Macron defends his defence plans in Trump meeting - BBC News

  • Published on Nov 10, 2018
  • French president Emmanuel Macron has defended his idea of a European military force, while at a news conference with Donald Trump.
    A day before the meeting, the US president had lashed out at Macron's idea that the EU needed a joint army to handle threats from the US, China and Russia.
    But Mr Macron and Mr Trump spoke warmly of the friendship between France and the US and of the importance of co-operation on security and terrorism.
    And the briefing ended with Macron patting Trump's leg.
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  • roisin mangan
    roisin mangan Month ago

    That freak macron got his cumuppence when his own people took to the streets to protest against him. If that was a woman in stead I Trump that macron put his hand on it would be seem as improper conduct

  • JC Denton
    JC Denton Month ago

    LOL Awkkkkward

  • Franmm06
    Franmm06 Month ago

    Nice Macron 🇪🇺

  • Exadrus Pix
    Exadrus Pix 2 months ago

    The real threat to NATO countries is Iran.

  • Talita M.
    Talita M. 3 months ago

    I can’t stand his accent 😩🤐

  • Robin Willmann
    Robin Willmann 4 months ago

    Dwayne Johnson 2020

  • Andrew Rogers
    Andrew Rogers 5 months ago

    Trump is worthless as a President;
    he does not know how to treat our men and women in uniform; who can support a fake patriot that claims his boyhood private school was a a substitute for serving America
    --Hi Trump's base: Get over it!!!

  • Caroline TheDragon
    Caroline TheDragon 5 months ago

    Ha ha ha, who’s laughing now

  • The Swedish American
    The Swedish American 5 months ago

    yeah have ur own eu army.
    after frexit and eu collapse u can play eu army with plastic toys on your kitchen table.
    pew pew pew

  • Cloud nine
    Cloud nine 5 months ago

    hehe. Memories are made of this.

  • The Swedish American
    The Swedish American 5 months ago

    trump is aligning with the right people.i trust russia waaaaay fuckin more than any euro nation right now.

  • Cooper green
    Cooper green 5 months ago


  • Fernando Rodriguez Ortega

    Macron is Former Rothschild's Banker,,
    he is Rothschild's slave puppet...

  • Gary Watkins
    Gary Watkins 6 months ago

    in response to Danny McGee. Much of the West and much of the world history has been about trying to conquer . But all blame does not go to the West. Look at Islam. Soon after Muhammad Muslims had many tribal wars among themselves. 749 a.d. the Abbasid faction defeated the last Umayyed caliph in Iraq. Under the Abbasid caliph there was a massacre of all the Umayyads he could find. In 754 caliph Abu Jafar Al Mandurah murdered all the Shii leaders. In 1090 Ismailis dedicated to the destruction of Seljuks and Sunnis conquered and murdered leading Amirs. Many Muslims were against the muslam Ismailis and killed many of them. By 1300 the ottomans were conquering warriors for Islam. Their rule lasted till 1922. They conquered N. Africa, the middle East, s. eastern Europe, Greece, part of Spain and Italy.

    BLACK HAT 6 months ago

    It's time for a European defense force to replace NATO, the USA is yesterdays news and now hostile under this president gump, so we should now end the relationship.

  • путин
    путин 6 months ago

    He tries to talk like a cool black yolo coolman as in the latest foto with his 2 homies with their middlefingers

  • chi chi
    chi chi 6 months ago

    Trump could end world poverty and libtards will still hate on him

    DERSİMLİ 6 months ago

    only leader on the world long live macron

  • gerald 413
    gerald 413 6 months ago

    Idk lol.

  • gerald 413
    gerald 413 6 months ago

    Recall several years ago Russia boasted they could TAKE Europe in 3 weeks. Liberal French pres. seems really chummy with the Russia.

  • Cotton Mather
    Cotton Mather 6 months ago

    Macron is like Lord Farquaad from Shriek. You know, the short, pompous king. LOL

  • Leo
    Leo 6 months ago

    Are the elites beating the drums for war?
    The EU want their own army! What for?
    Is the cabal, losing their global power?
    Is the ground shaking, destroying their ivory tower?
    Is the base of the pyramid, crumbling?
    Are the elevated parasites, stumbling?
    Do they realize, The game is over? Ended?
    Will there be justice? Will light shine on those who have offended?
    Will the deep state unravel, Apocalypse, to reveal
    All the nasty, nefarious, actions, they conceal?
    Will finally humanity, wake up and see?
    It is all by design, to trap ye and me!
    By Leo💓👍🐯

  • sheckler hodgdon
    sheckler hodgdon 6 months ago


  • Yvon Desrosiers
    Yvon Desrosiers 6 months ago

    Trudeau and Macron always missed preservatives in their meeting . Only Trump has a real defence plan !!

