Top 10 Most Extreme Camber Fails To Date - Fail Or Win?

  • Published on Jul 23, 2017
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Comments • 23

  • Phantom Wind
    Phantom Wind Month ago

    And there you have them, thinking they are some badass motherfuckers. XD

  • Waugy 370z
    Waugy 370z Month ago

    What epic pieces of shit! LMAO it takes a special type of stupid to think this is cool or good looking 😆

  • Hector
    Hector Month ago

    How to be a retard: lesson 1 - waste rent money on making your car worse
    tune in next week for guide on pants around your knees and backwards baseball caps

  • peter grueneis
    peter grueneis 2 months ago


  • Carl Mcdonald
    Carl Mcdonald 2 months ago

    If you're going to do this shit do it right get airbags bitches why you want to live that slow life

  • Rubens Junior
    Rubens Junior 3 months ago +1

    After seeing this I need to watch any "Muscle Car" video ASAP...

  • shokushin
    shokushin 3 months ago

    Ngl but that Odyssey is hella clean (≧∀≦)

  • ericlogos
    ericlogos 3 months ago +2

    This is the car equivalent of wearing your pants so low your underwear and asscrack is visible.

  • Neil Denton
    Neil Denton 4 months ago

    Why do this what is the point ????

  • mk4boi
    mk4boi Year ago

    Who cars what people think it’s for the owners😂 if you where face to face you wouldn’t talk shit like this don’t pretend like you would

  • First Last
    First Last Year ago +1

    Not sure if the music or the cars are worse. I'm going to have to award a tie.

  • TheMosttHatedLSX
    TheMosttHatedLSX Year ago

    The Fifth Clip, What Kind Of Car Is That

  • Ernst Frisch
    Ernst Frisch Year ago +3

    undriveable shit

  • Gen X Murse70
    Gen X Murse70 Year ago +6

    I thought I've seen it all with those stupid spinner rims, and then this trend came along. Such useless car mods; don't these people have better things to do with their time & money?

    • Impul
      Impul Year ago +1

      Gen X Murse70 if it's not on an actual performance car like a gtr or m3 or shit like that I say fuck it

  • George Torres
    George Torres Year ago +2

    These are God awful and no point into making your car look like this.... Idk what this is lol bs ass cars

  • Tom Nizer
    Tom Nizer Year ago +8

    This is unbelievable!! How can these cars be street legal?

  • soundlesspeal
    soundlesspeal Year ago +2

    good.... GOOD.... Let the hate flow through you.

    PEPE TRUMP Year ago +6


  • poppamuysexy
    poppamuysexy 2 years ago +3

    I understand this is a trend but in my opinion it's so ugly and it doesn't do anything as far as Control.

    • cXr Media
      cXr Media Year ago +3

      poppamuysexy obviously it has no benefits, its literally just for looks

  • David Collier
    David Collier 2 years ago +2

    Why would UFO this to ur car? Just stupid lookin.

  • Ace Phoenix
    Ace Phoenix 2 years ago +1