Remembering Juice WRLD, Who Died at 21 After Sudden Seizure | Billboard News

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • Juice WRLD, one of this year's brightest hip-hop stars, has died suddenly at the age of 21. ​
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  • Emmanuel Frias
    Emmanuel Frias 8 hours ago

    Welp i guess juice wrld has expired

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James 13 hours ago

    Why time going fast fast fast fast. Go please bring him back back back back. This makes me really sad sad sad sad.
    ~me trying to freestyle like Juice and to make music like him too... trying to make the Wrld happy with my music inspired by Juice

  • Shadow User096
    Shadow User096 Day ago

    "We ain't making it past 21.."
    -Juice Wrld

  • zach 460c.i
    zach 460c.i 2 days ago

    When the juice expires

    Make a smoothie😥😥

  • KrackenReleased
    KrackenReleased 4 days ago

    Yo im from the future, trippie redd is going to die in 2021 dont belive me, check in in 1 year

  • Des Perado
    Des Perado 4 days ago

    Srsly with BTS ? What a legends Juice WRLD gone to soon ... Love his voice love his music so much ...

  • Tyrone Jay
    Tyrone Jay 5 days ago

    no my best youtuber 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Andrew Cjay
    Andrew Cjay 5 days ago

    drugs.....why do famous people like smokin?

  • Tim The emerald player

    He is our real WRLD

  • Anna Lee
    Anna Lee 6 days ago +1

    We all miss you Juice wrld

  • Drew LaCombe
    Drew LaCombe 7 days ago

    You meant possible seizures as the on site medics also stated it looked like a heart attack which is also caused by perkies. And that you don't use narcan during heart attacks. But good smear job @billboard

  • faygo_hope
    faygo_hope 7 days ago

    He overdosed at that airport not a seizure

    • Slanderman09
      Slanderman09 6 days ago

      faygo_hope overdosing doesn’t cause blood to come out of your mouth. He died because of a seizure which was caused by percs.

    • faygo_hope
      faygo_hope 6 days ago

      @Slanderman09 it was a overdose not seizure

    • Slanderman09
      Slanderman09 6 days ago

      faygo_hope the drugs caused the seizure...

  • OverArmor Shady メ
    OverArmor Shady メ 8 days ago

    I wish this was Clickbait ;(

  • Ricardo Delacruz
    Ricardo Delacruz 8 days ago +1

    Come on xxxtentacion died now juice wrld I'm done

  • Alex Fitter
    Alex Fitter 8 days ago

    F the person who snitched cause he had drugs and guns

  • Mixify
    Mixify 9 days ago

    Why the song in the background so happy

  • Kingboy360 Cookies
    Kingboy360 Cookies 10 days ago

    I miss him so much 😭😢😢😢😭😢😢😢😭😭😢😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😢😢😢

  • Saints ANEW
    Saints ANEW 10 days ago

    Wait he's still alive!? Or its just a rewind

    • ǝıdǝıpʍǝd_
      ǝıdǝıpʍǝd_ 10 days ago

      Saints ANEW he died recently he wasn’t already dead

  • Delores Marguerite
    Delores Marguerite 12 days ago +2

    One of my daughters favorite artists, so sad this young man is gone ..

  • Neil Tapia gabriel
    Neil Tapia gabriel 12 days ago

    I have seizure and it keeps on and on and how am I still alive😪

  • Elanna Schiano
    Elanna Schiano 12 days ago

    Awe my favorite song with him is Hate me

  • Snxxap
    Snxxap 12 days ago +1

    which one was more sad
    X's death= like
    Juice's death= comment

    • 100 Cents
      100 Cents 10 days ago +1


    • 100 Cents
      100 Cents 10 days ago +3

      Goofyass bitchhh you really gotta delete this fucked up comment!

    • 100 Cents
      100 Cents 10 days ago +3

      Wtf Bitchh you tryna get likes from someone's death??

  • 「 Mika 」 :D
    「 Mika 」 :D 13 days ago

    What no.... I love him I was watching an video and was looking at the comments and one said juice wrld died cus the song was in it ..... HE DIDN’T DESERVE IT .......!

  • Briana Reaves
    Briana Reaves 13 days ago

    Stay away from drugs

  • Cindy-Joy Africa
    Cindy-Joy Africa 14 days ago +2

    He is still alive he faked his death he sed on Instagram that hell fake his death

  • Judel Gravesande
    Judel Gravesande 14 days ago

    Crying why did he had to die 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

  • Apex Bogus
    Apex Bogus 14 days ago +27

    “we die in three like musketeers”
    r.i.p xxx
    r.i.p lil peep
    r.i.p juice wrld 😭🖤⚡️

    • fuck off
      fuck off Day ago

      @Sydnie-jay Cleveland cameron wasn't a rapper tho

    • beserk
      beserk 2 days ago


    • Sydnie-jay Cleveland
      Sydnie-jay Cleveland 3 days ago

      And Cameron

    • fuck off
      fuck off 3 days ago

      what about 2pac, mac miller :(

    • AJC Gamin
      AJC Gamin 8 days ago +1

      Rip 2pac
      Notorius BIG
      And Avicii
      X died coz of a gang, peep and juice from drugs so yeah...