  • S A
    S A 6 months ago

    Fuck you TRUMP !
    EU doesnt need you !

  • anonymusopina1
    anonymusopina1 6 months ago

    Do you want a military force Mr Macron puppet of the Globalism? Son of a gun, yesterday you have been talking about the risks of nationalism and now you are asking for war... Mr Macron first you should finish with the economic crisis, unemployment, national debts, migrants crisis... Issues which were made by your beloved globalist and antidemocratic EU. God save us if you have a military force globalist totalitarian puppet.

    ROCKSWOT 6 months ago +1

    RUclip, Finland, EU, uniting global culture - some perspectives from Finland:
    1. It is important to responsibly direct fresh cultural contexts and fresh cultural substance to people of the EU/nations so that the nation will learn into global economy/culture while increasing the ability to compete and negotiate in the global economy.
    2. What factors/elements culturally bring together the people of Finland/EU while integrating the people into global economy/culture? It is important to culturally unite with the cultures driving global economy.
    3. RUclip must stay open for the citizens of Finland/EU so that nationalists cannot irresponsibly increase the ability to direct culturally inward-looking culture to people - culture that will only decrease the ability to compete/negotiate in the global economy.
    4. Danger: For example a Russian service can imitate Google and form a service to provide videos for people of the EU/Finland imitating RUclip. All this because RUclip blocked from the EU leaves a huge cultural vacuum. This empowers Russians/nationalists to direct culturally irresponsible substance to people.
    5. It is important to grow responsible power to direct fresh cultural substance to people - fresh cultural substance that teaches people to navigate in the global economy, while uniting people. This brings the people the ability to negotiate and compete in the global economy.
    6. What elements are irresponsibly breaking people away from the international cultural/economical development? What parties, like nationalists, benefit from this?
    7. Nationalists win when the cultural base of Finland/EU is breaking further more apart from the global cultural/economical development. In what areas are nationalists trying to culturally direct and unite individuals into their own thinking - individuals that are potentially without responsible cultural leadership.
    8. In the global political terrain is going on "the war of the cultures": different parties are trying to culturally break people away from the global (uniting) development, and then pursuing to own these people into their irresponsible nationalist goals.
    9.What elements/parties are trying to direct entrepreneurs into nationalist perspective/culture? What and what size/kind of entrepreneurs of Finland/EU are vulnerable to this? All this is stealing the entrepreneurs skills/cultural skills to negotiate and compete in the arena of global economy.

  • Winfred Gyebi
    Winfred Gyebi 6 months ago

    Africa listen ...

  • MAVALA100
    MAVALA100 6 months ago

    Italy is the real friend of US...

  • Snipe Events
    Snipe Events 6 months ago

    God bless Trump. Love you

  • Adrian H. Dragan
    Adrian H. Dragan 6 months ago

    World Peace Now!

  • Adrian H. Dragan
    Adrian H. Dragan 6 months ago

    World Peace Now!

  • Diary Productions
    Diary Productions 6 months ago

    liberals want a weak america - obama

  • Oswaldo
    Oswaldo 6 months ago +1

    Us are a bigger threat than China and Russia. I am from England and was brought up thinking they were the good guys lol the police of the world 😂 LMAO Biggest terrorist organisation going BIGGER THAN ISIS 👍👌✌

  • Phil Dobson
    Phil Dobson 6 months ago +1

    Macron slimy hands-on Trump is unacceptable, as it would to do that to a woman. Sure Macron probably thinks he's *"OWNING"* Trump. *Obviously* Trump responded on Twitter.

    • Phil Dobson
      Phil Dobson 6 months ago +1

      +acct4u Know what French politician attitude towards women is? They asked a female candidate "who's going to look after the children?" We've saved them from Germany twice already

    • acct4u
      acct4u 6 months ago +1

      PLEASE control your STUPIDITY if you can!!

