Disney Doesn't Understand Lightsabers

  • Published on Dec 25, 2018
  • Star Wars gave us the Lightsaber. Disney threw it away. Why doesn’t Disney understand Star Wars and especially the lightsaber? We all wanted one as a kid, now, not so much. I’ll also show you which movie Rian Johnson copied for the Throne Room scene. It will surprise you. What has Kathleen Kennedy done to Star Wars?
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    Thanks to Drunk 3PO for his “Rey” lightsaber photo (check out his RUclip channel)
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  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx x 40 minutes ago

    he is so right!

  • Pavlo Klyuchnyk
    Pavlo Klyuchnyk 4 hours ago

    They're just making money.

  • refusing the microchip implant

    Any star wars movie made after the 80s...is garbage

  • dragonball slayer326
    dragonball slayer326 7 hours ago

    Disney should just go bankrupt and lose everything they own

  • Carter Norm
    Carter Norm 7 hours ago +1

    I understand your point about Rey fighting Kylo but kylo was pretty hurt before that fight
    Don’t worry I still hate the last Jedi

  • CjLMusic
    CjLMusic 8 hours ago

    Whats funny is that literally even some random fan of Star wars could make a better film.

  • Joyson Wildhart
    Joyson Wildhart 9 hours ago

    LIGHT SABER = 150 iq
    lasersword = 50 iq

  • Gold Gaming
    Gold Gaming 10 hours ago

    Oh no, Dath Vader is right in front of me
    Wait what is this ?
    A lightsaber on the ground ?
    Lord Vader you are screwed

  • Adam Meade
    Adam Meade 10 hours ago

    Looks like there are more idiots than initially estimated after noticing the amount of thumbs down votes.

  • Your Genuine Nutcase
    Your Genuine Nutcase 10 hours ago

    Luke called it a laser sword because he was dumbing down the lightsaber to show how stupid Rey's idea was.

  • Rich D
    Rich D 12 hours ago

    When Disney acquired Lucas arts I knew that it was over. No more star wars. Thankfully it died, just wish it died with a bit more respect than Disney gave it.

    WEDO THINGS 12 hours ago

    Sigh... Just watched the original trilogy last weekend, only made the new movies worse

  • Steven Bowser
    Steven Bowser 12 hours ago

    What's there to understand? It's a made up imaginary tool. It's a laser swords with some kind of magic crystal in it. I can't get why people thing Star Wars has to make sense.

  • Zerofightervi
    Zerofightervi 13 hours ago

    I've watched The Last Jedi once, I have no compulsion to watch it ever again, Rogue One however..... I own it on Bluray & have enjoyed watching it several times.
    Kathleen Kennedy should just fall on her lazer sword & take one for the team, she has completely ruined Star wars.

  • Cory DeLoach
    Cory DeLoach 14 hours ago

    What a stupid video.

  • Enzo Saraiva
    Enzo Saraiva 14 hours ago +1

    Dude, no one "copy" nothing, in Star wars they have always inspered by other cultures.

  • Fuzzy Nutz
    Fuzzy Nutz 14 hours ago

    Worst design for a sword Handle cant get a good grip with one hand or even both

  • Itzz Texas
    Itzz Texas 14 hours ago

    Whats a lightsaber? Dont you mean a lasersword?

  • goofy t n u c
    goofy t n u c 15 hours ago

    Read the painted man series for a magical system that works and a series that has a proper ending.

  • goofy t n u c
    goofy t n u c 15 hours ago

    Last Jedi redeemed phantom menace

  • NeoDeXeno
    NeoDeXeno 15 hours ago

    On episode 3 RoS Ewan and Hayden trained for their epic duel to the point they could actually fight as fast as they did in the movie.

  • Markus Lampinen
    Markus Lampinen 16 hours ago

    I kept asking myself who tf is carlo but you were saying kylo

  • Andrew Carpenter
    Andrew Carpenter 19 hours ago

    Star wars: the legend of Mary sue

  • Chicago Dan
    Chicago Dan 22 hours ago +2

    Not sounding stupid, but naive, there’s a difference. He was pointing out the naive absurdity of what she was asking of him, one old man.

  • NiKKi Maban Longeval
    NiKKi Maban Longeval 22 hours ago

    It's so true

  • ZMVN
    ZMVN 23 hours ago

    That’s some creepy shippers pic.

  • libertines Fink
    libertines Fink 23 hours ago +1

    Disney thought they could make Star Wars marvel but didn’t care enough to learn about Star Wars
    I miss George Lucas bad dialogue and all

  • Pincho Paxton
    Pincho Paxton Day ago

    I have a Disney Light-sabre, I use it for shaving!

