Disney+ | Everything You Need To Know About Disney's Streaming Service

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • Disney+ has officially launched, and while it may seem like a straightforward bit of news -- you watch Disney stuff on an app, right? -- it's actually a little more complicated than that. From how you can watch to what you can watch, we cover all the different subscription and bundle options as well as some of the hot pieces of content and original series coming to the highly anticipated new streaming service.
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Comments • 530

  • Carlo rodriguez
    Carlo rodriguez 2 days ago

    Good video ! How many devices I can use for one subscription ? Thanks

  • Michael Paul
    Michael Paul 3 days ago

    I only get 2 channel sound. Will this change ?

  • SÃBRĪNĒ ãlwãÿshõpē

    I am really wondering about if I sign up for a Disney plus account while I was in the us but if I travel to other country where its still not exist there would I still have the ability to watch it there even though I have the app and also account in it !!!

  • AJ Dezelle
    AJ Dezelle 10 days ago

    How can we get the Continue Watching function to work again?

  • Squid
    Squid 12 days ago +1

    *Why can’t I resume it says resume with a little progress bar on the bottom anyone would THINK it would let you resume but when you press it, it takes you back to the beginning (restarts you) what do I do*

  • Princess Panda LOL
    Princess Panda LOL 13 days ago

    How do I remove things from my continue watching? Because I let 3 and 4 yr olds on my mobile to watch multiple movies and series, turns out they didn’t like the first 4 seconds on Mickey Mouse. Please help I don’t want to suffer from baby shows on my screen for life

  • 3.2M subscribers
    3.2M subscribers 13 days ago

    He’s a bounty hunter not a gun slinger 😠

  • TaylorAnd Graphite
    TaylorAnd Graphite 14 days ago

    I have Netflix and I’m getting Disney+ and Hulu in all platforms in my home. (My family watches a lot of tv)😅

  • Elijah Chacon
    Elijah Chacon 15 days ago

    Dear Digital trends,
    Thanks for the brakedown and walkthrough of this newly offered service of Disney +. One one hand, being a Big Disney Fanatic myself I am Estatic that I can now steam Disney movie to my heart content. However, I am still skeptical of the "workings and inners" of Disney +. Its something new, therefore I am bound to be iffy. Lol.
    I'll wait about month or 2 and see how I feel..

  • joe reazor
    joe reazor 16 days ago

    Unfortunately, hulu is no longer available on our Sony blue ray player

  • MichiganWildcat
    MichiganWildcat 16 days ago

    So far of all the streaming apps I've used Disney+ is the easiest to navigate. Straight forward menus and well....The Mandolorian is just kick ass. It's like Clint Eastwood in a galaxy far far away!

  • Steph Yt
    Steph Yt 17 days ago

    How can you tell if someone is using your Disney + at the same time as you

  • Lisa Eichler-Johnson
    Lisa Eichler-Johnson 17 days ago

    I am not impressed at all! Thank goodness I got free from Verizon for their intro deal. I think I should have done more research. I was under the false impression that all past Disney content would be on there. It seems to be a handful of really classic old stuff like Mary Poppins and a lot of pretty recent stuff. I first tried to find Summer magic, then Kids incorporated, then the New Mickey Mouse Club, then You and me kid and lastly Parent Trap 4. NONE were on there, all huge faves from 80’s/90’s I also have seen long lists on other stuff not included. IF you are in early 20’s and want to see early 2000’s stuff or see some of new films and hard core classics it might be for you. For me even at free its kind of blah from the limited catalogue/narrow range of time period content!

  • phantom115cw
    phantom115cw 19 days ago

    What about Disney + app on the phone?

  • YN Savage
    YN Savage 19 days ago

    I’m too broke who got an account I can use?

  • chaw kyaw
    chaw kyaw 22 days ago

    I have hulu before disney+ but now I just sign up bundle for disney + to save money. Does anyone know if i need to cancel my hulu? cause i dont wanna double pay for my subscription.

