Former maid to Adolf Hitler interview

  • Published on Dec 14, 2016
  • כאן | Elizabeth Kalhammer is now a 92 year old woman. yet she has a secret story in her past. She used to work at Hitler's private estate from 1943 to 1945
    KAN | Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reporter - Antonia Yamin interviewed the Former maid to Adolf Hitler - on her life at his private estate

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  •  6 minutes ago

    Hitler is or will be in hell with George Bush Sr and his dad Prescott and all atheist and all satan worshippers and all Christians that aren't living for God and repented and turn from their Wicked Ways. Oh well. And I'm not supposed to worry. Salvation isn't granted to the wicked. The clock is ticking tick tock tick tock.

  • Michy Jo
    Michy Jo 28 minutes ago

    I laughed so hard, like if you agree

  • volgg
    volgg 2 hours ago

    She's a brave woman to be able to tell her story.

  • david beardy-kam
    david beardy-kam 3 hours ago

    Skin,flay,salt,tar and feather the old broad! just kidding, lovely lady,everyones grandma.

  • Charlotte Kearn
    Charlotte Kearn 5 hours ago

    She did what anyone would have done. Imagine what would have happened if she said no, it might have ended not that well for her. She could not have known what the future would be like. But I would think that now knowing the truth of it she shouldn't be proud of a Christmas card.

  • Jose Aki Requilme
    Jose Aki Requilme 6 hours ago +1

    Someone in history believed that Adolf Hitler was the son of our national hero Doctor Jose Rizal.. Doc Rizal had a G.F. in Europe and was pregnant born son called Adolf Hitler, is that true or just a belief?..hmmmmm, maybe....

  • I am a Success
    I am a Success 6 hours ago

    Just a question: WHO CARES ABOUT THIS OLD DRAMA?

  • Nadia Borzacchini
    Nadia Borzacchini 8 hours ago

    You can see the hurt in her eyes

  • Hessel Bleeker
    Hessel Bleeker 8 hours ago

    if she wouldn't have gone she would have got killed

  • lakesha witherspoon
    lakesha witherspoon 8 hours ago

    This elderly lady was telling her truth! I myself as well as others would find it disturbing! Being proud of being the maid of hitler! Calling black people nigers! Claiming she was unaware of what he was doing! Proud of privilege in a time when others were imprisoned, starving and murdered! Even now knowing in totality monster he was stil framing his Christmas card? Wow

  • Hollywood God
    Hollywood God 8 hours ago

    10:34 lol.

  • kingdom science
    kingdom science 9 hours ago

    10:35 "We were told that there are many Nigers among them..." Is this exactly what she said? Using N word?

  • devon james
    devon james 10 hours ago

    so you going to fire bomb her house ?

  • JB JB
    JB JB 12 hours ago

    92 shes old. Wow !!!

  • Dennis Young
    Dennis Young 12 hours ago

    How could Hitler do such a thing? He was financed by Rothchild, as the Soviets and Anglo Americans were.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 12 hours ago

    Good legitimate reporting. Nice video content about a terrible time and n history.

  • robin kumar
    robin kumar 13 hours ago

    stupid journalist but admirably honest chef.

  • Drunkcilla
    Drunkcilla 14 hours ago

    What about Rosa Mitterer ? she said that Hitler even went to her sister's wedding. And Hitler was always polite asking her coffee in the morning, and not making a sound while she was washing the dishes.

  • alpha shanahan
    alpha shanahan 16 hours ago

    why would the interviewer suggest that as a young woman, Elizabeth could have turned away from Bergholf? She was not among the ones who decided to kill the Jews. She was just a young lady looking for a decent work. I am glaf she gave a very honest answer.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 17 hours ago

    A signed crismas card sent by Hitler
    Rick (from Pawn Stars) : all i can do is 100 dollars and im taking a huge risk

  • Alc Shot
    Alc Shot 18 hours ago

    I'm gonna give this Christmas card to my grandson one day.
    *Lovely gesture but I don't think he'd want that...*
    I loved this wee docu!

