Former maid to Adolf Hitler interview

  • Published on Dec 14, 2016
  • כאן | Elizabeth Kalhammer is now a 92 year old woman. yet she has a secret story in her past. She used to work at Hitler's private estate from 1943 to 1945
    KAN | Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reporter - Antonia Yamin interviewed the Former maid to Adolf Hitler - on her life at his private estate

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    PUBG-BRAWLSTARS Gameplay 57 minutes ago

    Im German but im not a Nazi hitler is a piece of shit

  • Tiger N_I_F_R Imeri should have been sentenced too...people who help those people in which way ever, do not deserve to live!!! SHAME ON YOU YOU LAUGH NOW BUT OTHERS NEVER CAN ANYMORE...and you helped...

  • Yanina
    Yanina 15 hours ago

    she said she didnt know what was going on ...they all say they didnt know. Im sure she is lying...she knew but she couldnt imagine and at the end when she saw poor hungry kids she saw. When she says she didnt know it means she didnt know HOW the terror exactly looks and feels like. She let it happen and then she knew.

  • D A
    D A Day ago


  • MIchael Hernandez

    He nailed her.

  • Raja Sekhar
    Raja Sekhar Day ago

    Kill this old mad many people lost their lives

  • Venkata Krishna Murthy Annapragada

    She was honest. Being so young at that age, it was natural that she must have felt proud working for the leader of her country. And also it is unlikely that she was aware of the atrocities committed by him and the gravity of those acts. She just did her job. She should not be made to feel guilty about it.

  • Barry Michael
    Barry Michael 2 days ago

    At least she didn't have choice what about the white supremacist that are bringing back the genocide and neo nazism era.

  • Kaas-Ican
    Kaas-Ican 2 days ago +1

    I simply wanted to know which fish sticks taste better Gordon's or Van Kamp's and I got videos of Concentration Camp drone vids which I then watched and I still don't know which taste better lol
    Thanks RUclip just what I needed...

  • yung vo
    yung vo 3 days ago

    Dam how much you think that Christmas card signed by hitler is worth???

    • Laura Montgomery
      Laura Montgomery Day ago

      Probably slot but no one would wanna buy it when its hitler

  • Frank Pineda
    Frank Pineda 3 days ago

    I would have loved to work there as well, too bad what he did was so wrong

  • hushpuppy62
    hushpuppy62 3 days ago +5

    She isn't even allowed to tell her truth...this naive and ignorant "interviewer" can't even do her job....she leads her practically trying to make her answer in the way she wants... instead of just letting her tell her story. It's disgusting. If anyone is ignorant enough to think this wasn't heavily edited, you're very naive. Once everyone from this generation is gone all it's going to be are a bunch of films and videos of propaganda about it. Everything else is banned, covered up, destroyed or doctored.
    Yeah....lets "never forget" and "never again" that's all a bunch of BS if no-one is allowed to present truth... just because people don't want to hear it does NOT make it a lie. Why should only certain groups and people be allowed the truth? What is the agenda that makes learning facts so damaging? This comment will probably be taken down by RUclip even...without even giving my opinion....people deserve truth and suppression of it is wrong on every level possible. That is what true evil is.

    • Irielion
      Irielion 2 hours ago

      What are you going on about. The old woman talked for ages.

  • Kedst
    Kedst 4 days ago

    she- she said the n word.. O_O, but I mean she's gone through hell and back

  • Noble Six
    Noble Six 4 days ago

    All Germans are nazis

  • Psychic Medium Jesse

    Bless her heart

  • Jean Phil
    Jean Phil 6 days ago

    She was not aware that he was an evil person, she tought he was the greatest politician ever, just like the brain washed idiots who are proud to write Trump2020 at every political comment they make.

  • Olivia Blackburn
    Olivia Blackburn 6 days ago

    I’d eat the leftovers too.😂

  • Tony Haven
    Tony Haven 7 days ago

    The most honesty you can get, it feels so easy to say "I would tell her to turn around" it sounds like something you hope you would say but deep down you know you wouldn't even consider it at the time and that's wisdom

  • C C
    C C 7 days ago

    Hey was a veganist

  • Anđelko Balić
    Anđelko Balić 7 days ago

    David Irving

  • Anđelko Balić
    Anđelko Balić 7 days ago

    Dont believe anything that Israeli put out...

