Best Moments of FaZe Clan #4 (Livestream Compilation)

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
  • #FaZeUp! Here is FaZe Clan's June Highlights. Enjoy!
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Comments • 969

  • Ilan Zaldua
    Ilan Zaldua 2 months ago

    Remember when nickmercs was relevant

  • TurtleXL
    TurtleXL 3 months ago

    anyone else get shooked when that outro comes on??!!

  • black ninja 290
    black ninja 290 3 months ago

    How could I join faze

  • Evan Glyson
    Evan Glyson 3 months ago


  • J a M e
    J a M e 3 months ago

    Who is the best FaZe member?
    Nate Hill

  • account1
    account1 4 months ago

    Faze clan : let's clickbait
    Also faze clan: why so many negative comments

  • NithinR
    NithinR 4 months ago +1

    Testy only montage

  • Concha tu Mare
    Concha tu Mare 4 months ago

    Much people is bored in that clan...

  • Kng Destroyer
    Kng Destroyer 4 months ago


  • FlexedUp
    FlexedUp 4 months ago

    Testyment is insane

  • Chrispy
    Chrispy 4 months ago

    Faze clan is just fortnite youtubers now

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago

    Gotta update it now mongraal joined

  • Eminem Army
    Eminem Army 4 months ago

    faze has the best players in the world

  • IG jxhnepoo
    IG jxhnepoo 4 months ago

    When is highsky gonna hit puberty?

  • Preston Pro
    Preston Pro 4 months ago

    You are trash

  • Poppie Barnard
    Poppie Barnard 4 months ago

    I think FaZe clan needs me on fortnite (name on fortnite=09 jimmy craft)because i am good with trick shots(720)

  • North Star Entertainment

    Every time I run into a FaZe dipshit online they are always greifing and being total faggots, fuck faze clan, bunch of swaggot millennials, I make it a point to kill every FaZe I see

  • JackieChang 123
    JackieChang 123 4 months ago

    What's outro music called

  • Anthony Alfredo
    Anthony Alfredo 4 months ago

    Dude Testy like has no reaction whenever he hits a sick clip haha

  • Endermann Pearls
    Endermann Pearls 4 months ago

    Faze Kay, nick merks, Faze Jarvis were in the thumbnail but not in the video that my friends is called click bait this comment is cringe as fuck

  • Snowy
    Snowy 4 months ago

    6:35 was so clean!! 🔥🔥💥

  • Gab j
    Gab j 4 months ago

    low key best CSGO team of all time yet they don't even get a peak... all of them are fucking gods of the game

  • Montas PR
    Montas PR 4 months ago

    Funny how they use Jarvis, Kay and Nickmercs for views. And not even see a clip of them 3. Unfortunate. Crazy how Faze changed over the years 🙄

  • Exy
    Exy 4 months ago

    6:34 legit aimbot?

  • Natalia Jaimes
    Natalia Jaimes 4 months ago

    Watch Landon he has some rally scary and bad stuff for faze clan

  • MaxTdm Gamer
    MaxTdm Gamer 4 months ago

    The first one was so funny

  • Olympus Panda
    Olympus Panda 4 months ago

    Replays didn't flick anything he shot straight

  • SAL88
    SAL88 4 months ago

    Holy shit the nostalgia kicked in seeing Clipz only OGs remember him tho😞

  • Ronnie Gaming
    Ronnie Gaming 4 months ago

    At 0:27 it looked like he was flossing

  • Darsh
    Darsh 4 months ago

    I am subscribing to everyone who subs to me

  • JEMY
    JEMY 4 months ago


  • Gamriel Lombardo
    Gamriel Lombardo 4 months ago

    Add fe4les

  • norma marcos
    norma marcos 4 months ago

    Watch out faze clan, your not safe watch Landon’s video

  • Trigo Playz
    Trigo Playz 4 months ago

    agony is the fucking flash :)

  • xEnigma
    xEnigma 4 months ago +5

    4:09 i miss hearing replays like that playing snd on bo3 )':

  • Swompy
    Swompy 4 months ago

    Wheres Jarvis 😂

  • Blaze_ Nike_
    Blaze_ Nike_ 4 months ago

    We had to save the replay of replays replay

  • Blaze_ Nike_
    Blaze_ Nike_ 4 months ago

    My guy testament is nasty at sniping jeez

  • Vive Cozy
    Vive Cozy 4 months ago

    FaZe accept the challenge with KNG Jay vs Highsky

  • JuStrikin
    JuStrikin 4 months ago

    The outro scared me wth

  • K¡lz_BowlOfCereal11 YT

    And i love the FaZe clan too there my favort

  • K¡lz_BowlOfCereal11 YT

    I love como his video

  • DJD Dougie
    DJD Dougie 4 months ago

    Thats insane bro

  • Jackson Jerry
    Jackson Jerry 4 months ago

    Dude it would be dope to be in faze

  • Lake Brothers
    Lake Brothers 4 months ago

    Hey I just started and channel and uploaded my first video check it out

  • Lake Brothers
    Lake Brothers 4 months ago

    Hey I just started and channel and uploaded my first video check it out

  • Clumsy
    Clumsy 4 months ago +2

    Testy has no reactions lmao

  • ayy Chris
    ayy Chris 4 months ago

    Testyment is dirty 😖

  • hi cloudy
    hi cloudy 4 months ago

    Why is there no female FaZe

    LEATHAL MIXTAPES 4 months ago

    What is nick looking at the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  • Dimas Rasidin
    Dimas Rasidin 4 months ago

    1:56 he ain’t faze worthy compared to the rest his shots were off as shit and the 360 was fuck

  • Majed Fx
    Majed Fx 4 months ago

    Kan ai bi in

  • Ez Clipz
    Ez Clipz 4 months ago

    Like is testyment is insane

  • Luke Lin
    Luke Lin 4 months ago

    3:36 hey hill thanks for show how op that guns is not you lol

  • GoodGuyBabis
    GoodGuyBabis 4 months ago

    rip hunting rifle

  • Brent Kyle Domingo
    Brent Kyle Domingo 4 months ago

    Faze peas of shit head

  • its iCorviozz
    its iCorviozz 4 months ago

    2:15 "Holy Shi**" (Censored)
    7:06 O M Fu**ing God" (Not Censored) why?,

  • SouL
    SouL 4 months ago

    Tell me y nick kay n Jarvis r In the thumbnail but the people who r actually in the video aren’t damn even Kay’s gf is 💀

  • lucas
    lucas 4 months ago +2

    If you guys wanna know the Merch beat at the end of the vid it's Ranging by Homebody.

  • Dark Side954
    Dark Side954 4 months ago