1 Hour of Dark Fantasy Country Music

I do not own the rights to any of the music or art used here. I just made this mix as my interpretation of a Dark fantasy frontier style journey using Country/Bluegrass/Dark Country. Like something out of Jonah Hex or The Dark Tower book series.

1. The Builders and the Butchers- Bringing home the rain
2. Gillian Welch- Annabelle
3.The Steeldrivers- If it hadn't been for love
4. Highlonesome - Devil at the door
5.Strawfoot - Damnation Way
6.Angry Johnny & the killbillies - Highnoon in Killsville
7. The Hackensaw Boys- Gypsy
8.William Whitemore - Digging My grave
9. Strawfoot - Wayfarin Stranger
11. The Devil Makes three - Worken man's blues
12.Gillian Welch - The Relevator
13. Union Station - The Boy that wouldn't hoe corn
14.Union station - on the outside look'n in
15. The Steeldrivers- Blue side of the mountain
16.uncle sinner - Poor Pilgrim of sorrow
17.The Bootleggers- Fire in the blood

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Автор DarthTellor ( назад)
"Dark Fantasy Country"??

What's next, CyberCountryPunk? SynthCountry?

Автор West Machine ( назад)
i loved this song

Автор Momo Mandel ( назад)
wheres the dark and the fucking fantasy, bro?

Автор Free Man ( назад)
thanks a lot with a big bow sir!

Автор Adam Malik ( назад)
Its high noon somewhere in the world

Автор Poe NO!!! ( назад)

Автор Harabas349 ( назад)
awesome! : )

Автор king khatib ( назад)
I never knew this was an actual genre of music, just have always loved songs like this. Man, the vast variety of human ingenuity is amazing.

Автор Mile High Beer Guy ( назад)
Good tunes!

Автор shawn burnham ( назад)

Автор el zorro! ( назад)
didn't know about the genre. Very good music.

Автор Christopher Sewell ( назад)
to make me cry more its concrete on all flour

Автор Christopher Sewell ( назад)
three story house

Автор Kondi17 ( назад)
more thajn half of them are not even "dark"...

Автор ZAQ Morgan ( назад)
Great collection, thank you!! Here are a few MUSTS for you.
Graveyard Train -(anything from The Drink, the Devil and the Dance) and Spindrift - Speak To The Wind

Автор gerard martinez ( назад)
Excellent  ....   !!

Автор Brad Geltapfel ( назад)
Great mix, and the collection of 'scenes' is really cool, too. FIts the thematic scheme of the music really well.

Автор Sheridan Falkenberry ( назад)
The world has moved on.

Автор TheSaneWarboy ( назад)
I was born 5 min ago and I hate my generation's future music in 20 years ... whatever it is. This is what I love.

Автор Alvaro Ramirez ( назад)
You should make a Spotify playlist out of this, mate. Great music!

Автор frans venrooy ( назад)
NO ONE TOPS GILLIAN WELCH and DAVE RAWLINS and the STEELDRIVERS(if it hadn't been for love)

Автор Allen ( назад)
This music sometimes makes me wish I still smoked! I've found that Australian country and American country have similar roots, and "pop" country"? It just...isn't. Now I want to play Fallout and watch Love and a .45....

Автор Zwyklyszym ( назад)
Cover photo. anyone know author?

Автор morpheuxx1 ( назад)
what in a world can you dislike about this??

Автор Blood And Iron ( назад)
how could I have resisted after seeing this in my recommendations anyways :D

Автор Steampunk Jones ( назад)
can i use the songs for a steampunk western game i making

Автор Aaron Stahlke ( назад)
16 Horsepower would fit perfectly on this list.

Автор Matt W ( назад)
Country music = noise made by a bunch of cousin-fucking rednecks

Автор Lee Baxter ( назад)
I thought Violent Femmes - Country Death Song might be in there

Автор Thomas Wilburn ( назад)

Автор Ishie1013 ( назад)
So glad to see the Hackensaw Boys. I'd never heard of them before and they wound up playing between sets during a Modest Mouse/Flaming Lips/Cake concert close to 15 years ago and I hadn't seen them since. Glad to hear they aren't forgotten!