  • Mika Nieminen
    Mika Nieminen 7 days ago

    can't have wrong think

  • Israel Alvarado
    Israel Alvarado 8 days ago +3

    No, she still sounds like she admires hitter. She smiles with her eyes when she talks about hitler.

    • Felicia Hitch
      Felicia Hitch 6 days ago

      Israel Alvarado my thoughts exactly. I don’t care if she’s an old women now. She is proud of it and shows absolutely no remorse for working for an evil man. She simply says it makes her “so sad”. She lived the high life while 6 million lost their lives.

  • Fiona Newport
    Fiona Newport 8 days ago

    What was her job in the house? Washing dishes was all I got.

  • Felice Di Roma
    Felice Di Roma 8 days ago

    Ho mangiato con il figlio del tuo alleato!!

  • Wigner MN
    Wigner MN 8 days ago +1

    Achava que o Carlos Alberto de Nòbrega era legal

  • Weed420 Howard
    Weed420 Howard 8 days ago

    Lol if i sold some meth that killed your kid but i needed the money to eat its the same difference, ITS SELFISH

  • K W
    K W 9 days ago +1

    Fuck it. Probably ate like a king and had nice living conditions compared to most at the time. Haters hate those who get lucky

  • Alamarist A
    Alamarist A 10 days ago +1

    What a good man ❤️

  • Eden Hougardy
    Eden Hougardy 10 days ago +1

    while very upsetting, this side of history is critical because it juxtaposes the simultaneous effects of the holocaust on peoples lives by highlighting how some people were “safe” and others just erroneously murdered for the sake of just existing. It highlights how far people will go just to survive, and it makes you wonder how can we avoid these types of situations.

  • Vlad Vlad
    Vlad Vlad 11 days ago

    this women is scared to death not to be killed or sent to justice.

  • Артем Котлас

    Этой дряни вообще похер на все...она лишь жалеет что гитлера нет,и у него не получилось то что он хотел сделать...Советский солдат посадил его на бутылку😆😊

  • Jeffrey Besters
    Jeffrey Besters 12 days ago

    Beautiful old lady who lived among wolves!. No one has any right to judge her..

  • Appel kroketjeNL
    Appel kroketjeNL 12 days ago


  • Ken Green
    Ken Green 13 days ago +1

    I wouldn't condemn the woman for anything.

  • Q U
    Q U 13 days ago +1

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could get an honest historical record of WW2? We only sent millions of our people to die over there, why would we expect the right to talk about it?

    • Knoet Shoot
      Knoet Shoot 11 days ago

      David Irving is an absolute historian with immense knowledge. He is controversial because of his questioning the Holocaust ....but a true scholar on the subjects

  • karunanithi n.ramachandran

    How many of us worked for the devil without realizing it, before the Lord Jesus freed us from his clutches. I know that the life I lived before the Lord revealed Himself to me was far worse than the life lived by this innocent young woman.
    The trouble with this world is that there is no forgiveness in men's hearts.
    The lord Jesus said " if you do not forgive your brother his trespasses, how can you expect God to forgive you " .

  • Jorge de los Reyes
    Jorge de los Reyes 13 days ago

    I wonder if she met and kept in touch with Traudl Junge.

  • Alex B.
    Alex B. 14 days ago

    Uh oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I have the sleeping habits like hitler.

  • Guillermo Baez
    Guillermo Baez 14 days ago

    If I was Elizabeth I would have told my 20 year old self: "KILL HIM IN HIS SLEEP!!"

  • peter58peter
    peter58peter 14 days ago +1

    fascist reporter... Insinuating, inventing... idiotic questions... to suit her owners.

  • ToroMoto
    ToroMoto 15 days ago +12

    A lot of propeganda injected here by the interviewer and the editors.

  • Backhand Oksanen
    Backhand Oksanen 15 days ago +157

    Not many people have a christmas card signed by Adolf Hitler.