  • Matt The Hammer
    Matt The Hammer 18 hours ago

    Who has been killing before and since WW2?! Not the Germans.
    Zionists using Britain initiated both WW's.History.

  • Bobo Milosevic
    Bobo Milosevic 20 hours ago

    Alles scheiss können wir endlich den Krieg vergessen,,,
    Wir haben heute schlimmes auf der Welt.

  • leeuwin1962
    leeuwin1962 20 hours ago

    not the entire german population was blinded by hitler and propaganda. enough people thinking it was bad for sure, but had no power to do something about it. just survival, you can not blame them

  • Bernievids
    Bernievids 20 hours ago

    Germans with grandparents who fought know this to be the truth in so far as it was an excellent achievement to be working for what was the most powerful person in the world at the time. Honesty is hard to find these days and especially with the young Jewish interviewer leading her to answer and even ridiculously offering a suggestion that would fit her agenda. Stick to asking the questions, let the answers co:e from the source. Way to go, that lady knew discipline and real integrity and made sure she let us know that she doesn’t regret a thing. Why would she...
    So...How does it feel, that the James are now considered to be the new Nazi’s by the crazed Left. If you play the victim card too much it comes back to bite you. Just like the boy who cried Wolf. Herr Wolf...

  • Im a fucking army fan
    Im a fucking army fan 21 hour ago

    Hitler made suicide 74 years ago wich isnt even alot

    MOTOR RAJ 23 hours ago

    Lev Davidovich Bronstein "Trotsky" was Jewish. and from there, the
    entire world went down hill to this very day. The rich jews
    orchestrated it all .. in their favor, even against their own less
    fortuntate. who owned all the art, land, and gold before WW2... and who
    owns more of it now? The Jews. Who controls the MEdia? Facebook?
    Hollywood? All of it? and none of them have The tattoos of IBM.. nor
    did their ancestors.

    MOTOR RAJ 23 hours ago

    Lev Davidovich Bronstein "Trotsky" was Jewish. and from there, the
    entire world went down hill to this very day. The rich jews
    orchestrated it all .. in their favor, even against their own less
    fortuntate. who owned all the art, land, and gold before WW2... and who
    owns more of it now? The Jews. Who controls the MEdia? Facebook?
    Hollywood? All of it? and none of them have The tattoos of IBM.. nor
    did their ancestors.

  • Evianna Faye
    Evianna Faye Day ago

    I love her being honest. Young, poor, innocent, what else could she have done really? It is all in the past now, and she felt awful when she heard what Hitler did.

  • Ababmer Vid
    Ababmer Vid Day ago +1

    Im 94 and i also have fond memories of hitler. He tidied up all that degenerate weimar activity and fixed our economy

    • DerpFaceFTW
      DerpFaceFTW 14 hours ago

      No you're not lol we can see your reddit you're also a holocaust-denying anti-irish tibetan woman-hating woman (not so much on the WC3 forums though), begone useless troll.

  • DerGraph Graph
    DerGraph Graph Day ago +1

    I am so sick of bullshit attempt to make. Adolph hitler all about hate and all about jews. Fuck jees they are only deserving of hatred. Jesus hated them and now i know why beyond the reasons jesus had. They are the enemy of all ages of all mankind.

  • KennyG Hansen
    KennyG Hansen Day ago +1

    If you know the REAL History not written by Jews or "fake news media" its still the fucking Jewmericans running the show throwing money at state leaders to keep theire mouths shut.

  • KennyG Hansen
    KennyG Hansen Day ago +1

    I still love this woman for the service she did for Hidler! shame on the fucking reporter!!!

  • Ellie Masters
    Ellie Masters Day ago +1

    The heavy-handedly maudlin and sinister mood music is the filmmaker's way of telling you what you should feel about what you're seeing, lest you decide what to think and feel yourself. Don't they trust us to freely decide what our feelings about this film should be? It's manipulative, and ultimately ironic, because they inadvertently and unknowingly reveal themselves to conform to the stereotypes that Hitler formed of them.

  • sam gilford
    sam gilford Day ago

    thats what it really comes down to? is can you have a good goulash?

