Do Glasses Ruin Your Eyesight?

Hank brings the answer into focus.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Автор Ed T. NecroBones ( назад)
Strong correlation between the need for corrective lenses, and educational upbringing. So yes, all the cool people here have a higher percentage of glasses in use! :)

Автор Andrew Kwasek ( назад)
glasses may not ruin my vision but ethics always ruins science.

Автор Capricom44 ( назад)
Hey SciShow, question: I'm myopic (-3.75 right eye, - 6.00 left) and I can work with PCs that use 4:3 aspect ratio monitors, but I can't use 16:9 monitors without glasses. Why?

Автор Gareth Field ( назад)
I wax sooo nervous to click this. Phew.

Автор big kid ( назад)
nah they don't look cool. trololol

Автор Ackchyually ( назад)
What about astigmatism

Автор Kkkate Mags ( назад)
thanks! I am a Nearsighted eye also.

Автор Įnånø Wølf ( назад)
I'm near sighted. By now, my vision is so terrible, I cannot see even the top letter when I have the doctors eyesight test.

I'd know, I took it today and was humiliated when the biggest letter was hard to read.

Автор Canyoushutupplz ( назад)
I don't need glasses but I wear them so I can unsee everything

Автор mongo moonbladder ( назад)
Hank Green for President !

Автор AmaranthAngel ( назад)
My eyes got worse through my teens. However, after a few years without getting my eyes checked during college I went in and my sight has actually improved a little bit. The doctor said this is somewhat common, but is there a reason for it?

Автор Heinrich Erasmus ( назад)
How does laser eye surgery work to correct vision then?

Автор blue frost ( назад)
Really so whenever I take off my glasses almost at the end of the day my eyes and head start to hurt?? Is it because if the glasses causing this

Автор Fluoroantimonic Acid ( назад)
That's so wrong to say that glasses make your eyesight worse. I have a eye prescription of -28,75 and if I don't wear glasses... Well everything goes to flames...

Автор Christopher Wortman ( назад)
my prescription doesn't change so this myth makes me giggle

Автор computerchi ( назад)
Well. I soon n I started wearing reading glasses I noticed my sight get worse and became glasses
dependant. Can you explain that?

Автор Janssen Pacaonces ( назад)
fuck it

Автор carl everitt ( назад)
Growing up through Primary and the first half of High school I had to wear Glasses all the time thanks to astigmatism, lazy left eye and long sightedness. when I was halfway through High school someone broke a pair of my glasses and my mum couldn't afford to/refused to replace them unless the other kid's mum paid for it. after a few months I could 'see normally' and when I next got my eyes tested we were told my eyesight had improved and that I now only had to wear glasses whilst reading. I still have a lazy left eye, though it no longer drifts off like it did when I was younger (unless I'm tired.) not sure about the astigmatism and long sightedness. speaking to an optician friend (in adult life) he told me a lot of what has been proved false according to this video, so I guess my question is are there any nuances that have been glossed over here, and if not why did my eyesight improve from not wearing glasses? or was it just coincidental timing?

Автор Ryan Brennan ( назад)
I actually do have that issue with screwy eye muscles. Like you said it's a completely different issue than standard near/far sightedness.

Автор AdrianAtGaming ( назад)
i cant see things clearly an inch close im farsighted

Автор Mrs Green ( назад)
Hank we could be together and I wouldn't even have to change my name 😘😘😘

Автор Vercusgames ( назад)
I got both near and far, one for each eye. I technically have my parents eyes.

Автор Kyle Rak'Zeroth ( назад)
I am nearsighted and I've found that rather than squinting, if I look through my eyebrows, basically change the angle of my vision, I can see with better clarity and less strain. I don't know why this works but I would love to hear if it works for anyone else and if anyone has other tips.

My vision is just good enough that I can legally drive without glasses but just bad enough that I really shouldn't. So while I tend to keep my glasses on, sometimes I just don't have them and need to see hahaha. Anyway, the question is more out of curiosity than any need to see without glasses.

Автор Barry ( назад)
I'm tired of squinting. I'm definitely getting my glasses back.

Автор 50PullUps ( назад)
your face ruins my eyesight.

