Launch: WGS 9 Delta IV rocket with the ninth Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS-9) U.S. Air Force.

Delta IV rocket lifts off with the ninth Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS-9) mission for the U.S. Air Force.

This was Streamed Live launch from Kennedy Space Center

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Music by Keving Macleod

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Автор Mariana Teixeira ( назад)
So fast wow

Автор Mariana Teixeira ( назад)

Автор Edward P Campbell ( назад)
Why do I imagine the Launch Commentator, 'Mike' Underhill, sounds like and has the female mannerisms of a dyke? (a woman who dresses up and pretends to be a man). 'His' voice sounds like a 14 year old's who hasn't experienced adolescence yet. The face looks like a female's, especially the lips. Strange kind of politically correct front 'man' for an international organisation. Obama's legacy? A bit like the creepy experience of being served in a bank by a woman in a burqa.

Автор Edelson Boechat Pereira ( назад)
Fantastic. Very, very good.

Автор saman2032 ( назад)
Air Force honor for any country to achieve a higher step. But really ugly animated film him making

Автор Dasira Narada ( назад)

Автор enzo ferialdi ( назад)
Da Venezia . bellissimo

Автор Elman Nighter ( назад)

Автор BraesBladesmyth ( назад)
Someone has to square away the Lt's Service Jacket before airtime.
The retired Sergeants lose their coffee on desks...

Автор koshhe ( назад)
I don't believe it.

Автор The crazy man from Ireland. ( назад)
super video thanks for sharing

Автор jonas chikri ( назад)
what was his speed

Автор Виталий. днр ( назад)

Автор franco clivio ( назад)
Nice video good Sunday

Автор giba santos ( назад)
pq não colocar imagens originais invés de desenho animado?

Автор sparkdog44 ( назад)
The increase in altitude is pretty rapid. A mile clicks off in only a few seconds. Downrange miles at a very rapid rate....amazing.

Автор Leiceann SC ( назад)
mejor veo caricaturas

Автор King Power ( назад)
anyone know how the calculate the amount of thrust and power needed to lift that thing you space

Автор mad kobra ( назад)
cool beans. can it land?

Автор David Anthony ( назад)
Good going NASA. The future of humanity is in your hands.

Автор Zev Benjamin ( назад)

Автор Poseidon63 ( назад)
Gives me goosebumps, the power, wow.

Автор richard ray archuleta ( назад)

Автор kirk hampson ( назад)
whats takin the video

Автор bcarlo25 ( назад)
The lieutenant did good except for.... where in the hell were his fellow soldiers to fix his passant "shoulder strap"? Some may know it as Epaulette.

Автор ثامر ثامر ( назад)
Can you live the human on the surface of the moon ??

Автор 0FanMusic ( назад)
i go Zzzzz 02:58 late here

Автор Ashish Palkar ( назад)
good luck guys

Автор Charles Brissett Jr ( назад)
no its not a satellite being launched its a warning gift to the winner of the Asian Elvis impersonator contest from North Korea explaining In no uncertain terms why he needs to shut up.... lol

Автор G.I. José ( назад)
T minus ten at 40:47

Автор shane koszczewski ( назад)
its a nuuuuke!

Автор William Veitch ( назад)

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