• Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Overwatch news all new skins for the 2019 winter wonderland event
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  • ohnickel
    ohnickel  Month ago +8

    Which of the new skins do you want ?

    Most Popular OVERWATCH Heroes EACH SEASON since #1

    • Brody Benton-haskins
      Brody Benton-haskins Month ago

      Rat king is my favorite

    • Peppa
      Peppa Month ago

      Rime Sigma and rat king if they gave it to genji cuz it just makes more sense since genji and the rat king are both swordsman

    • Hammondofham
      Hammondofham Month ago

      I like em all uwu

    • Reinhardt Wilhelm
      Reinhardt Wilhelm Month ago

      I think this year's theme is The Nutcracker, hence Reaper being the Rat King and the weapons being partially made of wood.
      "Shawty had 'em Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur" is how that song goes.
      And my favourite skins are Mountain Man McCree and obviously, Ugly Sweater:76

    • Oluwaseun Fagbuyi
      Oluwaseun Fagbuyi Month ago +1

      Snow angel Mercy and Rime sigma are definitely My favorites out of the new skins

  • Exxxtrasauce
    Exxxtrasauce Month ago

    If Theo von played over watch he’d love the rat king skin

  • darkracer125
    darkracer125 Month ago

    no matter what skin they give moira she just keep looking like a dude

  • Stewiewiny
    Stewiewiny Month ago

    I ain’t playing events again unless genji gets a skin

  • MG16NCP
    MG16NCP Month ago


  • Ryan Thon
    Ryan Thon Month ago

    How did they miss the opportunity to turn wrecking ball into a christmas tree ornament?

  • Saturn
    Saturn Month ago

    Man I love genjis new skin oH W A I T

  • Chocoevilpup
    Chocoevilpup Month ago

    Winston signs "hello I am Winston"
    And Lucio has mulled spiced cider

  • Duck with a hat
    Duck with a hat Month ago

    I love Rime, but I play Sigma.

  • BigNate74
    BigNate74 Month ago

    My personal favorites
    Reaper’s Rat King skin
    Sigma’s Rime skin
    *but most importantly soldiers ugly sweater skin*

  • Azrajin
    Azrajin Month ago

    So they made a skin called the Rat King and they didnt give it to Junk Rat?
    Edit: And have a Nutcracker Soldier skin for 76 to go along with it.

  • Patryk Mania
    Patryk Mania Month ago

    Rat King is so awesome

  • DaVinci
    DaVinci Month ago

    I'm super disappointed that Sigma's rock isn't a big snowball with the new skin :/

  • Zac Zacharias
    Zac Zacharias Month ago

    Winston is doing asl and I’m so happy that they put that in the game, his name sign is the slashing action he’s doing because of his ultimate

  • Chiidy Bang
    Chiidy Bang Month ago

    Mercy 8
    Moira 2
    Solider 7
    Doom 6
    MC Cree 4
    Reaper 6
    Sigma 8

  • Jorgie
    Jorgie Month ago +1

    Aww man 😔 I guess it’s that time of event where I ain’t getting nothing in this event, I’m not a fan of the new skins (no cap) there’s always next year 💀

  • Horror Employee
    Horror Employee Month ago

    Thanks for showing me that this event sucks, now I don’t have too redownload overwatch and get disappointed.

  • HollowKnight
    HollowKnight Month ago

    A Jötunn is a giant in Norse mythology

  • Tai-nin Inazuma
    Tai-nin Inazuma Month ago

    If I still played overwatch, I'd be grinding HARD for the rat king skin

  • NinjaTyler
    NinjaTyler Month ago

    Reapers skin looks great but could him and mccree stop getting all the legendary event skin slots dva and many others have almost no holiday skins

  • Marvin Mason
    Marvin Mason Month ago

    Jontun exist in guild wars 2 and rat king is from nutcracker suite

  • Miki - Chan
    Miki - Chan Month ago

    All nice skins imo^^

  • Caleb Hilling
    Caleb Hilling Month ago

    The doomfist is based off of norse it’s supposed to sound like “yötunn” instead of jötunn, for the land of jötunnhime (I know I butched the name) and it’s supposed to be the land of the frost giants....pretty fitting akin for him....

