MW3: The Best Infected Game Ever?

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  • ZoeDahKidd
    ZoeDahKidd Год назад

    Of course the game ended with a knife that made no sense 😂

  • Jorge Chable
    Jorge Chable Год назад +2

    I gonna go play infected right now on my xbox 360

  • Xxlonesome wolf
    Xxlonesome wolf Год назад +2

    Kills: 115. Coincidence? I think not!

  • Trystan Durden
    Trystan Durden Год назад +10

    love that trigger finger

  • The Titan
    The Titan Год назад

    If this was public then I woul've liked it

    • I'll rape you
      I'll rape you 6 месяцев назад

      The Titan not if I was there

  • Michael Laloo
    Michael Laloo Год назад

    I got 756 kills before

  • Adonis Green
    Adonis Green Год назад +2

    keep up the good job I'm your biggest fan thank you for doing these videos I don't play mw3 I lvl 80 but know I won't to play with you know thank you for doing these vidos and nice game

  • paul scotland
    paul scotland 2 года назад +1

    rapid fire controller

    • Satan 네모 는 훌륭하다
      Satan 네모 는 훌륭하다 Год назад +1

      No. It's a fast trigger finger. I can shoot faster tho without a jiggermod controller

    • BERZEK
      BERZEK Год назад +1

      Rapid fire in MK-14 noob.

  • Caian Windsor
    Caian Windsor 2 года назад +6

    private match is better than public match infectid

    • Anthony J
      Anthony J 8 месяцев назад

      Yes that's why it's better the connection plus he can just tell them to keep running at him on purpose

    • the headless stickman
      the headless stickman Год назад

      its private.

  • IM_ ALED_
    IM_ ALED_ 2 года назад

    he means the worst infection game ever yeah thet right

  • In The DiRT
    In The DiRT 2 года назад +1

    despite all the hate comments about no throwing knives for infected I think did spectacular. I've seen a few comments saying "Cheat like a champ is better" but overall you are because you didn't use cheats si a job well done to you. legend😉

  • Andre
    Andre 2 года назад +2

    private match

    • Frosty Vlogz
      Frosty Vlogz 2 года назад +1

      Of course. Everyone knows

  • adrian rosas
    adrian rosas 2 года назад

    Fake Moab, pay attention to the mini map

    • In The DiRT
      In The DiRT 2 года назад +1

      Um I did. Nothing was wrong. And plus it was in theatric mode.

  • xXYolo KingXx101
    xXYolo KingXx101 2 года назад

    dude not the because its in a private match butt pretty cool

    • In The DiRT
      In The DiRT 2 года назад

      Atleast you actually are nice enough to tell him well done. Although private match doesn't really change a thing with the same amount of people. unless he boosted which he didnt😀

  • GtFy Clan
    GtFy Clan 2 года назад +1

    ahahah in private game the infected have only knif! suck!

  • Tropic Islands
    Tropic Islands 2 года назад

    Dude nuce, we need more people like you who host, were trying to bring infected back amd need ur help! Do u still play?

  • iFluttxr Shy
    iFluttxr Shy 2 года назад

    i went 50-0,...... in a public match

    • iFluttxr Shy
      iFluttxr Shy 2 года назад

      ntb, it was infected so no 2x MOAB

    • joão somera
      joão somera 2 года назад

      me too in dome with type

  • eric greenwood
    eric greenwood 3 года назад +10

    Lol you're a faggot. Anybody could do that in a private match

    • ControlFreak 516
      ControlFreak 516 Год назад

      In The DiRT Damn chill

    • Atiqur Rahman
      Atiqur Rahman 2 года назад +1

      +In The DiRT Mhmm..
      I did the same....but it was on public match and I got 154 kills...😒

    • In The DiRT
      In The DiRT 2 года назад

      Course they could kid. I can tell by your Profile picture you are probably an immature troll. You could never do something as good as this so shut your fucking mouth.

  • Fullmetal Panic
    Fullmetal Panic 3 года назад +1

    Man i got 169 kill but it's a nice score to am proud of you son :D

    • In The DiRT
      In The DiRT 2 года назад

      +Fullmetal Panic okay dokay

    • Fullmetal Panic
      Fullmetal Panic 2 года назад

      Alright then just add me when you get the time bro Massive_Roar

    • In The DiRT
      In The DiRT 2 года назад

      +Fullmetal Panic oh I do too. cool

    • Fullmetal Panic
      Fullmetal Panic 2 года назад

      I Got a ps3 atm bruh

    • In The DiRT
      In The DiRT 2 года назад

      +Fullmetal Panic Yeh. You got Xbox ? or PS cos I can 😀

  • No name
    No name 3 года назад

    Nigga got a M.O.A.B!!!