Автор Nightfangfox ( назад)
This is the first time I have ever willingly listened to country music and I am *jamming out*

Автор Seven Lensnitsky ( назад)
Feels like 24:48 6. Angry Johnny & the killbillies - Highnoon in Killsville should be playing at speed 0.75, although this makes the guitar sound glitched. If you have Realtek HD Audio you can open up your Audio enhancements and add an environment to the sound to make it less noticeable. (I Myself like Concert hall, it makes the guitar sound very metallic like it's right there. )

Автор Landy Fischer ( назад)
This is great. I can't stand the dogshit they play on country music stations today. If it was more like this, I would have them all programmed into my truck.

Автор Gist432 ( назад)
First seconds.. thought this was gonna be good, until someone starting strangling the cat.

Автор Gabriel McNeese ( назад)
Love this. I've read all the The Dark Tower books and this perfectly suits it.
This is kind of country I could get into. I'm sorry, that stuff that's released now isn't country, its pop.

Автор Megumi Goose ( назад)
I've never heard of Dark Country, but if y'all like this, check out Bela Fleck and his wife's work. 'Pretty Polly' is really good.

Автор David Murphy ( назад)
This, this is why I love YouTube.

Автор xuechuan mi ( назад)
Name's Macree

Автор Somos Numero Uno ( назад)
Triumphant nightcore dubstep anime OP remix bluegrass is my favourite genre.
What's yours?

Автор Janell Smith ( назад)
I don't read fantasy, but no need for these songs......fantastic playlist

Автор Herb ( назад)
sounds better with full cup

Автор ELVIS HRUNČEV ( назад)
this will fit nicely on my motorcycle road trip.just me ,me bike and wilderness...aaaah freedom!

Автор Mudrooroo Nyoongah ( назад)
Fucking great music, gives some guts and guilt and pain to country.

Автор Azrael Bloodfire ( назад)
This music goes great with Fallout: New Vegas

Автор zack wall ( назад)
dark? how is this dark? because of the dark pictures? this is shit and doesn't sound dark at all

Автор NatsumiMichi ( назад)
Dark country music...I did not realize I needed this kinda music...but I hella did. Perfect background for some dark writing <3

Автор Huy Tran ( назад)
Quite an amazing list. Thanks mate!

Автор Mitch Johnston ( назад)
So basically after Johnny Cash did his American albums people were inspired and called it Dark Country...how about it's just Bluegrass/ Soul...how about Americana music. Who knows, but Dark Country is just awkward.

Автор Wayne DeMarco ( назад)
a shout out here from the bayous of Louisiana that spawned sludge metal. this is great stuff

Автор Raquel Rocha ( назад)
07:15 GOD I was like "I know this voice, I know this voice, wtf??" And then I remembered!! Caleb Meyer! I had forgotten that song...

Автор filmcrew1551 ( назад)
I was looking for some cool new music and here it is in abundance. Thanks

Автор Walther Kingsley ( назад)
Why this is dark?

Автор GenericPurpleTurtle ( назад)
Number 11 is actually Old Crow Medecine Show - I hear them all

Автор seraphx26 ( назад)
Grim Dawn playlist that's all I'm saying.

Автор Xeno Qc ( назад)

Автор Joshua Repko ( назад)
people making up their own names for genres that don't exist seems to be the new trend, nowadays

also, "Rage Against The Machine" apparently belongs to a *totally*-real genre "political rock"

Автор Severia2010 ( назад)
Pleas tell me, who is the female singer of the first song? I know that is one of "the builder & the butcher" but that´s a group of men. So who does sing this song?

Автор MrCharlie1960 ( назад)
Blaine the Train was mostly a pain...

Автор Cylon ( назад)
the female singer on the first song is so terrible

Автор skykid ( назад)
Hm...this kind of motif suits the game Grim Dawn very well...steampunk post apocalyptic frontier kind of setting

Автор step2blackout ( назад)
Weed Music!

