5 Weird Ways To Start A Fire

Come on baby, light our fire. GMM #759!
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Автор Henry Moore ( назад)

Автор elijah numskull ( назад)
14:26 half speed

Автор Lexxis S. ( назад)
this is truly the most iconic GMM episode

Автор Star Swirling ( назад)
My cat just died D:

Автор Gaming Planet ( назад)
You know what works to start a fire.
Some Brake Cleaner and and a lighter.

Use any of the method that makes sparks and combing it with brake cleaner that is SUPER flammable

Автор Adrian Ivy ( назад)
that laugh do he was all like ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Автор Winston Rutherford ( назад)
survival for the new age.... help us all

Автор DEATHLY 04 ( назад)
trololololol XD the last one is hilarious

Автор Zarah MariChat fan ( назад)

Автор Zarah MariChat fan ( назад)
Link: My fricken chair's on fire.

Me : XD XD XD XD XD *Eventually dies due to lack of oxygen AKA laughing so much you cant breath*

Автор The Blond Cartoon Boy ( назад)
The last one
I laughed
So hard XD

Автор Kit Kat Twittlesticks ( назад)

Автор Joseph Thompson ( назад)
lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao

Автор Alexander White ( назад)
smoke It looks like deeply fuu#video away .

Автор Kai Nakkim ( назад)

Автор Felicia Kocsis ( назад)
I love the fatherly concern shown from Rhett when after the bottle explodes, he grabs Link from going closer to the fire

Автор trillnigga ( назад)
i'm definitely doing the last one

Автор EggZz ( назад)
we may need to stand back.
*Intro music starts*

Автор Vivienne Honey ( назад)

Автор Taret Gaming and more ( назад)
Worms are not lame! Let's have a protest! Make WORMS great again!

Автор Kawaii_slimese ( назад)
Omfg what just happened in the end?!?!?!

Автор almost danielle ( назад)

Автор Brent Garringer ( назад)
Really nice to see chemicals from the plant I work in used in a rapid decomposition.

Which is what that is called.
Not fire.

Автор McKayla Day ( назад)
"Worms are LAME!"

Автор Pam Emmons ( назад)

Автор Alexis Little ( назад)
Trying to make a fire with a piece of gum

Me: well f the fire EAT THE GUM

Автор Finger Knitting For Kids ( назад)
im a worm and u are rude rhett

Автор Undertale Goddess of Gaming / Be Creative! ( назад)
lol 11:41 is my fave part cx

Автор Marissa Payne ( назад)
how dare you, my pet worm has started a fire countless times

Автор gregory franks ( назад)
omg hj

Автор Devin Parlati ( назад)
RIP Bottle :'(

Автор Super Ham ( назад)
the last one isn't just for camping it's also for July 4th or New Year's Day

Автор Steven Boychuck ( назад)
This was too funny

Автор justyna basinska ( назад)
f. so week

Автор MisterBrauer ( назад)

Автор Ram_SLade - Clash of Clans ( назад)

Автор Luz solano ( назад)

Автор Allison Marie ( назад)

Автор Lily Brockway ( назад)

Автор Mary Horton ( назад)
The fire made me think ok the fire in the intro so much

Автор You always,popular Death ( назад)
I have seen a dog start fire

Автор Katherine Bowdish ( назад)
Rhett 🤑 or Link😛?

Comment 🤑 or 😛

Автор M Schafer ( назад)
I can't believe that they have 12M subs I remember when they had 1M

Автор GREEN DAY MAN16 ( назад)
Because I always carry brake fluid, chlorine, magnifying glasses, and ziplock bags when I'm camping but no lighter

Автор The Cosmical ( назад)
You could see links armpit hair the whole video....

Автор E.E Kaulen ( назад)
I was shocked but I loved it

Автор Monica Odeh1233 ( назад)
I did it at home it's crazy

Автор Roger Random ( назад)
i have seen a chicken start a fire WITH a worm. it was nice when i got to eat it

Автор Bleu Luna ( назад)
I can't stop watching the end!! XD

Автор Jaysen Anderson ( назад)
A little worm is crying at his tiny computer

Автор MasterEgg _ ( назад)
Rhett's laugh. Ok then Santa. 😂

Автор Ryan Townsend ( назад)
Rhett and link don't complain about almost 100°. Grow up.