  • Salamanderx99 X
    Salamanderx99 X Day ago

    My childhood committed suicide in the hands of Disney

  • Cj Egg
    Cj Egg Day ago

    I think the only reason this new star wars trilogy is considered decent by some people. Is because of Poe. He's carrying the series in my opinion. If he wasn't there, I think everyone would hate it.

  • Charles Mackie
    Charles Mackie Day ago

    Can it be technically called a plasma sword

  • Alackofcaring
    Alackofcaring Day ago

    Disney doesn't understand starwars in general, but ok.

  • Jay B
    Jay B Day ago +2

    You understand that Luke called it a "laser sword" because he was mocking her ignorance, right?

  • Fred Miller Jr
    Fred Miller Jr Day ago

    Soy Boy Hamill talks out both sides of his face. He hates Disney Star Wars but happily accepts their paychecks.

  • Steven4547466
    Steven4547466 Day ago

    Rey is just feminist propaganda

  • Bryan Steele
    Bryan Steele Day ago

    I fail to see any valid point in this video

  • Robert Lowrie
    Robert Lowrie Day ago

    I think Luke was making fun of Rey, implying she was a backwoods hick.

    • Frosty Cane
      Frosty Cane Day ago

      Robert Lowrie I always just assumed it was a call back to the prequels

  • Darthjoe 123
    Darthjoe 123 Day ago

    Bruh I saw these scenes and thought this was weird. I also love your exo, at least i think it is.

  • Tyler Frederick
    Tyler Frederick Day ago

    I was fine with the sequels. Until I saw reylo...

  • Shiraho
    Shiraho Day ago

    It’s not the original trilogy therefore it’s bad *shits pants*
    And the main character is a girl? Gay

  • Mr. KoolKid
    Mr. KoolKid Day ago

    At 4:30 I'm not sure if he's complaining about how the baton just comes out of nowhere, or if he's complaining about the fact that a non-lightsaber weapon can deflect lightsabers.

    If it's one then it's dumb because this is a military that is supposed to be prepared for anything. On top of that not preparing for anything was the fall of the jedi order so it makes even more sense to not follow in their footsteps.

    If it's two that it's still dumb because we have had non-lightsaber lightsaber deflecting weapons for a long time. They were in the prequels, they were in the games, the comics, a lot of media canon and legends.

    So, either way he's wrong.

  • forzex96
    forzex96 Day ago

    Just for the record, in Spain we call the light saber "espada láser" or "sable láser" which translates to laser sword or laser saber.

  • Daffy Goose
    Daffy Goose Day ago

    Jimmy:Is that a lazar sword, Jonny

  • Jabersson
    Jabersson Day ago

    The only good thing Disney is done with lightsabers is putting more emphasis on them being a light source in a shot. Other than that, or just functionally speaking, it's all mucked.

  • 1pdigit
    1pdigit Day ago +3

    Laser sword was the original name George wrote for the light saber. It wasn't changed until a later draft of the original SW script.
    You can talk about how stupid people are for saying laser sword but when I hear someone say it I just assume they're a hardcore fan that knows the origin.

  • MQ
    MQ Day ago

    Kylo was cool, then he took off his mask and became a crybaby

  • GhosT
    GhosT Day ago

    gj dude

  • Komikino
    Komikino Day ago

    Plot Armor is the best armor! Right, Kylo? :P

  • John Duncan
    John Duncan Day ago

    Fuck Rian Johnson

  • Jaeven Mitchell
    Jaeven Mitchell Day ago

    They should have allowed stunt men to do the fight choreography.

  • LKVideos
    LKVideos Day ago

    *Disney doesn't understand Star Wars.

  • Velossian1
    Velossian1 Day ago

    if you watch the Kylo Ren/Rey throne room fight scene carefully you see that both Daisy and Adam missed a lot of fight scene ques which leave the guards hitting nothing but air, seriously Hayden, Euan and the others from 1-3 spent weeks and months constantly doing their fights to get them right.

  • Dylan Hall
    Dylan Hall Day ago

    I get the whole video but you can leave cuts and scratches with a lightsaber, i mean if your not forcing it through then thats whats gonna happen like slicing someone with a knife, if your not got force it all the way through then its not gonna go through

  • Yalokin
    Yalokin Day ago

    I agree with everything, but i think the scene where Kylo slices Finn, it is supposed to be "just the tip" ;P If you want totally realistic lightsabers, the people and everything around it would melt from the radiating heat. I dont think that would be so cool in a movie...

    • N F
      N F 14 hours ago

      @Yalokin yeah, in the end we are both speculating. And also (i havent thought about it before) by my logic, i guess they could have the medical knowledge to restore/heal or replace the spinal cord or the nervous endings on the spinal cord or whatever the fuck !
      I do agree with Robot Head that the lightsaber cutting a massive rock and at the same time barely scratching Finn´s back is just dumb and inconsistent.. (fuck Disney).

