Lorne Malvo on a shooting rampage

Tracking shot from the 7th episode of Fargo: Who Shaves the Barber?
With Billy Bob Thornton, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele
Original air date: May 27, 2004

Просмотров: 144168
Длительность: 3:28
Комментарии: 121

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Автор Paul Foster ( назад)
Love this scene..but.. that reflection is AWFUL

Автор Cocca Lacocca ( назад)
hanzee is malvo, in the end of season 2 hanzee tells us hes going to kill People and also hes going to get a Professional face transplant. And just think about the name Lorne Malvo, it sounds very strange!  also i think Mike Milligan was working there and got shot as well

Автор MADMAN ( назад)
This episode from Mad TV is dark

Автор scatt jax ( назад)
Key & Peele were shooting in Fargo & they see a murder? What are the chances haha

Автор Liam Walsh ( назад)
Brilliant scene.

Автор Andre Stene ( назад)

Автор Sean Harman ( назад)
If only it was the KKK headquarters he walked into...

Автор jak daniles ( назад)
I like how he's on the third floor but the reflection in the windows is of whats across the street on the first floor. Amazing CGI 10/10... :l

Автор josh waring ( назад)
I like how the receptionist doesn't notice him holding the gun

Автор Boris Boyanov ( назад)
What was Malvo's weapon?  (Didn't look like AK-47....) And how many rounds he shot?  He would probably have needed a full back-pack of rifle magazines to shoot all these bullets..

Автор juan pablo galli sepulveda ( назад)
me hizo acordar el juego elevator action

Автор Dallas ( назад)
Where does Tripoli die?

Автор Tiernen ( назад)
where does hanzee show up?

Автор Alexplus20 ( назад)
"we should pull up like we just arrived" - ha ha ha.

Автор ChuckPalomo ( назад)
Wow, people are actually upset Hanzee got killed in this scene? everybody's too obsessed with badasses these days. He was tired of being the underdog and wanted to become the boss, which he did by betraying his predecessors. But he knew eventually someone stronger would come along and kill him. It's the nature of the business, and he understood that.

Автор Il Saccagnato ( назад)
One of the best bad guy ever made

Автор kathryn0200 ( назад)
so expertly done, prob saved a ton of money too!

Автор Nick ( назад)
Only thing that bothers me of this sequence is the fake ass reflections. We're up on the 2nd floor and you can see the parking lot from eye-level in good clarity... like wot?

Автор Ž U ( назад)
Original air date: May 27, 2004.

Ehmm It's 2014

Автор Matthew Thomas ( назад)
Reported for promoting terrorism via mass shootings.

Автор Marcos Elosegui ( назад)
Billy Bob was terrific in Fargo I think he made the show.

Автор luttman23 ( назад)
Oh no! Youtube guidelines!

Автор K K ( назад)
LOL Kay and Peele

Автор Pinky ( назад)
If Hanzee can survive all of 1979, them I'm sure he can survive the massacre by Malvo. He is sneaky. No one saw who was killed in this building. I don't think the Fargo creators would kill off Hanzee so easily! This is my opinion:- I think Mr Tripoli is actually the guy Hanzee was talking with at the park, at the end of season 2. Hanzee will probably look different but not like this!

Автор Actis ( назад)
just saying this wouldn't happen in real life. only about 10% of this story is true.

Автор NewSoundNow ( назад)
everyone is up in arms about hanzee, I'm more bother by how the reflections in the windows makes no sense.

Автор GodsSon987 ( назад)
Hanzee's dead because you have idiot FBI agents like Key and Peele sucking at their job lol

Автор juhabaka peci ( назад)
"FREEZE shitbird!" *click click* shieeet *POP*

😂😂 That had me rollin!

Автор Apollogamer ( назад)
Brilliant scene!!

Автор Gregg Silk ( назад)
3:17 "You need to have fewer ideas"

Автор Colonel Bill ( назад)
Why are people saying he's dead? We don't find out if Malvo killed him or not.

Автор Chris Dooley ( назад)
Holy shit I never realized Key & Peale were cops in this :)

Автор Rockmaster2112 ( назад)
Hanzee kills all those people in season two including a Kitchen Brother; nobody panics because it's all part of the plan...

A hitman just like Hanzee in his prime kills Hanzee's henchmen and an older Hanzee, and everyone just loses their minds...

Автор PhattyMcBoomBoom ( назад)
People...nobody saw or said they saw Hanzee/Tripoli's body, now did they?

I say he escaped and he'll return in the third season.

Автор DeadshotYT ( назад)
"Original air date: May 27, 2004" You sure about that?

Автор Hieillua ( назад)
Where's the top dog? The boss man!

Freeza shitbird....*click click*....shit!

Автор Jacob Diaz ( назад)
Maybe hanzee changed something I hope that's not him

Автор PRATIK SAHA ( назад)
okay so ppl who think its a bad connection n it undermined the badassness of hamzee. remembr this aint some avengers movie. it doesnt matter how badass u are in the end ne1 can get fucked. lorne malvo was killed too by that pussy mailman. that doesnt undermine him. mayb wat they r sayin is no matter how much badass u are once u strt movin around wid an army in frnt n loads of money in ur pocket to protect urself u get killed. u loose ur edge n u aint half the amount of badass nemore . or mayb the biblical sense of bad vs good was shown in season 1 whr hamzee an obviusly evil dude was killed lyk a bitch and ultimately met his fate for the crimes he did n the fact that lou solversons daughter was somehow the cause of this makes the good vs evil thng more prominent. watevr it is it was a good connection lyk it always has been for the coen brothers.

Автор Nathan Drake ( назад)
Wait, so you're telling me that badass Indian Native from season 2 just died like a bitch here ?. ok ...

Автор 2mac11 ( назад)
Its hard for me to believe that those two FBI agents did not hear all of that gun fire coming from that building. They were sitting right across the street from it with their windows rolled down and you are telling me they could not hear anything.

Автор Mez Hossain ( назад)
that ponytail, so that WAS hanzee

Автор Scrummy64 ( назад)
What a silly twist... a totally unnecessary attempt to tie the two seasons together, and one that totally undermined Hanzee's character.

Автор Ahmet1445 ( назад)
so stupid. Are we supposed to believe the badass that Hanzee was in 1979 turns out to be this useless fat fuck that gets killed in his own place with his crew by one guy? foh

Автор FionaW ( назад)
thank you for uploading this so people like me could go back and find tiny little traits LOL

Автор Seth Deadwood ( назад)
RIP Hanzee...

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