    • JangoBlader
      JangoBlader 15 hours ago

      @Joshua Gamboa possibly millions

    • JangoBlader
      JangoBlader 15 hours ago +1

      @Joshua Gamboa people would pay a lot of money for that but she has no intention in selling it so will be passed down to family

    • Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler 4 days ago +11

      it cost nein thousand

    • Joshua Gamboa
      Joshua Gamboa 9 days ago +13

      I wonder how much is that piece

  • golong son
    golong son 15 days ago +1

    Hatred was their in Germany. Hitler just consolidated the hate.

  • Romi Lopez
    Romi Lopez 15 days ago

    Sorry folks, but this is completly made up. I am German and also a history teacher, never heard of this lady, and I would have if she were real.

    • Erik Eriks
      Erik Eriks 15 days ago +1

      Why should we believe you

  • Zsiraf Ablak
    Zsiraf Ablak 16 days ago

    Lowely old woman

  • Billy Gunz
    Billy Gunz 16 days ago

    Ida lol biological mother Germany we remember and my real biological father Robert Roach own Idaho and Saskatchewan. How was the service looks like a sweet mother.

  • Tommy Sullivan
    Tommy Sullivan 17 days ago

    If you only knew...

  • Genesis Dizon
    Genesis Dizon 17 days ago +5

    10:34 the N word.

    • Alex B.
      Alex B. 11 days ago

      @IMadeYouReadThis A white person saying the n word is bad any time, you make no sense.

    • IMadeYouReadThis
      IMadeYouReadThis 11 days ago

      its not meant to be racist in the german language but PC people are trying to act like they mean it as a bad thing

    • Alex B.
      Alex B. 14 days ago

      Pretty sure any 90+ year old white people said it today.

  • Ian Hay
    Ian Hay 18 days ago

    She wasn't a Nazi that's the point

  • Jennifer Katlin
    Jennifer Katlin 18 days ago +2

    Y’all have no idea what it was like, being the maid of the most feared and most infamous dictator in history.

    • peter58peter
      peter58peter 14 days ago +1

      A lots of people r serving much worse than hitler... right now.

  • Bert Siimon
    Bert Siimon 18 days ago +1

    All the emotions aside... That signed card she showed... Not only would it probably sell for big $$$ but seeing such "personal" letter is astonishing.

    METAL HEAD 19 days ago

    What about what's happening to the Palestinians today?? The Jews have alot to answer for also!

    • Fat Kid
      Fat Kid 16 days ago

      METAL HEAD come to conclusion, it’s mainly the Israelis now. I’m all for Palestine but there are thousands upon thousands of Jews who probably don’t even know about the history of Israel and Palestine, so could we switch it from “Jews” to “Israelis”?

  • Fungrt
    Fungrt 19 days ago +1

    Everyone is saying “for everyone trying to shame this woman....” meanwhile, while I agree, I haven’t seen a single person shaming her lol.

  • 42treg
    42treg 19 days ago +1

    ...she banged him.

  • Maay D.
    Maay D. 19 days ago

    What language is this? I know she speaks a bit German between, but that other language?

    • manu dreyer
      manu dreyer 18 days ago

      @Hors Renwau Yes, that is Hebrew.

    • Hors Renwau
      Hors Renwau 18 days ago

      @manu dreyer I think she is referring to the interview er when she narrates. I think it's Hebrew

    • manu dreyer
      manu dreyer 18 days ago

      @Hors Renwau She's speaking regular German.

    • Hors Renwau
      Hors Renwau 18 days ago

      I am trying to figure that out also.

  • your uncle
    your uncle 19 days ago +8

    All these people are getting mad over the one whos judging the old lady as being an evil but the real question is... who judge her???

    • Yulduz Ibragim
      Yulduz Ibragim 15 days ago

      Toughest Internet warrior I know, I don’t see any negative comments about her 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Nathan Goodfellow
    Nathan Goodfellow 19 days ago

    This was wonderful and she herself says Hitler did as he said he would as he said in all his speeches To Love the German People and Give them a better life and he did but sometimes a better life comes at a high cost. The Germans at the Time all Knew what was happening but they had a better life so the cost was looked at blindly because it was the cost to get there homeland back from the thieves who stole it from them after WW1.

  • ุ
     21 day ago +1

    no its not the history
    That young juwish bitch just wanted to make this old lady ashamed of what she Unknowingly did to survive.