Автор Cadmea ( назад)
Ahh..first song Builders and the Butchers. One of my all-time favourite bands. Immediately captured me. Other stuff is awesome as well. Great mix!

Автор Terence Aaron ( назад)
Thankee Sai

Автор scaredypicker ( назад)
Two Gallants - Dyin' Crapshooter's Blues should've been here. Otherwise, nice!

Автор TheDanskMagnus ( назад)
Need some credits for the artwork... Great mix

Автор Vidi Sibilla ( назад)

Автор METALkaiser27 ( назад)
Kingdom Cosworks, thank you sooooo much for making this playlist. It helped me find other bands that play the Country-Blues musical style that I love. Thank you

Автор Chosen D'hoine ( назад)
1:10:10 Wow, I thought I'd never see a wallpaper art of The Witcher in a Country Mix)

Автор Lee Dan Cleef ( назад)
Stumbled upon this playlist quite randomly. Kinda expected it to be all gospel or trailriding songs. But damn if I don't absolutely love this playlist. Made me realize how much I love Union Station.

Автор The real ranter ( назад)
Filthy ass music....

Автор Bob Curtis ( назад)
Should add The Legend of Wooley Swamp by Charlie Daniels

This is amazing man thanks!

Автор SijjvraVisz ( назад)
I'm an author writing the third book in a "grimdark" sci-fi/fantasy western series. If you want some truly "dark folk and country" check out some of the stuff on the Death Roots Syndicate channel on youtube. JB Nelson and Black Claw in particular, but lots of -awesome- stuff on there for muse music.

The fuck is dark fantasy country

Автор Danny Kingston ( назад)
I really love this stuff. I find it uniquely American (I'm Canadian). When I describe this stuff to my friends, I say it's white soul music (intense vocals) with all the oppression of proper Hip - Hop.

A man once told me; "Do you know the difference between a Fiddle & a Violin?"
I told him no. He answered, "Nothing. It all depends on where on the map you're standing when you ask it".

Автор Pendragon667 ( назад)
Nice... i never knew that such a sub-genre exists.
Reminds of the tunes played in Joss Wheadons "Firefly" and hell i do love that show.

Автор Anna Györgyi ( назад)

Автор Li_Celly ( назад)
Deadlands music?

Автор Chris Clark ( назад)
the title hooked me like a hungry cat fish

Автор gustavo lemos ( назад)
is this a music style? dark fantasy country music? lol

Автор nomadchopper ( назад)
Why can't we see it in Canada ?

Автор J Bro ( назад)
Don't see how "dark fantasy" applies to this. More like Dustbowl Americana.

Автор Escalathor _ ( назад)
don't really see the "Dark Fantasy" part

Автор liuton2005 ( назад)
Amazing songs. Really appreciate the upload. Thank you!

Автор maria ( назад)
beautiful mix, thank you

Автор Pink Glee ( назад)
LMAO! That's quite the genre.

Автор Wombat Aldebaran ( назад)
I was searching for some backgroundmusic for a game of Deadlands... My journey ends with this video

Автор Ors Csuha ( назад)
i like what i hear, but the title... terrible

Автор wpphili ( назад)
Verry good playlist, love it! Thanks!

Автор InterestingFindings ( назад)
Great playlist. Thanks for uploading! Good music. I the idea of a dark fantasy *folk* music mix. Think it would be a better sound to curate as something dark fantasy. Something like "White Magic - Poor Harold" to kick things off

Автор miljenko1 ( назад)
Twangy, but nice.

Автор L-jey ( назад)
Make me think of walking dead

Автор Hugo Damiens ( назад)
Isn't number 11 'I Hear Them All' by Old Crow Medicine Show?

Автор Sascha Held ( назад)
nice list, but flawed => not a single title from Calexico?!

Автор Erik F. ( назад)
Great mix, thanks Cosworks!

Автор TheBirdThatWhistles ( назад)
Dark Fantasy Country Music.... THAT'S A THING???

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