  • Aaron McGee
    Aaron McGee Day ago

    5:25 Hello... 😍

  •  Day ago

    What an amazing woman Elizabeth Kalhammer is who provides a truthful vivid account of her time working at Hitler's estate. I appreciate her honesty and that if asked again to work for history's most evil man she might do so again.. this however does not mean that she is bad to work under the most evil man in modern day but to bear witness to the evil. The interviewer did try to encourage Elizabeth to say that she regretted working for Hitler, but this woman's honest account gently says yes she would do it all over again.

  • Monroe Taylor
    Monroe Taylor Day ago

    I live in America and I have come to understand that at least 40 percent of the people in a country will follow a man l8ke Trump or Hitler knowing they are sick and even evil without a second thought. Plus some leaders will support and lie for that sick o Trump or Hitler.

  • Kim Wiliams
    Kim Wiliams Day ago

    What a wonderfully honest woman. I’m so grateful she shared this.

  • Kathie Brobeck
    Kathie Brobeck Day ago

    Watch out USA, you're heading in the same direction!!

  • Kathie Brobeck
    Kathie Brobeck Day ago

    bad breath, flatulent, greasy hair, etc. etc.

  • alter ego
    alter ego Day ago +1

    Wow, she served the messiah! hope she's proud!!
    The man who stood against evil! Wow!

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony Day ago +5

    All of Hitlers predictions are coming true and have come true. He tried to stop it. He lost. It is rapidly becoming DARK world. Anyone thinking this is good, is insane.

    • Zeldasa
      Zeldasa Hour ago

      @Lucas Please watch Europe the last battle. U need to wake up..

    • Lucas
      Lucas 11 hours ago +1

      Mark Anthony It’s an infinitely better world than one where Jews and all minorities are slaughtered mal there’s massive censorship, book burnings, beatings, concentration camps, shootings and all round fear.

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson Day ago +12

    Remember one thing. The Jewish NKVD in The new USSR killed 40 million Christians just a few years before, Hitler and the German people knew this and saw that it could happen to them.
    Inconvient truth?

    • Lucas
      Lucas 11 hours ago

      It would have never happened and you know it. And answer the comment above.

    • JamesToneyLegend
      JamesToneyLegend 13 hours ago +2

      I have a question for you demented assholes. What % of Bolsheviks were Jews?

    • OneEyedKeys
      OneEyedKeys 20 hours ago

      That's straight up history. The Germans were terrified of the atrocities committed by the Bolsheviks. And they knew which ethnicity was at the helm of the mass killings in Russia over the two decades preceeding WW2.

    • Mike Harrington
      Mike Harrington 22 hours ago

      Where did you get that nonsense?

  • Bm Safi
    Bm Safi Day ago +2

    God bless this woman.. Jews are more evil than Hitler himself

  • Zomby Woof
    Zomby Woof Day ago +1

    This was published on Dec. 14, 2016 shortly after President Trump's election. The publisher is obviously trying link the blind Nationalism of Fascist Nazis to Trump's America First movement. Pathetic.

  • C Kyle
    C Kyle Day ago

    Lying old bag.

  • Dead - Lead
    Dead - Lead Day ago

    working for hitler at the time for a young girl would be the best job ever, you gotta understand she didnt know hitler was so sadistic and genocidal

  • Dead - Lead
    Dead - Lead Day ago

    i admire her honesty

  • Ralph Santander
    Ralph Santander Day ago

    She said hitler is crazy....its good to be true...

  • Zip Zenac
    Zip Zenac Day ago +3

    Instead of an Israeli documentary on Hitler, let's have a Palestinian documentary on present the Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people, or of the Bolshevik genocide under the Jewish General Yagoda, of 5 million Ukrainian Catholics in the 1930s.

  • Rijko Stef
    Rijko Stef Day ago

    Whats the language?

  • B
    B 2 days ago

    Thank god my grandpa killed lots of nazis

    • singthesong
      singthesong Day ago +2

      oh yes you are right. todays problems are all caused by germans. its the Nazis who are in power today. the nazis want open borders, gay marige, gender mainstream etc.