  • T E
    T E 6 months ago

    Fuck France let that shit hole burn to the ground

  • Brandy Gillespie
    Brandy Gillespie 6 months ago

    Macron means written mark. Emmanuel means god with us.
    Who is this man?? He came from nowhere. I don't know but definitely watching him closely

  • Lawrence Willey
    Lawrence Willey 6 months ago

    if Macron, had put his hand on a Geordies knee like that he would have been Spitting his own Teeth out !!!!!!!!!!

  • gangadhar tutal
    gangadhar tutal 6 months ago +1

    Macron seems like the only leader of the western world who can lead the international community towards the right path.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 months ago

    Can both Americans and Europeans agree that it is time for both to go their separate ways?
    It’s always the same comments in all these USA vs EU videos: American claims Europeans are freeloaders on defense. Europeans claim America is controlling their countries.
    Really, it’s like a husband and wife arguing about who is responsible for their marriage being in the shitter.
    Can’t we just both agree that it is time for a divorce and move forward with that?

  • Yousef Ibrahim
    Yousef Ibrahim 6 months ago

    Then, he gives Trump a head job

  • Abdullah Almuhawish
    Abdullah Almuhawish 6 months ago +1

    Trump looks depressed. Can someone tell me why ?

    • acct4u
      acct4u 6 months ago +1

      He should be

  • HỒ Mai
    HỒ Mai 6 months ago


  • Showdown
    Showdown 6 months ago +1

    The baguette with the sticky hand.........yak, what a jellyfish!!!!!!

  • mary shaffer
    mary shaffer 6 months ago

    Have you noticed how many were are fought in France?

  • Kibbles 417
    Kibbles 417 6 months ago

    Europe does need a stronger defense.

  • Francelee Paris
    Francelee Paris 6 months ago

    If the French cannot stop a half naked woman rushing in front of the LionKing Donald’s car... how are they gonna stop a Russian tank... with garlic and cheese ?? 🤔😂😂😂

  • HPCthulhu2011
    HPCthulhu2011 6 months ago

    France might strengthen its defense to some extent but not at the expense of military support from NATO/USA.
    The Russians might be able to defeat Europe no matter what if that is what they are trying to defend against. Building an army might cause tensions.
    France should wait and see how an economic shift pans out between China, Russia, and the USA.

  • Ben Aftab
    Ben Aftab 6 months ago +1

    Trump was like to cry...

  • Nick Cook
    Nick Cook 6 months ago +1

    Trump needs to retire he's too old for president when he has dementia

  • Keith Lynch
    Keith Lynch 6 months ago

    Is it just me... or does anyone else think that Macron likes to touch President Trump's knee, just a little too much? 🤔

  • The Equatable Skeptic
    The Equatable Skeptic 6 months ago

    Dirty little snake lawyer. Praise trump

  • Hαfυ Nᴏʀɪᴋᴏ
    Hαfυ Nᴏʀɪᴋᴏ 6 months ago

    I'm sure Trump could smell the garlic and horse turd coming from Macrons mouth.

  • Eric Melvin
    Eric Melvin 6 months ago +1

    Someone get this nut job trump outta office

  • CityOfBhat
    CityOfBhat 6 months ago

    How quickly we forget- a war born out of nothing more than nationalism, look where it brought us, how dangerous a divided Europe was to human history.
    For years, some Americans have been complaining about how Europeans dont contribute enough to NATO and that they should not support Europe for that reason.
    Now that Macron is calling for Europe to stand up for itself and form a unified force, why are they still complaining?

  • Mister Nosh
    Mister Nosh 6 months ago

    Touchy-feely Macron, your red white and blue used to stand for something. L.

    ANEL REANCONT 6 months ago


  • Scott Hill
    Scott Hill 6 months ago

    The last emperor to have a European Army was named Hitler.

    • Easter Worshipper
      Easter Worshipper 6 months ago

      hitler wasnt an emperor, actually he never wanted an empire, Napoleon is the name that you are looking for,
      why all the bad references always have to start and end with WWII ? is annoying a clear example of propaganda achievment.

    NOI INSIEME 6 months ago


  • Arc Angel
    Arc Angel 6 months ago

    Trump tossing up upside down Illuminati

  • Khmer True Nature
    Khmer True Nature 6 months ago

    good president

  • Red Egg
    Red Egg 6 months ago

    Wow, I can see my idol, The Trump. Do you like him too? Reply...