Автор NekoCakeGamer ( назад)
''Are glasses bad?''
Yes they are because your friends touches them and leaves fingerprints

Автор justsomeawesome dude ( назад)
"do glasses make you eye worse" well, depends of what glasses if you needed or not (obviously)? and also I remember a bad optometrist that prescript a glasses to my friend and years later my friend eyesight gotten worse because of the glasses! another optometrist told him that was cause of the glasses he used. I mean how did he graduate from optometrist school than? XD
I fled sorry for my pal and angry of that doctor.

Автор Anh Le ( назад)
I'm so blind lol, my eyesight just keeps getting worse and worse

Автор StrawberryHero ( назад)
So when I was 5 I lied to my parents that I needed glasses (cuz I did, okay?) and i got a prescription higher than my actual eyesight, which is what I believe is what damaged my vision. But can this happen?

Автор DarkPock ( назад)
I barely need glasses, should I wear them all the time?

Автор Michael Echeverria ( назад)
Poor eyes, poor eyes, you need glasses to see!

Автор Gid ( назад)
Bad eyesight is the result of habituation the more you strain them, the more the ciliary muscles (muscles than control the lens) stay put. First off "eye exercises" won't really get you anywhere, you have to relax the lens if you're myopic and strain it if you're farsighted. In other words look at things that are far/close.

Автор Rendom Stranger ( назад)
Different question, same category: Do glasses make a lazy eye worse? Based on personal experience this seems to be a very real possibility to me, as I notice that my lazy eye isn't as bad when take my glasses of when looking in the mirror. The thing is that this might simply be caused because I'm paying more attention to my lazy eye when I do that, but I notice a significant enough difference that I'm inclined to rule that out.

Автор pramesh gurung ( назад)
So there is no hope for us beside surgery??? Three of my frens already had surgery and they are fine ... any suggestion -5 is killing me 😩😩😩

Автор Sam Gurney ( назад)
some glasses do help your eye muscles though. glasses with prism to correct for strabismus.

Автор Victor R ( назад)
astigmatism sucks because your vision is blurry at any distance.

Автор derp derp ( назад)
my eye isn't blind, but I can't read or see details, but I can see through a microscope.

Автор christopher martinez ( назад)

Автор Bandit Leader ( назад)
Will laser eye surgery fix my nearsightedness?

Автор Robbie Shand ( назад)
You didn't mention astigmatism, which can affect eyesight at any focal length.

Автор Hunter S. ( назад)
Wait, if i didn't need glasses when i was born. What made me need them. OH YEAH i remember. I can't beleive he actually did that.

Автор Scoo Kali ( назад)
the only study sited was one on underprescription. There were no other references of unprescribed vision improvement, or stasis.

Автор Gilbert Beilschmidt ( назад)
for me I stopped wearing glasses for over a year. It actually help me becaude my eye sight got better. I know the video says wearing glasses doesn't affect you but wearing glasses hurt my eyes then help. (regularly checked my eyes).

Автор Dakila Lozano ( назад)
my classmates say the same thing, and i just nod and smile at them because what do they know i'm the one with poor eyesight

Автор Chris Holdread ( назад)
I got lasik at 30, best thing i ever did. Only with I could have done it sooner

Автор Scrib ( назад)
Then explain why Appalachian and other people that live in the mountains have better long distance vision than average. Explain why all of our ancestors with poor vision weren't killed of. It's not 100% hereditary. I've heard how full of shit John and Hank Greene can be, now I believe it.

Автор Xxx777REKT_MLG_360NOsCOPE!!!1xxX ( назад)
Ain't nobody telling me Glases are Not Bad.My friend had little Problems seeing far objects so He bought Glases,now,6 Years later he can't See if My eyes are closed Ir open while he is 2 m away from me!

Автор Josh Linder ( назад)
I cant see shit thats 10 feet away from me.. and I refuse to wear glasses. haha

Автор Karli Phillips ( назад)
My vision only recently started getting worse compared to when the decrease in vision started happening in 3rd grade[i'm 26now] I had to go almost a month before I could get my glasses and I am a -8.5 and a -9.0. I'd rather be able to see and have my vision get worse than never be able to see.

Автор The Chemistry of Makeup ( назад)
how does medication-related myopia work? Is it the same thing? and can you talk in depth about epilepsy?