  • Clerk_The_ God
    Clerk_The_ God 15 days ago +1

    Devils work

  • Kelly Chloe
    Kelly Chloe 15 days ago

    Only those who miss him click

  • Veronica Soto
    Veronica Soto 16 days ago

    Aw man.😭😭juice world was my favorite rapper like of all time I heard two things, he died in airplane and died of diesese🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺does anyone miss juice world like down below if u do🙂👎👎👎

  • Tyler Kosin
    Tyler Kosin 16 days ago

    Poor juice wrld

  • Luxmys life
    Luxmys life 19 days ago

    1st camerom then him whats this world rip u are a real inparation and still will be

  • Master Genix
    Master Genix 19 days ago

    Protect ski mask the slump god at all TIMES

    GAILEYT 20 days ago


  • Real Talyntz
    Real Talyntz 20 days ago

    He died from mixing drugs plus alcohol

  • Sector 6
    Sector 6 20 days ago

    Every juice has an expiry date...

  • Crystal Ramirez
    Crystal Ramirez 22 days ago

    FIRST XXX NOW JUICE wrld man I am sad now

  • Steven Phipps
    Steven Phipps 22 days ago


  • • Mira •
    • Mira • 22 days ago

    I’m just asking is he rlly dead.. I mean he said in a song he would day a few days after his 21 birthday in a airport and about faking his death and that happened!

  • Hampton Holcomb
    Hampton Holcomb 23 days ago

    he's with jesus

  • Zachary Cabello
    Zachary Cabello 24 days ago

    Bru are you kidding me

  • Zachary Cabello
    Zachary Cabello 24 days ago

    Come on! Now juice wrld is died🥺😭I love his music like lucid dreams and all girls are the same ♥️

  • Harley Parker
    Harley Parker 24 days ago

    Camron Boyce xxxtenticion lil pep juce wrld whos next

  • Salty SaladYT
    Salty SaladYT 24 days ago

    He is the best rapper alive

  • C J
    C J 24 days ago +8

    Atleast he’s with XXXTENTACION now

  • Janai Jones
    Janai Jones 25 days ago

    I'll never forget my you

  • Evanelle Tenorio
    Evanelle Tenorio 26 days ago

    Noone deserves this. Everyone wants be famous & rich. But the rich aren't happy. Juice world never let that change him. Depression is real god bless his soul

  • poptartdogs 1
    poptartdogs 1 26 days ago

    that's a young age

  • Julian Arnold
    Julian Arnold 26 days ago +1

    My birthday is December 8th and that’s the day he died R.I.P Juice WRLD. Every time it’s my birthday now I’m going to think of Juice WRLD dying. 😭😩☹️

  • Vvx
    Vvx 28 days ago +3

    It’s scary how he said we ain’t making it past 21
    He predicted his death

    • manduiscool
      manduiscool 24 days ago

      He took too many pills, so he basically commit suicide

  • anime playz
    anime playz 28 days ago

    😔😔😔😔rip juice wrld

  • Zaida Naranjo
    Zaida Naranjo 28 days ago

    He knew how he died 😞

  • TCC Dark
    TCC Dark 28 days ago

    Ookoicujrigjdiic juice weldggdusjfjdhdh died

  • It's syrine RM
    It's syrine RM 28 days ago


  • Zane _
    Zane _ 29 days ago

    He did not die

    • Jiggly Nutts
      Jiggly Nutts 26 days ago

      He’s dead. Funeral happened the past week.

  • Bee Stinger
    Bee Stinger 29 days ago

    Get a drum beat box become a rapper... Simple

  • AreYou TheOne
    AreYou TheOne 29 days ago +2

    I got a question for all you, Why does everyone cry and is so sad when a rapper dies, but when someone who fought for are country dies everyone acts as if nothing happend, I understand that the rapper could have helped you through some rough times,but someone who dies for you,this country nobody cares...

    • imGoated
      imGoated 24 days ago

      Because they ain't mainstream

  • Christian De Nuntiis
    Christian De Nuntiis 29 days ago

    RIP juice wrld loved u music

  • Yakeema Smith
    Yakeema Smith Month ago +1

    he was my guy and he died :(

  • Enigma Netxx
    Enigma Netxx Month ago

    Somethin Aint Righhht.....???