The power of introverts | Susan Cain

  • Published on Mar 2, 2012
  • In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But, as Susan Cain argues in this passionate talk, introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated.
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Comments • 12 276

  • Jeb davis
    Jeb davis 2 hours ago

    Simple: Understand that neither is superior, and Introverts- stop complaining about extroverts not "getting you" because how are we supposed to know what we aren't shown in some way, I'm not a mind reader.

  • Andre Mrl
    Andre Mrl 15 hours ago

    I don’t like to socialize even with someone in front of me. And get myself in my bedroom and using social media to keep me feel good. I love to work alone and hate when people tell me something to do. I can’t find some easily and can’t keep relationships with friends for long. People say I’m lazy coz I hate working with people. And it’s quite hard coz growing up I don’t have my own bedroom to do what I love. We share our bedroom with my brothers and sisters. That’s why I never work and get my self into somewhere where I can be alone. And that’s our farm. Always when work or do something I never be with them.
    Am I an introvert?

  • Mathias Page
    Mathias Page 16 hours ago

    Is it just me or can anyone also hear that guy in the background... eating a sandwich.

  • Alicia Shanks
    Alicia Shanks 17 hours ago

    Remind anyone else of Lisa Kudrow?

  • Gauri Korde
    Gauri Korde 23 hours ago +1

    I'm doing a book talk on the book, "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" by Susan Cain, it's ironic because I'm an introvert and I'll be talking about it in front of my entire English class.

  • fettycollins
    fettycollins Day ago

    this lowkey biased

  • ZabrinaBlack
    ZabrinaBlack Day ago

    Please can extroverts stop putting introverts on the spot

  • paul mitchell
    paul mitchell Day ago

    Trump is an extrovert.Need we say more?He even says he is the wisest and knows more....
    A leader that can't really listen is not much of a leader.

  • rk rk
    rk rk Day ago

    حبيت جدا... أكثر من رائعة عقبال لما توصلي لأماكن مهمة وتثبت شخصيتك وذاتك بأي مجال تختارينه يكون جيد بانا الجميلة

  • Chelsea Writes Stuff

    Yeah, I got detention so often (for finishing my homework in class, for reading during class time, etc.) that I copied the dictionary three full times just in junior high. I’m a writer now, though, and I always thought I would be, so jokes on them, I guess.

  • Hannah D
    Hannah D Day ago +2

    "ambi-what?" - the general audience 2019

  • Nina kamal
    Nina kamal 2 days ago

    As I grew up I felt different , like there is something wrong with me , but after listening to this I knew that I am an introvert and Im perfectly normal , there is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone and have a quiet time .

  • Fernando Fernández Vargas

    She's sexy, perhaps due to her introversion... ;-)

  • Gundam Magic
    Gundam Magic 3 days ago

    I judge myself every fucking day for staying at home playing video games/reading/programming rather than going out with friends.

  • 歯科医
    歯科医 3 days ago

    I sometimes feel guilty for being an introvert or alteast thats how some people make me feel...
    On the lighter note she reminded me of phoebe buffay from friends for some reason

  • Richard Hostetler
    Richard Hostetler 3 days ago

    Put your purse down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Henry Saavedra León

    She has a Phoebe vibe from Friends...i love her

  • Jesse Mullen
    Jesse Mullen 4 days ago

    Becky Sauerbrunn brought me here

  • Jobayer Mohammed
    Jobayer Mohammed 4 days ago


  • Say What
    Say What 4 days ago

    being an introvert in this society is a difficult thing. I used to hate when people would call me quiet in school. introverts self esteem are always being damaged because of the naivety of our society. That's what makes us afraid of opening up.

  • Kim Nayeon
    Kim Nayeon 5 days ago

    It’s hard being a teenager introverts....You feel the need to stay home and not socialized but then your very close friends called and asked you to go over or hang out but then you don’t want to but if you don’t you feel like they’ll think your fake....I’ve seen videos like “real friends vs friends/fake friends” and it’s always showing things like real friends will be there for you and laugh at you when you fall when I don’t do those things I’m afraid they’ll think I’m fake and don’t care and sometimes I always tends to make excuses of not going out and I felt pressure by this category of “real friends and fake friends” so I tend to change myself and act more extroverted even though I’m tired and exhausted.......Now that I’ve found many people like me and listening to these it made me realized that it’s totally fine being an introvert and I don’t want to hide anymore but then if I act like myself I’m afraid my friends will think that I don’t like them because now their use to seeing and hearing the “Okai lets go, I’ll go over, *picks up the phone*...etc even though I’ve changed just so they wouldn’t find me boring and “fake”

  • Negin rahimi
    Negin rahimi 5 days ago

    I am 19yrs old and an introvert but unlike others I dont want to be! I feel leftover by other people and dont have any friend or anyone in my life...the thing is I dont know how to be a part of groups..I cant find any one..

    • general550
      general550 4 hours ago

      Most introverts hate being an introvert

  • shawarmageddonit
    shawarmageddonit 5 days ago

    Throughout my entire time in basic school, high school, and college, group work really made me realize how much other people just plain suck.