  • HesseJamez
    HesseJamez 2 days ago

    She needs subs for Germans, too - speaks Bavarian only.

  • ekim andersom
    ekim andersom 2 days ago +3

    Too bad he didn’t win

  • solf08
    solf08 2 days ago

    Sounds like USA Today

  • royston mason
    royston mason 2 days ago

    they brought us goulash so we thought everything will be ok !

  • FooBar Maximus
    FooBar Maximus 2 days ago

    Germany could have won this war, easily. Hitler's big fuck-up was his ego. If he would have stopped earlier, we'd all be speaking German. And perhaps, we'd all be better off. Who knows? At least we'd have health care and decent roads and shit like that. Education? Yeah - all the things we don't have now.

  • Draxis32
    Draxis32 2 days ago +2

    Trying to put guilt on a 92 year old woman should be punishable by crime!
    It feels like this interviewer is the kind of person that would like to track down the living family from Hitler and kill them, just because you know.....Hitler is bad!
    History is history and there absolutely nothing we can do about it other than understand it and try to not make the same mistakes again.

    • singthesong
      singthesong Day ago +1

      "History is history"? in many countrys in Europe you go to Jail if you have a different opinion about "History". its only the winner who writes History.

  • ilhan G
    ilhan G 2 days ago

    Thank you for your service.
    A lot of these sentences would be written over here if she was American and if Hitler was American.

  • Donald Swamp Tub
    Donald Swamp Tub 2 days ago

    We Yangin now fam.

  • Bscotland
    Bscotland 2 days ago

    Doitcha Reich #1

  • Bscotland
    Bscotland 2 days ago +1

    You were extremely blessed to meet the second coming. There will be a Third again☠️

  • ايمن العبيدي

    I from in Iraq love Hitler

  • George Wagner
    George Wagner 2 days ago

    His must ash LOL

  • centerice
    centerice 2 days ago +3

    When a young interviewer, not even alive at the time, asks the completely unrealistic, inapplicable question, "would you do it differently if you could go back, knowing what you know now," it reveals a total lack of appreciation of the reality of the situation back then, when people were literally just trying to find food so as not to starve. Also, don't forget that even just a mere three years (3!) prior to any military action, Roosevelt, Chamberlain, and the IOC were so charmed with the rebound of Germany and its impressive leader, that they supported his request for the 1936 Olympics and he was awarded it! So, how on earth could anyone ask this lady if she would go back and give up the security of food and shelter, provided by the same man who was given a very public stamp of approval by the leaders of the Western world, and voluntarily return herself to a state of continuous insecurity, hunger and worry of day to day survival? In the 60s we used to reply to such intellectual mumbo jumbo questions: "Hey man, I'm livin in the here and the now! Not in some fantasy world." She was only doing what anyone would have done to survive, and was grateful for the blessing that came her way. To ask if she would go back and not accept the position based on knowledge revealed later, just so that she would never have to admit that she worked for Hitler, is a nonsense question. I wonder if this interviewer would ask the same question of the house servant of Stalin, ie. if she would go back and decline her job offer due to what a monster he turned out to be? What about Hitler's gardener? Should he go back and refuse the work that put food on his children's table? SILLY questions that do not apply.

    • VitaminD47
      VitaminD47 Day ago

      I'm still waiting for a movie abt the Bolshevic's reign of terror in Eastern Europe from Hollywood. But most of their victims were Christians so we will never see one.

  • Eden Leave
    Eden Leave 2 days ago

    Fuck her, burn in hell. She wants to leave what to her son? Her good teachings, nope. Her morals, nope. A fucking signed letter from the worst human in history, yah!!

    It's not her fault but she made a choice, and allowed herself luxury funded by stealing from Jews, maybe didn't know how bad it was in the holocaust, but knew it was happening. Nowadays, everyone is made to feel guilty from every wrong consumers cause people in other countries.

    • Words Not Swords
      Words Not Swords Day ago +1

      Stalin and Mao were both far worse than Hitler. Combined their genocides come to around 60 million. Pol Pot was a mere amateur in comparison who could only manage around 3 million in his genocide.