  • Ice Fury, Director of Shield

    Thumbnail is gay af! XD

  • Anuta d.
    Anuta d. 6 months ago

    More European defense yet he’s not a nationalist!! Hypocritical french man!! Who’s going to defend Europe!??

  • LupusGelos
    LupusGelos 6 months ago

    Defence plans against WHAT? Any war with Russia would end before a single soldier sets foot in the others nation, nukes would finish it within a few hours.

  • IQCountries
    IQCountries 6 months ago

    take care trump, macron is gay and seems to like you :))))

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 6 months ago

    Looks like this victim of CHILD abuse likes to keep touching the alpha males legs ......CREEPY !!

  • CreatorChannel
    CreatorChannel 6 months ago

    Do not touch our POTUS! Macron you traitor to humainty.

  • Beeble Brox
    Beeble Brox 6 months ago

    Trump has the,"I'm totally fucked and my kids are going to prison." look.

  • Hubo Ikjuh
    Hubo Ikjuh 6 months ago

    What am i doing watching this antiwhite bullshit channel!?

  • exile 5707
    exile 5707 6 months ago

    does marcon mean a refugee army ? because French cities are under siege by his army, under his watchful eye.

  • K K
    K K 6 months ago

    You undoubtedly find the word unition in me. I am GOD. Worship me.

  • 2gointruth With Good News of The True Gospel

    The true will of God is that we (men) must live (now and always) in the true Spirit of peace and love for all fellow humans. We must not worship and pray in the way of religion, but obey only Immanuel alone, the anointed one and of whom we all know as Jesus…

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    “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” - (John 4: 24) -

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  • C M
    C M 6 months ago +1

    Non à Macron et oui à Trump .

  • tatties and eggs
    tatties and eggs 6 months ago

    Macron little man groomed sexually since a boy by his haggard peedo wrinkly dry wife total globalist monkey no brain cells just exploited puppet groomed from youth sad to see France in tatters

  • Estela Gallardo
    Estela Gallardo 6 months ago +2

    Es muy joven el presidente de Francia. Genio Donald Trump

  • She Wheels
    She Wheels 6 months ago

    macron keeps looking at trump for his approval and support and he’s not getting it.

    • me heretoday
      me heretoday 6 months ago

      No Macron is looking at him in encouragement, the encouragement you give someone who is struggling to form and express a coherent thought

  • 傭兵Cloud
    傭兵Cloud 6 months ago

    Seriously, why Trump sit like that all the time ?

  • Chris james
    Chris james 6 months ago

    Merkel and Macron, the childless leaders of Europe. They disgust me in a way which cannot be fully articulated through words, a deep burning anger which builds in the pit of my stomach. A Merkmacron ulcer slowly killing Europe.

  • MD Tajul Islam
    MD Tajul Islam 6 months ago

    Hahaha some pity for trump ,, his body language is hahahaha

  • Stuart Crossland
    Stuart Crossland 6 months ago

    Now the news the BBC wont tell you.

  • Mike Wilbur
    Mike Wilbur 6 months ago

    HAIL TRUMP!!!!

  • silvano de lazzari
    silvano de lazzari 6 months ago +3

    Europe needs its own army.
    Trumps doesn't want it, of course.
    And Putin too.
    What a pity!
    But Europe of course doesn' t care about both.
    Our fate must be in our hands not in theirs.

  • John Iverson
    John Iverson 6 months ago

    France has a rational intellectual World leader. Then ...we have Trump. A pouty ignorant buffoon. Enough all ready. Give America Pence.

    CTPEJIOK 6 months ago +1


    • me heretoday
      me heretoday 6 months ago

      Trump? quite possibly, it would explain things... he would be fighting it with every fibre of his being and losing

  • TheAlien Assassin
    TheAlien Assassin 6 months ago

    That's fair trump, more Europeans should be spending on their on defence to lessen the burden on the USA because it's just not right.

    • me heretoday
      me heretoday 6 months ago

      but Trump wants control. Trump wants to have the money issue to whinge about. If he has not got these he has got nothing left to verbalise

  • Nancy Mesek
    Nancy Mesek 6 months ago

    Trump reminds me of someone that had a life coach that said, ‘as a standpoint of....’, too many times.