  • Mankmemes
    Mankmemes 22 days ago


  • Gina Henderson
    Gina Henderson 22 days ago

    Absolutely, I have subscribed. TFS. 😊

  • Jose Osorio
    Jose Osorio 23 days ago

    I have the Disney app installed on my QLED Q90 tv and I am also using an HW Q90R soundbar. According to the movies details most movies stream in 4K ultra HD, HDR10, HDR, Dolby Vision/atmos (not supported by Samsung). I haven't found yet what video format I'm really streaming on my tv since the app doesn't provide the specific info for my device. Also not sure about audio quality (could be 5.1) but I'm sure it is not atmos as my soundbar doesn't register it as atmos when the video is streaming. It Seems like the Disney app doesn't provide the info lime other apps do (Netflix and amazon video for example). The one thing I noticed is that the audio quality is bad. The voice volhme (dialogs) is very low while the background sounds and or music is very loud. There is no good balance between them. I have to constantly keep decreasing or increasing the volume depending on dialog being to low or background sound being too loud. Also there is a lag that is very evident to a point that it's annoying, the Audio lag can be adjusted on the tv settings but then it affect other apps that are not having issues.
    So far the Disney app needs a bit of work and Samsung and disney need to figure out a way to provide atmos sound quality via the app in a way that it's compatible with the Samsung devices. This is in part Samsung's fault since it's so resistant to embrace HDMI 2.1 specially in its higher tier TVs and soundbars. No 2019 samsung tv or soundbar, not even their 8K tv or the Q90 QLED (their most expensive QLED tv) has HDMI 2.1, therefore can't handle true HD Atmos. Some apps like Netflix provide a loosless form of atmos and hopefully Disney will do this, it's not true hd atmos quality but it's still far better than the awful 5.1 that we are supposedly getting at this moment.
    So far this is my experience with the Disney app. I've been watching some of the marvel movies and Star Wars movies but not enjoying them as much as I would like to with the audio issues I'm experiencing. I will be probably cancelling the subscription after the trial period and only subscribe back once I get confirmation that those issues have been resolved.

    RITCHIE NAVARRO 26 days ago

    I am 100% ready to pay $7.00 a month for disney+ so I can watch all things disney

  • Chloe Barnett
    Chloe Barnett 26 days ago

    I like disney + but, the only issue in my opinion is there isn't a continue watching section as of right now.

  • Fridayplayer
    Fridayplayer 26 days ago

    honestly, the only reason I'm getting Disney+ is just the fact that they have Wizards of Waverly place and Zack and Cody on deck lmfao

  • Elliott Lewis
    Elliott Lewis 26 days ago

    I don't need this. I have Kingdom Hearts

  • Isaiah Adams
    Isaiah Adams 27 days ago

    Although I’m enjoying Disney+, the only question I have on my mind is: Where’s The Jungle Book (1994) & The Legend of Tarzan?

  • t henderson
    t henderson 27 days ago

    Brought to you by the people who enabled Jeffery Epstein and Bill Clinton to rape your daughters.

  • Ladys Caceres
    Ladys Caceres 27 days ago

    Who knows how to see recently watched

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell 27 days ago +8

    3:34 “...and of course, Captain Marvel”
    Yeah... ‘cause _that_ was the movie we were all thinking about...

  • Adam Gillen
    Adam Gillen 27 days ago

    I'm having sound problems with Disney+. They won't give me the option of choosing 5.1 or Dolby Atmos sound like Netflix does on my Samsung 75" QLED TV. They just automatically give me no-fun low quality or stereo sound, just because my Bose Soundtouch 300 soundbar, subwoofer and back speakers don't support Dolby Digital Plus or Dolby Atmos. Disney+ should make updates that will let me pick 5.1 or Dolby Atmos sound, that it will go through any home theater audio system. I don't want to watch Star Wars without the best sound. Especially when it's in 4K.

  • Tanyo Tv
    Tanyo Tv 27 days ago

    How can I get the bundle?

  • Paul Dhaliwal
    Paul Dhaliwal 27 days ago

    Will the owner of an account get noticed if I signed in to it

  • Silver G
    Silver G 27 days ago

    The Big question nobody has ask, will it be like Netflix and i mean when you shared your account with someone will it cost you more money for each person or it will stay the same????

  • Patrick Cunningham
    Patrick Cunningham 27 days ago

    Is the content available for download/offline viewing?

  • Noah Chavez
    Noah Chavez 27 days ago

    Why isn’t song of the south being released ?!

  • Jonathan Villegas
    Jonathan Villegas 28 days ago

    So 7$ a month decent .

