TOP 100 FUT CHAMPS REWARDS! - FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, Top 100 FUT Champs rewards,
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Comments • 356

  • Tim Dev
    Tim Dev Month ago


  • Divulga Funk Brasil


  • Kash Tastic
    Kash Tastic Month ago

    The most boring pack opening I’ve ever watched

  • Wikividya
    Wikividya Month ago

    Fut packs are bullshit

  • Xdutchgaming HD
    Xdutchgaming HD Month ago

    How can u send your reqards guys because i got gold 1 ann i would love voor nepenthez to open them ????

  • J T
    J T Month ago

    Nep any chance you will ever get good enough to get T100 on your account? Must be hard work to stream buying packs with FPs, doing SBCs and opening other people’s champs reward packs.

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith Month ago

    i sick of the moaning about rewards tbh its all luck based and you spend so much money on the game anyway that the rewards are irrelevent

  • Not Disclosed
    Not Disclosed Month ago

    martial 70k ffs!!!! 😂😂😂😂 overated hur! The main thing is he is having a good season, does f all as usual and playing for a team blighted with problems and languishing just above the relegation zone. I'm sick and tired of overated Premier League players that do nothing. Don't even get me started on Pogba, he's a useless lazy primadonna. There's more to Football than the dab and ridiculous haircuts.

  • Rejectful
    Rejectful Month ago

    Manny got even worse and he was #30

  • Mitchell Adlem
    Mitchell Adlem Month ago

    Why the fuck has he got Delaney at his fucking striker 😂🤣

  • NM FTV
    NM FTV Month ago

    you cannot say ni

  • Sally SaggyTits
    Sally SaggyTits Month ago

    My nigga you can not do that

  • Elias Berg
    Elias Berg Month ago

    Senegals flag!! Not cameroons

  • One dollar Bleach
    One dollar Bleach Month ago

    My man said Cameroon

  • Joe Short
    Joe Short Month ago +10

    How does he know it’s a board or a walkout so early on? 🤷‍♂️ like even before the pack starts to open

    • Martyn Cox
      Martyn Cox Month ago

      Joe Short how slow the animation goes

  • Tommyth
    Tommyth Month ago

    Did sbc’s all day and got jack shit except for an Eriksen who didn’t cover my losses, then I rage-opened a 7,5k pack on my phone before bed and got Del Piero, ez 1 mill.

  • RCN Lucad
    RCN Lucad Month ago +1

    Haha number 1 got nothing in so happy he’s a twat

  • Mr123Pender S
    Mr123Pender S Month ago


  • Jamie Parkinson
    Jamie Parkinson Month ago

    Ignore nepz bags under his eyes and respect the time and patience he has on a morning to do this 😂

  • Jack AM
    Jack AM Month ago

    17:17 u couldve said if its a centre back ur making bank if its not ur making wank

  • PuroBarcaHD
    PuroBarcaHD Month ago

    Hey Boys! I'm soon making my channel on some funny FIFA 20 Content! If that's something you are interested in give me some support with a sub! ALSO if you like FIFA Song Bangers! I made some cool edits in my channel! Thanks ⚽🔥⚽🔥

  • Osama Mahmoud
    Osama Mahmoud Month ago

    Why are u rushing

  • Just Like New Kitchen Resurfacing

    you need to do a video with matthdgamer

  • Rafi Rahman
    Rafi Rahman Month ago

    I dont how, but Nepenthez's pronunciations are always on point.

  • Its Maicon
    Its Maicon Month ago

    Tell me why jovic is still my best player


    Bad luck 🙃

  • PhantomMR
    PhantomMR Month ago

    No one watches my videos 😢. I wanna make money too :(

  • Shannon Clayton
    Shannon Clayton Month ago +7

    I've just got 455kc from there *FIFA20GLITCH. SITE*
    worked for me on ps4

  • vegastjg
    vegastjg Month ago

    Why do people have terrible bronze players on their teams?

