Why is Contrapoints being “cancelled?"

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
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  • Rinja Mitchika
    Rinja Mitchika 10 minutes ago

    You said that we should make a difference between non-binary and transsexual. So, do you mean NB can't be trans???

  • Cunttry Yasob
    Cunttry Yasob Hour ago

    If you can't respond logically to something that you disagree with you don't have an argument. Natalie makes excellent points as usual.

  • Cunttry Yasob
    Cunttry Yasob Hour ago

    Silencing people rather than engaging in dialogue, arguing against them without truly listening to their message etc. Radicalists are equally unflattering be they left or right.

  • Layne Lord of Cinder
    Layne Lord of Cinder 12 hours ago


  • Nat
    Nat 14 hours ago

    I wanna preface this by saying I don't necessarily disagree with the points made here nor do I think contra should've been "canceled":
    The part about how people should've raised concerns respectfully, without pulling old receipts, etc seemed a little off to me bc from my point of view that's exactly what happened. It's been a while now that people have been like "I'm not so sure about this point you made" or "what did you mean by this" or "this is how this comes across to me, is there a way you could be more clear?" and in her videos, instead of listening or engaging with the critique contra continued to double down on the same things. She has every right to do this, and my arguement isn't that she should perform to whatever whims her audience has, but if you're going to take this approach in response to criticism, you can expect that criticism to worsen and that's exactly what happened. I don't like the way some people wrote contra off (often without even knowing what was going on) but I also feel sympathetic to those who felt dismissed or even provoked by her decisions (esp with the buck thing). Unfortuneately, the fact is the more aggressive you are in your criticism the more likely you will receive attention, and if you wanna be "edgy" or unreserved in the face of disagreement, you're going to attract that kind of criticism

  • Sober Toucan
    Sober Toucan 2 days ago

    The Le ft.

  • Grey Skeptic
    Grey Skeptic 2 days ago

    First time at your Channel. I like your opinion, glad I clicked on your video. I'll be checking more out. 😊

  • Po Po
    Po Po 2 days ago

    Lol intellectual topic bro you guys are a danger to society

  • Shreleby Canbe
    Shreleby Canbe 3 days ago


  • Micah E.
    Micah E. 3 days ago

    As someone who is non-binary and a Contrapoints fan, wtf? Like, yeah, she should be called by her preferred pronouns and she also isn't wrong in stating she isn't the right person to talk on non-binary issues. You want to watch/talk to someone who makes non-binary content, go see Ash's channel and their non-binary partner's channel. You don't have to go to the same creator for different LGBTQ+ content.

  • sladikk
    sladikk 4 days ago

    I'm not saying Contra deserved what she got, but I am saying that this is definitely a possible outcome when you cultivate a community with videos saying things like "if you think someone's a nazi, they're a nazi."

  • Victoria Dellilo
    Victoria Dellilo 4 days ago

    I agree with contrapoints, I don't want to be misgendered when I'm fighting so hard to be called he/him pronouns, don't call me the/them, I'm not nonbinary I am a TRANS MAN

  • Erin Symone
    Erin Symone 5 days ago

    Lol I feel like this video is guilty of what it is trying to criticize. Like you are cancelling people who criticized contra instead of ~respectfully~ asking them to explain what they meant. That's just my first impression though! For the record, I didn't even know contra had been "cancelled" until this video. I don't think anyone outside of the twitter bubble was aware of this

  • Led Red
    Led Red 11 days ago

    He's a man who cut his dick off and dress up like a woman you fool.

  • Thuoi Ly
    Thuoi Ly 11 days ago

    Why don’t people just respect her pronouns and leave her alone?

  • C vdL
    C vdL 11 days ago

    im nb and im not mad at this? why? cos im a decent person who completely understands and respects that Contra has her pronouns and doesn't want to be misgendered.

  • Rishi Krishnaswamy
    Rishi Krishnaswamy 11 days ago

    Don't cancel her. I love Contrapoints.

  • Dnomyar Akunawik
    Dnomyar Akunawik 12 days ago

    Shut up. U r one ugly pasty faced bitch.

  • Yunobeat
    Yunobeat 13 days ago

    what happened to youzr wrists by the way

  • Myyoutubecommentschannel

    Video starts at 1:55

  • Liu484
    Liu484 14 days ago

    i'm dumb. How is contra a liberal?

  • flower boy
    flower boy 15 days ago

    What happend to around your wrists

    • Gotopost tt
      Gotopost tt 15 days ago

      It was her black boyfriend who tied her up.

