John Oliver Describes Boris Johnson, England's Very Own Trump

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • John Oliver gives Stephen an update on English politics and describes Boris Johnson, England's very own Trump.
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Comments • 3 440

  • Gregm55 Mullen
    Gregm55 Mullen 2 hours ago

    Ha! Finally...the two unfunny wannabe political commentator hacks together. Would have loved John Oliver to say Boris Johnson will never be the prime minister of Great Britain... go on Boris! Do it! Do it! You won't win we just want you to run! 😂😂😂

  • halt wisen
    halt wisen 5 hours ago

    What if Boris wasn't right wing and blonde? I'm unconvinced there are similarities in abundance.

  • Ostentatiousnessness
    Ostentatiousnessness 12 hours ago

    I love how often these two Daily Show alumni meet up and shoot the breeze, the just need Jon Stewart and the Holy Trinity will be complete

  • NorthernLights ofDemons

    Boris is Turkish

  • Joe Bloggs.
    Joe Bloggs. Day ago +1

    Meanwhile, no one in the uk has a clue who John Oliver is 😂😂😂

  • Jason Devon
    Jason Devon Day ago +1

    John Oliver had to leave our country because his penis was too small for an Englishman. Stay the f~ck away, you little weasel.

  • Thaifoonthaiger
    Thaifoonthaiger Day ago

    John Oliver is quite literally not funny. No listen. That's how it works guys. Quite literally NOT funny. I kid you not. Not funny. That's how it works.

  • Yes, I agree
    Yes, I agree 2 days ago +7

    "Boris is a moral windsock"
    Nailed it.

  • RK
    RK 2 days ago

    Aren't these the guys that said Trump will never be president, not as smart as they think - puppets of Demorats

  • SilverFurby
    SilverFurby 3 days ago

    That awkward moment when your chatshow Is so shite, the only guest you can get Is another failing chatshow host..

  • Gabe Bendetowitz
    Gabe Bendetowitz 3 days ago

    That handshake after the burn of trump and boris, that’s Friendship

  • Kartikeya Srivastava

    Liverpool fan here!

  • Glenn Ratcliffe
    Glenn Ratcliffe 3 days ago

    Why do I suspect the word 'MacDonalds' was blurred out?

  • Button Basher
    Button Basher 3 days ago

    But, but, but, he still won and is now probably the 2nd most powerful leader in the world. Sorry Vlad WW3 soon.

  • Calum McIvor
    Calum McIvor 4 days ago

    Awful punditry

  • Fck Trmp
    Fck Trmp 4 days ago

    Clone or clown?

  • Natalee  Steele
    Natalee Steele 4 days ago

    The reason Beyonce had to be photoshopped in is probably because everyone knows John would try and hug her like he is in the picture with the cup😂😂😂

  • Skinnymoneyman
    Skinnymoneyman 4 days ago +1

    Its. Not... great.

  • Tommy Rosendahl
    Tommy Rosendahl 4 days ago

    I... I don't think diamonds even can calcify, John...

  • Bill Christian
    Bill Christian 5 days ago

    Look at the source and realize a boob describing a bigger boob.

  • Kylirr
    Kylirr 6 days ago

    slimy limey

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 6 days ago +1

    Boris is actually quite intelligent though everything he does is calculated, Trump is straight-up unintelligent. (Not a Boris fan)

  • Mislavestina
    Mislavestina 6 days ago +3

    Imagine playing a sport that involves kicking a BALL with your FOOT and not call it FOOTBALL but play a sport where you carry an oddly shaped EGG with your HANDS and call it football...

  • ForeverMe543
    ForeverMe543 7 days ago

    Lol Oliver can’t not swear cause hbo doesn’t give a shit

  • Carl Spackler
    Carl Spackler 10 days ago

    The smart people of the UK are sick and tired of the Theresa May bullshit like we were sick and tired of the Obama bullshit. Things are starting to look up for Europe and the UK.

  • X7
    X7 10 days ago +1

    Boris Johnson is just Trump on crack ..

    • a b
      a b 4 days ago

      X7 good god who could forget the canadian lol lowkey they win the blonde crackhead competition

  • Emily Roberts
    Emily Roberts 10 days ago

    President Fart and Prime Minister Penis can share their stupid toupees with each other and complain about how their respective countries are being overrun by "dangerous illegals" (Mexicans and Sikhs respectively.)