  • Geo economics
    Geo economics 2 days ago

    you need to change the title
    maid of the biggest idiot who lived on Earth

  • Ali Reza
    Ali Reza 2 days ago +1

    Adolf Hitler, you destroyed the Satanic British Empire, you fought against Satan!... now the world is free and developed... India..Africa..Australia.. Canada... South of Iran and many other countries ... All of people and all of our soldiers in south of IRAN always loved and love Germany. GOD Bless Germany... for many centuries British soldiers killed and murdered and plundered our regions.. even they cut our palm 1857, especially General James Outram one of British Satan, 1915....1943... they called our people wild, they killed our people... now you are an Hero... Thank you Germany... God Bless Germany

  • Michael Sebourn
    Michael Sebourn 2 days ago

    one fine reporter

  • AlyTennyson
    AlyTennyson 2 days ago

    The translations of what she is saying are being twisted to suit the typical agenda.

  • AlyTennyson
    AlyTennyson 2 days ago +4

    Interesting that so many people DON'T question, when they are only fed the story of ONE side. WHY don't they have the brains to wonder about the other? ... especially when it is ILLEGAL to even speak of the other side's story. That still doesn't prompt people to wonder? Glad I'm not like that. THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD

  • Dougal Poogle
    Dougal Poogle 2 days ago

    Lock her up

  • 守lower
    守lower 2 days ago

    Tho I liked this docu, no complaints, I cringed at the usual stale ''Wir haben es nicht gewusst''

  • geetha kannan
    geetha kannan 2 days ago

    I will never work for Hitler

  • SahMai
    SahMai 2 days ago +1

    Stupid woman she should have poisoned his food!

  • DJFear Ross
    DJFear Ross 2 days ago +2

    It's so frustrating when people take things out of their historical context. This lady was young, mobiles didn't exist then, nor blogs or the internet. The world wasn't connected the way it is now, not just by technology but by roads, trains, airplanes etc If your dad told you the people who lived 300 miles aways have two heads, you'd probably believe him. This lady done nothing wrong, damn she was just a maid. If she says she didn't know what was happening in the concentration camp, it could be true. Even if she did, what did you expect her to do? She was growing up and learning to survive as an adult, we do that by looking at what adults do and do the same. The real guilty people are long gone by now.... we should be questioning how that was allowed to happen, not looking to blame each and every person living there with 'guilt by association'.

  • sortedtales
    sortedtales 2 days ago

    How the fuck did this find its way into my feed? Hmm?

  • me notyou
    me notyou 3 days ago +3

    I'll bet she's a real hoot to be she available to do parties? Bar mitzvah's?

  • Miki Dewberry
    Miki Dewberry 3 days ago

    50 million dead? do a deal with the Germans let them have the East, maybe they would of let the Jews go, they would be fine by now anyways.

  • rich k
    rich k 3 days ago +1

    Sounds like America 2019

  • jhgjhgj hgjhgdj
    jhgjhgj hgjhgdj 3 days ago +10

    2:13 This Propaganda-Video writes in englisch language "When Hitler invaded Austria", but she actually didnt said that. She just said that german Troops just walked into Austria. This whole Video is manipulative Propaganda and full of Lies. The words of that old woman are not even properly translated. Translated words are just invented to support the Fake History of Lies

    • Auto VAG Vlogs
      Auto VAG Vlogs 2 days ago

      Can you translate better for us to spot the mistakes?

  • jhgjhgj hgjhgdj
    jhgjhgj hgjhgdj 3 days ago +3

    The Narrator adds bullshit and Lies and Deception to this story. This is nothing but stupid Propaganda to manipulate the Viewer into believing the political correct Fake History, which was invented after the war to cover up the Crimes of the Aggressor-States that attacked and invaded a peaceful Germany.

  • Cloudy Baby
    Cloudy Baby 3 days ago

    The narrator, speaking in Hebrew?

