Best Moments of FaZe Clan #4 (Livestream Compilation)

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
  • #FaZeUp! Here is FaZe Clan's June Highlights. Enjoy!
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Comments • 975

  • TurtleXL
    TurtleXL 25 days ago

    anyone else get shooked when that outro comes on??!!

  • black ninja 290
    black ninja 290 26 days ago

    How could I join faze

  • Evan Glyson
    Evan Glyson Month ago


  • J a M e
    J a M e Month ago

    Who is the best FaZe member?
    Nate Hill

  • 4FireWolfs
    4FireWolfs Month ago

    Faze clan : let's clickbait
    Also faze clan: why so many negative comments

  • NithinR
    NithinR Month ago +1

    Testy only montage

  • Concha tu Mare
    Concha tu Mare Month ago

    Much people is bored in that clan...

  • Zak Kheir
    Zak Kheir Month ago


  • FlexedUp
    FlexedUp Month ago

    Testyment is insane

  • Chrispy
    Chrispy Month ago

    Faze clan is just fortnite youtubers now

  • John Hoe
    John Hoe Month ago

    Gotta update it now mongraal joined

  • Eminem Army
    Eminem Army Month ago

    faze has the best players in the world

  • IG jxhnepoo
    IG jxhnepoo Month ago

    When is highsky gonna hit puberty?

  • Prest God
    Prest God Month ago

    You are trash

  • Poppie Barnard
    Poppie Barnard Month ago

    I think FaZe clan needs me on fortnite (name on fortnite=09 jimmy craft)because i am good with trick shots(720)

  • BAXWAR_CO_5588 PSN
    BAXWAR_CO_5588 PSN Month ago

    Every time I run into a FaZe dipshit online they are always greifing and being total faggots, fuck faze clan, bunch of swaggot millennials, I make it a point to kill every FaZe I see

  • JackieChang 123
    JackieChang 123 Month ago

    What's outro music called

  • Anthony Alfredo
    Anthony Alfredo Month ago

    Dude Testy like has no reaction whenever he hits a sick clip haha

  • Endermann Pearls
    Endermann Pearls Month ago

    Faze Kay, nick merks, Faze Jarvis were in the thumbnail but not in the video that my friends is called click bait this comment is cringe as fuck

  • Snowy
    Snowy Month ago

    6:35 was so clean!! 🔥🔥💥

  • Gab j
    Gab j Month ago

    low key best CSGO team of all time yet they don't even get a peak... all of them are fucking gods of the game

  • Montas PR
    Montas PR Month ago

    Funny how they use Jarvis, Kay and Nickmercs for views. And not even see a clip of them 3. Unfortunate. Crazy how Faze changed over the years 🙄

  • Exy
    Exy Month ago

    6:34 legit aimbot?

  • David Jaimes
    David Jaimes Month ago

    Watch Landon he has some rally scary and bad stuff for faze clan

  • MaxTdm Gamer
    MaxTdm Gamer Month ago

    The first one was so funny

  • SpRaYz EDGE
    SpRaYz EDGE Month ago

    Replays didn't flick anything he shot straight

  • SAL88
    SAL88 Month ago

    Holy shit the nostalgia kicked in seeing Clipz only OGs remember him tho😞

  • Ronnie Gaming
    Ronnie Gaming Month ago

    At 0:27 it looked like he was flossing

  • RNX.Darsh
    RNX.Darsh Month ago

    I am subscribing to everyone who subs to me

  • Clue J.E.M.
    Clue J.E.M. Month ago


  • Gamriel Lombardo
    Gamriel Lombardo Month ago

    Add fe4les

  • norma marcos
    norma marcos Month ago

    Watch out faze clan, your not safe watch Landon’s video

  • Trigo Playz
    Trigo Playz Month ago

    agony is the fucking flash :)

  • xEnigma
    xEnigma Month ago +5

    4:09 i miss hearing replays like that playing snd on bo3 )':