    • Yalokin
      Yalokin 15 hours ago +1

      @N F suppose that would depend on where the tip hit if as you say the heat is contained to exactly the "tube" but yea, i guess that could happen. And yea, sure they could have some technology to contain the heat, but they have never said anything about it. Both speculations, im just saying from what we know today about plasma and lasers.

    • N F
      N F 19 hours ago

      I disagree man, were talking about a universe where technology is waaay advanced, and you think the heat of the light saber can't be confined to the exact space that occupies? I'm not a scientist but if they can travel in space ships in light speed im pretty sure they can make the heat of the saber stay in the "tube"...
      Finn having his spinal cord melted just with the "tip" must had left him with irreparable nervous damage, maybe paraplegic or quadraplegic !

  • TAB1562
    TAB1562 Day ago +1

    8:50 😂

  • Daniel Madsen
    Daniel Madsen Day ago +1

    REY IS GOD I bet you can set in Darth malgus, darth plagueis, darth sidious and Darth Maul in a fight with her and she would get nothing but a scratch

  • Don’t Sub
    Don’t Sub Day ago +1

    Bro the new Star Wars director ruined everything

    D3VILMAN Day ago

    Well in German it’s a lightsword or a lasersword. Like, in the translation.

  • Star Wars the dork wars

    The worst part is that that display is at Disneyland. Disney actually thinks that it belongs to her.

    • Reva Is The Diva
      Reva Is The Diva Day ago


  • Bur Bur
    Bur Bur 2 days ago

    21k of stupid disney fan

  • NicGlol
    NicGlol 2 days ago

    Did you know that light sabres have power settings?

    • Mimhere
      Mimhere Day ago

      of course! i mean, why wouldn't you want to keep the power on max so you can defeat your opponent easier?

  • gerv55
    gerv55 2 days ago

    Even Lucas used to refer to them as laser swords ffs.

  • kim rasmussen
    kim rasmussen 2 days ago

    i still think the throne room fight looks great, its one of the few highlights in this shitfest
    its far from perfect , and most of it makes NO sense, but it LOOKS great

  • cristopher wong
    cristopher wong 2 days ago +2

    In The Hitchiker's guide to the Galaxy, it's a toaster XXXXXXL

  • AD Massicuro
    AD Massicuro 2 days ago

    Nice Video!! the fights from 9:00....omg so much mistakes

  • Nilam Zygmunt
    Nilam Zygmunt 2 days ago

    Disney made lightsabers better.

  • ButterBoy42
    ButterBoy42 2 days ago

    Bruh, the Darth Vader scene from Rouge One pisses me off so much. Not because it's not good, but because it's so good.
    That scene just shows that disney could 10000% make an amazing Star Wars movie, but they choose not to...

    • Mimhere
      Mimhere Day ago

      They want to go down their own path and shout "Look at us! We made new and interesting Star Wars movies!"
      Of course they're not actually interesting. The only reason their movies are successful is because it's Star Wars and they put some of the old characters in so they can lure in the older audiences. It's pathetic when you think about it.

  • HappyChappy
    HappyChappy 2 days ago

    Little mini montages brought me one way and you sir.. brought me back to the light! Thank you! Fuck what has disney done! I was so brainwashed and caught up in my own Star Wars whatever bandwagon I literally did not see how bad that fight scene was. Im so disappointed in myself...

  • Mr. Toasty
    Mr. Toasty 2 days ago

    Robot head Why don’t you try to make a movie ?. They do all these choreography to look cinematic duh. You are rubbish and this video is horrible.

  • Ethan
    Ethan 2 days ago +11

    Everyone keeps saying "ruining" as if it is still happening...

    Trust me it's too far gone to fix already, it's already ruined...

  • DrummyT Drummond
    DrummyT Drummond 2 days ago

    The guy who throws his weapon away at 10:11 is actually having knocked out of his hand by the other guy with a staff on the left side of the screen. The collision of the two weapons is off screen (above frame) but that’s what they were trying to do with the choreography. Still a terrible scene but that’s what happened.

  • Cali Gaming
    Cali Gaming 2 days ago

    1:40 when Rey gets hit in the head lmao

  • Iblis
    Iblis 2 days ago

    I want to trigger the whole community now. All star wars movied are total shit and poor produced, only the comics are good

  • Vuntis Ddog
    Vuntis Ddog 2 days ago

    That wicked Disney mouse got its grubby little hands on Star Wars and made it horrible

  • Stupidly Funny
    Stupidly Funny 2 days ago

    Disney is just a big fuck you to all Star Wars fans