they were all dead

  • CaRrIe 4TwIn E
    CaRrIe 4TwIn E Month ago


  • LucarioZombie
    LucarioZombie Month ago

    Is it wrong to want hear of a story where one is frozen and revived after at least 1 year? I mean I don't suggest we get started on candidates but it would make for a good advancement in science. I keep hearing "perfect reserve" but I have to remind myself dead is dead.

  • VenomousIncisors
    VenomousIncisors Month ago +1

    Uhm I simply must find pictures of mummy passports

  • Maayan Foster
    Maayan Foster Month ago

    I’ve actually seen the body of Lennon. It was completely free to see actually and was very strange to see him “frozen” in time. It was weird to see someone that was alive at a point long ago and had so much power.

  • sara murphy
    sara murphy Month ago

    Why tf were they pulling that dead man out the ice WITH NO GLOVES. GeezUS. And we wonder why all these old diseases surface.

  • lion animations
    lion animations Month ago +1

    This is a cold cold world.....get it get it

  • happy accidents
    happy accidents Month ago +2

    scientist: omg a dead body
    *takes samples*
    scientist: let's make clones

  • Kristina Montero
    Kristina Montero Month ago

    4893 anyone

    • Sky
      Sky Month ago


  • It’sJust Allison
    It’sJust Allison Month ago

    I jumped at 6:50 yeesh...

  • maddie slays
    maddie slays Month ago


  • Susan the Zombie girl Fanter

    I want to be preserved when i die...wait, is that weird?

  • Kurt Gingayan
    Kurt Gingayan Month ago

    Can you make a philipin urban legends

  • Casy Leer
    Casy Leer Month ago +1

    I want to just be left in the dirt where I die, Let me fertilize the grass....

  • Nora Schultz
    Nora Schultz Month ago


  • jp a 1000000
    jp a 1000000 Month ago

    Why does he look like an old version of Noah from lls

  • mustard the llama
    mustard the llama Month ago +1

    Austin powers

  • sylar engle
    sylar engle Month ago

    I learned about otzi

  • M6 co.
    M6 co. Month ago

    St. Francis xavier???
    You forgot him

  • cixlo
    cixlo Month ago

    radio carbon datibg is a joke...... tender is better

  • Rose Ravenswood
    Rose Ravenswood Month ago +1

    2019 anyone?

  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith Month ago

    We learned about Otzi in my Social Studies class. Btw I am in the 6th grade and there are many theories of how he died

  • emilie Harila
    emilie Harila Month ago

    5:47 poor man

  • Crystal _drawsxd
    Crystal _drawsxd Month ago

    Oh I’ve heard about the tolland man in school since I live in Denmark

  • Ragefire Gaming3.0
    Ragefire Gaming3.0 Month ago +1

    I am surprised that there is a passport somewhere in France that belongs to a 3000 year old corpse.

  • JUde Fabien
    JUde Fabien Month ago

    John torinngton's body terrified me.

  • JUde Fabien
    JUde Fabien Month ago +1

    This is a bit more information about otzi. He died by getting shot by an arrow and his tools are well preserved he lived during times like the stone age.

  • GarlicTastsNice
    GarlicTastsNice Month ago

    The first president of Russia's name: Vladimir
    Russia's now president of Russia's name: Vladimir

  • Aanglos3115
    Aanglos3115 Month ago

    6:50 Torrington´s eyes are still Oþen... why ðiðn´t they Shut Them ? Oh wait He is show to have Roþes arounð Him

  • Andrew McGay
    Andrew McGay Month ago

    get your very own BOG MUMMIES, we got BOG MUMMIES right here right now, surprise your friends with BOG MUMMIES
    it's back to school season and you know what that means: BOG MUMMIES now with extra PEAT

  • mark youg
    mark youg Month ago

    7:50 looked full of life

  • Jayz grouse
    Jayz grouse Month ago +1

    I was hoping Lenin would end up on this list, he's remarkably preserved even to this day and there's tons of history behind him.

  • lordbro1906 YT
    lordbro1906 YT Month ago

    When i saw number 2 at the point i didnt want to sleep anymore i rrly wish they closed his eyes before they buried him it would have saved loads of people their sanity:/

  • Paulie Tonoro
    Paulie Tonoro Month ago

    I want to see Lenin

  • Devin Terrazas
    Devin Terrazas Month ago +1


  • Devin Terrazas
    Devin Terrazas Month ago

    Oh my gosh they don't look real but those Are real people who lived years and years and years ago who walked and talked and breathed just like us? It's absolutely fascinating. Unbelievable

  • Brady Menting
    Brady Menting Month ago

    6:50 jumpscare alert...