  • Velociraptor
    Velociraptor 5 days ago

    I best complement I have every received is 'I like you, because you're not shy but you're quiet.'

  • Via foxladysledgehammer Drewery

    What sucks is that this is one of the most popular TED Talks, but I know from experience that not much has changed

  • saryn toews
    saryn toews 5 days ago

    I'm avoiding my family gathering for this video.

  • Spider Girl
    Spider Girl 6 days ago

    I’m a high school student and in my modern studies class we were told to get into groups of 3 and 4. I’m a introvert and I don’t have many friends, so me and my two friends in that class go in a group. We need to make some sort of presentation about a country and their thoughts on nuclear weapons (we are given the countries randomly, we didn’t choose). We got Japan. Most other groups don’t some sort of play/ performance thing and the others just stood and read out facts. My group chose to do a role-play interview about a girl who’s grandmother survived the Nagasaki bombing. We had a week to prepare for this and we also decided that we would speak in Japanese... what a fun week of learning. We won. That’s the power of 2 introverts and 1 extrovert

  • Becki
    Becki 6 days ago +1

    Naturally i believe that I'm an introvert but being surrounded by the people i grew up with and being a high school athlete, i felt an overwhelming pressure to be more of an extrovert in order to prevent people from thinking any less of me or thinking that I'm "weird". So it's kind of like I forced myself into becoming this unnatural extrovert. i do pretty well in crowded social settings, but at the same time i don't feel 100% at ease in them. i have the type of friends who like to go to clubs and crowded bars, and even though i hide it, it gives me so much anxiety. i hate it. And when i express these feelings outloud, people treat me like there's something wrong with me. "rebecca, you're 22 you need to live a little."... like they can't wrap their heads around that this IS NOT living to ME, everyone's different. I thrive having meaningful conversations with friends in quiet settings where i can actually hear them speak. lol i may sound a bit bitter right now but i guess this is my frustration coming out. but i suppose when it comes down to it, i need to meet more people like myself. i feel kind of lonely sometimes & unfortunately i chose a career path that i have to work independently in, so i have no coworkers that allows me to meet new people. but now that i'm 22 i can start new hobbies to hopefully find potential friends with common interests!
    I'm so glad i came across this video. it gave me so much clarity.

  • Carol YanYue
    Carol YanYue 6 days ago +2

    I just realized I also have a suitcase full of books 😂
    This Ted Talk was amazing.

  • Saheb Ali
    Saheb Ali 6 days ago

    "Sometimes silent is the best ansr" - for extroverts only ....but for us "sometimes talking is the best answer "

  • evie
    evie 7 days ago

    pretty sure im an ambivert thats more introverted yk

  • Calí Rondon
    Calí Rondon 7 days ago

    Love this.

  • Noochie XD
    Noochie XD 7 days ago

    Wait i have powers?
    "Din't watch the video yet"

  • Its Dobbie
    Its Dobbie 7 days ago +1

    Yes! I always was forced to work in groups in my personal finance/business class in high school. Being introverted and a senior in a class with mostly juniors, I hardly knew anybody and those I did know I knew enough that I didn’t want to be around them. The teacher always made me feel like an outcast whenever I didn’t want to work in a group. She didn’t intentionally do this to be mean, she was actually the nicest teacher I had in all of high school, but she would always make a comment about it when everyone else was getting in their little friend groups and I was still sitting at my table alone. They all just talked and talked and she wondered why I was always the first one done and why all the other groups never finished by the end of class and why she had to keep separating them. Found myself working with the girls more often since they didn’t mess around as much and got straight to work no questions asked.

  • shivani balram
    shivani balram 7 days ago

  • Theresa Klacman
    Theresa Klacman 7 days ago

    I enjoyed listening to her.

  • Sadie Bestdogever
    Sadie Bestdogever 7 days ago

    Jesus!! why is this making me cry ?

  • Rocky Goldendoodle
    Rocky Goldendoodle 8 days ago

    All the comments are just filled with stupid, idiotic people who want to feel special. I am an introvert, but I don't look down on extroverts. My brothers are extroverts, and they have their interests and hobbies. They are very smart. I know tons of extroverts who are creative, inventive, ambitious, and intelligent. I am an introvert, but I love being around people once in a while. I love talking about my passions and love for nature and designing stuff. I can talk, but I love how I can tune out the world and focus on what I have/want to do. I have different hobbies and passions. And nothing is better than taking a walk in the woods alone with my dogs. I want to start getting into archery. I just love learning new skills and new information about what I love. People in the comments are just immature and judgement who have no lives. They sit around and complain about other's successes. Amazing that these brats in the comments are complaining about how extroverts are dumb, impulsive, and "too social" when it is them who have no life. Its the extroverts who are out and about living their lives however they want to live it. It is great to learn about yourself, but you can't shame others for having a different personality. And not all introverts are the same. Some are more absent minded, some are more observant. Just like extroverts. So moral of the story, *get over yourself*

    ANOUK BAUER 8 days ago +2

    I came here after watching the ted talk about procrastination. I have a problem.