  • 1chish
    1chish 11 days ago

    I got to the 3 minute mark and realised we had two staunch Lefties out to fabricate a vision of our (now) new PM for their partisan American Democrat audience. Boris (unlike the REAL clown in the White House) was a brilliant scholar who won scholarships to Eton and then Oxford Uni where he excelled and was best in his years. Boris Johnson has more ability in his left toenail (seeing as the host sought to bring the talk to that inane level) than these two clowns have in their whole bodies. trump of course pales into insignificance compared to Johnson in intelligence, academic ability let alone use of language. How many books have these 'experts written'? I doubt they have 10% the depth of knowledge of their own countries compared to Johnson's knowledge of world history.
    Boris Johnson uses clever humour (obviously too clever for these two) to make and emphasise a point. Of course Americans really never understand British humour and even the ex Brit John Oliver seems too dim to understand. But I guess he is playing to the people who pay his wages. Fair enough.

    And my last comment to Mr Oliver is that it is (now) going just fine here. We have at last fronted up the EU and they are being shown for the autocratic morons they are. Johnson (unlike Theresa May) has laid down the gauntlet of negotiating a real deal and they chickened out. We WILL leave the EU on 31st October with or without a deal. SIMPLE BLOODY FACT as it is enshrined in UK Law in two Statutes. And the Remainer Parliament that has sought to betray and defy the British Electorate that made that decision in 2016 can do nothing to stop it. So blow your Leftie Socialist Remainer trumpets all you like - We, the quiet majority, will have our decision delivered as it should have been on March 29th. The UK will be a free nation contrary to what Obama and dear Hilary wanted. So suck it up and get used to it Democrats. Oh and btw never ever lecture us in the UK about Irish terrorism. You lot funded it for 30 years until you experienced terrorism yourselves on 9 / 11. We know what the GFA means and intends and we will NEVER breach that Agreement. So block a trade deal if that is what you want but just remember which country is the biggest inward investor into the USA and which country is the place of choice for US foreign investment.

    • 1chish
      1chish 8 days ago

      @ChaoticDoll That was very nearly clever. But not quite. Once again we see the art of deflection demonstrated by someone irked at the truth so they attack the person not what was written or the views expressed. Its what Lefties always do and they think its 'really clever'. Whatever ...
      But I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt if I was Prime Minister Old Son I would be doing exactly what Johnson is doing have no fear about that.

    • ChaoticDoll
      ChaoticDoll 8 days ago

      Is that you Boris? I thought you wouldn't have enough time on hand out of your busy schedule to create an account to post self-praise online, but you proved me wrong.

  • Harald Schuster
    Harald Schuster 11 days ago

    The British embarrassor ^^

  • What?
    What? 11 days ago

    Liberals will bash people non stop without even knowing them or giving them a chance. And just list a bunch of mean horrible things about the person.

  • Art Deco
    Art Deco 11 days ago

    3:58 Superkagyfragically?

  • Sharon Baker
    Sharon Baker 12 days ago

    John Oliver wins again!!!

    • What?
      What? 11 days ago

      He pretty much never wins and was completely wrong about trump losing the election.
      Truly an idiot moron who thinks he knows. A bit fagety also. Like most liberal men

  • alex brown
    alex brown 12 days ago +1

    two horrible left wing scum

  • Dave The rave
    Dave The rave 12 days ago

    What a couple of melts!!! If he walked around Liverpool he wouldn’t last two minutes!! Fake dude

  • percy blakeney
    percy blakeney 13 days ago +2

    People seem to forget that prior to the Referendum Johnson was easily the most popular politician in the country, and also the most astute, most honest, and most entertaining political analyst.
    He's no Trump by any means.

  • Itchy Bum
    Itchy Bum 14 days ago

    Hey morons Boris is nothing like Trump.... I will not waste my time explaining but Boris will be let into Heaven and I am certain Trump wont get in.

  • MrHateneds
    MrHateneds 14 days ago +9

    The Russians plan has succeeded, 2 clowns in charge of 🇬🇧🇺🇸

  • Tim Edmonds
    Tim Edmonds 14 days ago +1

    We like facts : the world is leaning RIGHT due to migrant flow.

