Unbelievable Home Locations

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  • We’ve seen wonderful lists of the most creative, bizarre and quirky houses and they’re truly a marvel to see, but today it’s all about location, location, location! We put on our hiking boots, pack our backpacks and go traveling to some of the strangest places on earth where people have built their homes.
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    13 - Home grown…
    Before we knew too much about turning our homes into eco-friendlier versions of their selves, Icelanders were already far ahead of the game. They use the earth’s natural dirt to insulate their homes, which means once the grass starts growing, you’re blending in with the landscape beautifully. Also bear in mind that building materials are not easy to come by in more remote areas, so this is the perfect solution. By owning one of these homes, you’ll blend right in.

    12 - Ready for Take Off…
    This Boeing 727 Hotel in Costa Rica is located deep in the heart of the jungle. So not only are you heading into the seriously awesome location of a jungle, but you can also brag that you’ve overnighted in a disused airplane flew from South Africa to Columbia once upon a time. Many amazing conversions have taken place in old aircraft, from restaurants, to homes, hotels and even a kindergarten.

    11 - Rock On…
    Over in Utah you’ll find homes that have been blasted into a rock wall that form part of the Rockland Ranch Community. Around 100 people live there, and the area was founded 35-years ago.

    10 - Cliff Hanger…
    Although Xuan Kong Si is actually a Monastery, I’ve added it to our list today - because technically, it is home to the monks that reside there. This particular mountain is considered sacred, and the Monastery in Mid Air - which is what Xuan Kong Si translated means - has been hanging there since 491 AD. To this day, architects are in awe of how they managed to get these dwellings to hang like this off the side of the cliff. They do know how it was done, but it’s remarkable they were able to do so. They were built high up as either a defence mechanism against marauders, or to protect themselves from floods.

    9 - Home is where the heart is…
    This big house is located on Elliðaey Island, Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago in Iceland. An incredible view from above, but you’ll never be allowed to visit there. It was built in the 1700’s and at that time 5 families lived on the island. The house is now owned by a hunting club and you have to be a member to get there. They don’t have electricity but fortunately they do have a sauna.
    8 - Oh, the places you’ll go…
    Over in Northern England these treehouses served as a form of protest. The residents of the treehouses built them to prevent authorities from quarrying for gritstone in the historic Nine Ladies Sit in Stanton Lees.

    7 - Time to go home…
    This is the Brooklyn Clock Tower Home and it’s got a hefty price tag attached to it. It costs $15 million and offers the lucky owners a view of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. It’s 6,813-square-foot and at one stage was bring rented out for $50,000 a month!

    6 - Welcome Home…
    Built in the 1700’s, let’s take a walk around Yemen’s Dar al-Hajar palace. The more modern part on top of the hill was built in the 1930’s by Yahya Muhammad Hamiddin, an Islamic Spiritual leader. The rooms of the palace are built into the side of a tall rock spire and you can buy a ticket and walk through this 5-story rock palace.

    5 - The house of the rising sun…
    Although it’s uninhabited, this is just worth a share because it’s so bizarre. It’s known as the Floating Castle near Krasnosilka in Ukraine, and is actually an abandoned granary.

    4 - Home is where you lay your hat…
    We head to Tunisia and pop in for tea at Matmâta. Thought to date back to the Roman times, inhabitants have dug these monstrous pits into the ground and tunnelled into the sides to create their living space. Nobody really knew about this place until the mid-60’s and that was thanks to the Star Wars film, A New Hope, where Luke Skywalker made his home on the planet Tatooine. Why they are built like this is not certain, but it could possibly have been to hide from the Egyptians or some like to believe that desert monsters used to live in those underground tunnels.

    3 - Head for the hills…
    Admittedly, it’s not a house but a hotel, but the location is most certainly surreal! The Solvay hut is located at 13,000 feet on the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland. It offers a resting place for weary hikers!

    2 - House on a hill…
    In this case, it would be more of a case of house in a hill. This was the creation of SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects, and the entire home is built into a hill. The shape allows for lots of natural light to filter into the home, exquisite panoramic views and loads of shelter.

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