Bad Baby Brushing Teeth with Slime Candy! Candy Freaks Babyteeth4

Bad Baby Brushing Teeth with Slime Candy! Candy Freaks Babyteeth4
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Автор Alexus Watson ( назад)

Автор Alexus Watson ( назад)
I don't watch baby videos

Автор JeSsAmAca85 ( назад)

Автор shani burger ( назад)
they should really grow up😕😕

Автор Lilian Akins ( назад)
this is retarded

Автор Iftikhar Arif ( назад)

Автор Miguel LovesCupcakes ( назад)
How old is that girl in the right?

Автор Rebecca Gutierrez ( назад)
OMG jillian has the same tooth brush as me

Автор hbah mrza ( назад)
real vs gummy good

Автор The Demon MineCart ( назад)
1bad thing they are acting like babies 2 bad thing they are messing there teeth up and there teeth are like babies

Автор kirsten rose lafuente ( назад)

Автор CharMinx ( назад)
I wonder what they will be like when they are older

Автор TheReal Tropics ( назад)
Why is this in my recommend....

Автор larryz24 ( назад)
ha ha

Автор Miguel Magallon ( назад)

Автор Hiranur Sel ( назад)
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Автор Kenzie B ( назад)
If I were the girl with the brown hair I would be embarrassed, she looks like a 4th grader, and her parents are making money of both of the girls by making them act like babies

Автор Mela Ludel ( назад)

Автор Mela Ludel ( назад)
this is so evol

at hthe end addie at the mouthwash

Автор Emoji Lover ( назад)
I have that my little pony tooth brush

Автор Crazy Gamer ( назад)

Автор Jose Renante Tanglao ( назад)
hahaha funny liking the video

Автор Zizii Sam ( назад)
ozze tube I love those its even at powwows yummy

Автор David McMahon ( назад)
I love baby teeth four 😍😍😍😍

Автор Magdalene Shecapio ( назад)

Автор Ross Ripley ( назад)

Автор Esilene Kelly ( назад)

Автор Robert Hopkins ( назад)

Автор Guest Account ( назад)
Bad babys great video

Автор msp TBLR2017 ( назад)
put 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆

Автор Tanisha Akthar ( назад)
hi babyteeth4

Автор Kanchana Uduwaragedara ( назад)

Автор Loredana Moldea ( назад)
l don't like you poops

Автор Romeo Lexxie ( назад)
cmon you dont see the title? its "bad baby"!

Автор Batoul Lolo ( назад)
I mean, Imbalakm Ktir Antoa Halawin Mabashmk Bnaskm not Atamlmo videos

Автор Saumon ( назад)
Фараон ты ли это?

Автор SUPER Play ( назад)
of my you

Автор rajesh sadiora ( назад)
Bad bay

Автор Kristy Dalton ( назад)
I got on the weird side of YouTube...

Автор Chyenne Robillard ( назад)
they sound more like cavemen than babies

Автор Halis Halis ( назад)
so cute and faves😍🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🕭🎹🎙🎶🎺🎶🎚🎺♩🎺🎺🎺🎶🐐🐄🐮🐑🐏🐃🐪🐮🐷🐐🐼🐼🐼🐥🐥🐥⛪🏜🏖🏜🌎🏜🏖🏘🏝🏖🏜🚣🚵🛅🛅🚵⛔🛃⛔🚵⛔ spot the differences you can find them especially 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Soupy For the win ( назад)
it's not cute to "pretend" to be a baby you know?