    3.5 BILLION live on $2 a day // taking in a few million does ZERO for worlds problems.

  • osamaFXX
    osamaFXX 15 days ago +2

    Wait for another decade. The whole content of Europe will be like Boris and Trump. And that might be the end of western civilisation as we know it.

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe 15 days ago

    brexit or great britain become little england.

  • General Honkler Honk Honk

    I have this blocked yet it keeps coming up on my feed . 👎

  • Tech Geek
    Tech Geek 15 days ago +95

    The difference between Boris and Trump is that Boris has a dumb/eccentric persona, but is smarter than people realise, and has a way with people. He has managed to avoid getting backstabbed, and while he is being laughed at he (1) became the first conservative lord mayor of London and then (2) became Prime Minister.
    Trump however, isn't pretending to be dumb, he actually is.

    • jckgrim51
      jckgrim51 2 days ago

      @Purplox Sweet Jesus! I looked it up and by golly, it's actually the opposite of what you are suggesting. I mean the exact opposite of what you are claiming, crazy right!?!?! I mean with a few searches and clicks here and there I found exactly what you were saying, but the opposite. Pages and pages supporting Trump's anti-racist positions and overwhelming record of success while in office. I mean his prison reform released a lot of wrongfully accused people, who happened to be black. Yeah that is the opposite of what a racist would do that along with his many other accomplishments. I encourage everyone to look up the man's record and determine for themselves the actions that define men and not the words they joke about with.

    • jckgrim51
      jckgrim51 2 days ago

      ​@Purplox again you haven't provided anything but opinions, subjective opinions then telling me to look up supporting facts on my own to support your claims and thank you, rather just break down your mediocre accusations towards the man.

      1."Racist flair ups", hows it a flair up if it's one individual acting this way while the entire country is condemning that single person's actions. No one is celebrating or supporting the incident in El Paso...President himself condemn the action... "Racist flair ups" from one single event caused by one person that no one is publicly supporting and was condemned by Trump there after, doesn't support your claim that Trump is contributing to how individuals violently act. You're also nit picking crimes to prove your point while disregarding others that happened over the same weekend by another individual who was a democratic supporter. It would be bigotry to assume the entire democratic party or its leaders support that individual man's actions, which is entirely separate from their ideals or what they represent. Right? If you can't get passed this then you are a bigot and need some self reflecting.

      2. The rest of your comment is a run on complaint that have no basis in facts. I mean where's your quotes, exact lines and where he said them and to what regard did he say it to suggest / support your claim he's racist, lies or is dumb? You can't it appears and can only refer to these mediocre complaints.

      You come across as a Bot/NPC/Puppet considering you have no original ideas or support to your claims and telling me to look it up... lol not how this work and anyone else looking in on this conversation can see you're running on talking points that have no basis to support them. Example "He held back bills that were popular at the time to pass Bill's that werent (the wall) and shut down the entire government." -You. This is an opinion and an incorrect one as the majority/all of his voters agree on his build a wall policies which he ran on during his election. So maybe not "popular" to you but it was to his supporters... Additionally government shutdowns happen, happened during Obama's term...so0 idk how this contributes to racism or stupidity...

      "He fed an NFL team hamburgers because of the shutdown instead of postponing or something." or something? lol NPC showing with these half ass talking points. What's this have to do with anything? You are complaining about his management style while ignoring his success. Essentially you are complaining about a man's sock color and how he put it on while ignoring the accomplishments he performs during the day while wearing said socks. WHO GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HIS SOCKS.

    • Purplox
      Purplox 3 days ago

      @jckgrim51 just look up any of what he says and take ideas from multiple sources and then shape your opinion on the matter, you shouldnt instantly make an opinion on the topic after reading one site or hearing one broadcast. Good God America, you are the problems you have.

    • Purplox
      Purplox 3 days ago

      @jckgrim51 how about his constant racist flair ups that are increasing tension across the country, as in el Paso.
      How about his constant denial of policy to protect American voting systems from hackers.
      What about the fact he CONSTANTLY LIES.
      If these dont seem dumb then how about this:
      He constantly admits that his views are shaped by the television.
      He constantly states that all news media that doesnt praise him is wrong.
      He held back bills that were popular at the time to pass Bill's that werent (the wall) and shut down the entire government.
      He fed an NFL team hamburgers because of the shutdown instead of postponing or something.
      Need anything else?

