NHL Highlights | Bruins vs Lightning - Dec. 12, 2019


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  • Niko Lörslörö
    Niko Lörslörö Month ago

    I think it would mess your game up when you get beaten by Chara in the first 30 seconds of the game

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    58th comment ⚡️🌩⛈

  • Ole Emser
    Ole Emser Month ago

    literaly EVERYBODY be like "yess the Bs losing again" but say what u want, they`ll win the conference again and all of you will be quiet. little jealous mofos

    • Zach U
      Zach U Month ago +1

      We will see 😂

    • kt
      kt Month ago

      u good bro

  • James Sylvestre
    James Sylvestre Month ago +5

    2:05 and 2:37. When you kill a penalty you shouldn’t have all 4 guys below the dots. Just saying.
    Also Boston has now lost 5 games in a row. Toronto brought the chips & dip, Habs brought the beer, and Wings brought the wings obviously. So if you wouldn’t mind bringing something to the party too, that’d be great

  • Fehrplay
    Fehrplay Month ago +3

    Stamkos is on fire lately.

  • Super Tukari
    Super Tukari Month ago

    Now they win..

  • Blair Thandi
    Blair Thandi Month ago +5

    Now Steven is picking up his pace, and I love it.

  • Алекс Ружевский

    Здено красавец, справился! Зачётная игра-бодались

  • Jordan Perepolkin
    Jordan Perepolkin Month ago +4

    I know why maroon fought chara last year he was in the blues vs chara in the finals

  • Мади Байжанов

    Бостон только слабых команд может побеждать

    • Vika star
      Vika star Month ago

      да правда что ль?

  • M Sniper
    M Sniper Month ago

    Maroon had black out to pick up on Chara

  • Vitaliy Khal
    Vitaliy Khal Month ago

    у кучи шайба не идет.
    Пусть раздает перепечи, тоже вкусно

  • Aris Aris
    Aris Aris Month ago +2

    Stamcos, Kucherov, Point made game. Wasilevsky full of holes.

    • Claire Mielke
      Claire Mielke Month ago +1

      I’m sorry but this must be done:
      *Stamkos, Vasilevsky

  • Victor Olofsson Wahlstedt

    Today is gonna be a good day since Boston and their disgusting players and fans choked on another big L

  • Joshua Gill
    Joshua Gill Month ago +12

    You just can’t complain at all when the bruins lose😃

  • Толян Коп
    Толян Коп Month ago

    Да да да и ещё раз да.Так этих уыганят.Как кто то говорил.

  • [Rock] [Star]
    [Rock] [Star] Month ago +1

    Кучеров 2 паса конфетки! Эх жаль на забил!

  • Ezra Kim
    Ezra Kim Month ago +6

    America's most hated team lost again!

    • Teukka
      Teukka Month ago

      Ezra Kim i don’t get why tho because they are good?

  • Quole
    Quole Month ago +2

    bruins getting exposed. This is what happens when you are one trick pony.

    • Kusti 666
      Kusti 666 Month ago

      doyouevenlift 1744 facts

    • Kusti 666
      Kusti 666 Month ago

      Quole i wouldn’t call them one trick pony’s every team loses some games in a row Boston is the best Team in the NHL don’t @ me (;

    • doyouevenlift 1744
      doyouevenlift 1744 Month ago

      @Quole Look at the bigger picture.

  • LighthawkTenchi
    LighthawkTenchi Month ago +8

    Glad to see the Bolts get another W.

    • LighthawkTenchi
      LighthawkTenchi Month ago

      @marcus813 true, but it's still relatively early

    • marcus813
      marcus813 Month ago

      They still have games in hand on a lot of teams. Stay tuned!

  • CrueMember
    CrueMember Month ago +4

    what a glove save and Stamkos on fire

    • Jonathan Wylygan
      Jonathan Wylygan Month ago

      Blair Thandi I have him in my pool as well was disappointed earlier in the season, sucks he got injured too but he’s back 🔥 I’m in first place now lol

    • Blair Thandi
      Blair Thandi Month ago +2

      He is racking up my hockey pool. Lol, noone else picked him, and I did, and I believed in him.and look at him now. Last year he had 45 goals, so lets see what he can do this year.

  • Tony Z
    Tony Z Month ago +33

    Bruins lose again. My idea of a good night.

    • HogartsTrain
      HogartsTrain Month ago

      Tony Z well at least Toronto sucks

    • Tony Z
      Tony Z Month ago +2

      @Koditon Ihminen
      When it comes to the Bruins, oh yea baby.

    • Koditon Ihminen
      Koditon Ihminen Month ago

      Wow you are toxic

    • EG3 Assassin
      EG3 Assassin Month ago

      Tony Z agreed, now I just need the canes to win for a perfect night!

  • Hunter Brown
    Hunter Brown Month ago +5

    Another loss and they may fire Babcock

  • The Cando Railfan
    The Cando Railfan Month ago +6

    Boston throwing their season in the trash.

  • B1gg3st Blu3s Fan
    B1gg3st Blu3s Fan Month ago +19

    Yes, Boston loses again

  • Phix
    Phix Month ago +36

    Marchand gets real tough when he has a ref in front of him, lmao 😿

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell Month ago +2

    33 vs 14 ready fight!

  • Evgeny Kondratenko
    Evgeny Kondratenko Month ago +2

    I hate chara and bruins. Stupid defence team

  • TheDanhenk
    TheDanhenk Month ago +10

    Wow, boston is falling hard!

    • marcus813
      marcus813 Month ago +2

      They're now winless in 5 straight (0-4-1). I'm not even mad!

    • Hunter Brown
      Hunter Brown Month ago +7

      And I'm all here for it!

  • DarkDays
    DarkDays Month ago +10

    Everytime Boston looses the rest of the U.S. should get free pizza

    • Ethan Xu
      Ethan Xu Month ago

      DarkDays you spelled loses wrong

    • Wes McCauley
      Wes McCauley Month ago +7

      @Phix An American can never have too much pizza. It just ain't possible. We have electric wheelchairs for a reason.

    • The Cando Railfan
      The Cando Railfan Month ago +2

      The rest of North America

    • Phix
      Phix Month ago +2

      I think y’all had enough already TBH

  • Ethan Xu
    Ethan Xu Month ago +5

    First comment and view. Hahahahahahahaha..... I am better than you guys