Автор Diana Flores ( назад)
your giving the kids bad exaples

Автор Sn0wKid Fan ( назад)

Автор Sn0wKid Fan ( назад)

Автор Sn0wKid Fan ( назад)

Автор AliceJazzy Xoxo ( назад)
When there teens and look back at this and get bullied

Автор EAH Angela ( назад)
don't eat to much candy

Автор EAH Angela ( назад)
you both amazing video

Автор kayla sandri and farel sandri and farel ( назад)
you crazy can gil

Автор Nlggella Kerr ( назад)
I don't like Jillian she just disgust me

Автор халид мамедов ( назад)

Автор Puppy Panda ( назад)
Remember don't forget to brush your teeth girls 🙂

Автор Mohamed Tissei Ajaha ( назад)

Автор Maria's Vlogs ( назад)

Автор Talalelei Alefa ( назад)
I think there trying to copy toy freaks

Автор Peace Maker ( назад)
its very stoped becose ther not babys😦😎🙍😾😾😾😾👿👅👅👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Автор Amorah Gibson ( назад)
she to big and cute but i like this vido this is the best

Автор инга Mironenko ( назад)

Автор Dana Croll ( назад)

Автор wilma macdonald ( назад)
I. Love. Your. Voided

Автор Alazea Ramirez ( назад)
and u guys should one day invite your freinds over and do a gummy V.S real food smoothie

Автор Alazea Ramirez ( назад)
y'all should do a baby's react to mean coments

Автор Diana Nadya love ( назад)

Автор Людмила Цветкова ( назад)
свиньи какие то

Автор 116 ApPlEsareReD ( назад)
Don't you think these kids are a bit too old for this? I don't know but in my opinion I think these kids should resort to something a bit more their age In middle school bullies are not rare and kids these age might be messed with for things like this.

Автор Golden Roberson ( назад)

Автор Olivia Racanelli ( назад)
The're really weird

Автор Errachidi Soufiane ( назад)
جميع الناس لكدسر ولدهم إيمشيو إي عرفو وليدهم شنو كيديرو👭👫👪💑

ولكين هدشي داروري💏

Автор mike.is.magical ( назад)
tf.. this is disturbing..

Автор Minecraft Lover ( назад)
this video is weird and just stick to bing normal people

Автор Felicia Karosi ( назад)
Why are they acting like babies

Автор Xuân võ channel ( назад)
như lồng :-D:-D

Автор Bea Cunanan ( назад)
Jilian Ana Addie's candy review it fun for us and fun for you so let's have fun today jilian and Addie way

Автор kimaWoo ( назад)
Super video..big big thumbs up 👍 lots of success for you.
Subscribed your lovely channel ;)
😍❤️ please visit us in your convenience time.
I hope you enjoy also :D

Автор NuBee Siri ( назад)

Автор karim kar ( назад)

Автор Nasra Aden ( назад)
Now we all now that we need to brush our teeth with candy

Автор Patrick C. ( назад)
So cripy

Автор Patrick C. ( назад)

Автор Charmaine Blake ( назад)
why are jillian and addie copying toy freaks

Автор Tracey Hole ( назад)
I love it right

Автор Leanne Tirek ( назад)
who showed people how to prush there teth

Автор gabr Alkumaim ( назад)
كل زق

Автор Dgghj Gghjj ( назад)

Автор Iana McClung ( назад)
I was eating Oreo cookies at the same time they were

Автор Jxcob2007 ( назад)
These two kids must have so much flipping cavities and bad teeth get a life candy kidzz

Автор gingernater 2000 ( назад)
aren't they too old for this ?

Автор Ahsj Nne ( назад)

Автор Ludimila Suellen ( назад)
que nojo comendo de boca aberta

Автор Nouf Alfayez ( назад)

Автор XTRaACE _x ( назад)
tf is this?

Автор Jayniah Rutledge ( назад)
both of you are not babys

Автор رغد الزهراني ( назад)
اهلين ياالمريكين الغبيا

Автор Daniel ( назад)
I have the pinkie pie brush

Автор mahin Sporsho ( назад)
Funny channel.I love this channel.I am Zayma. I am your big fan.I love baby teeth 4.

Автор Keery Dodman ( назад)

Автор Hamdy Ahmed ( назад)

Автор justforME The Other Hand ( назад)
pls do a teeth reveal

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