POKE FAN Turned Into POKE HATER For ROBUX.. I Watched The Entire Time.. (Roblox)

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • POKE FAN Turned Into POKE HATER For ROBUX.. I Watched The Entire Time.. (Roblox) NEW SLOTH PLUSHIE OUT NOW!! hellojuniper.com/poke
    Twitter: Pokediger1
    Instagram: Pokey
    Snapchat: www.snapchat.com/add/realpokey
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    All Roblox Videos: ruclip.com/p/PLq623qfF2UFz6ieKLpHqGOQKb1NI6WqZI
    Music by www.soundcloud.com/ikson
    What is ROBLOX? ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. ROBLOX is designed for 8 to 18 year olds, but it is open to people of all ages.
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  • EPIC
    EPIC 3 hours ago

    you did not get me it dose not look right

  • Keeley Buzz xx
    Keeley Buzz xx 7 hours ago

    Haha thanks for marrying me I take you as my wife

  • Keeley Buzz xx
    Keeley Buzz xx 7 hours ago

    I love poke. I have a crush on poke please Mary me pok e

  • Jayden Hernandez
    Jayden Hernandez 17 hours ago

    Poke can you add my in roblox

  • Nick Pattison
    Nick Pattison 19 hours ago

    Yes torwn hall

  • みらいおてき

    The best vid in yt keep up the job bro like and sub to poke

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl Day ago

    POKE i saw mollybasketrabbit and she was stoling money

  • Kabir Randhawa
    Kabir Randhawa Day ago

    No you having trick me

  • Aspect Chickenzz.

    On the first day you did

  • Luz irene Lopez
    Luz irene Lopez Day ago

    Poke in bloxburek in poke hater name is jojy2636

  • Lisa Diaz
    Lisa Diaz Day ago

    Poke!! I need to tell you something! I friended someone on roblox and they are a hater her name is kayla_layla10

  • maria Rodriguez
    maria Rodriguez Day ago

    Poke can you frinb me in Rodox

  • Vanessa Smith
    Vanessa Smith 2 days ago

    Poke buddy

  • Jada Ames
    Jada Ames 2 days ago

    I like trains too!

  • Lyric story's
    Lyric story's 2 days ago

    Yes you got me last time

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 3 days ago

    wait scottiesp49 i saw him in bloxburg to

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 3 days ago

    you got me in meep city bc i thaot thay added cars

  • Amari loves dogs Tv
    Amari loves dogs Tv 3 days ago +3

    I love you vids and hypers vids they are the best ever!
    👇Make this blue if you love them both

  • Watcher
    Watcher 3 days ago

    Poke people only like you because you give money and rubox😪😪😪

  • Patricia Gulledge
    Patricia Gulledge 3 days ago

    Hey poke I found a chemial group army I know I spelled it wrong ;-;

  • Yohan Evan
    Yohan Evan 4 days ago

    Every vid I don't get pranked from your green screen

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 4 days ago

    Poke is my favorite out of everybody! Well as a RUclipr!

  • Hayden E TV
    Hayden E TV 4 days ago +1

    I love you pokes Videos so much!

  • Erika Cortez
    Erika Cortez 4 days ago

    This is how much ads you saw

  • Nora Marmolejo Marmolejo

    What is you roblox name is called

  • Chloe maher
    Chloe maher 5 days ago

    One day you got me in the past hahahah

  • Power puffs Hohoho
    Power puffs Hohoho 5 days ago


  • itsjennie_4836 lililover_56


  • Erikagamertv2 Says Follow Me On Roblox

    Yay at least some people hate you

  • Sophia TikTok
    Sophia TikTok 6 days ago

    Poke u are the best hyper too. Ur song so awesome too

  • gumilar0212
    gumilar0212 6 days ago

    poke is it real when 2020 your done wiht roblox

  • Yesika Guadalupe
    Yesika Guadalupe 6 days ago

    Not me but you don't have to do anything else with some vids

  • Judith Anderson
    Judith Anderson 6 days ago +2

    In the past
    -I hate poke he’s boring-
    In the present
    Like if u agree (this is not true but Poke is awsome)

  • Patricia Gravino
    Patricia Gravino 7 days ago

    I love. You pokediger1

  • Steve Gamer242
    Steve Gamer242 7 days ago

    Poke add me back plz

  • Elyn Alizabeth
    Elyn Alizabeth 7 days ago


  • aridia deschamps
    aridia deschamps 7 days ago


  • XxmidnightmoonxX
    XxmidnightmoonxX 7 days ago

    Bro ya know they can’t notice your in the game if they don’t have a computer

  • Troll Hard farosa
    Troll Hard farosa 8 days ago

    2 scottys

  • Jarrah B
    Jarrah B 8 days ago +2

    Every time i play bloxberg i look for pokdigers name.

  • Jesse fun Chanel Martínez

    I was roblox Hollie !

  • Ciesha Rock
    Ciesha Rock 8 days ago +1

    Poke I was in a sever with Molly basket rabbit on bloxburg when I was reading she said u never Catch me haaa she escape prison she said she got an army of friends and on October 13 they will rise and take all poor people money poke u can contact me on roblox ZIONROCK2008 that’s my user name

  • Ciesha Rock
    Ciesha Rock 8 days ago

    U got me in the adopt me green screen haaa

  • Nery Barrera
    Nery Barrera 8 days ago +1

    Yo got me one time

  • oliver omg
    oliver omg 8 days ago

    Poke your the best can you add me please

  • RorHam5 MC
    RorHam5 MC 9 days ago

    Hyper is pink I am red Poke IS THE BEST🤑

  • Dance Moms
    Dance Moms 9 days ago

    But I like you I hope you were not offended

  • Dance Moms
    Dance Moms 9 days ago

    IhatePOKEdiger1_231 was playing with me on Roblox and he was so rude btw my name on Roblox is rozeiylarea

  • Yeshey Wangmo
    Yeshey Wangmo 9 days ago

    Poke do u do tik tok? If u do then TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Jai Childs
    Jai Childs 9 days ago

    Poke you didn’t trick me the first time but I always like your videos because your the best you tuber there is on RUclip like if agree

  • Victoria Burnett
    Victoria Burnett 9 days ago

    Poke I say a girl she said she was poor and she trap me in roblx

  • Alexandra Miu
    Alexandra Miu 9 days ago

    You only got me once

  • Amy Salisbury
    Amy Salisbury 9 days ago

    poke you the best youtuber please add fortnite jack26045

  • Sylvia And Damian :3

    I love ur vids poke

    PIZZA MAN 10 days ago

    You got me once in the future..

  • Roblox man - aka TheTechGuy 2 ROBLOX and more!

    You fooled me until I saw that the car was over the fence?

  • Debbie Abbott
    Debbie Abbott 10 days ago

    Yes he is

  • Panda Gamerpower
    Panda Gamerpower 10 days ago +2

    You remember the meep city greenscreen troll. You got me in that one

  • Nazeria Sullivan
    Nazeria Sullivan 10 days ago

    You didn’t prank me because you do it every day

  • iyesha albear
    iyesha albear 10 days ago

    I hate your vibe and I have your fan trap try to get it hahhahahaha