Автор mikaylastar ( назад)
for anyone who wants to know, Link's chair starts to catch fire at about 11:58

Автор Ty Xiong ( назад)
Wanna know how to make your own Michael Bay mini explosion? Well.... 11:40 :) Lol but for real, this is still hilarious to me haha

Автор RedLion 7483 ( назад)

Автор zack nunya ( назад)
In the voice of Beavis: FIRE!!!

Автор Crowjoh_MC.lovin ( назад)
who else is watching in 2017??

Автор kay and Ay Gaming ( назад)
woow just got bought a new Samsung s7 edge and I switched to 1080p and wow I can even see link's skin cells

Автор Joe Smith ( назад)
You're supposed to take the gum out of the wrapper dude lol

Автор Ava Kirkby ( назад)
Ive been instructed we may need to stand back ,just a little though vrrrrroooooooffffffff explodes

Автор Aiden Great ( назад)
Are you guys friends or brothers?

Автор Noah Stern ( назад)
11:29 is best part

Автор Kelvin 321 ( назад)
Best Way To Make A Fire

Step 1: Watch This 11:48
Few Moments Later

Rip Rhett And Link From Being Burned

Автор Tamara Thayer ( назад)

Автор Ashley Flud ( назад)
when Link said telephone I died

Автор Brian Barrios ( назад)
the battery one is the one used in prison

Автор Telowst wharf 614 ( назад)
11:46 I think I just found a way to make a new flamethrower.

Автор cockieninja ( назад)
Can someone please describe the chemical reaction between the break fluid and the chlorine????? And why it explodes??? Please tell me in easy language and don't use to much difficult words.

Автор nyl8r ( назад)
Heard of cows starting fires, huh Chicago?

Автор BEN HOWMAN ( назад)
Starting a fire breaking bad style

Автор Mmmm ( назад)
Link:have you ever done this
Rhett:nope only on the internet

Автор Omi The Homie ( назад)
one of the most funniest videos on their channel XD

Автор Kyra McLaughlin ( назад)
1. I love how Eddie came in with the water after the fire was out 2. Water on a chemical fire? XD

Автор Mini Toad ( назад)
that last "fire" was my favorite GMM scene ever

Автор Holland Bakowsky ( назад)
"Oh no! Breach! Nooooooooooo!"

I died.

Автор TITANSWAG ( назад)
yu should always kick a chair when its on fire

Автор TITANSWAG ( назад)

Автор PreFlightPick69 ( назад)
11:45 to 11:55 *DO IT*

Автор Cap'n ( назад)
Still one of my favorite GMM episodes to date.

Автор Outerflesh Entertainment ( назад)
The chlorine and break fluid was GREAT!

Автор Jeff Co. Is Cool ( назад)
yeah edward!

Автор Jeff Co. Is Cool ( назад)

Автор Mo Crazii27 ( назад)

Автор Goutham Krishna P ( назад)
they arent diodes,they are terminals

Автор Aimer Coal ( назад)
We aren't above the animals in the animal kingdom! The animals have to live it out rough! While we just chill! They deserve more respect!

Автор Anselmo Gonzalez ( назад)

Автор Emma Doodle ( назад)
OK is anyone else concerned that they put water on a chemical fire 😱😖

Автор RcsCreeper101 ( назад)
11:40 where the fun begins

Автор ryan weston ( назад)
meth heads go camping 😂😂😂

Автор Quinn Fowlie ( назад)
3:02 "It's like gum that's been in somebody's pocket for a long time."

"Not bad."

Автор Marxmilo Tyler ( назад)

Автор Sparky Gecko ( назад)
I've seen a dragon start a fire...

Автор Ryan Fitzner ( назад)
Also Rhett's laugh

Автор Dillshadn nasreen ( назад)
best vid ever

Автор [L0 VE] ( назад)
I'm a worm


Автор Thoughtful Gamer ( назад)
Breaking bad

Автор Jaden Villanueva ( назад)
7:14 #2 guys 1 cup

Автор KawaiiKulture ( назад)
As soon as I heard Rhett say "Today we make fire" I was scared of what would happen in this episode. The things that they do to entertain.

Автор Umer Latif ( назад)
Who else is watching in 2017

Автор David McQuinn ( назад)
you are idiots

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