    • jckgrim51
      jckgrim51 5 days ago

      If he’s dumb then I want to be an idiot. I mean if a dumb person lowers unemployment, raise the market and reform the criminal justice system... then I can’t wait for retardation to become literal most epic thing to be. I’m still waiting for someone to produce facts to their bias claims and name calling but only met with more subjective feelings that is microscopic to what the person is.

  • Self Discipline
    Self Discipline 15 days ago +1

    Look guys. Two rich guys talking crap about people who voted someone for the people.
    I guess rich folks don't like who the people who aren't rich, elect.

    • Georgeasaurus2001
      Georgeasaurus2001 12 days ago +1

      I've read this a few times and it still doesn't make sense????

  • Peter Green
    Peter Green 15 days ago

    Oh whoopee! Britain had got its own Donald Trump. 😟 I don't see millions dancing the conga through the big towns and cities at this wondrous announcement

  • Abhik Mazumder
    Abhik Mazumder 15 days ago


  • DeepClient
    DeepClient 15 days ago

    why is John so nervous?

  • OúnicoSarueh
    OúnicoSarueh 15 days ago

    The US has Donald Trump
    Brazil has Bolsonaro
    The UK has Boris Johnson

    This world is quickly coming to an end and nobody is noticing that.

    • Fck Trmp
      Fck Trmp 4 days ago

      Turkey got Erdogan, Russia has Putin and Italy has Salvini. It really sucks!

  • David Farmer
    David Farmer 16 days ago

    Watched him on Fantasy football league show back in the day. Chelsea orgasm!

  • TheVclarke
    TheVclarke 16 days ago

    Oh look...liberal late night bashing trump? how novel and brave. jesus. its getting old. not a trump fan but can these constantly triggered liberal elitists please try something new? my god, WE GET IT...YOURE UPSET. YOU HATE TRUMP. #moveon #noonecaresanymore #unfollow

  • Gavin Johnson
    Gavin Johnson 16 days ago

    Boris made some properly negative statements about John’s beloved Liverpool. I’m pretty sure John will have plenty of material lined up for that odious twat.

  • reginald allouchery
    reginald allouchery 16 days ago

    Why thank you right wing sheep. It's unusual when you guys can put more then two words together.

  • DaveBox G
    DaveBox G 16 days ago

    Winning the champions league is better than winning the world cup simply because it's the best TEAMS in the world, not the best national teams who don't even know each other's names, Oh and the best managers/coaches.

  • Stephen Woodward
    Stephen Woodward 16 days ago

    Oliver, you’re a Brummie. How could you support the Bin Dippers?

  • FreddyFish
    FreddyFish 16 days ago

    He wasn't elected like Trump. Trump might be the same moron, but it's American Democrats who got them into that place.
    I'm a Liberal Democrat but neveri n my life would I ever want to be associated with the nonsense American Liberal.
    The kind of democrats which will ensure Trump still is in power in 2020.
    American Liberals and Democrats. Be ashamed already for the past years and be ashamed Trump wins again because of your nonsense.

    • FreddyFish
      FreddyFish 16 days ago

      @J. L. American Liberals do Identity politics 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Policy is somewhere 4th. Virtue signal like crazy based on race and gender but won't debate actual class-based policy which affects everybody. American Liberals are just want to be popular and still blame others for wanting to be more popular, instead of just debating policy. In short: They do not debate policy in debt, just childish one liners, identity politics and one liners.

    • J. L.
      J. L. 16 days ago

      What's the difference between American and European Liberals?

  • Snapigram-Social Network

    good show

  • Feisty Friar
    Feisty Friar 16 days ago

    I love John Oliver.

  • MrProvincial
    MrProvincial 16 days ago

    That's Liverpool for you. They win their fisrt proper trophy in 13 years (that Carling Cup from 2012 doesn't really count, come on) and now they won't shut up about it. Gonna be bragging about this one for another decade.

  • john adamson
    john adamson 16 days ago

    Hmmm two middle aged, un-funny, geg wearing, wet wipes in cheap suits calling people clones 🤔

    • john adamson
      john adamson 16 days ago

      @J. L. salty? Just quick to point out hypocrisy.

    • J. L.
      J. L. 16 days ago

      Someone's salty that their "Emperor Trump" or "Emperor Johnson" got made fun of.