  • LokiV
    LokiV 6 months ago

    Macron more faces than big ben

  • AboriginalBoy
    AboriginalBoy 6 months ago +2

    that guy is at a disadvantage because English isn't his first language, let trump try speaking French, with a good upperclass accent.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 months ago

    BBC host outdoes Trudeau Liberals with “snowpeople” |

  • numi jamu
    numi jamu 6 months ago

    ITS mockery . sheeple ignorance at its best . all religions including catholic worship SERPENT and superman logo is snake ? real european civilization fell after first world war. and both WARS were instigated by catholic church? just like body becomes BLUE after death after snake's poisonous bite . EUROPE BECAME BLUE . and now same serpent is going to disintegrate EUROPE . macron is snake who has already destroyed EUROPE by mass immigration to put fuel on fire. EUROPEAN SECURITY ? eu shuoldn't have integrated now dis integration will be more horrific . on the other hand gods gotta eat too . ITS REAPING TIME FOLKS

  • Kegga Puusi
    Kegga Puusi 6 months ago +1

    Donald John Trump ___ born a psychopath (not his fault); spent his life seeking baseless adoration; accumulated lots of ill-gotten money; used/hired a load of women to satisfy his large ego and reportedly 'tiny' penis; even got elected president.
    Yet he has always been viewed as, and will die as, a pitiful embarrassment to our species.

  • ToonandBBfan
    ToonandBBfan 6 months ago

    America would kill France (I'm a Brit and I'll help the USA).

    • ToonandBBfan
      ToonandBBfan 6 months ago

      What world war? Macron the French Prick is the one who wants an Army to "stand up to the USA". Macron is the one who wants to start a war. The USA would shit all over France.

    • me heretoday
      me heretoday 6 months ago

      Yes because advocating a world war on the 100th anniversary of the ending of the first WW is a clever thing to do. geesh

  • lissa leggs
    lissa leggs 6 months ago

    Just ignore Trump, he will be gone to prison soon. He is no longer of use to Putin. Just a broken tool of what once was a man and the Rockefellers

    • lissa leggs
      lissa leggs 6 months ago

      +me heretoday
      I will sneak in to Putin mansion on black sea and force him to read Hansel and Gertal 100 times.. Using only two fingers.

    • me heretoday
      me heretoday 6 months ago +1

      gotta love how Putin humiliated Trump and Trump didnt realise it lol... Trump thinks Putin is his friend lol its hilarious.

  • idk
    idk 6 months ago

    How about pay for your fair share of THE DEFENSE WE ALREADY SUBSIDIZE DIPSHIT

    • me heretoday
      me heretoday 6 months ago

      idk you really need to brush up on your history lol... wow you were really let down badly by the education system werent you lol lol
      Oh my God now I see what the hell happened to the US... too much inbreeding and a really shitty education system..not a great combination as proven by idk...

    • idk
      idk 6 months ago

      +me heretoday you are a complete NPC, we are the original major country without a king or dictator. Maybe you're the one that is lacking upstairs. Dont forget the U.S. is responsible for saving Europe in WWI and WWII (that includes France). Feel free to go find the idiot in this conversation in your bathroom, flip on the lights and that idiot will be staring at you.

    • me heretoday
      me heretoday 6 months ago

      Maybe unlike you the French do not wish to be controlled by a dictator..Maybe unlike you the French see the writing on the wall and want to be able to defend themselves from the combined US/Russian forces. Maybe the French are simply more intelligent than you

  • TheDesert IsPatient
    TheDesert IsPatient 6 months ago +1

    Never worth listening to Trump

  • Mr Hallman
    Mr Hallman 6 months ago

    States of the United States are part of the same country the EU is not one country the comparison is not accurate or shows what their end game is

  • Bob Novac
    Bob Novac 6 months ago

    I am a free mason and it’s a great group. Trump is a fantastic president and wonder man. He is tough and that’s what we need right now. I thank God each day we have such a catering president to the American need.

  • rio quibu
    rio quibu 6 months ago

    Trump look pissed like he was thinking -what the heck my doing here with his little globalist?

  • Blue-Eyed Pagan
    Blue-Eyed Pagan 6 months ago

    Macron you yellow Bstard