  • Tgburv 123
    Tgburv 123 Month ago

  • Carlo Duarte
    Carlo Duarte Month ago

    I got semedo and got silver.. Only played 12 games lol

  • Brad Mihai
    Brad Mihai Month ago

    question : whats more stupid than a fifa player?... a fifa pro. Pathetic humans , far from what we could achieve as a smart race/spec. You only breath do die like slaves, without even knowing why you where here

  • roy Q
    roy Q Month ago

    Does anyone one kind want to xbox game share with me xD
    I really want to play fifa 20 but dont have the game.
    I dont have many games but i got rocket league, assasians creed, vigor, pes and a bunch of other trials and demos
    Anyone with fifa will be appreciated just reply if youd care to. Thx guys

  • Lewis101x
    Lewis101x Month ago

    i got Gold 3 and got Gomez and Hradecky. Couldnt ask for anything else. Thank you EA haha

  • Eliaz Upadhyay
    Eliaz Upadhyay Month ago

    This is dybala👉🏃
    He doesn't have any friends
    Can we get him some

  • frank unodostres
    frank unodostres Month ago

    how does this work?
    do people give neppo their account info and let him open the reward packs?

  • Richard Creba
    Richard Creba Month ago

    That team is just sad . The game has been out less than month. Some people need to get a life.

  • asaf saruusi
    asaf saruusi Month ago

    Visca or Dzeko

  • Dang872
    Dang872 Month ago

    Anyone else thought that Veratti was wearing a suit @7:46?

  • Andrew Reidy
    Andrew Reidy Month ago

    I got silver 3 and got offered bergwijn and traore. Sad that thats better then rank 74

  • vGazzaa h
    vGazzaa h Month ago

    How do u know if it's a board or walkout?

  • Lucas 44black
    Lucas 44black Month ago
    aii pessoal caso este cep do Rewards n funciona vcs podem ate me denunciar gente mais si inscreva quando foncionar e eu sei que vai funcionar int si inscreva pq eu vo esta trazendo mais videos para ajudar vcs ter saldo na play story

  • VaporXI
    VaporXI Month ago

    Congrats on making it to no 3 in trending bro

  • davidson bonilla
    davidson bonilla Month ago

    Bruh that shit 🙄🤦‍♂️ top 100 for that

  • Doop
    Doop Month ago

    Im not suprised either 😂😂😂

  • BongoBills
    BongoBills Month ago

    Dude your pack luck fucking sucks

  • Kevin Kelly
    Kevin Kelly Month ago

    I like this years red cards better

  • Az Razerz
    Az Razerz Month ago +14

    These kids saying they havent spent money is hilarious

    • Mitchell Poulton
      Mitchell Poulton Month ago

      Az Razerz 😂

    • Az Razerz
      Az Razerz Month ago

      @Jamie P if they're in their late 20s then then maybe they are

    • Jamie P
      Jamie P Month ago +1

      I can almost guarantee that those kids are older than you

  • Lee Browne
    Lee Browne Month ago

    9:41 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mitch Trewin
    Mitch Trewin Month ago

    In every video all nep does is complain how does he keep his viewers same tone in the voice and never upbeat or happy lol same robotic attitude

  • Jürgen Klopp for US President

    Hey Nep, will there be a season 15 of It’s always sunny in Philadelphia?

  • LaggerzGamer
    LaggerzGamer Month ago

    Anyone else got dybala? I only got gold 3 😂

  • King Kross KTK
    King Kross KTK Month ago

    he says never Ousmane Dembélé then I pack 3 Ousmane Dembélé

  • laggiotis spyros
    laggiotis spyros Month ago

    North macedonia*
    Macedonia is greek

  • Frankie Donegan
    Frankie Donegan Month ago

    I got Salah and Modric in the same pack lol

  • habytomten
    habytomten Month ago

    I packed Dybala and Immobile from gold1

  • habytomten
    habytomten Month ago

    I packed Dybala and Immobile from gold1

  • stevenO
    stevenO Month ago

    No one:
    Nep: Sadio Mane is from Cameroon

  • JackGamer7
    JackGamer7 Month ago

    I think the design is better this year

  • JeffreyMusic B
    JeffreyMusic B Month ago

    I hate that you are bitching on everything