  • TSL Hype
    TSL Hype Month ago

    Wheres Jarvis 😂

  • Blaze_ Nike_
    Blaze_ Nike_ Month ago

    We had to save the replay of replays replay

  • Blaze_ Nike_
    Blaze_ Nike_ Month ago

    My guy testament is nasty at sniping jeez

  • Miles II
    Miles II Month ago

    FaZe accept the challenge with KNG Jay vs Highsky

  • JuStrikin
    JuStrikin Month ago

    The outro scared me wth

  • K¡lz_BowlOfCereal11 YT

    And i love the FaZe clan too there my favort

  • K¡lz_BowlOfCereal11 YT

    I love como his video

  • DJD Dougie
    DJD Dougie Month ago

    Thats insane bro

  • Jackson Jerry
    Jackson Jerry Month ago

    Dude it would be dope to be in faze

  • Lake Brothers
    Lake Brothers Month ago

    Hey I just started and channel and uploaded my first video check it out

  • Lake Brothers
    Lake Brothers Month ago

    Hey I just started and channel and uploaded my first video check it out

  • Clumsy
    Clumsy Month ago +2

    Testy has no reactions lmao

  • ayy Chris
    ayy Chris Month ago

    Testyment is dirty 😖

  • Chronic Frost
    Chronic Frost Month ago

    Why is there no female FaZe

  • IGotGame__ 5
    IGotGame__ 5 Month ago

    What is nick looking at the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  • Dimas Rasidin
    Dimas Rasidin Month ago

    1:56 he ain’t faze worthy compared to the rest his shots were off as shit and the 360 was fuck

  • Majed Fx
    Majed Fx Month ago

    Kan ai bi in

  • Ez YT
    Ez YT Month ago

    Like is testyment is insane

  • Luke Lin
    Luke Lin Month ago

    3:36 hey hill thanks for show how op that guns is not you lol

  • GoodGuyBabis
    GoodGuyBabis Month ago

    rip hunting rifle

  • Brent Kyle Domingo
    Brent Kyle Domingo Month ago

    Faze peas of shit head

  • its iCorviozz
    its iCorviozz Month ago

    2:15 "Holy Shi**" (Censored)
    7:06 O M Fu**ing God" (Not Censored) why?,

  • FiiZ
    FiiZ Month ago

    Tell me y nick kay n Jarvis r In the thumbnail but the people who r actually in the video aren’t damn even Kay’s gf is 💀

  • Lucas FN
    Lucas FN Month ago +2

    If you guys wanna know the Merch beat at the end of the vid it's Ranging by Homebody.

  • Dark Side954
    Dark Side954 Month ago


  • Denis Ngara
    Denis Ngara Month ago

    When will my boi Mews go to Faze house

  • Mukeish619km
    Mukeish619km Month ago

    Great video.. Keep up the good work😇.. Be sure the check out my new montage video on my channel😁❤

  • Zerroh
    Zerroh Month ago

    Yelo’s channel died he has 100k subs but he gets 3k views on all of his vids

  • UglyTaco
    UglyTaco Month ago

    I remembered when it was hard to get in faze now any dumbass could join

  • Donovan Johns
    Donovan Johns Month ago

    Highski Vs sway

  • iMayed 6_
    iMayed 6_ Month ago

    Fuck faze

  • Brandon Aldridge
    Brandon Aldridge Month ago +2

    Does anyone remember faze swan I used to live him😂

  • Valium YT
    Valium YT Month ago +1

    Go back to sniping and edits. New faze clan is stupid with all the challenges and fortnite. Go back

  • Matthewthegamer976
    Matthewthegamer976 Month ago +1

    Highsky has ligma

  • Christian Gomez
    Christian Gomez Month ago

    The first one tho XD

  • EP Random Mexican Kid

    Spacelions rocket did that because the thing that makes you go up on the drone was there

  • chronic_Toxic Aaɾonツ

    Faze clan why are there no black people in faze ?

  • Dark_Expe l
    Dark_Expe l Month ago

    Hey FaZe clan, I am a huge fan! Me and my friends are starting a clan to. And I was wondering if you have advise?

  • Jizmo Plays PC
    Jizmo Plays PC Month ago

    Old clan mate Testy still destroying people.

  • Kendyn garrett
    Kendyn garrett Month ago

    Is juju still in faze

  • Itsyaboi_ Kevin
    Itsyaboi_ Kevin Month ago

    If FazeClan sees this comment and likes/pins it, you all have to subscribe to me (probably wont work since they dont read comments)