  • __
    __ 3 days ago +8

    i don‘t like that Interviewer, give this old women some respect and DO NOT blame her

    • Crazy Canuck
      Crazy Canuck Hour ago

      Oh hush up bigot breath

    • JustClerk
      JustClerk Day ago +1

      @B Lol shut the fuck up you stupid jew fuck, hope you get gassed in Auschwitz

    • B
      B 2 days ago

      Lol shut up u stupid fucking nazi fuck. Hope you get killed.

  • alaskanmes
    alaskanmes 3 days ago +1

    Rip Hitler

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic 3 days ago

    💯‼️ great interview! Thank you for posting it!!

  • Andrew Piatek
    Andrew Piatek 3 days ago +1

    Hitler "invaded" Austria? Didn't Austrian vote 98% for Hitler? Only in democracy individuals like Hitler and Obama can make it to the top of the government.

    • Shandra Brooks
      Shandra Brooks 2 days ago

      Andrew Piatek Hitler was elected in Germany. Yes he invaded Austria. They are separate countries.

  • Michael Wolff
    Michael Wolff 3 days ago +2

    Leave it to bolshevik jews to take a womans wonderful memories and twist them.
    Wait. Thats the way of Zionism/Communism and its 45 goals.
    Thats ok. Israel will burn soon enough.

    • Michael Wolff
      Michael Wolff 3 days ago

      @Cosmic hardly objective. The reporter did her best to lead the poor woman.

    • Cosmic
      Cosmic 3 days ago

      🤔❓ Michael, I thought that the interview and presentation of it was more objective as the lady shares both of her views

  • Kystfotografen
    Kystfotografen 3 days ago +1

    Wonder what she tink about Merkel, and her forth reich

  • Mara Costanza
    Mara Costanza 3 days ago

    About Amanda Knox' lies. A first important point is that Amanda Knox did not just "lie during an interrogation". She did indeed spin a story falsely incriminating Patrick Lumumba, but she didn't do that during an interrogation: her false accusation was a protracted and repeated behaviour. It went on long after the interrogation. Indeed Knox went on spinning false stories - not just accusing Lumumba but also threatening Sollecito - that this is protracted behaviour is a first important point to bear in mind, yet still not the main point. - By the way I also note that her written memoriales are not the work of a person who is weak and naive to the point of having lost mental control, no longer able to concoct and organize a tortuous manipulation. Her memoriale is a sophisticated and highly controlled text, it is the manifest attempt by a person still in full rational control; anyway, any theory of Amanda being weak and naive and psychologically coerced should be backed with evidence. It should be proven, you cannot just postulate or guess that a person lies because is psychologically weak, with no evidence. And yet as I said this is still not the main point.
    A rather more significant point is Knox's actual position in the trial. her actual claims. The fact that Knox, at the preliminary hearing and trial, did NOT claim that she had lied, under pressure. That was not her position at the trial at all. On the contrary, she claimed that she had not lied ad all, and told that she suffers of a false memory syndrome. Her defence called a psychiatist from a Rome university to testify to support her claim. Your might have played the card about psychological weakness and coercion if Knox had brought a story of psychological coercion to the trial. She did not. she brought up a story of a false memory syndrome.
    So, the lack of consistency in her own explanations about her behaviour is a point more important than what she said during an interrogation. This is not, however, the only contradiction from Knox in her own defense.
    But a further and more relavant fact is that Amanda Knox did not lie only when falsely accusing Lumumba. She simply told a huge load of lies, above all before the interrogation. Her whole "story" about having showers in bloody bathroom and carrying mops through the town is a mass of lies. There is no piece of it consistent with any other or with any piece of reality.
    And then she also lied subsequently: after the trial, in her public declarations, and in her book. She's a systematic liar.
    One further element to note, is that we are not talking about just one liar; wre are talking about two. Not just Amanda Knox, but also Sollecito always lied. And it is now and an established judicial truth that "all his versions are lies".
    Sollecito told lies in his changing versions during interrogations, he told proven lies in his book (a Judge forced him and Gumbel to admit that his book was fictional), and he tells lies today.
    Before any other consideration, any person would ask themselves why two "innocent" people should tell lie all the time - that's not exactly what innocent people do.
    I won't get into further detalis anout all the dimensions and the steps of Knox lying about accusing Lumumba and about the rest (including her Dec. 17th interrogation, etc.) because it would get too long.
    About Rudy Guede: he did not act alone. Note: this is, by the way, a fact established definitively by the last verdict.
    But it is just a proven fact - it is evidence whoever wants to look into it - that this murder was phisically committed by more than one person. It is a fact that it would be impossible for a single perpetrator to commit this crime. Forget about Introna's theory, which is unrealistic and inconsistent with findings and was rightly dismissed by the judge.
    Meredith Kercher was killed by multiple perpetrators. While Knox is officially proven to have been certainly present at the murder.
    Knox, actually, did indeed take part physically to the killing action - she was not just an observer - but still, bear in mind that even a "passive" observer would bear responsability, because Meredith Kercher did not die on the spot. She died of blood loss after an agony of ten minutes or more. Not just the physical perpetrators, but even a hypothetical passive observer who happened not to call for help would be a person committing a serious life-threatening or deadly offense,

