The Time Zack Morris Unleashed A Plague Of Rodents

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • Remember the time Zack Morris unleashed a plague of rodents? Zack Morris is trash.
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    Actor/ Writer/ Editor: Dashiell Driscoll
    Intro Singer: Jason Flowers
    Post Producer: Kia Reghabi
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Comments • 777

  • Norris Nuts
    Norris Nuts 9 days ago

    I would quote all the parts where I almost died of laughter but there would be too many!😂

  • Charon Christ
    Charon Christ 24 days ago +1

    What a fucking scumbag! Zack Morris is trash lol

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn 25 days ago

    Zach looks blind in those shades

  • Night Pain
    Night Pain 25 days ago

    What kind of douche bag wears sunglasses indoors?
    P.S comparing Zack to Satan is an insult to Satan

  • Nogah Bannett
    Nogah Bannett 27 days ago

    She calls unto God. Enter Satan

  • markwing1975
    markwing1975 29 days ago

    I’m pretty sure ol zack should be in prison

  • Shirlee Bostrom
    Shirlee Bostrom Month ago


  • KnightRaymund
    KnightRaymund Month ago

    To be fair, he really was trying in that last part. But Zack's an idiot so of course his dumb plan failed.

  • John Francis
    John Francis Month ago

    What season and episode is this? Lol like the actual episode of the show 😂

  • Nate The Travel Guy

    What does "P hole" stand for? 2:19

  • S. Iacomus
    S. Iacomus Month ago

    *Rodent based terrorism!*

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith Month ago

    This narrator is amazing!

  • Mystery Drew
    Mystery Drew Month ago


  • Andrea Samardzija
    Andrea Samardzija Month ago

    Wait Zach didn't ski in a later season

  • Gwildor
    Gwildor Month ago +1

    The way she says "Never touch me again" sent shivers down my spine.

  • The gr8 trans4mable bumble bee

    Detective , Martin riggs within the original lethal weapon movies is basically trash as well

  • pumbaaj
    pumbaaj Month ago

    When I watched SBTB on tv, I thought Zach must smell like "Polo" (the official cologne of the1980s for pretentious rich assholes. .and those who want to appear to be.)

  • Neel Vaidya
    Neel Vaidya Month ago

    "He looks at an 8th grade midterm B like he just got into Mensa"

  • Hercules Rockefeller
    Hercules Rockefeller Month ago +1

    2:56 WTF is she wearing on her face? looks like a fetish mask with a phallus coming out the mouth

  • 1983Airstrike
    1983Airstrike Month ago

    Zack puts on his cool guy shades." Jesus Christ"

  • NinepinsKnave
    NinepinsKnave Month ago

    I'd love to see Weird Al write a song about Miss Bliss to the tune of that Faith Hill song 'This Kiss.'

  • OUTLAW 87
    OUTLAW 87 2 months ago

    Catch and release 🐀😂☠️☠️

  • The gr8 trans4mable bumble bee

    Zack Morris sounded like a girl but, he's not - he's a mule - actually wouldn't even hassle a mule as a animal doesn't know the difference between right and wrong

  • The gr8 trans4mable bumble bee

    The title of this youtube video should be, Zack Morris releases himself 🐀🐁 on the unsuspecting secondary school - poor high school students

  • CazzSDMF
    CazzSDMF 2 months ago

    i'm guessing dashiel got picked on quite a bit in high school. why he grew up to be such a whiney bitch

  • Kiss711
    Kiss711 2 months ago

    The title is enough to make me lmao

  • 10 66
    10 66 2 months ago

    People, keep your pets inside!
    No species is safe from this Trashman.

  • B.A.D. Waves Radio
    B.A.D. Waves Radio 2 months ago

    He truly is trash, can’t believe how blind we’ve been!

  • Grade A Content-o
    Grade A Content-o 2 months ago

    I'm surprised that you got zack Morris clips from good morning miss bliss

  • kero sene
    kero sene 2 months ago

    imagine if zack died from his stupid stunts what would anyone say at his funeral... He had potential to be a felon?

  • Abigail Thomason
    Abigail Thomason 2 months ago

    Zach Morris is a rodent

  • vaniteen
    vaniteen 2 months ago

    yeah but like hes so cute lol

  • Rocky Delgado
    Rocky Delgado 3 months ago

    zack morris is trash indeed! i want to pound mark paul gossilar to the ground. pinche white boy...

  • Dynaman21
    Dynaman21 3 months ago +1

    You eventually have to do the last Miss Bliss episode, if only to point out the school moving from Indiana to California, and that Miss Bliss probably fucking killed herself.