  • Katabellion
    Katabellion 28 days ago

    I remember when the Disney streaming service she. It was announced in June 2017

  • Curtis Hall
    Curtis Hall 28 days ago

    no way to view your watch history or pick up where you left off

  • Valeria Martinez
    Valeria Martinez 28 days ago +1

    So can we only stream on 1 device or multiple?

    BAD DECISION 28 days ago

    I like the streaming service the only issue I have and a lot of other people have is there is no continue watching list the only way you can pick up where you left off on a movie is if you go to the movie you was watching but without that continue watching list you can forget what movie you was watching they need to fix this

  • Gavin Ems
    Gavin Ems 29 days ago

    Does anyone else have problems seeing what they were watching? For example on the home page of Netflix it would have a continue watching section where it would show where you stopped watching something and you had the option to jump right back into it. I don’t see one of these for Disney+

  • ThatGuySamB
    ThatGuySamB 29 days ago

    U guys think it's better than Netflix?

  • Zig Man
    Zig Man 29 days ago

    All marvel movies or just captain marvel?

  • Nikolai Vidal
    Nikolai Vidal 29 days ago +35

    Me: wanting to watch Disney + exclusive
    Also me: wanting to watch stranger things
    My wallet: ight imma head out

  • Mr. C2Kk
    Mr. C2Kk 29 days ago +5

    I need to stay off the internet because no nut November is getting out of hand

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 29 days ago

    Disney + is great 👍🏻 imo. I have spoken. 🙂

  • Daniel Ramsey
    Daniel Ramsey 29 days ago

    Not interested in streaming, nothing permanent. Its like Kindle.

  • Jesse C.
    Jesse C. 29 days ago

    Disney is a very dangerous parasite...and all of you unaware people subbing to it...instead of saying be our guest...ty for being our HOST. ^.~ Disney will slowly do what it came to do. Have a monopoly on film industry..no freedom..only what Disney wants...eh fuckin retards why am I even trying..

  • Jesse C.
    Jesse C. 29 days ago

    Hopefully Netflix doesn't give a fuck about marvel...its candy coated Disney shit now...Please get Warner and DC movies...for adults. Leave Disney + to middle aged moms and senior citizens...Let Netflix be like he HBO of our time...go edgy and adult. Fuck Disney and its trap..

  • Jesse C.
    Jesse C. 29 days ago

    Disney ..money trap ..and shitty musicals..bleh...When your kids have kids and their kids are being born...all they will see is Disney all over the world taking over like a monopoly. Kind of sad...but people who are mind warped into this whole Disney fad. Or obsession ...people who are into Disney this much.. I do feel sorry for you and the fact your mind was so easily manipulated. Anyway good luck to the future and to todays people. That got caught in the Disney trap. You are now trap queens to Disney. Your trapped by Disney...ehh like I said its sad.

  • Gage Smith
    Gage Smith 29 days ago

    7 dollars a month..... 12 months in a year..... 70 dollars a year....? Sum don’t add up😂

    • Steven Dean
      Steven Dean 26 days ago

      Obviously you get a discount if you pay up front....duh!

    FLORIDA-BOY 29 days ago

    ill stick to 123movies

  • Chris J
    Chris J 29 days ago +4

    Can’t find my recently watched

  • MightiestArm
    MightiestArm 29 days ago

    I wish they let us binge I hate waiting. So I'm gonna wait till everything is out then binge

  • Phylarious
    Phylarious 29 days ago +1

    Cant find Disney + on my appstore and also on my ps4 im prolly gonna wait for a long time i guess..

  • Jay MCC
    Jay MCC 29 days ago

    very informative insightful knowledge.

    MADR1DD 29 days ago


  • M SH
    M SH 29 days ago +4

    Home alone + cheese pizza and Christmas 🎄 my childhood memories ❤️

  • TRV YEET ,
    TRV YEET , 29 days ago

    Disney+ is the best it has all it even have diary of the wimpy kid Guys plz get this its good

  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen 29 days ago

    What about all the Disney Buena Vista shows?

  • lucaschannel7 2
    lucaschannel7 2 29 days ago

    Disney+ has came out 2 days ago and it is beautiful to have

  • Tim F
    Tim F Month ago

    Nice information