Автор William T ( назад)
Eyeball elongation is caused by wearing glasses/contacts that are too strong for the current task. Light will focus behind the eye in that scenario and your eye, which tries to compensate for that, will grow longer.

This method can be manipulated to making your eyes less long and henceforth improving your vision.

Автор jake mulli ( назад)
then how can older people not see close up and far away?

Автор Eva B. ( назад)
I never knew people thought that, honestly... No one ever told me to take mine off, in fact, if i took them off to rest my eyes, people would tell me to put them back on. (i have them off right now =3)

Автор mutantdylan ( назад)
Yeah, but you do become dependent on them. Since my vision is only like 20/35, I much rather not wear glasses because as soon as I take them off, my vision is shit. If I don't wear them for awhile, then I get used to my vision the way it is.

Автор Milo .Niko ( назад)
I developed myopia when I was 19 and I suddenly had to wear glasses. I wasn't a kid and I never had any problems when I was younger. I started with -1.00 and now that I am 24 i have -3.00 in my left eye and also have some astigmatism. I keep wondering why it happened so late for me, and why it got worse. Did
my eyes get lazy? (a friend of mine had like -1.50 as well when we were 19 and she still has the same prescription). Did my eyes get different after 18?? It's mentioned that your eyes(muscles) get stiffer thus needing different prescription and maybe that's what happened? I still miss not having to wear glasses.

Автор P1nkPumpkin ( назад)
I'm near sided too. I can't see shit team! Yay! 'Sarcasm'

Автор Marco Onyxheart ( назад)
I really should get glasses. My eye sight gets bad if I'm tired and it sounds like glasses help with not making it worse, if anything.

Автор Robert McKeown ( назад)
So what really caused my oblong balls?

Автор Dalek Eater ( назад)
Why does excessive staring at monitors cause bad eyesight???

Автор Dana Homsi ( назад)
The truth has been spoken

Автор TheNetherwurm ( назад)
I stopped wearing glasses a long time ago. I just didn't like having a headache all the time. I wish this video explained why wearing glasses gives people headaches.

Автор Gustavo Flores ( назад)
when I first had glasses I noticed that after I took them off I couldn't see as good (or terrible) as I could without then it actually got worse I couldn't see at all without my glasses I guess that's the only thing that make your eyesight worse.

Автор Dheeraj Jain Ghorawath ( назад)
Answer is "No". You can skip the video and all science stuff here.

Автор justin miller ( назад)
Corrective lenses and corrective surgery among those patreon peeps.

Автор metademetra ( назад)
Yes, advise kids with serious near sightedness not to get glasses. That is a wonderful idea.

Автор Roger Onslow ( назад)
The editing out of short breaks between words and sentences is really irritating and makes this channel difficult to watch for any length of time.

Автор G A B E ( назад)
I think I have weak eye muscles. sometimes I can't focus near objects like books and TVs.

Автор Rayden Striver ( назад)
so does not wearing glasses(when you need them), ruin eyesight more?

Автор melig1991 ( назад)
2:50 on this note: why would the scishow fanbase have a higher number of corrective lenses? Is curiosity linked to eyesight?

Автор Mariana A. ( назад)
Hank, whats the thing about astigmatism? Doctors said I don't need glasses, but, sometimes, when I try to read sth on TV or other place that is, at least, a little bit far away I can't see it clearly. They said I am a little bit (very little bit) myopic and astigmatic.

Автор ScrubLordAnjoo ( назад)
When I got my first eye glasses prescription, my eyes were perfectly normal. I remember them putting drops in my eyes and they said it was to dilate my pupils, but then my eyes never went back to normal and I had to wear glasses. Eventually those glasses didn't work anymore and my eyesight kept getting worse and worse after each new pair. So eventually I decided to try not wearing my glasses at all. When I haven't been wearing my glasses for a while they feel fine and even though I can't see very far away, I'm fine without them. But when I do wear my glasses for a long period and then take them off, my eyes feel very strained and everything is ten times more blurry than they usually are. I feel like my glasses are actually worsening my eyes because this happens every time.

Автор OverKnight 52 ( назад)
Can you correct your eye ball so you can see clearly with out glasses? Laser eye surgery? How does that work

Автор LateralSketch ( назад)
I didn't have glasses throughout childhood because I didn't know what bad eyesight was unless I had to read a road sign or recognize a face from afar and most adults told me that glasses were bad so I grew up getting constant migraines until I was 12.

