Smashing 30 iPhone's with a Hammer for Science!

  • Published on Sep 11, 2015
  • Decided to destroy 30 perfectly working iPhone's because, why not? Enjoy!
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  • Chris Housand
    Chris Housand 2 hours ago

    Yo techrex I want 1 of the 4/4s

  • Mustafa Akram
    Mustafa Akram 4 hours ago

    You can give them to poor people

  • • GachaTacular •
    • GachaTacular • 16 hours ago

    No not the 16th 1

  • Random Weird Videos

    When apple announces that there will be no headphone jack on their next phone

  • Le Nga Phung
    Le Nga Phung 2 days ago

    dead pixels!

  • Sciencio GT
    Sciencio GT 2 days ago

    I cried while watching thus

  • Opa-Opa
    Opa-Opa 4 days ago

    So this is how you turn off your display for battery saving on an iPhone? Never thought of that. On my Android there is a button for this task.

  • a dreemurr-_-
    a dreemurr-_- 4 days ago

    What happen if we break our arm for science

  • Account Deleted
    Account Deleted 6 days ago

    1,000,000$ on the trash can

  • ScribblenautLogoEditor 231

    28, not 30!

  • Ben Kay
    Ben Kay 8 days ago +1

    I love how he smashes them and says "that ones acting wierd"

    • Opa-Opa
      Opa-Opa 4 days ago

      Same. I was confoosed too why it did so...

  • Wolfgang Pete
    Wolfgang Pete 9 days ago

    nobody needs to see such absolutely non sense videos... And then on top it is not good for the planet we're living on... Makes me sad that people are that mindless in their lives just to get clicks with that stupid kind of content... Please stop it! Not for me or any critics, but for respect to the planet you're living on! Smartphones for example are not really good for the environment and yeah but it is ok if the human beeing is using it. But you go and smash it. CONGRATULATIONS. STUPID, DISRESPECTFUL IDIOT

    WP ME ANDREW 10 days ago

    28 iphones

  • Kahlen Wyble
    Kahlen Wyble 11 days ago

    I would have took them all ☹️ so waste full☹️

  • MOLTEN Animatronic
    MOLTEN Animatronic 12 days ago

    You have 30 iPhone laying around and the best thing to do with them is to smash them how about sell them

  • Afan Vlogs
    Afan Vlogs 13 days ago

    Theres actually 28 iphones

  • Brian Conklin
    Brian Conklin 13 days ago

    I like it when you put thw black and white in a patern

  • Albertus De Klerk
    Albertus De Klerk 13 days ago

    you should go to jail for murdering all tohose phones

  • Albertus De Klerk
    Albertus De Klerk 13 days ago

    thos phones could haven a good home and you just kill them

  • ford man
    ford man 13 days ago

    Cep smashing iPhones go

  • It’s Vlad
    It’s Vlad 14 days ago +1

    I just witnessed a massive murder for *SCIENCE*

  • Abdulrahman Abozaid
    Abdulrahman Abozaid 14 days ago +2

    It’s 28 phones

  • ArcticEminem
    ArcticEminem 14 days ago +1

    I like this guy, he just hates IPhones.

  • Svilena Leon
    Svilena Leon 15 days ago

    Iphones: *extists*
    Techrax: Im going to end DEEZ Whole phone's carrer

  • Moiz Adnan
    Moiz Adnan 15 days ago

    You give me iPhone4

  • Iron Snout 7.2
    Iron Snout 7.2 15 days ago +1

    *You just broke my heart in 100 pieces*

  • Amy Radford
    Amy Radford 17 days ago

    30 iPhones

  • Chaudhary Ali
    Chaudhary Ali 19 days ago +1

    Why you waste give me one

  • Noer Misa
    Noer Misa 19 days ago +1

    There are 28 iphones not 30

  • it's Joshua on YouTube
    it's Joshua on YouTube 19 days ago +1

    Do not break phones again

  • Xavier Estarellas
    Xavier Estarellas 21 day ago +1

    I do not understand the science in this test...🤨

  • jmurray45
    jmurray45 21 day ago

    I knew you would smash that one next

  • john doe
    john doe 21 day ago

    Hilarious TechRax!!! love it!!!

  • Speed racer Fan number one

    If they were Nokia the hammer would break

  • CLTV
    CLTV 22 days ago

    For people like me who Android this is therapy

  • Jeremiah Hinojosa
    Jeremiah Hinojosa 22 days ago

    I Think there is an iPhone SE

  • 孙新宇
    孙新宇 22 days ago


  • Qwintal
    Qwintal 23 days ago

    You are fucked up ukrainian

  • Willy Adom
    Willy Adom 24 days ago +1

    You are stupid to break those iPhones 🤦‍♂️ come on

  • Regina Wright
    Regina Wright 25 days ago

    There Is 28 Phone's

  • JustGwen
    JustGwen 25 days ago +1

    Poop sock

  • ģòģà221110
    ģòģà221110 26 days ago

    No 28 phones!

  • DanTDMDaniel234
    DanTDMDaniel234 26 days ago +3

    He says the phone is outdated, bro i am writing this on a iphone 4 so yeah

  • Ness 88
    Ness 88 27 days ago

    *"just laying around"*

  • Landon Brewer
    Landon Brewer 27 days ago +2

    We got people starving in Africa and we got this guy smashing iPhone 4’s and 4s’s

    • Brando Davis
      Brando Davis 17 hours ago

      They can help themselves trust in the tao my friend

  • Deadbeat Fried
    Deadbeat Fried 27 days ago

    Were are you getting these phones

  • jerome silang
    jerome silang 28 days ago +1

    Instead of destroying it give it to homeless

  • Jahed Miah
    Jahed Miah 28 days ago +2

    The first four broken phones were BLACK! Fucking racist!!!

  • Kaijie Koh
    Kaijie Koh Month ago

    Ahem.. Ahem... Actually 29 phones.. Cough cough

  • Aaron Guevara
    Aaron Guevara Month ago

    That’s not a good sign but keeps smashing

  • Jhevon Noble
    Jhevon Noble Month ago +1

    He smashed 28

  • SaturnAvery
    SaturnAvery Month ago

    Man this Nigga dumb as fuck, he breaks these expensive ass iPhones and don’t even sell it. Welp, if that’s what he wants to do for talent then he can do whatever he wants I guess.

  • Ivan
    Ivan Month ago

    3:07 bluescreen

  • wtf ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏᴜs

    Wtf because of this nonsense ewaste is forming....

  • Moustafa Farouk Art
    Moustafa Farouk Art Month ago +2

    If apple have a region this would be it’s hell 😅

  • MAU5TRAP Ashes
    MAU5TRAP Ashes Month ago +1

    TechRax: The first 2 black iPhones to go
    Me(My thought): Its felt pretty Satisfying.
    Me: Wow I never thought that...

  • Light Buzzyear
    Light Buzzyear Month ago

    Iphones not iphone's idiot (was that a test be honest)

  • BaRtJeK PL
    BaRtJeK PL Month ago

    You are CraZy 😂

  • Le Bad Boy
    Le Bad Boy Month ago

    No 28 iPhones !!!! 😡😡😡😡

  • Tran Thi Hong
    Tran Thi Hong Month ago

    Anyone here because you’re angry?