  • Joseph Janaman
    Joseph Janaman 3 days ago

    Im not sure if I believe her! I mean you were told whatever is said in this house stays. Yet when its all said and done you are SHOCKED about what he had done? Come on....does not add up!

    • VitaminD47
      VitaminD47 Day ago

      Believe your holy tell-a-vision (TV) and everything coming out of it.

  • Shervin M.-
    Shervin M.- 3 days ago

    This is living proof that in a very dark twisted way, Hitler did want the best for "his people"... give them the best possible life, but sadly only those his ideologies deemed worthy... because everyone deserves the best. No one has the right to choose who should get what....
    Seems to me very much like Trump... He chooses and disses people he does not seem worthy.
    We see this all around the world with all totalitarian regimes...
    What a sweet lady.

  • angry brit
    angry brit 4 days ago

    He enjoyed his time in Argentina and in another hundred years time you will realise his children where among us now in position,s of power 👁️

  • angry brit
    angry brit 4 days ago

    She was a Jew family member her father was part of the conspiracy with the Nazis and Israel

  • Chris Coyne
    Chris Coyne 4 days ago +3

    Obviously propaganda but reality is lost on most people. There is far more to the story of WW2 than most of the peasants will ever understand.

    • VitaminD47
      VitaminD47 Day ago

      @Words Not Swords Maybe you should watch "The greatest story never told" or the documentary "Europa the last battle". Then the story of WW2 becomes clearer.

    • Words Not Swords
      Words Not Swords Day ago +1

      Each generation since WW2 is told only what msm and Hollywood demand they believe. I'm no supporter of Hitler, I simply want the massive genocidal crimes of the left exposed to address the balance. Stalin, Mao, Pot - all massive genociders culminating between 60-100 million murdered during the 20th century in the name of their ideology - Leftism/Marxism/Communism. Even as a kid I would read occasional stuff about Communist crimes, but information was scant and I always wanted to hear more because even in my very naive state I just felt I wasn't getting the full story of WW2. Obviously much older I understand Hollywood and msm are rammed full of leftists and of course they wont expose the crimes of their own ideology.

  • Tbone Calahan
    Tbone Calahan 4 days ago

    She carried the devils seed in her womb gave birth to baby Hitler or Bernie Sanders as he is known spawned from Hitler's lions

  • Ron Curtner
    Ron Curtner 4 days ago

    So many people so close could have killed the heartless bastard and saved so many lives.

    • VitaminD47
      VitaminD47 Day ago

      So many people so close could have killed people around the american war machine. Or wait, they are just bombing democracy in each and every country. And like Madeleine Albright said: The death of 500.000 killed children in Irak was worth it.

  • omar chandler
    omar chandler 4 days ago

    Just a reminder that on the night Donald Trump won the presidency a group of Americans at a gathering orchestrated by nazi/white nationalist Richard Spencer was giving the Nazis salute and yelling “Hail Trump!”

  • kim scudiero
    kim scudiero 4 days ago +1

    This is scaring I don't get up till after 2 p.m. and don't go to sleep before 4 a.m....but I know why ...It's because the night time temp is good for life....