Tall Girl Cast Plays Kiss & Tell | Netflix

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck, Sabrina Carpenter, and Luke Eisner from Tall Girl kiss weird objects (and each other!) and try to guess what they are!
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    Tall Girl Cast Plays Kiss & Tell | Netflix
    After years of slouching through life, 6-foot-1 teen Jodi resolves to conquer her insecurities and gets caught up in a high school love triangle.
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Comments • 924

  • Tasnim Jouini
    Tasnim Jouini Day ago +1

    Who was in the picture frame??

  • a potato flew around my room

    griffin lookin like david garrett bro

  • Octopus Lol
    Octopus Lol 3 days ago

    Sabrina Is beautiful

    ASMR HEAVEN 4 days ago

    i ship all the tall one

  • Gacha redsenpai
    Gacha redsenpai 5 days ago

    Ava from dance mom

  • vivamcc
    vivamcc 7 days ago

    and now griffin and sabrina are dating 🥺

  • Reyyan GS
    Reyyan GS 7 days ago

    Türkler kendinizi belli edin.

  • Reyyan GS
    Reyyan GS 7 days ago

    Çok güzel♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

  • Natasha Playz
    Natasha Playz 8 days ago

    To tell you the truth kinda ship luke and ava a little even tho luke has a girlfriend

  • Fatimah Dharamshi
    Fatimah Dharamshi 18 days ago +1

    Day blond dude looks like a prince Eric

  • Gabrielle Dubois
    Gabrielle Dubois 18 days ago +2

    Sabrina’s laugh is everything! 😂🙏🏻💙

  • JIA YI Chen
    JIA YI Chen 18 days ago

    I almost cried when I was watching Tall Girl

  • MON -L
    MON -L 19 days ago +2

    I'm here 'cause Griffin is hella cute !!!

  • Zosia Góra
    Zosia Góra 19 days ago

    very nice video

  • Miranda Smith
    Miranda Smith 19 days ago

    Is Ava from dance moms?

  • Makayla Hill
    Makayla Hill 20 days ago

    Can Stranger Things Cast Millie,Finn,Sadie,Lucas,Gaten play Kiss and Tell

  • Happy 566
    Happy 566 20 days ago


  • char free
    char free 24 days ago

    Again..pls tell me something bad about Griffin..so i can remove this stupid crush on him.

  • Kyley Losav
    Kyley Losav 24 days ago +1

    abby and jeanette are punching air. if ya watched dance moms you’d understand

  • Alexander Varela
    Alexander Varela 24 days ago

    They all have long hair. They are all blonde.. well except Griffin 😂

  • Besarta Fetahu
    Besarta Fetahu 24 days ago

    Tall girl netflix

  • Gabriel Queiroz
    Gabriel Queiroz 24 days ago

    Much cool

  • ・Hxney Moo・
    ・Hxney Moo・ 25 days ago

    So nobody is gonna talk about Sabrina’s face while doing that-

  • Melissa Van der heijden

    You know sabrina is 20 years old and griffin 19😂

  • empty chair do a solo
    empty chair do a solo 27 days ago +1

    If they make a Tall Girl 2 me and my size 13 Nike's will be very depressed (MENS SIZE 13 NIKE'S JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE)

  • Micaela Rocha Rivera
    Micaela Rocha Rivera 27 days ago

    No entiendo nada pero los amoooo

  • Raissa Custodio
    Raissa Custodio 28 days ago +1

    Fork you

  • nicole garcia
    nicole garcia Month ago +1

    2:38 alo que vinieron

  • Hehqw sady
    Hehqw sady Month ago +3

    Comeeeeeee on. They're so cute together.

  • Hehqw sady
    Hehqw sady Month ago

    Guys!! Ava is for Griffin.

  • Hehqw sady
    Hehqw sady Month ago +1

    Like why??!! Griffin is for Ava!! Dunkleman come on. You must be kidding me. Your sweet, tender and cute smile is PERFECT for ava's strict and insecure personality. Come onnn!

  • Enzo Walker
    Enzo Walker Month ago +1

    Who’s on the picture ?

  • Angela Yates
    Angela Yates Month ago

    Sabrina and joey are such a cute couple 💋🙈

    • This Person
      This Person 25 days ago

      They’re not dating, they’re just best friends.

  • Luciana Quispe
    Luciana Quispe Month ago

    amo esa pelicula like para the second part

  • XxAlien_Warrior xX
    XxAlien_Warrior xX Month ago +1

    Griffin is my celebrity crush 🤣

  • Susanna Medeiros
    Susanna Medeiros Month ago +1

    Sabrina looks perfect as always

  • Xforever Miraculousx


  • lilpop23
    lilpop23 Month ago

    1:13 its a beautiful day in the studio a beautiful day

  • Najma Sufi
    Najma Sufi Month ago +3

    I watched tall girl, and i love how she standed and speaked up for her self at homecoming. p.s. Griffin was so cute when he kissed tall girl at the end😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    LAS-YURIS-GRANDES Month ago +1

    Girl Nefilim!!!

  • Anelyn Fabular
    Anelyn Fabular Month ago

    Short boy is sooo cute

  • Susana Rodriguez
    Susana Rodriguez Month ago


  • Dennis Metiam
    Dennis Metiam Month ago

    i like clara super

  • Carly Andrews
    Carly Andrews 2 months ago +1

    I Love Tall Girl

  • keridyn Naidoo
    keridyn Naidoo 2 months ago

    Why is griffin the cutest

  • lee tsi
    lee tsi 2 months ago

    I ship Joey and Ava

  • Pereira Sisters
    Pereira Sisters 2 months ago


  • Pereira Sisters
    Pereira Sisters 2 months ago

    WHAT THE !!!!!!!!!

  • xXTayXx
    xXTayXx 2 months ago

    Does anyone else think that what griffin is wearing looks like that one photo of uriah shelton in 13 reasons why

  • Fading Feather
    Fading Feather 2 months ago

    Sabrina looks like janella salvador.

  • Ale Casini
    Ale Casini 2 months ago

    I love you guys! Your roles in the movie is so funny, inspiring!

  • bellyache ‘
    bellyache ‘ 2 months ago

    wait, isn’t Luke and Ava like 6 years apart?

  • milky _ bunqs
    milky _ bunqs 2 months ago +1

    *sHhH iM tHiNkiNg oUt lOUd*

  • milky _ bunqs
    milky _ bunqs 2 months ago +2


  • Hello. How you do.
    Hello. How you do. 2 months ago

    Pretty Pink movie.
    Adorable cast
    Just realize these are 2000s babies. OMG I'm old 😂

  • DM
    DM 2 months ago +1

    She is tall, fine & sexy

  • Magikal PandaZ
    Magikal PandaZ 2 months ago +1

    OMGG!! Sabrinaa from Girl meets worldd she looked fimiliarrr!!

    • Magikal PandaZ
      Magikal PandaZ 25 days ago +1

      @This Person I know but I used to watch Girl meets world a lot and when I saw the movie I thought she looked familiar until I saw this I didn't know lmao

    • This Person
      This Person 25 days ago

      She also releases music. STREAM SINGULAR ACT 1 AND 2.

  • Jeremy Giban
    Jeremy Giban 2 months ago

    That's the real tall girl because she is the one who is tall

  • Gaby Bustos
    Gaby Bustos 2 months ago +1

    Sabrina is so pretty

  • The Bulkeyboo Show
    The Bulkeyboo Show 2 months ago +1

    The goddamn Erlenmeyer flask was assaulted by those people.