  • Aaron Corpuz
    Aaron Corpuz 15 days ago

    I dont know why London has usually a negative like to dislike ratio, vids like these are a breath of fresh air

  • Paweł Wolnicki
    Paweł Wolnicki 16 days ago

    Grab her by the pussy

    • Paweł Wolnicki
      Paweł Wolnicki 16 days ago

      dude, you pass for a wamyn - annoying and bitchy, but pass

  • Paweł Wolnicki
    Paweł Wolnicki 16 days ago

    Liberal means "Freedom from" not "Freedom to" - the first and proper is Right win Liberal and the other is subverset Leftist totalitarian suberters of words

  • rdgloveshouse
    rdgloveshouse 17 days ago

    Remember when she used to be anti transmed

  • Polina Ovchinnikov
    Polina Ovchinnikov 19 days ago

    Hey girl Ihope you are okay! Because I saw big bruises on your wrists! :(

  • Shaindel Edeltuch
    Shaindel Edeltuch 19 days ago

    I love a cis person defending some trans people over other trans people🤮. Can cis people just bud out?

  • Bong Gnostic
    Bong Gnostic 20 days ago

    the left will eat itself is so fucking true and has been for decades. Since the broad based support for direct politics of the 60s morphed into ever weakening delegated politics we've seen factions divide into smaller and smaller islands of insular concerns. This self righteous yammering resembles medieval scholasticism. When shit gets real and the entire structure of capitalism comes crashing down on our heads because of climate catastrophe, who will have done the hard work of organising at grassroots level to fight for ordinary workers? Who will be around to resist the fascists? Apparently it's more important to destroy comrades and allies with petty arguments. To outsiders it looks completely insane. This demand for ideological purity nonsense has to stop. People need to remember the old ethos of 60s organisers that worked so well: be forgiving and seek to raise consciousness gently, treat people with respect

  • cat Moochie
    cat Moochie 23 days ago

    its really sad that gender people cant just work together...we already have cis people and idiot cross cultist to deal with on the regs.

  • Sarah Gardner
    Sarah Gardner 23 days ago +1

    I didn't even know she was trans before she mentioned it. Thought she was a liberal channel and that's it, until I watched her video about the topic of transsexuality.

  • notimportantn1
    notimportantn1 23 days ago

    The only criticism I understood is that she called herself an "old-school transsexual". Because with that she's dismissing nonbinary people who lived and identified as nonbinary decades and centuries ago.
    But yeah I hate what happened on Twitter to her. I mean she even made a video, a long time ago, on nonbinary genders and saying they're valid 🤷

  • Kelly Fishbeck
    Kelly Fishbeck 24 days ago

    I absolutely love how angry and frustrated you are in this video. I am also angry and frustrated! This is bullying. Mob behavior.
    You know why I looked this up a month later? Someone was (still!) hassling one of Contra's colleagues - demanding that he disavow her. DISAVOW her! In fact, they called her "truescum." It made me so sad (and then, angry.) This is madness. :-(

  • Julian Norton
    Julian Norton 24 days ago

    So there's a large section of idiots in the non-binary community. Shocking. It's a hard life for Contra to try and educate homophobes, incels, mentally unstable people all at the same time. For most of us, we just love listening to her philosophical discussions and dissection of certain topics. My wife and I love watching her.

  • Matt Curtiss
    Matt Curtiss 25 days ago

    "Momma's pissed." Ohshit better listenup.

  • MrKenichi22
    MrKenichi22 26 days ago

    It makes me sad that they are biting Contrapoints hand supporting them.

  • Ayanna Little
    Ayanna Little 26 days ago

    Non-Binary people really need to stop trying to absorb all other trans-communities, We don't all have to agree.
    ya know, unless you're non-binary.

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S 28 days ago

    I saw this comment in another video that resonated with me, I have to share.

    "Also, advocacy through non binary people does not represent binary trans people for the exact reason contrapoints is being grilled. We're allowed to have opinions and feelings about our own bodys and identitys without those being projected onto non-binary people. We are allowed to want to pass without being "bootlickers of the cis".

    And right now in this moment, while transsexualism (don't like that word? Too bad. Its a medical diagnosis that a lot of people all over the world have to be classified as to transition) is supported by actual research with scientific method of research, nombinary identitys literally come from queer theory, which is everything BUT science.

    Or how else do you explein the fact that in the 2010s the number of nonbinary people grew from maybe few excentric indidviuals worldwide to pretty much every western bi girl having a phase of "being nonbinary"

  • Poemonek
    Poemonek 29 days ago +1

    We're so woke we tell a trans person to shut up about not wanting to be misgendered

  • Cap'n Kat
    Cap'n Kat 29 days ago

    'Contra is a liberal, not a leftist'

    *She has a video series called 'the problem with capitalism'*

  • Izzy McLeod
    Izzy McLeod Month ago

    I am non-binary and some of the stuff she says i disagree with (like I do use they for people before I know their correct pronouns ) but that doesn't mean she's scum or "enby-phobic". And I think a lot of people see her saying "I want to feel safe and invisible as a woman" as saying she doesn't like out there overtly trans non-binary people which is just not the case an I completely get that. She's talking about her own experience which doesn't mean she hates all of us. In several videos she's explained that non-binary people have their own way of experiencing gender etc. and that she doesn't want to speak for us because she is not us and I really respect that.