  • Neinstein-sama
    Neinstein-sama 8 days ago +1

    when people ask me why am i so quite and i just like don't even ask that question mudefuccka but instead just spouse a smile

  • Олег Иванов

    She is so honest about yourself and people like her. I remember my childhood, when I was rejected by many because I didn't participate in active games of the others. I liked to read, but there wasn't anyone who enjoyed this just like myself. I thought that this some problem of mine. But I was wrong. I just didn't find someone who understand me well. So, at least try to understand the people who don't want do something that you prefer. And there will be more happy people in the world.

  • Shruti
    Shruti 9 days ago

    Just gonna share this video with my teacher who told me that "social events are equally important. You need to open up and talk to people and learn how to interact with them. Make them listen to you" etc etc YA THINK I DIDN'T KNOW THAT? YA THINK?

  • mia whitewood
    mia whitewood 9 days ago

    brilliant talk

  • Jamella Salazar
    Jamella Salazar 9 days ago

    Extrovert left the group😂

  • jui bhat
    jui bhat 9 days ago

    I am an introvert.I have friends but I'm not comfortable to call them anytime anywhere

  • Carly Firestone
    Carly Firestone 9 days ago

    I am a 12 year old introvert and I hate how in school we are constantly forced to work in groups where people hardly ever get to hear my ideas, as I am a very quiet person. Every quarter, I'd get excited to see my report card, but then be so utterly disappointed that every single teacher gave me a bad grade in participation. Nobody in my life has ever made me feel good about being an introvert, so seeing all these comments made me cry a little, seeing the amount of people that have the same problem I do, and I just wish people could understand that we aren't the ones who need to change for society, society needs to change for introverts. We need to feel accepted in this world, and just remember that there is nothing wrong with silence.

  • joshua ristow
    joshua ristow 10 days ago

    She's so damn Cute!!!

  • aldrin cuenca
    aldrin cuenca 10 days ago

    As an introvert child in my primary school days, i really freaking hate the groups school works the most, the first is the one where the teacher asks everyone to group up into 2 or more to do works, i think it was just soo stupid, how could a freaking introvert find groups? Im always left out and the teacher has to intervine and just squish me into a random group that would just talk to themselves about random things and wouldn't be able to do work at all that day, yup, that "DAY" they would schedule an off school meeting to work on everything in someone's house, of course im left out of it because i don't know them not to mention where they live nor would i want to, next week they'd pass their work that i did not contributed in any way in and get some random grades that i am absolutely not happy with.
    The second type is where the teacher decides on the groupings randomly, you're lucky if there's some you get along with in your group but most of the time i don't, because im an introvert, in the end i do all the work by my self, hand it over the next week then everyone else gets good grades that they don't deserve.
    I just think that group school works are annoyance, not even necessary.

  • hotdonutmix
    hotdonutmix 10 days ago

    Not gonna lie this was pretty hard for me to watch as an introvert.

  • anglovirtual
    anglovirtual 11 days ago

    Gandhi was in favour of Hitler.
    Don’t forget that.

  • L-I-K-E our_SuMmeR
    L-I-K-E our_SuMmeR 11 days ago

    I am an introvert and i procastinate.. The worst combination!

  • Jeremie Bailey
    Jeremie Bailey 11 days ago +1

    Such an introvert I don't even like to comment on anything online!

  • Piya Mane
    Piya Mane 11 days ago

    I am an introvert but so blessed to have friends and family who understand my need to be alone most of the times.

  • JRR
    JRR 11 days ago +1

    I am an introvert and i can remember being aware that i was from a very young age. And it was only because the people around me made it that way. Its quite surreal as a young person having all around you telling you or implying there is something wrong with you when you know your perfectly fine. I used to come to the conclusion that i was the normal one and they were all mad. The beauty i find in being introverted is that for the most part the people i am closest to chose to want to get to know me. Which in turn allowed me to get to know them. These are the few out of 100 that actually understand introverted people.

  • Liv Arvidson
    Liv Arvidson 11 days ago +1

    She sounds exactly like Phoebe from friends!

  • Mary Pickford
    Mary Pickford 12 days ago

    Well...the final sounds more like Jung....

  • bunnyhop
    bunnyhop 12 days ago +1

    Protesting group work as well. It isn't that fun worrying about others more than you worry about the project, and it's just stressful.

    _and i don't know these people, man.._

  • changa carr
    changa carr 12 days ago

    hsduohsueseubsaub u ukebfusebguasrr er

  • Kenewang Tsôsane
    Kenewang Tsôsane 12 days ago

    Thank you for this video. It is pleasing to know that there are other introverts out there like me.

  • Felix Amoah
    Felix Amoah 12 days ago

    Well am not against these kinda people or the manner in which they appear because then am arguing a fact which will make me a fool but I hope am right by saying the world doesn't exist in books and it's only a very small fraction of it do no matter how relative it is. Anyway I wish I had an introvert girlfriend so to appreciate their life style much more.