  • Ochaco Uravity San
    Ochaco Uravity San Month ago +1

    NOOO I'm in another country :((((((

  • xbox uni
    xbox uni Month ago

    Bruh so many destiny copy's

  • ReaperGaming 12
    ReaperGaming 12 Month ago +1

    He sounds different wonder why

  • Rowen Althof
    Rowen Althof Month ago

    There's an exotic in Destiny 2 that's called jotunn and one called rat king hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Josiah Trelawny
    Josiah Trelawny Month ago

    Never thought this would happened Reaper has joined the Furry Gang

  • Cookie Dough
    Cookie Dough Month ago

    Am the only one who thinks Mercy would look epic in an Avatar skin? (Not Avatar the last air bender the one with Jake and Neytiri and the Na'vi people)

  • gadiator boi 712
    gadiator boi 712 Month ago +1

    I just got gold for reaper 2 days ago and it will look really cool with that purple

  • LucarioDXAuraStorm
    LucarioDXAuraStorm Month ago

    "Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans (jeans)
    Boots with the fur (with the fur)
    The whole club was lookin' at her
    She hit the floor (she hit the floor)
    Next thing you know
    Shawty got low low low low low low low low" Low, by Flo Rida..... If that's what you're thinking of, Nickel...... This was the first thing that came to mind. Don't judge me. 😔

  • Abnormal Guy
    Abnormal Guy Month ago

    Bruh, nutcracker man come on you should know that

  • ShØgun
    ShØgun Month ago

    I love mountain man, idk why, it's just awesome

  • Faux Nominal
    Faux Nominal Month ago +1

    Just realizing that dreadlocks are perfect for Jötunn because the Vikings all had dreads.

  • Hardfocusloki Loki
    Hardfocusloki Loki Month ago

    I thought rat king was from infinite warfare

  • Nelson Steers
    Nelson Steers Month ago

    And the game is bad north i have it

  • Nelson Steers
    Nelson Steers Month ago

    Jotunn means viking

  • Green Hornet
    Green Hornet Month ago

    McCree got them apple bottom jeans (jeans)
    Boots with da fur (with da fur)

  • Fallen Donuts
    Fallen Donuts Month ago

    Tough choice for blizzard to give the rat skin to the character that doesn’t have anything to do with rats. If only there was one...

  • Monte8Carlo
    Monte8Carlo Month ago

    Why isn't Junkrat the Rat King!?!?!!?

  • Vicente Vasquez
    Vicente Vasquez Month ago

    Ok, i'm a sign speaker but i don't know the English one, cause every country use theirselfs. I can assume that the first is hello i am, and the last one is obviosly Winston but is something interesting about personal names, that every one gets a personal sign that usually has no other meaning also your personal sign is normally assigned from a deaf person and Winston got his own in an OW event time ago

  • PandaKingGaming
    PandaKingGaming Month ago

    The reaper skin I am already a rat

  • davi 1017
    davi 1017 Month ago

    I think Lúcio is drinking groselha, sorta of a juice in Brazil

  • Enjoy Capitalism
    Enjoy Capitalism Month ago

    „Let’s checkout his balls“

  • LotusGirl
    LotusGirl Month ago +1

    I think sombras emote is called regifted because Zarya has a similar emote and she regifted it to Sombra

  • Xanith DeGroot
    Xanith DeGroot Month ago

    I'm disappointed in the mercy skin, the community has been begging for a snow angel mercy skin after the first winter wonderland, quite possibly even before that, and there where so many wonderful fan arts of what the skin could possibly be, and we just get a recolor with a flowing halo. Its on-par for an epic, but for the week 3 reward, its kinda underwhelming.

  • tibblez88
    tibblez88 Month ago +2

    It looks like the nutcracker and rat king sprays go together

  • Phlyboy 77
    Phlyboy 77 Month ago

    The Winston emote is sign language

  • Cody Justin Fannin
    Cody Justin Fannin Month ago

    tbh mccree's is a epic

    SHADOW NINJA Month ago

    Soldiers is the best one

  • Gabe
    Gabe Month ago

    we need a christmas genji skin lmao

  • tehshingen
    tehshingen Month ago

    Rat King is likely to have originated from the Nutcracker. The design also reminds me of the rat king from Hearthstone.

  • Abu 0w
    Abu 0w Month ago

    Rat king is from nutcracker

  • Kreizi Gamer
    Kreizi Gamer Month ago

    Rat King is so AWESOME!

  • JonnePaat
    JonnePaat Month ago

    When your gay be like: Lets check out his balls

    PANDA PANDA Month ago

    I love the 76 1 ❤💚❤💚

  • DanMuch _
    DanMuch _ Month ago

    No ashe skin? NOOOOOOOOOOO

    • DanMuch _
      DanMuch _ Month ago

      @MARK MARTINEZ i know i liked the Halloween one. i have it now with like 200 hours already in. but
      I would've loved a christmas ashe skin
      Since she has like a villainy feel to her skins. seeing a festive skin wouldve been nice.

      MARK MARTINEZ Month ago

      She had one in Halloween terror they cant give her another right now. You may have to wait for other events cause the event I think she might get one in anniversarie.

  • Dominic Chandler
    Dominic Chandler Month ago

    Dang Widow was snubbed

  • Haiden Leeth
    Haiden Leeth Month ago

    Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur

  • Zenyatta 913
    Zenyatta 913 Month ago +1

    Winston's emote is sign language, in my ASL class that was one of the first thing we learned, when he is swinging that is most likely a way of him signing something that people know him for doing, since for names you normally just finger spell