  • Armando Torres
    Armando Torres 3 months ago

    “Enter satan”
    That’s too good for Zack

  • Aku From the future
    Aku From the future 3 months ago

    That's 2 Zack is trash videos where screech brings up being almost naked on a bus bc of
    I wonder what the story was..

  • Memes And clickbait
    Memes And clickbait 3 months ago

    I’ve actually never watched Saved By The Bell. I’ve only watched this series and I think I can say this series is better than the actual show.

  • nfldend501
    nfldend501 3 months ago

    Zack Morris is Trash and how many times did zack rape screech on that bus

  • platypusnoiz93
    platypusnoiz93 3 months ago +1

    Wait, did they not do anything to save Screech's pets?

  • Tommy X Lourdes
    Tommy X Lourdes 3 months ago

    I don't recall that cute brown haired girl in any episodes and the whole idea of this show was that Zack was a sociopath with charisma wasn't it? Kinda like a Bart Simpson..

    • Benjamin Velez
      Benjamin Velez 3 months ago

      You mean Nikki? She appears only in episodes with Miss Bliss. Saved by the Bell actually evolved from a Disney Channel series called "Good Morning, Miss Bliss," which lasted only one season from 1988-89 and was canceled due to poor ratings. Nicole "Nikki" Coleman (played by Heather Hopper) was one of the main students on the show, along with Michael "Mikey" Gonzalez (played by Max Battimo.)
      When the series was re-worked into Saved by the Bell, Heather Hopper and Max Battimo didn't make the transition and the characters of Nikki and Mikey were replaced with Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano and A.C. Slater.

  • Don Culotta
    Don Culotta 3 months ago

    Everyone needs to ask how a school named Bayside in Indiana in Season 1 becomes a school named Bayside in Los Angeles in Season 2 complete with the same principal AND student body😂😂

  • FreyaEinde
    FreyaEinde 3 months ago

    When saved by the bell, boy meets world, and the facts of life had whole classes disappear after the first one or two seasons...never to be seen again.

  • Baby Tanya
    Baby Tanya 3 months ago

    At 3:51 Zack reveals his true identity as Fender from Cyborg.

  • Juanesha Franklin
    Juanesha Franklin 3 months ago

    Do the college version also, please

  • Just a girl who wants to tell some stories

    Why. Just why. Screetch deserves better, the teachers, the students, literally everyone but Zack deserves better. Especially Miss Bliss, and Screetch.

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 4 months ago

    A generation of young men grew up emulating this piece of shit. Now look at us....

  • AvenueD417
    AvenueD417 4 months ago +1

    “Never touch me again “, not the first or last time Zack Morris will hear those words

  • pokeymans gotta catch em all


  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 4 months ago +1

    Love that "What the fuck?!??!" reaction to Screech's box shorts on the bus story.

  • c gadsoul
    c gadsoul 4 months ago

    Whatever happened to actors who played Mikey and Nikki?

  • Shaya
    Shaya 4 months ago +1

    "She cries out to God. Enter Satan."

  • JamesPlaysGames95
    JamesPlaysGames95 4 months ago

    calling him Trash is understatement of the century

  • a very chronic tonic
    a very chronic tonic 4 months ago

    "she crys out for god enter the devil" sounds like a cowboy saying

  • Pattas
    Pattas 4 months ago

    I'm currently re-watching all of Saved By The Bell, and upto season 3. You don't realise how much Zack Morris is Trash, until you watch these lol

  • Joel Baldwin
    Joel Baldwin 4 months ago

    At this point, I guess Screech's obsession with Lisa wasn't established as a plot device yet.

    • Benjamin Velez
      Benjamin Velez 3 months ago

      Actually, in one of the "Miss Bliss" episodes, Screech is in love with Lisa and asks Zack to help him get a date with Lisa, in exchange for writing Zack's term paper on the War of 1812. Though Screech's attempts to win Lisa's love wouldn't become a regular thing until "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" was re-tooled into "Saved by the Bell."

  • bobo42024
    bobo42024 4 months ago

    Sorry Theo Von, but Zack Morris is the original rat boy.

  • St Govender
    St Govender 4 months ago

    What wait no one killed themselves in this episode?

  • The Man With The Plan
    The Man With The Plan 4 months ago +2

    "Cool" glasses.

  • Chelsea Shurmantine
    Chelsea Shurmantine 4 months ago

    Psht never got outta school for a petty rat infestation

  • Equint77
    Equint77 4 months ago

    Those sunglasses are for people with glaucoma. 🤯