Автор Barry Smith ( назад)
Can "lazy eye" or ambliopia, cause the affected eye to go blind?

Автор 7years Ryugami ( назад)
"Paid by spectacles companies".

Автор Franny Dimitri ( назад)
but there are exercises that you can do to improve eyesight..my grandmother went from her 17th pair back to her 2nd after doing exercises

Автор CartUniverse pro gamer ( назад)
well if glasses made your vision worse, then my grandfather should have gone blind by his 20s seeing as he needed glasses at the early age of 18 MONTHS!

Автор ever never ( назад)
Ok then here my question will glasses ruin healthy eye that don't need glasses??

Автор Greg Wesson ( назад)
How things change... "also just look cool" was NOT what I heard about my glasses while growing up

Автор comik300 ( назад)
These video endings have me thinking they lost a lot of pbs funding

Автор Sean T. ( назад)
Screw myopia, Amblyopia is the way to go!

Автор rc xb ( назад)
Lots of studies are proven wrong in the end. Weak prescriptions are a foolish idea, though.

Автор MicrowaveGamer ( назад)
I only have one good eye. Apparently I am a good candidate for a monocle.

Автор Chris Angelo ( назад)
I love how they stopped the study early due to ethical concerns even though they literally fucked people over for many years 😂😂😂

Автор Zwanzika Hatzel ( назад)
Why does he pronounce the L sound as a german R? it sounds like he's saying RRRight instead of light

Автор Fred Sandford ( назад)
I poked out my eyes and now can see demons that other people don't, thank you Illidan

Автор kangourouuu1 ( назад)
Could my friend's glasses ruin my vision ? Or is the blurriness I first get always "temporary" if eyes actually never correct their shape to adapt ?

Автор Rodrigo Guerra ( назад)
Thanks Hank to come back! You're awesome!

Автор sonicloyalfan ( назад)
My lenses are artificial implants so at a certain point after they were put in they got stuck at a particular focus. That is why my left eye is very short sighted but my right eye is slightly below middle range. when I'm reading books I even find myself habitually closing my right eye because at that distance it's easier to read with the left.

Автор Noel Blackketter ( назад)
Nope. It's all sunlight.

Автор Zurisarai Rivera ( назад)
I can only speak on personal experience. My whole family wears glasses. Those in my family that wear glasses every single day, their sight gets worse throughtout the years. I am supposed to wear glasses but since I hate wearing them, i dont. Every time I get my eyes tested they are the same. My prescription have not change in years. Same with my two sisters. They dont like wearing glasses and their sight is the same year after year.

Автор Wendy Wirawan ( назад)
I hate glasses, I really want to switch to implantable contact lens. But I don't have money :(

Автор A.J. Hodges ( назад)
I would like to point out that, as a person with normal/healthy eyesight, whenever I tried on someone else's glasses my eyes would actually begin to hurt after a few moments because of the unusual strain they were feeling trying to focus through the lens. I would surmise that the wrong prescription, regardless of how good your eyesight is, can hurt your eyes.

Автор iputtheinternetonmyback ( назад)
This is bs

Автор H Maas ( назад)
Thank you, I have been curious about this subject for a few years now. Now I can put that to rest.

Автор CantSayMuch ( назад)
Most people are getting glasses for no good reason. Like just because you failed your eye tesr and the doctor recommends doesnt mean you have to get glasses. Only you should decide if your vision is well and if it realy needs fixing.

Автор Shahidali Khaki ( назад)
what about over-correction. can that cause issues with the muscles?
apparently, I was over corrected since the age of 10, and by 18, I was wearing -13, but still couldn't see well and was in a lot of pain. then one optometrist dropped it to -5, and I did eye exercises. my vision improved, and the pain reduced.

Автор Nathan Hostetler ( назад)
Interesting how at the end, you made the correlation between poor eyesight and higher intelligence. Does that correlation hold true? Any science behind it?

Автор Emmanuel Chavez ( назад)
I dont like it when "professionals" say that there is no way to get a better vision when my vision was always shit until i discovered how to "properly" use your eyes to see things from far away, if you guys are interested look up The "Bates Method"

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