    A lot of the people having a go at her on twitter are those that seem to live on the internet and argue on twitter about the most minute details of the LGBT experience which is exhausting. They're nitpicking what she's saying and I do not have the time or energy for that shit.

  • kukalakana
    kukalakana Month ago

    To be honest, I find Contra points' channel to be quite boring, so won't be that sorry to see it go (although I didn't wish for it; just in different circumstances I wouldn't give two shits). But the reasoning behind why she's being cancelled is just such bollocks!

  • Angel Uriel
    Angel Uriel Month ago

    This video is relevant again

  • hella kiddie
    hella kiddie Month ago +1

    Authenticity vs forced acceptance is my issue with these baby gays

  • DrPengin
    DrPengin Month ago

    The people trying to silence her AREN'T her fans.

  • Shamus MacDonald
    Shamus MacDonald Month ago +1

    Chris D'elia jokingly once said "You've already done the thing that will ruin you" and in our increasingly sensitive, online environment that is becoming true at an alarming rate. That being said, it's also possible that outrage culture is a "flavor of the week" phenomena and boring people are just looking for nonsense to drub on about, we're all going to be okay and as long as you're generally nice to everyone, you should be good.

  • johnnyscifi
    johnnyscifi Month ago

    Heya gorge!!!

  • baby brand
    baby brand Month ago

    Love Natalie’s content. Shame she’s layin’ low. People are assholes and barking at them won’t make them change. It’s a lot easier to just treat people with an ugly mindset the way you would Mormons that come knocking: mildly annoyed and dismissive.

  • Master Carbuncle
    Master Carbuncle Month ago

    Cancelling is antithetical to tolerance. Is this a fascism channel?

  • Master Carbuncle
    Master Carbuncle Month ago

    It's simply. She's a hateful kunt and she finally showed her true, ugly colors. Karma, bitches.

  • wreckerlynn
    wreckerlynn Month ago

    this is speaking to my fucking frustration so real. I've been so mad about what's happening to Contra. And I'm NB, and wanting to be referred to as your correct pronouns is kind of the POINT to a bunch of this. So this 'misgender yourself so I feel better while you suffer' bullshit is just maddening.

  • Esme Hamer
    Esme Hamer Month ago +1

    Didn’t realise miss London was trans
    As contra would say unclockable

  • Skylar Raccuia
    Skylar Raccuia Month ago

    I think that assuming what someone's gender identity and pronouns are based on their appearance is a problematic thing to do. Sure, you may be right some 90-something percent of the time, but there's still that chance that you assume incorrectly and misgender someone. Not a great time for anyone. And it's a pretty high chance that you'll misgender someone with that approach in trans circles. So just...don't. Only use pronouns to refer to someone when you know what that person's pronouns are. If you don't know, ASK. That's better than using "they/them" as an ambiguous default, and it's certainly better than assuming binary pronouns and assigning gender based on mere expression.

  • Derek Raynaud
    Derek Raynaud Month ago

    I’m cis and even I know that some trans folk don’t want to be known as trans, just as the gender they identify as. It’s like Blaire Whites argument about the linguistics of trans monikers being compared to parents. Like imagine if EVERY time you were with your child, someone brought up the fact that they weren’t your’s genetically? I kinda imagine it would be the same frustration as transition to another gender to be put under this nebulous trans umbrella. Let her be a woman, damn

  • Amanda R
    Amanda R Month ago

    I love Contrapoints so much, her videos genuinely are so well made and thought out. She deserves the world.

  • stev6963
    stev6963 Month ago

    PREACH!! I mourn for the world where this actually has to be explained by valid binary trans people.

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius Month ago

    Aren't they/them gender neutral? Means it can be used for anyone no matter what gender.

  • Netherless
    Netherless Month ago

    Contrapoints is a trans woman? I thought she was cis. Learn something new every day.

  • TaibaKitty 1996
    TaibaKitty 1996 Month ago

    I love Contrapoints and I'm non-binary. I think the entire issue is bull shit. A lot of non-binary fans have commented on her videos giving her support and openly think this is very wrong.
    I owe her a lot. She helped me on my path to self acceptance when she did that video defending our existence to other binary trans people who think we are fakers (aka transtrenders) or "disgusting".

  • -Bed*Bug-
    -Bed*Bug- Month ago +2

    I love Nataile :,(