10 Tallest Women You Won't Believe Exist

  • Опубликовано: 7 мар 2018
  • 10 Tallest Women You Won't Believe Exist
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    It would seem that everyone loves a tall woman, and you might know someone who is really tall, or who has long legs. But you might actually be surprised at how tall some women actually are.
    From beautiful Russian models who are fighting over having the longest legs and being the tallest woman, to a girl who is so tall that she cannot even walk normally in their own home. Join us as we take a look at 10 tallest women you won’t believe actually exist.
    10. Chase Kennedy is a 23-year-old part time college student and model from California. She has gained her notoriety from having the longest legs in the USA which measure at 51 inches long.
    9. Gitika Srivastava a very tall woman from India, is the former member of the Indian National Women Basketball Team. At 6 feet 11 inches, about 2.1 meters, she is not the tallest woman in the world, but it is still an impressive height and makes her one of the tallest women alive today.
    8. Nelly Alisheva, born 20 December 1983 in Lipetsk, is a Russian volleyball player, and to say that she is tall is an understatement. Nelly is 6 feet 10 inches tall, or 2.08 meters.
    7. Svetlana Pankratova clinched the Guinness World Record title for the longest female legs in 2003. The 36-year-old blonde's 51.9-inch pins, almost 4 feet four inches, have been certified by Guinness World Records as the longest legs of any woman in the world.
    6. Ekaterina Lisina who was born in Russia is a towering female model who overcame bullying from other children to become an Olympic star. But that is not all she has accomplished.
    5. Alana Renaud has appeared on Superhuman which is a television program in the UK that showcases people that have unusual abilities or physical differences aside from normal and what it’s like to live with such a condition.
    4. Alica Jay is a star from a television series on The Learning Channel called ‘My Giant Life’ which is a reality show showing how people who are really big or tall live their lives on a day to day basis. 36-year-old Alicia Jay is 6 feet 6 inches tall, about 2 meters tall.
    3. Elisany Silva has always been tall it seems. When she was 14 years old she measured an astounding 6 feet 9 inches, which is about 2.7 meters tall. She was so tall that she couldn’t even fit on a bus.
    2. Caroline Arthur who is from Australia, has an interesting nickname and has been dubbed a ‘human skyscraper’. The mother of two, Caroline’s legs measure an amazingly long 51.5 inches, about 130 centimeters from her hip to her heels. This brings her total height to 6 feet 2 inches tall, about 1.8 meters tall, meaning her legs account for around 69 per cent of her frame.
    1. Margo Dydek was born in Poland on April 28th, 1974. She was a towering 7 feet 2 inches, which is about 2.2 meters tall. She was the number 1 draft pick for the Women’s National Basketball Association in 1998, by the Utah Starzz, and she went on to use her incredible height to become the WNBA’s leading career shot blocker.

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    Those women are so sexy. The second one from India... NOT SO MUCH!!!

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    I'm 7.9 ft tall

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    I'm 10 yrs my height is '5 3"

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    Hulk smash! Three of them are smexy.

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    Good job finding distorded images and videos to make them look taller...

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    Did he just say 3 metres?? Wrong!!!!

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    I cannot believe it but this was the same size of the Avatar.

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    Chase Kennedy is hot

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    6"10 is 3 meters lmao. You dont know what 2.70 is eiether so stfu

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    can you say owls?

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    the last woman Margo Dydek of Poland and the WNBA at 7'2" may have been a victim of and died of a rare disorder called acromegaly - or gigantism - that wouldn't let her stop growing. Does anyone know ? be grateful for replies.

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    Any height above 6'6" is consider deformity.

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      You're jealous for sure

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    And they wear heels.

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      Yeah I wonder if they were inclusively counting the length of the heels too

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    6' 5" - 2m .... 6' 10"-3m

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      thats what commentator said, 6"5 is 1,96m and 6"10 is 2.08m

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      No, 3 m is like 10 feet almost

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    Tall and fall 😜

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    "Tall", yes we know thy are tall so need to keep repeating it

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    Comment 11

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    damn....can you having coitus with her and grab her boobs at the same time?

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    Damn imagine dating a woman that has the height of these women on the list ? Their brothers would make sure you treat her right also since they’re tall as well lol

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    well they all seemed to have made money from there height and i think tall women are the bomb if they need a house built let me no i will build them a home that will accommodate there size all they have to do is pay for the materials and house and feed me while i build it

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    I love yo

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    Would be great if the commentary was correct, 1 minute 6'5" is 2m then 6'9" is 3m, really? only about 10/15 mistakes so not a bad effort really....

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      3m is too much. Nobody was tall like that even in the past

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    Not a big only tall girl😜😊👍

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