  • yourbros Army
    yourbros Army Month ago

    Am I the only one who watched this before and remember him talking about how if someone touched one of them they would die? Or is that Me

  • Enter Valhala
    Enter Valhala 2 months ago

    4:00 europeans used to be all over the Planet bones have been found all over that belong to europeans with blonde/red hair and blue eyes dating many many thousands of years ago.

  • PeaPee
    PeaPee 2 months ago

    6:50 I reacted to this.

  • Vasilis Chatzichristidis

    In 3:33 that's a picture of a Greek tomb (θολωτός τάφος)!not a Chinese one!!!

  • TicTac 84
    TicTac 84 2 months ago


  • Darnell laqueesha Jones

    Well I mean Lenin wasn’t the father of communism

  • Z All
    Z All 2 months ago


  • David Bowie
    David Bowie 2 months ago

    I fucken hate you you're such a faget

  • Declan Ballinger
    Declan Ballinger 2 months ago

    Is Micheal Jackson there?

  • Abigail Turner
    Abigail Turner 2 months ago

    Part 2 !

  • Emilio The Pixel Guy
    Emilio The Pixel Guy 2 months ago

    Steve Rogers

  • Turki Sultan
    Turki Sultan 2 months ago

    i though those frozen people coverd in ice and snow but the real question is HOW PEOPLE FOUND HUMANS FROM 1000 YEARS A GO

  • Cynthia Patterson
    Cynthia Patterson 2 months ago

    Seen most of. Them kind of cool

  • ꧁༺faiz Yoda༻꧂
    ꧁༺faiz Yoda༻꧂ 2 months ago

    I seen the 1 on news round 😂 lol but VERY DISTURBING yikes

  • Golden Bear767
    Golden Bear767 2 months ago

    It would be less then💯 because my great Grammy Mara was born in 1919 and still alive 🤔

  • LizSRN E170
    LizSRN E170 2 months ago

    Number 10: Steve Rogers

  • Etlis
    Etlis 2 months ago

    2:43 this person IS in My history book

  • GoOnS! Yas
    GoOnS! Yas 2 months ago +1

    Ew oh um Ozi um you got some oh please don’t oh uh he did it

  • Coleton Waller
    Coleton Waller 2 months ago

    That’s so stupid they wouldn’t take a picture of George Mallory’s face. Pussies

  • geraldine woods
    geraldine woods 2 months ago

    What about jack dawson lol

  • Quinn Martin
    Quinn Martin 2 months ago

    eva looks like lady gaga

  • funtime sprinkled the galaxy diamond

    Cataooms? Realleh brodah?

  • Stephen Owens
    Stephen Owens 2 months ago

    3:48 JESUS

  • Mr.Savage 9000
    Mr.Savage 9000 2 months ago

    Otzi was gonna hit the hardest whip

  • Kitten Bubbles
    Kitten Bubbles 2 months ago


  • Batter Fire
    Batter Fire 2 months ago

    Otzi looks like a..... roast pig..... or turkey?!

  • Lone__.__Wolf
    Lone__.__Wolf 2 months ago

    I think the first thing in our 5th grade history book (the first grade we study history) was the Tolland man? I'm pretty sure the same exact picture of him was there. Something about him being found in a swamp or something along those lines? Weird

  • Kaitlyn Skidmore
    Kaitlyn Skidmore 2 months ago

    Omg Rosalia looks like a baby doll

  • NawDowl
    NawDowl 2 months ago

    i'm surprised you guys didn't ad Xin Zhui of China

  • Rayne Ma
    Rayne Ma 2 months ago

    It is peaceful when a person had died after a long time, but not so during death.

  • Alicia O’Brien
    Alicia O’Brien 2 months ago

    Who is here after Shane Dawson

  • MickeyCreole
    MickeyCreole 2 months ago

    This is scary stuff, I mean I would hate that thousands of years after my death, my whole body being found intact and put in some museum to be gawked at and scientists picking away at my skin and organs etc. However, the bigger threat would be in a thousand years, future humans finding your preserved body and having technology to bring you back to life, that would be the worst nightmare ever, I mean if they did that, what would happen to your soul? Would it be viciously returned to your brought to life body? Hey, I’m actually looking forward to my earthly death, hoping it’s sooner than later, and trust me, I’m done with Earth, I ain’t reincarnating, and I want my corpse destroyed completely. Anyway, insightful video to watch but me personal, I wished that these dead folks were properly respected and laid to rest in a more conventional way instead of being turned into some gawking freak show, it’s not nice

  • Poor Man
    Poor Man 2 months ago

    President marcos

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 2 months ago

    Imagine hitting a dab for 5000 years lmao

  • Demonette TM
    Demonette TM 3 months ago

    XD oatzi

    KELPIELPIRE GAMING 3 months ago +2

    I had pneumonia before and it is soooo painful. At random times you can’t breath and need an inhaler. I’m ok though.

    • ACE BEAR
      ACE BEAR 2 months ago

      Dang for how long