  • gmoany22
    gmoany22 3 года назад


  • Kpatel
    Kpatel 3 года назад

    Private match

  • valtsuu
    valtsuu 3 года назад +1

    Infected ones did not have throwing knives so its kinda easy

  • Lucas S
    Lucas S 3 года назад

    Damn 115 killzz

  • aambalada
    aambalada 3 года назад

    Are you working at activision

  • Ra O uF
    Ra O uF 3 года назад

    no doubt the best INF game ever!!!!!!!!

  • math27
    math27 3 года назад +1

    trop cool ton moab ta resister longtemp bravo

  • Lewis Pike
    Lewis Pike 4 года назад

    Can you get 2 moabs

    • Max ali
      Max ali 3 года назад

      You can't get 2 moab this isn't possible in private match

    • Dee Baller
      Dee Baller 3 года назад

      Um actualy you can get 2 moabs just requires 21 more kills so dont call him noob your the noob

    • Diamond Ace
      Diamond Ace 3 года назад

      No noob

  • Nick Barker
    Nick Barker 4 года назад

    It's sad how he thinks he good because he can camp a bridge and kill people with an overpowered MK14. Not to mention that the people didn't even have knives so it was pointless to post you shooting "clay pigeons" pretty much.

  • Roman Powers
    Roman Powers 4 года назад

    commando lunge at the end

  • Fabiola Vargas
    Fabiola Vargas 4 года назад

    Fricken awsome

  • crazyfrog2311
    crazyfrog2311 4 года назад

    he is not... i promise you

  • Samuel spencer
    Samuel spencer 4 года назад

    hes modding

  • Ryan Cleasby
    Ryan Cleasby 4 года назад

    I got 153 today

  • ColdCutCombo
    ColdCutCombo 4 года назад

    all i gotta say is BRING ME 115!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christine Tobin
    Christine Tobin 4 года назад

    you controller is moded

  • Kida Masaomi
    Kida Masaomi 4 года назад

    We're you camping?

  • Nela Jagatić
    Nela Jagatić 4 года назад

    he hacking

  • Zeeshan M
    Zeeshan M 4 года назад

    This guy is legend

  • CraftLlamas
    CraftLlamas 4 года назад

    lol sounds like someone is making popcorn

  • CraftLlamas
    CraftLlamas 4 года назад

    Yes but there are always private matches

  • jake hall
    jake hall 4 года назад


  • iiHyydro
    iiHyydro 4 года назад

    Very well said... I couldn't agree more.

  • DayaanDoesDaBestGamez
    DayaanDoesDaBestGamez 4 года назад


  • Sam Rocks
    Sam Rocks 4 года назад

    If u turned around faster u could hav gon longer

  • James' Channel
    James' Channel 4 года назад

    thats PRIVATE MATCH so it doesn't count

  • TheSpinner13
    TheSpinner13 4 года назад


  • Bence Moro
    Bence Moro 4 года назад

    Ah..... No!

    SGT5LAUGHTER408 4 года назад

    I think hes ready for a Zombie Apocalypse

  • Gavin Baeza
    Gavin Baeza 4 года назад

    Aim bout

  • jamaree wells
    jamaree wells 4 года назад

    dude private match people dont put throwing knife on

  • Ana forrest charter
    Ana forrest charter 4 года назад


  • Jackson Laurie
    Jackson Laurie 4 года назад

    This was when infected wasn't a game mode. They set it up in private match

  • Continuinq Minecraft
    Continuinq Minecraft 4 года назад

    he is epic at that!!!!

  • iPannyDhantom
    iPannyDhantom 4 года назад

    sooooooooooo fake

  • billygriffitts54
    billygriffitts54 4 года назад

    Opsmaster it always looks like that because on those types of guns in any cod game always makes the recoil look weird so it seems like its modded.

  • Agqhia
    Agqhia 4 года назад

    that was boss

  • A_Dry_Noodle
    A_Dry_Noodle 4 года назад

    Am I the onley one that sees this

  • A_Dry_Noodle
    A_Dry_Noodle 4 года назад

    That's a m14 it's a single shot rifle one of the first kills u let out a 3 or 4 round burst modded

  • IA
    IA 4 года назад

    private match camping mk14 op gun shit. not the best game at least use somthing that isnt a 2 shot

  • burrito64burrito64
    burrito64burrito64 4 года назад

    why are they not using throwing knives?

