FaZe Clan: Minute to Win it CHALLENGE

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
  • 1 minute, and a bunch of challenges. Who you got?
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Comments • 1 625

  • jessica castro
    jessica castro 11 hours ago

    Hi Alex

  • jessica castro
    jessica castro 11 hours ago

    Hi everyone from Faze

  • Kimberly Palma
    Kimberly Palma 2 days ago


  • Stefan Gantenbein
    Stefan Gantenbein 7 days ago

    Yeah jarvis win plz i luv u yall

  • Zak Aly
    Zak Aly 9 days ago

    You guys are coping this off Minute to win it on Netflix and you guys didn’t even mention it

  • xd Electric Vibezz
    xd Electric Vibezz 9 days ago

    My naMe is mario

  • Ali Zafar
    Ali Zafar 10 days ago

    His turn her turn hhahah

  • Ali Zafar
    Ali Zafar 10 days ago

    Adapt late

  • Ali Zafar
    Ali Zafar 10 days ago

    He take highground

  • Ali Zafar
    Ali Zafar 10 days ago

    Adapt voice😊 is good

  • Ali Zafar
    Ali Zafar 10 days ago

    Where is kay

  • Charanjit Khatra
    Charanjit Khatra 12 days ago

    1:29 somebody playing PS4

  • micah igbenu
    micah igbenu 12 days ago

    fck you kathryn

  • Savages Nico
    Savages Nico 14 days ago

    Boo Jarvis

  • roblox gamer
    roblox gamer 14 days ago

    Nice tempererr your singing ransom by lil tecca

  • Rain Lux
    Rain Lux 15 days ago

    Jarvis is probably happy that the are doing irl

  • Veena Sinha
    Veena Sinha 15 days ago

    Hahahaha how is jarvis😂😂

    OCB OCB 15 days ago

    Get out Jarvis

  • SavageAF
    SavageAF 16 days ago

    No one:

  • money boys
    money boys 16 days ago

    321.. 321.. 321.. 321... 321... 321. make it stop 😂

  • Shawn Ramsey
    Shawn Ramsey 16 days ago

    Alex needs a tapered haircut lmap

  • MiSTiC
    MiSTiC 17 days ago +1

    peep the guys watching gemini man in the background

  • david matthew
    david matthew 17 days ago

    What is that game call the one they did in the last part of the video

  • lil Capzy
    lil Capzy 18 days ago

    Fraiser akoward in the back

  • Max Santiago
    Max Santiago 18 days ago

    Jarvis is insane # your insane mate

  • Grim G4ming
    Grim G4ming 18 days ago +1

    Yoo can I try out for faze

  • silva geko
    silva geko 18 days ago

    I haven't seen any comments saying "if you were a fan b4 2019"...but ive seen a shit load bitching about it.

  • SiiK Rococo
    SiiK Rococo 18 days ago

    Adapts sabotage had me weak lol

  • Jo Zu
    Jo Zu 19 days ago


  • FaZeTonio
    FaZeTonio 19 days ago +1

    Jarvis: That was so easy
    Epic: Yeah so easy to make you cry

  • FaZeTonio
    FaZeTonio 19 days ago

    Jarvis is prob crying 😭

  • Kenza Senza
    Kenza Senza 19 days ago

    Def wanna see more minigame challenges!

  • paraj Márk 526
    paraj Márk 526 19 days ago

    Jarvis banned

  • Johannes Boquist
    Johannes Boquist 19 days ago

    if you pause at 14:57 you can rly see how long neck he have

  • The_demon 156
    The_demon 156 19 days ago

    It’s funny how all of them have flip flops / sandals Like if agree

  • Real BDG
    Real BDG 19 days ago

    Who’s the fine ass females in the back

  • Klvpn
    Klvpn 19 days ago

    Does orba every get haircuts

  • i_Joey YT
    i_Joey YT 20 days ago

    Can we just point out the tv 😂 it’s updating lmao

  • Ozla Tube
    Ozla Tube 20 days ago

    The winner gets nothing? Boring

  • xd cookie YT
    xd cookie YT 21 day ago

    If ur from Australia or NZ its called shadow boxing😁

  • DaSwift Foresty
    DaSwift Foresty 21 day ago +2

    They started

    Minute: hey y'all, I may be in the title but imma dip.

  • Adam23 Son Of Adam22

    They are sooo bad at that game

  • Harvey Plays
    Harvey Plays 21 day ago

    Do any of you support Manchester City because I do

  • Holly Van sickle
    Holly Van sickle 21 day ago

    Look at the ps4 in the backround

  • Stealth Fuzion
    Stealth Fuzion 21 day ago

    Cizzorz: I thought I was going fast bro

  • somberx
    somberx 21 day ago

    Well with Jarvi's aimbot he should win every challenge lol but fr R.I.P jarv jarv

  • trX_ll
    trX_ll 21 day ago

    Ew Jarvis is there

  • Kerox_ad ad
    Kerox_ad ad 22 days ago


  • richie
    richie 22 days ago


    nikan: *i got big lungs*

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 22 days ago

    Cizzors really wants to be like Rain it’s annoying

  • Nippers WBH
    Nippers WBH 22 days ago

    wheres faze kay

  • Josh Ward
    Josh Ward 22 days ago +1

    If you were a fan before 2019 don't like because I hate it when people say that ☺☺☺☺

  • Subhan Abbas
    Subhan Abbas 22 days ago

    Anyone noticed the girl behind don't even cares about video?

  • David BAKIRCI
    David BAKIRCI 22 days ago

    Nice bra svenska Sverige bästa best in the world bru

  • Caleblh7
    Caleblh7 23 days ago

    The last round your supposed to get 2 in a row for a point

    JOSUE MORALES FIGUEROA 23 days ago +1

    You bot

  • Gaming_KingK
    Gaming_KingK 23 days ago

    Insannnneeee hi

  • Twitch pug 2
    Twitch pug 2 23 days ago

    Free Jarvis

  • Ok Ay
    Ok Ay 23 days ago +1

    Who the bitches in the back

  • lilasianboy 48
    lilasianboy 48 23 days ago

    Minute to win better turn on aimbot