  • Jake M
    Jake M 16 days ago

    Up the Brexit!! 👍🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Monda Chewon
    Monda Chewon 16 days ago

    Whose this guy man? What a waste of my life

  • D. Paul Gladstone
    D. Paul Gladstone 17 days ago

    Of all the people that are on TV, these two have the least amount of talent. Eventually a stockholder's revolt will force the networks to have good non-political shows on it. Like every period in the country, this one is coming to an end.

  • Potter Me More
    Potter Me More 17 days ago +1

    Love you Johnny but Man Utd all the way 💘

  • EvilKris
    EvilKris 17 days ago

    I think Trump is ok- a lot smarter than he comes across. Everyone underestimates him but after years of watching The Apprentice I could tell he's a legend when it comes to negotiations and finding the flaws in deals. I think he'll go down as one of the best Presidents the States has ever had. All the retards out there that judge everyone on how fancy their vocabulary is have no clue what makes for real brainpower.
    Boris on the other hand, I haven't seen much of him but he strikes me as a bit of a blue-blood dolt, albeit a passionate one, and I don't think he lacks the flash Trump has to win people's trust ad get them behind him. He's not a negotiator but a public schoolboy with a bit of swagger that can probably recite Shakespear in Latin, and would do alright on University Challenge, but he won't shake the ground like Trump has. We'll see.

    • EvilKris
      EvilKris 15 days ago

      Lol he/she deleted their idiotic reply. You lose, another leftist disheveled head for the pile. Another typical libtard logic fail, inability to do proper research on all topics, zero Googling, making every decision based on ‘emotions’, thinks that everyone that speaks with elocution and wears a suit can be trusted, brainwashed by the media. Poor, futile weak little brain with a big mouth, a terrible combination.

    • EvilKris
      EvilKris 16 days ago

      They’re not firing them over Korea and Japan anymore that’s for sure

    • J. L.
      J. L. 16 days ago

      @EvilKris Then why is NK still testing missiles? They're not going to give them up willingly, and Trump won't do anything.

    • EvilKris
      EvilKris 16 days ago

      ​@J. L. 2018 North Korea-United States Singapore Summit

    • J. L.
      J. L. 16 days ago

      Name one thing he's done that has made the world more peaceful.

  • bv vv
    bv vv 17 days ago

    Two of the most unfunny people I've seen! Makes Trump look good!

  • Jim
    Jim 17 days ago

    Oh nice two rich elitist who live in gated communities that get over paid to read words off a script and give an opnion (things the rest of us do on a daily basis for free).

  • Tinman Bigfoot Tracker Channel.

    He's British when a good thing and American when they do as he agrees.
    Sad lonely man.

  • shawn lilly
    shawn lilly 17 days ago

    If you seriously think Boris has any actual similarities with Trump aside from appearance you’re a dimwit.

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas 17 days ago

    two cucks better than one?

  • capnmojo
    capnmojo 17 days ago

    3:46 fail

  • Scarlett Fox
    Scarlett Fox 18 days ago

    English politics? England doesn't even have a government.. It's the only country in the UK that doesn't have a government.. It's British Politics

  • TheViperFan
    TheViperFan 18 days ago

    People from Scottland and Northern Ireland had voted to remain in the EU.
    But stupid english idiots, like this Johnson, voted to shot themselfe in the foot.
    The votes of the Scotch and Irish where ignored. They where forced to be shot by those idiots, too.
    Stand for your rights.
    Reunite, Ireland!
    Declare independance, Scottland!
    I think I speak for the whole EU, when I say: "We love you!"
    P.S. here is a nice song from Björk for you. Enjoy.

    • J. L.
      J. L. 16 days ago +1

      I agree! I'm from America, and I'm fully behind a United Ireland! I hope dumb Brexit and Boris Doofus are enough to convince North Ireland!

  • Your Name Here
    Your Name Here 18 days ago

    John Oliver contributed to trump getting elected, he wrote a campaign check. Lmao 2 smug cucks who cried when trump won.

  • w oke
    w oke 18 days ago

    Is this idiot still on air?

  • Nicholas Scriven
    Nicholas Scriven 18 days ago

    What is wrong with Prawn Cocktail Crisps, John Oliver?!

  • Haha 99
    Haha 99 18 days ago

    Liverpool 4 - 0 Barcelona 🤣