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 4 года назад

    Me and two randoms i was playing with all got a M.O.A.B in infected. And it was a public match. Unfortunately the last guy died just as the 3rd moab went off =) that was MY best infected game, whats YOURS??

  • leisahbailey
    leisahbailey 4 года назад

    Your using a modded controller

  • Kenzeboss
    Kenzeboss 4 года назад

    lol Me 122-1 /watch?v=EGePJPPvqSg

  • juho suomela
    juho suomela 4 года назад

    not bad!

  • fabianfnninja
    fabianfnninja 4 года назад

    me personally i would have jumped n hide after the MOAB deployed... n really 115 kills, ZOMBIES

  • Grant Cattell
    Grant Cattell 4 года назад

    Well obviously, there isn't an Mk14 online infected lobby, + when he got xp is was silver not gold.. Well done captain obvious

  • Per Knutsen
    Per Knutsen 4 года назад

    Its not fake. Its a private match adn this player and possibly his friends are enjoying an infected priv. match together. I think everybody knows its not online because he is using mk14, portable radar and so on and that is not in the online playlist. Know your facts before talking shit!

  • yuki423
    yuki423 4 года назад

    lamar u suk

  • yuki423
    yuki423 4 года назад

    what console me add u

  • Joe Carty
    Joe Carty 4 года назад

    248 people died in this rampage of awesomeness

    FIFAPLAYA 4 года назад

    private match

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown 4 года назад

    It was a private so they didnt have throwing knives. You cant get mk14 or riot shield on infected

  • Ian Mcgreechin
    Ian Mcgreechin 4 года назад

    Your good mate

  • HockeyGamer45
    HockeyGamer45 4 года назад

    Why is not anibody throwing a knife on him?

  • Stephen Crozier
    Stephen Crozier 4 года назад

    1 Match i got 79-1 but this other guy got 174-1! didn't go on UTUBE though. + U ROCK, This game awsome, I = SUB!

  • david zepeda
    david zepeda 4 года назад

    its mw3 not bo2 you dumbass

  • GR24rules
    GR24rules 4 года назад

    You dont say?

  • Justin Dart
    Justin Dart 4 года назад

    anyone notice that guy got 115 kills.................ELEMENT 115

  • Mike G.
    Mike G. 4 года назад

    Lol it was like sup bro dead he was just mowing them down

  • Hobosocks14
    Hobosocks14 4 года назад

    Wat was retarded?

  • I'm Just A Kid
    I'm Just A Kid 4 года назад

    That was retarded...

  • Nathan Molina
    Nathan Molina 4 года назад

    Waste of time

  • David Fosh
    David Fosh 4 года назад


  • TotalDramaNoahh
    TotalDramaNoahh 4 года назад

    You don't say?

  • Magiik
    Magiik 4 года назад

    You don´t say!

  • Jayme Cecile
    Jayme Cecile 4 года назад

    Private matches are fucking retarded.its SOOOO hard to call in MOABS when the infected people have no way to kill you. good job camping it up, bitch.

  • 1bananaprogamer1
    1bananaprogamer1 4 года назад


  • 猫
     4 года назад

    Nobody cares

  • Daniel Tuck
    Daniel Tuck 4 года назад

    wow man you suck, uploading private match ... kill yourself

  • Daniel Tuck
    Daniel Tuck 4 года назад


  • Josh.T53
    Josh.T53 4 года назад


  • WTFThemBullets
    WTFThemBullets 4 года назад

    hi guys im a do youtuber can you plz check out my channel im gunna start doing a infection episodes on mw3 they are gunna be really cool plz check out my channel and plz like and subscribe

  • RedPotatoe324
    RedPotatoe324 4 года назад

    this was private match and if it were a infected match it wouldn't have throwing knife

  • Johannes Wogelius
    Johannes Wogelius 4 года назад

    Nice but it was Privat Match.. so:D 1: YOU ARE RELLY GOOD!!!

  • Lukestadude A
    Lukestadude A 4 года назад


    MRTARTY28 4 года назад


  • Liam davison
    Liam davison 4 года назад

    They suck

  • kayan cunningham
    kayan cunningham 4 года назад


  • Kamryn Ash
    Kamryn Ash 4 года назад